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My name is Cybrus. I am your forum administrator. I am the greatest administrator you have ever known. To deny this, is like saying the sun doesn't warm the world or oxygen doesn't aerate the world just a huge lie. That's what you are. A liar. Goddamn liars. Stop reading my blog!!!

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Mar 21

I dont even know

i called out tonight. this is the first time in several years that i have called out at all. my dad is in declining health and he is dropping fast. friday, i came home and he wasnt in bed. he was sitting in the bathroom sleeping on the floor leaning on the tub. i woke him and asked him what he was doing. he seemed confused and kept saying he fell out of the bed while pointing to the tub. i got him back in bed and hoped he would be fine if he slept a bit. he has been acting strange ever since but refused to go to a doctor. my brother called and they said as long as he is concious and refuses help, they couldnt come out. i honestly think he had a stroke or something. he is just confused all the time, hasnt eaten since friday.

today, my brother, me, mom, and niece ganged up on him to go see a doctor. he refused. he got all frustrsted and confused and tried turning the tv with his phone and got mad when we said it wasnt the remote. we called again and told them how he was acting and they sent someone. the ems asked him who is the President and the day of the week. he couldnt answer either so they finally took him to the hospital. the ambulance sat in my yard for 15 mins because he was so dehydrated they couldnt find vein.

i hate myself for not calling sooner. i am scared what will happen. i called out of work but am at home with someone who also didnt wanna go to the hospital to just wait. i honestly dont know what to feel and want to do other stuff so i dont worry. but i feel guilty for wanting to game or text because it seems like i dont care enough when all i do is care.

i dont know. i just dont know
Posted Mar 21 2016, 02:11 AM · 4 comments
Aug 18

Pleasant Update

I decided to post an update on my mom's condition for anyone that may be wondering how she is doing. She has now been in the hospital for a little over 2 weeks. The good news it that they are hoping to release her within the next few days. If you want to know the unpleasant details, please continue reading....

I typed my previous blog literally moments after I got home from work. I had gotten a bad text while working, came home, waited for my bro, and we went to the hospital. I stayed at the hospital all day that day. The visiting hours were only 30 minutes at a time and only 4 times during the day. I did go back to the ICU room to visit with my mom, even though she wasn't conscious. It was very hard and very painful to see my mom like that. Each time I went in to see her, I kept thinking "Is this the last time I'll ever see her?". I still cannot fully understand my feelings from that day.

I had stayed until the 5 p.m visit. The next visit after this wasn't until 8 p.m. I had worked the night before and sat in the ICU waiting room all day. I was beyond exhausted, but not at all sleepy. But I was basically forced to go home by family members. Before I left, the doctor gave us an update. One of my mom's kidneys had completely shut down and the other one was showing signs of shutting down as well. Her pancreas numbers were also rising (which is bad). But she did have good news with that bad news. They had ruled out cancer as a possibility. They also said her white blood cell count had dropped a good amount, which is good. She left by saying that they were going to try a different medicine and do more tests in the morning. If her numbers were not better, they were going to call in a specialist. I left the hospital thinking that the bad news was far worse than the good news was good and continue fearing the worst.

I go home and got almost no sleep. I maybe got 2 hours of sleep. I went back to the hospital the next morning, expecting horrible news. The first visitation happened before we talked to the doctor, but I noticed my mom was doing a lot better. She was talking (even though she now says she doesn't remember any of it) and the urine in her bucket thing was lighter than it had previously been. The doctor did update us that day and told us that her kidneys were just about normal at this point...less than 24 hours after they saw them shutting down! Her pancreas levels were also decreasing. I was feeling better.

I go back for another visit on Friday. And I am once again feeling good about how much better she had gotten since my last visit. This time, she was out of bed and sitting in a chair. She said she was in a lot of pain but they had her sitting in a chair to help avoid getting bedsores. The nurse said her kidneys were now at a completely normal level. Her pancreas numbers were still high, but that would remain true until she had her gallbladder surgery. They said they were planning to take her out of ICU Saturday.

