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I was a pre- and early teen when the bigfoot craze first hit in the mid-70s. The first time I ever really remember anything resonating with me was the first time the commercial for the docu-drama... oh heck, I don't even remember what it was called now! Anyway the commercial included a howl/scream, and I swear when I heard that, I had to cover my ears. From then on, anytime the commercial came on I'd have to rush to the TV (back in the olden days when remote controls didn't exist) and change the channel or turn the volume all the way down. Something about that scream hit me on a primal level and chilled me to the bone, and it just struck me as real. From there I'd watch everything I could find on TV, from the In Search Of series to Boggy Creek reruns, etc. Eventually the craze died down, but bigfoot remained my boogie man.

Fast forward a couple of decades to when I got my first computer and got online. On a whim one day, out of the blue I wondered if people were still reporting seeing this thing, not really thinking there was anything to it. Once I saw there was a whole plethora of activity being reported and found a couple of good discussion forums, that was it for me... it's been an obsession ever since. I met everyone I camp with that way, they're some of my best friends, and I even married one of them. :) Fate and the perfect combination of events led to us being where we've been for almost a decade.

I don't have an end-goal. I just want the activity to continue, to see what happens next, to get a GOOD daytime look at one, keep getting awesome audio, and hopefully eventually get pics or video good enough to really see some detail, especially in the face. The plan for all of us is not to prove anything to anyone or make our findings public, although we'll continue to share some things privately.
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