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Let me see what it's like on Jupiter and Mars
Topic Started: Dec 17 2015, 04:34 AM (514 Views)
Niobe Martin
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Low Card
[align=center]Posted Image[/align]

[align=center]I left my home today
In foreign soil I'll land
Tears on my children's face
Will I see them again?
Alone my soul is crying
Alone my heart is dying
I try to live without you
It's just another day in hell

When All Braves Fall
Mankind’s madness
Where is your God?
We are all lost in the darkness

When all Braves Fall
In the line of fire
Is this worth to be a hero in the grave?
When every brave fall
When every brave fall

The time has come for me to fight the enemy
I will protect my nation and I'll free my country

”My loss to Brody Lee Prince last week on Fate was nothing more than a mistake, a misstep. Something that won’t happen again. People may see it as otherwise, that the champion is losing steam, the armor surrounding her is starting to crack and dent. Those people can think whatever they want, but they aren’t in my position, they aren’t holding this title and defending it against anyone who wants a shot at it. I will continue my reign as Fate Champion, and continue to dominate the brand as I see fit…a true living nightmare.”


LAX Airport
Los Angeles, CA
“Leavin’ On A Jet Plane”

Niobe glanced up to the loudspeaker just off to the side, playing the soft tones of that John Denver song she’d probably only heard mentioned in that Armageddon movie. Her fingers tapped along slowly with the rhythm of the music as she sat in one of the chairs there in LAX, patiently waiting for her flight out of here to Chicago for the next Fate event scheduled in a few days time. She had done the usual thing here, visited the family, had dinner with them, hung out with friends, shared drinks and enough laughs to keep her stomach in stitches for a year, and she did a small interview on a local Los Angeles radio station about her title reign and promoting the brand. It would make the boss happy, she knew that much. The only thing that was missing from her side was her current love interest and boyfriend, Jason Cashe. He was back in Colorado, hamming it up with Tommy Knox. What they were doing, she had no idea, but she had a feeling she was going to go back there and find things out of sort like the last time those two were together.

She was supposed to call him before she boarded the plane, but she was taking her time with it, making him wait as long as she thought was necessary. It would drive him batty, but he was gonna have to learn to be patient one way or the other. It gave her time to plan other things while she was sitting here, waiting for her flight to be called. Recent events were causing her to change up her game plan while she had the time to do it, otherwise their GM Bethany might start getting ideas about their Fate Champion not being up to the task of defending this title.

She wasn’t about to let that happen, giving her ideas like that. She was a fighting champion, and one single misstep like this wasn’t enough to put a stop to her run just yet. If anything she welcomed it as a learning experience as to what to do different next time. Watching that replay of her match gave her enough of an idea of what to change and what to do different when she had to face David Davis this week. His taste of success was going to be tainted by the taste of failure when she was done. She wasn’t going to look like a fool twice in a row.

”That’s a promise I can keep.” She muttered to herself as the John Denver song changed to something more recent, something Niobe couldn’t recognize at the moment. She shrugged and continued to tap her fingers to something random, still keeping her ear trained to the speakers for her flight to be called. The airport was busy at the moment, what with the holidays being a mere week away and people were desperate to get out and get to where they were going. Niobe could understand that mere fact. She was desperate to get out of here as quickly as she could.

Her phone jingled in her pocket and she let out a sigh, shoving her hand into her pocket and pulling her phone out, glancing at who it was before pressing the button to answer it.

”Hello baby. What’s up?”

There was some shuffling on the other end of the line, and Tommy’s voice shouting Niobe couldn’t understand at all before Jason’s voice came rumbling over the line.

”Ay Niobe, what’s up? Your flight not come yet? Hope you’re not mad, ‘cause I know you said you were gonna call but I couldn’t wait.”

She was right.

”No, it hasn’t. I’m still sitting here waiting for it, and have been for like an hour now. Nothing. What are you two doing? Tell me you haven’t destroyed the place yet.”

He scoffed, and Niobe heard the crunching of metal; a beer can she assumed.