I actually went back to work on Friday night. I was still getting very little sleep, only averaging about an hour or two per day. But I figured that once I got back to work that my sleep would get normal again. They did actually move my mom out of ICU and into a normal room on Saturday evening. They were hoping to perform her surgery on Monday. The doctor said her pancreas numbers were still too high for surgery on Monday, so they put it off one more day.

I worked Monday night, and then went to the hospital on Tuesday. I saw my mom before she went into surgery. The surgeon came in and talked to us. She said my mom's pancreas numbers were still higher than she would have liked, but at some point she had to make the call and she said she felt comfortable with the numbers at that time. She said that, ideally, she would be able to do the surgery with lasers and just make four small holes in my mom. This would require minimum healing time and minimum pain. It would also only take about 2 hours. She was very clear up front that if she felt it was unsafe to do this with lasers that she would make the call to do a full surgery. If she did the full surgery then it would take about 4 hours.

They wheel my mom out, and I honestly feared the worst. Again, I thought "was that the last time I saw my mom?". She was in really bad shape just days ago and the surgeon herself said the numbers were still high. About an hour into the surgery, we get a call. The surgeon (who was very open and friendly) had passed along the info that they were unable to do the laser option and had to do a full surgery. Another hour into it and we got another call. Apparently, my mom was so swollen inside that the surgeon was not comfortable performing the surgery with her naked eyes. So they stopped the surgery momentarily to take x-rays. She then did surgery based off the x-rays...which was a really good call, I think, since it allowed her to only cut where she needed and not cause more problems. The only bad thing is that it made surgery time even longer.

All said and done, the surgery took over 5 1/2 hours. But it was a success. They got the gallbladder out and all the gallstones. The surgeon said that she believes all the problems came from a gallstone that had somehow worked its way down and was pressing right against the pancreas. The wanted to keep my mom in the hospital for the rest of the week and try to get her home early this week.

We were hoping that she'd get to come home today. I just talked to my mom and they said it may be tomorrow before she gets to come home. They are keeping her until she is able to keep food down, and she said she can't do that yet. So as soon as she is able to eat and keep the food down, then she should be able to come home. :crossfingers:

Of course, that brings a whole new wave of worry my way. I'm worried about how she'll do without constant medical attention this soon after surgery. She says she is in a lot of pain still, but that the doctor said it'll take 6 months or longer to fully heal from this surgery.

Also, my sleeping is still pretty messed up. I started taking some over the counter sleeping medicine just to get some rest. I only took them for 2 days. I stopped after my mom's surgery. There was no reason to worry at that moment, so I figured I'd be fine. But, once again, I was unable to sleep. I'd lay down and just stare at the wall. I would fall asleep only about an hour before I had to wake up. I was thinking that after a day or two that I'd be normal again, but that was never the case. After a few days, I was absolutely exhausted. I'd go to work and I'd mope around beyond tired. People would constantly ask me if I was ok and told me I looked horrible. But then I'd get home and be wide-ass-awake. I mean, I was fully energized and I don't even know why. It was a horrible cycle.

I worked 4 days like this. After the 4th day, with maybe a total of 4 or 5 hours of sleep spread out between all those days, my body was completely drained. I was actually scared to drive home. But, once again, when I got home I was wide awake again. So I decided to take more sleeping pills to get some sleep. I ended up sleeping 12 hours straight and was still tired when I woke up.

