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Yeah, I watched the "Killer Yeti" (Dyatlov Pass Incident), both shows actually.

A lot was left out or changed for entertainment purposes, the incident was NEVER made top secret by the government, they did shut down that area for awhile to keep it from happening again so they wouldn't have to use expensive army resources.
I think the photograph is one of the skiers. No one until now has used the YETI theory, it's mostly been government testing, paranormal and avalanche theories. Most of the skiers died from exposure, the ones who had internal injuries was from the fall into the crevice and the girl DID NOT have her tongue ripped out, it was part of nature doing it's thing to a body in water, normal. The only thing that has been a real mystery is why they left the tent.
Here's the possible answer.


And no, it wasn't me farting in the tent that caused everyone to leave in a panic. I've been cleared already.. ^_^
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