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An epihany about Darkstalkers
Topic Started: Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:16 pm (908 Views)
Miro Fortan
Peach Hooker
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The more and more i look at this show, the more i'm starting to believe creators wanted this to be weird and it's actually meant to be satire of video game cartoons.

We've got Harry, who's basically added protagonist and he isn't used that much in the show as the other scrappies.

Then we've got Hairball, who was intended to be annoying character everybody hates, oh come on. NOBODY would think, not even the creators, that Hairball's a good character.

Then there is Pyron, who is stupid, bumbling and never does anything. Yeah, he's also supposed to be one because his gang does all the stuff.

And then there is the robot dude, who gets new moves all the time, he's parody sue, obviously.

Also, all the characters have over-the-top ridiculous accents, it was probably supposed to mock racism in the other cartoons

Then there's the sex references, such as entirety of the last Friday's episode and Computer getting a "call me" voice in the end of last episode.

Therefore, Darkstalkers was intended to be bad, if not, i don't know what is up with these people.
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From the creators of FoodFight!...
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Horse Rum
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Oct 12 2013, 04:01 PM
From the creators of FoodFight!...


It's the work of Satan.
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High on Life
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Don't forget all of Morrigan's advances on Harry, though it DID make for some excellent jokes.
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