I am off work Monday night and Tuesday night. I am not going to take any kind of sleeping aids. Hopefully, I can wean myself off of them and get back to a normal sleeping pattern.
Posted Aug 18 2014, 05:55 PM · 4 comments
Aug 6

It's so hard to even understand how I'm feeling

My mom was complaining about a chest pain and pain on her back on Saturday. I asked her if she wanted to go to a doctor, but she said no. I told her i was worried about her. She told me if it got worse that she'd go to a doctor. Sunday night, I am told that she had spent all day in bed in pain. I go over to see her and she is in noticeable pain. I asked her to go to the Emergency Room, but she said no. She said the pain was easing off and that if it got worse, she promised she'd go. But I wouldn't take no for an answer. I spent 30 minutes begging her to go to the ER. She got mad and wanted me to leave her alone, but I wouldn't. She finally agreed to go.

They check her out at the ER and they said she has gallstones and infection in her pancreas. They said they wanted to keep her for 2 or 3 days. They originally put her in the ICU, but told us that they only did it because they had no room available. They said as soon as a room was available, they would move her into a room. So I wasn't worried. All day and night Monday, she was in the ICU, but I was assured it wasn't as bad as it sounded.

Tuesday, she was moved into a room. They said her blood pressure was too high so they gave her medication to bring it down. Then they said her blood pressure was too low. They were wanting to do surgery on her gallbladder, but couldn't until they got her blood pressure fixed. Still, at this point I wasn't worried. I hate that my mom was in the hospital, but my uncle had a similar thing and he was fine after a week.

I go to work Tuesday night. About 5 a.m., my brother texts me and asks me if I had heard about mom. I told him that last I heard was they wanted to do surgery on her gallbladder. He tells me that after I got to work, things got a lot worse. Her kidneys are trying to shut down, there is fluid in her lungs, they have tubes down her throat, she's on a heart monitor, and they've stopped all fluid intake because her pancreas is so swollen. My heart sinks. I am officially worried. Like, I am literally shaking as I type this. It is just after 7 a.m. at this moment. My sister and sister and law are on their way to the hospital now. But since she is in the ICU, visiting hours are not until 10am. I am going to ride up there then.

I cannot even describe how I feel right now. I am scared...I can't explain how scared I am. I fear the worst. I want to cry but stop myself from doing so. My stomach hurts. I feel like I have to puke, but it comes out as a burp. I'm angry at her for not going to the doctor on Saturday. I am angry at myself for not making her go. I feel guilty for not making her go. I feel guilty for being angry at her. And I just realized over the past 2 days how utterly lost I am without her, how much I depended on her. I hate being around people, but I hate being alone. I want to be with someone to be comforted, but I don't want anyone around.

Tuesday night, something happened at work. I wanted to tell my mom about it to hear her reaction. It wasn't even anything important. I just wanted a normal conversation about something that happened with her. I made a note to talk about it when she got out. Then I got the text from my bro and realized she might not.

I am completely lost right now. I feel so much, but I feel nothing. My mind is racing at one moment, and then I find myself just staring into the distance the next.

Guys, I'm really scared. And I'm really hurting.
Posted Aug 6 2014, 11:18 AM · 7 comments
Oct 4

Want New Members; Need New Members

6 Star is in a rut. Undeniable. I don't think we are too bad off, really, though. The forums are active. Members seem happy. But it's noticeable that we do have less active members than we did even a year ago. Some of this can be attributed to SWF closing as names like Eric Omega, NCR, ATC, and others have disappeared with SWF. But many SWF names went inactive long before SWF was closed (as was one of the reasons for SWF closing). Other reasons for losing members are your common forum occurrences: people lose interest, people grow up go to college/work and find they have less time/interest in forum posting, people gain in social lives and spend less time online, people lose interest in wrestling, etc.

This is what happens on forums. Anyone that has posted on forums long enough will already know this. They key is to find new members to replace those that are leaving. Elton John isn't here to sing it, but it's the Circle of Life. (I LOVE the Lion King soundtrack, btw).

