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What Susie said on the spoiler alert.

Simply the Russians were just continuing the experiments from the Eldridge in a more controlled secret location Ė It was radar cloaking not teleportation if I recall. The camera raised an eye with me as soon as I seen it as I thought that also!! But they them selves become the story by creating a paradox. Once the guard opened the door they in that form had the ability to bounce back to 1959 kill the students and start the scene of events all over again, why they themselves were never attacked until the time was correct.

If you recall the elderly woman they interviewed who said there were 9 bodies? At the end she appears as a young woman and is chased by the guards.

I even liked the explanation of the orange lights in the sky when they set off their flares and one of them goes ďOrange lights in the skyĒ. Itís not perfect and as you and I and others have noticed has a few grey areas! But I knew about the Dyalov pass incident previous so watched it purely for that reason and found it enjoyable none the less.

I think the writer did a fairly good job, regardless of what some of the critics said. I guess s/he had to smudge over the battery issue as if they had a spare and had of replaced it, they could have seen what was about to unfold.

I did that also for a bit after I downloaded again and scanned through to 37:45 then started jumping ahead quickly doing the same, then thought ah I canít be bothered., but Iím now going to save this with Sweet Prudence and The Werewolf and the Yeti

When I first watched this last year, I also was under the impression of Yetis with the footprints.

If you want a good laugh! I really laughed my socks off at this one; itís Spanish with English subs but stick with it, as the humour in places is so dry.

Attack of the Werewolves (Game of Werewolves) or Lobos de Arga

Right I'm going to watch Howling V - The Rebirth, I know it's old but hell I like old Castles, Snow and theres a werewolf.

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