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What'a Ham.
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I think I've been on Facebook too long, every time I read something good I look for the "LIKE" button to push, Excellent post Keilder. I've had the same experience with a few local groups and/or individuals focused on other areas of interest. Eventually you will find a group of like minded individuals you will feel comfortable with. Most likely they won't be members of an established group, but like you they will be individuals looking for answers.

I was working at our family's grocery store in January 1968 when the February issue of "Argosy" magazine showed up on the newsrack, with the now famous article written by Ivan T. Sanderson. I grabbed it while on my lunch hour and devoured my lunch and the article at the same time. At that time I was already convinced of several other non-mainstream science topics, and of course that made me question if this had something to it. After all these years, all the books, videos, articles, talking to those who have had first hand experiences, I still don't know for sure. I have insufficent data to call support for either side, pro or con regarding the existence of bigfoot. I many never reach that decision before I see a sign that says "The End" flash across my vision, but until then I will never give up the hunt in one way or another.
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