But anyone that knows me knows that I hate advertising with more passion than Purplemarauder hates The Rock. It's just annoying. Lots of effort with little pay off. But it must be done. Currently, I'm hitting up YouTube. I'll go to a wrestling video, leave an on-topic comment about the video, then throw the following at the bottom:

Join me as I discuss this and more at 6StarWrestling(dot)net

I've noticed that if I use 6StarWrestling.com that my comments do not show up. Guess it's a filter to prevent spamming/advertising. But I think everyone is computer literate enough to know (dot) means .

Whether this will gain us more traffic or not is anyone's guess at this point. My comments could be ignored. They could be buried beneath more comments. They could be deleted. Who knows. But it's an attempt.

We do have a good amount of guest visiting the forums every day. I'm not entirely sure where they are coming from, but I do notice they aren't joining. So once we get more guest activity, I'm going to have to find out why those guests are not enticed enough to join. I've been trying different things. I've changed the guest theme. I've updated the guest message with active links. I'm even thinking about expanding on what guests can view and read (try browsing as a guest before logging in to see which folders guests cannot see and which folders guests cannot enter).

This is where I'll ask for help (from Purplemarauder and DL and maybe Whosey, since you seem to be the only 3 people that read these things). If you have any suggestions for what would make the guest view more inviting for registration, I'm ears. And if you want to go around on Youtube (or any other site) and post the link to the forums, then I'm definitely open to that. :)

Probably not the most organized blog I've ever posted. I've just come off a 10 1/2 hour shift, was awake the day prior, and haven't been to bed yet. I'll probably hate this blog when I read it after I wake up. :lol:
Posted Oct 4 2009, 03:28 PM · 5 comments
Oct 2

'Tis the Season...Already!

Some people thought I was silly for creating a Christmas Thread at the end of August and into the early part of September. But, you see, I work in retail. I knew what was coming. You didn't want to see it, but I was showing you your very near future!

As most of you know, I work at Sam's Club. I am actually crossed trained to do every job on third shift except manager, but my official position is Freezer Associate. ( :woohoo: ) Right in front of the Freezers is Seasonal where (you guessed it) seasonal items are placed. You have the pool/charcoal/grills in the summer, exercise equipment in the spring. And, now, in October, with Halloween drawing nearer, you'd probably expect to see lots of Halloween candy, costumes, and decorations...right?

Well, you'd be wrong. There are 7 isles of seasonal. 1 isle is dedicated to Halloween/Thanksgiving. All we have is some candy and Thanksgiving decoration wreathes/whatever the fuck you call them. We have no costumes. We have no real decorations. Just candy, a haunted mirror, a candy bowl, and that's it.

The other 6 isles of seasonal? Christmas. We have Christmas trees. We have Christmas cards. We have toys. We have Christmas decorations. We are just days away from having the inflatable Santa!

And in the Freezer? Well, there aren't really that many frozen foods that you'd associate with Halloween. But even if there were, you wouldn't find them. We already have 3 varieties of frozen turkeys (white turkey, smoked turkey, boneless skinless turkey breast). We have Pumpkin Cheesecakes. We have Franks in a Blanket (which replace the normal "Fun Frankes", both of which are nothing but pigs in a blanket). We'll be getting Cornbread Stuffing soon.

It's only the second day of October, and already retail is selling Christmas. Merry Christmas, motherfuckers.
Posted Oct 2 2009, 12:10 PM · 3 comments
Sep 15

mcg-RAW Disappointments

Anyone that pays attention to my typing should know that while I consider my musical tastes to be disperse, my favorite musician is without a doubt country singer Tim McGraw. I could literally write for days on his catalog of music, going disc by disc, or even creating several song lists.

McGraw is set to release a new CD on October 20, and given the negative feelings on both sides, this could very well be his last CD released on his current label (Curb Records). So this could be Tim's last CD for a while. It's been 2 years since his last CD "Let It Go" came out and as a HUGE McGraw fan I am very excited about the new CD.