”No way girl, we’re being perfect gentlemen…for now. You’re missing the fun though, we’ve got pizza and beer and we’re watching the good shit on TV.”

”Aww it’s a shame I’m not there. I’d be sitting there right with you, having fun but I’m sitting here waiting to fly out to Chicago so I can beat the piss out of David Davis.”

”Well don’t beat him too bad, leave something so people can recognize him. You think the GM is throwing people at you to see what sticks?”

Niobe shrugged. She didn’t much care for her attitude, but she had to follow the orders because she essentially ran Fate.

”Maybe. I don’t know. But I’ll be ready for whatever comes my way, you know that. Knuckles taught me good, and I’m gonna honor that each and every time I step into that ring. I’m a fighting champion, I’ll take on anyone just to keep my title.”

”Exactly. You got this. We got your back, you know that. Just go do what you do best and come back home so we can have fun.”

Niobe chuckled, smiling a little, her head turning suddenly towards the speaker as a flight was called out. She stood up out of the chair she was in and grabbed her bags, walking towards the boarding area as she continued to talk.

”I know. Look I gotta get going, my flight is here. I’ll call you later. Behave yourself you two.”

”Not making any promises. See ya!”

”See ya.”

She shoved her phone into her pocket and got in line with everyone else, going through security and bag check and all that fun junk before she was allowed to walk that long hallway to board her plane. She sat at the back, near the window, with her bags secure above her head as she watched people scurry on the tarmac from her window. Minutes later, the plane was in the sky, taking its passengers onwards. Niobe could only smile from her seat, because she knew what it meant.

Chaos and victory for Unstable.


Chicago, IL
Adler Planetarium
“Let Me Play Among The Stars”

In an empty theatre, before the next show began for an eager crowd, sat Niobe. Front and center with her hands clasped in her lap as she stared at the blank screen ahead of her, a small smile on her face. This was a chance before she relaxed to enjoy the wonders of space to discuss certain…matters that were important to her. David Davis had made his little reasons, or if you could call it that for this match. Now it was time to tear it all apart.

”Last week, last week against Brody Lee Prince showed me how one mistake, one slipup can cost someone everything. It showed how a lax in concentration can cost one a victory. It’s something I have eagerly tried to wait for my opponents to show me, because it would allow me to catch them off guard and turn the tide of the match, ensuring victory. They don’t think that I wouldn’t catch something like that, but I do, and I know how to use it well. But sometimes even my own careful planning, my own tricks can fail even me at the worst times. Meaning I have to change my plans and step up my game from now on if I want to continue to be the Fate Champion.

I’ve got to show the world that I’m still the best, and I want to continue to be that way by beating whomever steps in my way, whether it be for the title or not. Everyone wants a piece of the Fate Champion, and I can’t deny them the chance to see this pretty face as I stomp them into the ground.

Now I hope that you, David, are ready to go on a journey with me. Because I’m ready to show you all of the wonderful things that I will do, and explain to you how it will happen. I can go into extreme detail, or I can skip all of the fancy talk and get right to the nitty gritty of things.

There is no spaz in this girl right here, only the desire to fight, to defend what’s mine, and bring home a victory for Unstable. Which by the way is filled with more talent than you can shake your broken hockey stick at.

A former hockey player deciding to step into the big yard, into a yard he really doesn’t want to be in, yet he manages to pull off a couple of victories before we have a chance to meet. That I gotta tip my hat to. You’ve proven yourself capable of standing in that ring and crushing more than some poor guys skull with your fists instead of a stick. But with me it’s going to take a whole lot more to bring me down, to show your worth around here.

I’m going to do everything to make sure that doesn’t happen. I’ve got a title to protect, and a bunch of guys who are just…dying to see me tear you apart. I can’t let them down David, I just can’t.

I have to deliver on my promise to them. So get ready, cause this show is just about to begin.”

Niobe smirked as the door opened to her left and people started to come in, taking their seats to enjoy the show.


[align=center]Posted Image[/align]
[align=center]Posted Image[/align]
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