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Monkey Around.; Random As Fuck Series (One)
Topic Started: Dec 12 2015, 07:49 AM (417 Views)
Jason Cashe
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*Side Notes: I was writing my rp, that was the plan. I had this idea where I'd show the wild side of Cashe and then the more chill but deadly serious side. My first attempt I played with Wrestling a Bear but then that had to end realistically with Cashe getting mauled right? So I changed it up some but as I wrote this all at random, I realized it has zero purpose for my match at the upcoming show. I didn't want to NOT use it so here is the FIRST of WHO KNOWS HOW MANY, "RAF" Series CD Rps. Not sure if it's good, just went with it. Enjoy?

"Holy Shit a Monkey!! Can I pet him!?"

[align=center][dohtml]<iframe width="420" height="20" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ksJ6QP8BYn0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/dohtml][/align]

The busy beach front wasn't as busy as it would be during the Summer months but Los Angeles board walk was still busy with tourists and styles of all kinds. Skaters, surfers who bared the colder waters of the Pacific. Street vendors and performers and Jason Cashe found a Monkey, an Orangutan to be exact and it was a good size with bright orange, almost red hair.

"He's not a monkey, he's an Ape. His name is Kallum. Say Hi Kallum.." The Ape leans towards Cashe but scoffs his nose at him, shaking his head as he makes fart noises. His owner whistles softly before sucking some air quickly through his teeth.

"He doesn't seem to like you. Kallum be nice, say hello to the man. Shake his hand.."

Wanting to be inviting, show that he's friendly, Cashe extends his hand to greet the Ape named Kallum. "Hello there!"


Again the bubbling fart noises are heard as "Kallum" slaps the extended hand of Cashe away. Instantly Cashe snaps, yanking his slapped hand back to the Ape and slapping him across the face. The Orangutan stumbles to the left as his Owner leaps up from his chair, his old bones giving him a jolt as he stands.

"Ohhhhhhh youu! My Hip!!"

The owner grabs at his side and tumbles over. Cashe points and laughs but doesn't see that Kallum is standing straight again. The Ape swings a wide left and slaps the dog shit out of an unsuspecting Jason Cashe. The sound claps and people nearby begin to turn their attention to the scene.

"You hairy sum bitch! It's on!"

Rushing the Orangutan, Cashe tackles into him but the Ape raises his arms up high and comes down into Cashe's back with a double Hammer fist! Cashe drops to his knees but as the Ape grabs Cashe by his hair, Cashe uppercuts the Male Ape right into the nuts. People watching gasp as they cringe and so does Kallum. A long groan comes from the Ape and he yanks Cashe up by the hair and slaps him to the chest. Shirt of not, Cashe could have been wearing a thick jacket and would have felt that open chop. Falling to the ground, Cashe hugs his own chest.

"You fucker that hurt!!"

Kallum charges at Cashe, using one hand to almost skip over to him in a swift glide but Cashe reacts, upkicking and again connecting to the Ape's balls. Kallum drops and hits the ground, actually grabbing hold of himself. You hear voices whispering, calling for Beach Patrol, some probably pulling out their cell phones and recording. Cashe didn't care, this was a fight and he was offended.

"How your balls feel bitch??" Scrambling to his feet, Cashe drives a knee into the Ape's face. Again the gasp of people watching is heard, Cashe flips them off as he spins back to the Ape.

"Ohh Ohh Eiiiiii!!!"

Moving into Action, Kallum back hands Cashe as he approaches. Kallum bleeding a trickle from the mouth snatches Cashe up and launches him across the pathway and into where the boardwalk turns into sand. He glides over the ground, using both hands and feet to skip over to Cashe, Kallum pounces down next to him as Cashe lays face down in the sand. Kallum presses down against the back of Cashe's head and rubs his face back and forth. Kallum smiling looks around and laughs as if wanting those watching to admire his actions. The owner of Kallum calls out to him and grabs his attention.

"Kallum! Kallum! Assist, NOW!"

Instantly Kallum rushes from Cashe back to his owner. He doesn't pay no attention as if cutting Cashe out of his world all so he can "assist" his owner, his father figure. Using sign language Kallum speaks to his owner as he comes to his side. His owner just responds.

"Yes I'm hurt..Help me up.."

Spitting sand out of his mouth, Cashe pushing off the sand and his beard and face is covered in sand. He has it all in his mouth as he shakes and turns to Kallum the Ape. Stepping off the sand, Cashe grabs a wooden vendor sign and in a big overhanded swing, he comes down over the back of the Orangutan. Both the Ape and his Owner cry out.



The owner who was selling "Kallum Dogs" which were foot long hot dogs. It had a disturbing vibe to it with a cartoon picture of Kallum on the cart. Cashe grabs a glass pitcher off the cart counter, he turns and smashes it against Kallum's face. The pitcher shatters and cold ice water darkens the orange hair on his head and upper body. The Ape falls over and is fading, on the verge of falling unconscious. Cashe stands over Kallum, screaming at him.

"You ain't shit now are you?" Spitting down at Kallum, his saliva is mixed with sand. Wiping his mouth he is tackled from the side. Going to attack the new body, Cashe sees that it's Tommy Knox and uncocks his fist.

"The fuck man?"

"Exactly, what the fuck!? I said meet me at the Beach front and you're fighting a fucking Monkey?"

"He's not a Monkey, he's an Ape..."

"Shut up old man!"

Skipping sideways, Tommy Knox cracks the elderly man as he stands right to the chin with a Superkick. Cashe goes wide in the eyes, surprised Knox still has it in him but Knox wasn't trying to change the subject.

"A goddamn Orangutan? Really man? Come on before PETA Mercenaries come to strike us down.." Stunned with surprise and confusion, Cashe questions Tommy Knox.

"PETA has Mercenaries? Whoa...that's trippy!"

Shoving Knox out of the way, Cashe hurries as Kallum begins to rise and a growl builds up in the Ape's throat. Cashe blasts Kallum to the face with a "Mark Of JASON". Knox drops his head shamed of his friend's actions and Cashe makes a reference to an old kid song.

"One fell down and bumped his head...Momma called the Doctor and the Doctor said: No more Monkeys Jumping on the bed..."

Grabbing Cashe, Tommy Knox leads his "Unstable" friend out of the scene as people move in to help the old man and his pet Ape.
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