But after sampling a few songs, I am starting to think "Southern Voice" will be the first disappointing CD Tim McGraw has released since his debut CD. I do like most of the song's I've found so far, but the songs aren't really memorable, blockbuster, or even that great. Even worse, the CD versions I'm hearing aren't even as good as the live version I've been hearing on Youtube.

Tim's first official release from his new CD was "It's a business doing pleasure with you" which was a fun song about a man that is pretty much whipped, knows he's whipped, and loves it. It's a song style that Tim hasn't played with in a while. Thus far, it has only peaked at number 13 on the Billboard charts. Not terrible, but not something you'd expect from a performer with a hit record like Tim McGraw. Disappointing.

His second release is the title track of the CD "Southern Voice". I absolutely hate this song. The song is basically made up of Tim naming a bunch of famous Southerns and their occupations:

"Hank Williams sang it
Number 3 drove it
Chuck Berry twanged it
Will Faulkner wrote it
Aretha Franklin sold it
Dolly Parton graced it
Rosa Parks rode it
Scarlett O chased it "

That's the first verse of the song. Add a chorus, follow it up with another verse of similarity, chorus again, and you've got the song. Not good.

The official track listing for the new CD is:

  1. Still
  2. Ghost Town Train
  3. Good Girls
  4. I Didn't Know It At The Time
  5. It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You
  6. If I Died Today
  7. Mr. Whoever You Are
  8. Southern Voice
  9. You Had To Be There
  10. I'm Only Jesus
  11. Forever Seventeen
  12. Love You Goodbye

I like "It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You" but HATE "Southern Voice".

I've been listening to "Still" for over a year on Youtube as Tim opened his last concert with that song as a preview for this CD (which was suppose to be released a year ago before Tim and his label had their conflict). I think the live version of "Still" is amazing. Billboard.com had an interview with Tim posted a few days ago and they sampled the track. The CD version just isn't as good as the live version. It's still a good track that I like a lot, but it's not it's not nearly as grand as the live version.

I've also found "Good Girls" on Youtube from live events. I like this track as well. The only complaint I have against this track is that Tim McGraw is holding a guitar in his hand and playing about as convincingly as Santino Marella and ZZ Top played when they hosted Raw. But other than that, the song is good. I'm worried that the CD version won't be as good as the live version after hearing "Still". Which is kind of an odd thing to worry about since usually the CD version is superior to an artists live version. But Tim is a great artist to watch Live, so whatever.

The only other song I've heard off the track listing is "You Had To Be There", which Tim also performed on his last tour. This song isn't bad at all, but comes off a bit too preachy to listen to regularly, in my opinion. It's about a father that wants to develop a relationship with his adult son and his adult son's response is that his Dad had to have been there for his entire life. Again, not a bad song, but not going to be on top of any lists when looking at Tim's impressive musical catalog.

So that's 5 songs I've heard off this CD. One I absolutely hate (Southern Voice). One that is a song that I'll probably rarely listen to (Had to be there). One that is just ok (Business Doing Pleasure). And just two that I really like (Still and Good Girls).

It's very rare that I like every song on a CD, even a Tim McGraw CD. And there are still 7 songs I haven't heard yet. So there is a chance that I'll love this CD when I finally get the chance to listen to it, but right now I'm worried that this will be a disappointing CD from Tim. Guess I'll let you all know next month.


Good Girls (watch Tim :quote: play :quote: at 3:00 onwards :lmao: )

It's A Business Doing Pleasure With You

You Had To Be There

Southern Voice
Posted Sep 15 2009, 08:34 AM · 4 comments
Sep 5

Sleeping Warm This Winter

It's only September, so it's not cold outside yet. I've noticed that it is getting cooler. It gets cool enough at night/early morning to wear a light long sleeve shirt, but it warms up.

But this cool weather has got me thinking. You see, I'm a very cold nature person. Might sound odd coming from a guy that works in a -7 degree (F) freezer 5 nights a week. But I'm tall, I'm thin, and I hate the cold. Especially when I sleep. I know some people that can only sleep when it is cold in their room, but I like to be warm when I sleep. I also prefer to sleep in my underwear (TMI! Too Much Info!!!) I do occasionally sleep in sleeping shorts or a sweat pants if I'm too cold or if my nieces stay over (have no idea why they insist on sleeping with me!). But for the most part, I'm most comfortable when I'm in my boxer briefs (TMI! Again!!!), in my bed, under my covers, with a fan going for the comforting noise.

I absolutely hate the normal bed sheets. You know what I mean? The stupid cover that goes over your mattress, the sheet over that, and a blanket and/or comfort over that. Sheets don't keep me warm and usually just get tangled up and get in the way. Years ago, I stopped using sheets and decided to just use the blanket with a comfort over that. It kept me warmer, but the sheet part underneath (the thing that covers the mattress) was always cold when I first got in and felt cold whenever I moved from my comfortable position.

So a few years ago I came up with a wonderful solution: sleeping bags! Sleeping bags are insulated and designed to keep you warm as hell. But one sleeping bag wouldn't do it. I had to have enough room for at least two people (more if my niece(s) stayed over). So I simply removed the zippers from 2 sleeping bags and sewed them together. It resulted in a big ass sleeping bag that was about the size of my bed. I even put a blanket on the inside of the sleeping bag, then had my comfort on top of all that. The end result was that I was warm as hell. It worked perfectly.

But I got a hole in the sleeping bag last year. I should have sewed the hole up, but I just let it keep getting bigger and bigger to the point that all the insulation (or whatever you call it) came out. It just left the outside part of the sleeping bag which was cool to the touch, always. Body heat didn't even warm it up.

My girl and I like the double sleeping bag thing, so I started looking for a new sleeping bag to replace my old one. And when I say old one, they were old sleeping bags I had had since I was a kid. The inside felt like a cotton/wool/whatever substance. It was very comfortable. But I'm looking at new sleeping bags, and the insides all look like:

Spoiler: click to toggle

That doesn't look comfortable to me. It looks like the same material used on the outside, which means it would be cold when I first got in and would need body heat to warm it up. Not what I'm looking for. Plus, it just doesn't look comfortable. I thought I was going to have to come up with a new game plan until I started looking on Walmart.com and saw a real jewel. A 2 person sleeping bag:

Spoiler: click to toggle

Look at that! Already big enough for 2 people, which means I wouldn't have to remove the zipper from 2 single sleeping bags and sew them together. Plus, the inside looks like it's made of cotton/wool/whatever. Not that shiny stuff you see in that other sleeping bag.

I was browsing over WWE Shop and noticed they had the Stone Cold tapestry on sale. It was $40. It's now like $11. Good deal.

Spoiler: click to toggle

I'm not entirely sure what a tapestry is. I thought it was a picture you'd hang on the wall, but apparently it's also a blanket of some sort. I know I like it.

So I'm thinking my new double sleeping bag, with my new Stone Cold tapestry, plus my comfort on top of all that, plus the body heat of my sleeping buddy (buddies) will make for a very warm bed. Yes.

Are you still reading this or is this a "too long; didn't read" blog?
Posted Sep 5 2009, 01:56 PM · 5 comments
Aug 9

Crock Pot Stew

You got to love a crock pot. You can just dump a bunch of ingredients in it, go to sleep, wake up, and you have a wonderful stew waiting for you. Today, for instance, I have the following in my crock pot:

  • Pork Stew Meat
  • Beef Stew Meat
  • Potatoes
  • Red Bell Pepper
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Rice
  • Chicken Broth
  • Salt & Pepper

I also peeled and diced a small apple and added it directly with the pork, since the two are a classic pairing.

I've never actually had this combination of ingredients before (not in a crock pot, at least), but I don't see how it can be bad. I mean, the onion, garlic and bell pepper will add a nice background flavor to the chicken broth. The rice will soak up a lot of the broth and juices from the meat. The (russet) potatoes will go splendidly with the meat. The apple won't even be noticed as it'll do nothing more than draw out pork flavors. And pork and beef are commonly used together in hash. I'm using stew meat, which is best for long cooking. I'm thinking I have the makings of a damn good meal.

Unfortunately, I've only just put all the ingredients in my crock pot. It'll be a good 6-10 hours before it'll be ready to eat. But I'll be sure to leave a comment on how good it tasted later. :yum:

Anyone else use a crock pot? If so, what do you cook in yours? If not, seriously get one, man!
Posted Aug 9 2009, 01:40 PM · 12 comments
Aug 5

Greatest Snack I Can't Find

I went to Carowinds this past Saturday morning (August 1). The park doesn't open until 10 a.m. (closes at 10 p.m.), but it is between an hour and a half to two hour drive from my house, depending on traffic conditions. I was to take my niece, nephew, and his friend (who I absolutely hate) and meet up with my sister, her boyfriend, and two friends of theirs when we got to Carowinds.

I got off work at 5 a.m. that morning. I didn't have to pick up my gang until 8 a.m. that morning, which if you take away the 20 minute commute from my work to my house and the 15 minute commute from my house to my brothers house, left me about two and a half hours to myself. I got dressed and grabbed a small bite to eat. I then picked them up and we went to Carowinds.

It was hot Saturday and I was outside for the entire day. There was one bathroom that had AC but most did not. I tried to stay cool by strategically hitting a water ride in between normal rides. It kept me cool, but it was still hot. Now, I don't know how your body works, but I cannot eat when I'm hot. If I try, it'll always come back up. Throw in the rides I was riding and I knew for a fact that I'd have vomited if I tried to eat at any point during the day. I did drink water (which is free) and a few sodas, but I got so hot that that wanted to come up a few times (but never did).

So that was my day. Drinking while waiting in line, but not eating at all that day. We left the park around 9:50 or so. The park was empty enough that we could walk up to any ride and get on without waiting in line, or even stay on that ride and jump to an empty seat to ride continuously if we wished. But we were all tired and had that long drive home, so we didn't wait for them to tell us to leave to leave, we just left.

I had the AC on in my car on the ride home, so it didn't take me long to cool off. And so hunger hit me. But as everyone else had eaten throughout the day, no one wanted to stop and eat a big meal. So I stopped at a gas station (even though I didn't need gas) to pick up a drink and a snack. I was thinking a bag of chips or something, since it'd be bigger and more filling than a candy bar. In this gas station, the trail mixes are on the chip isle. I like trail mix, so I looked at them. What I spotted and bought was:

Spoiler: click to toggle

Oh! My! GOD!!!

I cannot even begin to tell you how good this stuff is. It's sweet but has salty items in it to keep it from being too sweet. Seriously, words are failing me at the moment when trying to describe it. I scarfed the bad down in no time, kicking myself for not buying two bags.

I got home, fixed me a passable meal, took a shower, and went to sleep. I did work the entire night and stay up that entire day. Feel asleep instantly. I woke up, still hungry, and fixed me another meal. I went to the store to buy the snack above. They didn't have them at Bi-Lo. I went to Walmart to look for the snack. They didn't carry them either. We used to carry them at Sam's Club, but it was a one time buy (meaning what they ordered was all they planned to carry and would not re-order more). I literally cannot find the snack mix anywhere. Even at gas stations around my area, I cannot find it.

Now, it could easily have been that I was so hungry that that is why the snack tasted so good, but I don't think that's the case. It was a good trail mix blend. Maybe it's just too new to be everywhere yet? I know I sure as hell ain't driving back to Carowinds to hit that one gas station that I know does sell it. :lol:

Anyone else try this snack mix?
Posted Aug 5 2009, 11:03 AM · 5 comments
Jul 28

Car Stories

I've posted this story elsewhere, so I'll skip the details and just overcap everything: I used do drive a 1999 Acura 3.0 CL. It was red. It was 2 doors. It was sexy. It was a great car. But driving home one day, another car pulled out in front of me and, although I swerved to miss him, I still made contact and the damage was so extensive that my car was totaled out.

So I went and bought a 2005 Scion tC. It's sliver. It is 2 doors. It is sexy. I have only 2 small problems with the car. One problem is that the windshield has a crack in it. I can simply call my insurance company and they'll replace that, so it's really no problem. The second problem is that my sunroof isn't working properly. If you open the sunroof all the way, then it will not close back unless you hold down a certain piece of the sunroof while it is closing. And when it is closed, it doesn't close all the way so it whistles when you drive down the road.

Purplemarauder had posted instructions on how to reset the sunroof. I had planned on doing that, but decided to make it "Option B". My first option was to simply take the car back to the car lot I bought it from and see if they'll look at it for me.

When I bought the car (used, obviously) it came with a 90 day/3000 mile warranty on it. However, the warranty only covers the front end, transmission, and rear. So, basically, it's just a warranty that covers the motor through exhaust system. Which is good. But it also means that my sunroof isn't technically covered.

I have really good history with this car lot. The owner of the lot had sold me my Acura personally. I had purchased my Acura from them and was never late with a payment and never missed a payment. I had a car payment due when my car was totaled. I could have easily not paid that payment, but didn't want it to hurt my credit. So I went up to the car lot and paid the payment and told them what had happened and that they could be expecting a call from an insurance company about paying off my Acrua. Makes for good history, yes?

At this point, I needed another car. So I went back to the car lot that I have great history with to see what they'd offer me. The owner was expecting me since he had gotten that call and my car was paid off. He showed me several cars, let me test drive what I wanted, and was all around pleasant (he smelled money! :lol: ). I liked the Scion I eventually purchased, but told him the price was a bit out of my price range. So he dropped the price by $2,000 on the spot. Even with that price drop, the monthly payments were higher than I liked. So he worked the system until the payments were down to what I liked. This is where paying that last payment helped me. Great history with the place, so they worked what they could to keep me a customer with them.

Like I had said, the warranty that came with my car only covers front end, transmission, and rear end. But the owner told me personally that if something was wrong with it, bring the car back and he'd probably have it fixed for me. Right when I bought the car, I noticed that the car cigarette lighter was missing. I don't smoke. I don't care if it isn't in my car. I was going to go buy one of those plugs that you put over the cigarette lighter just to cover the ugly hole. He told me not to worry about it and found me a lighter that fit in the hole. It doesn't work, but, again, I don't smoke so that didn't bother me.

I took my car back up to the car lot Monday and explained about my sunroof. He told me if I left the car with him, then he'd have it looked at and see what the problem was. Only problem was that I had no way home at that time, so I couldn't leave it then. So we made arrangements for me to take my car up their next Monday morning. Of course, things could change if they look at my car and see that it'd cost a lot to fix the sunroof, but for right now things are going very great.

The only problem is me being stupid. I am usually off on Sunday and Mondays. That's why I was going to take my car up their next Monday, since I wouldn't really need it until Tuesday. Or so I thought. However, I forgot that I am off Saturday and Sunday this week and return to work on Monday. Oops. Oh well, shouldn't be a big problem. Hopefully, he'll just need it for a few hours. Either they'll fix it and return it or they'll have to order a part and return it then.

This is where my car story leaves off. I'll update it as more progresses. Will he fix the sunroof for me? Will I have to pay a fee? Time will tell! Tune in next time, same Blog channel. Same Blog ti..what's that? Oh, shit. Batman is going to sue me if I finish that statement! :uhoh:

Oh, and for anyone that cares, I'm going to :right: Carowinds Theme Park :left: (that's a link) this Saturday, so I probably won't be online at all this weekend. :tu:
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