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When it comes to Books About Bigfoot....
I have never read ANY. 1 (5.9%)
I have read 'some'. 11 (64.7%)
I have read EVERYTHING I could get my hands on. 4 (23.5%)
I can't read. 1 (5.9%)
Total Votes: 17
All Those Bigfoot Books; Have you read 'em? Why?
Topic Started: Nov 1 2011, 09:23 PM (742 Views)
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General Peepmaster
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So. There's a zillion books about bigfoot out there. Have you read none, some, or all of them? Why or why not?

I'm 49 years old and I've personally been aware of bigfoot and read a lot of magazines growing up as a kid, you know, those glossy full sized magazines that featured bigfoot, ufo's, spontaneous human combustion, the loch ness monster, out of body travel.... all those kind of things. When I was in college, (early 80's) I found that stack of mags in my closet at home. It was about a foot high. Sometime later, I threw them all away. Now I wish I hadn't.

So... bigfoot books. Call me crazy, but I've NEVER READ A SINGLE ONE OUT THERE. I know many of you have, but having heard so much about what's IN them, I'm glad I haven't. In fact, I really believe that having been directly involved in research and investigation for the last 8 years, NOT having been influenced or biased by them, and relying on what I've experienced and discovered, I've been better for it. I haven't let what others think create my opinion of the subject.

What about YOU?

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Dreams of turnips and potatoes
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I've read some and voted that way.

I bought a fair few when my interest piqued on this and a good few DVD's..


The Locals
Hunt for the Skinwalker
In me own words :biggrin2 (that was a joke for my daughter)
Three men seeking monsters (UK)

the other 7+ I bought I just can't be bothered to read, I have no interest in buying books anymore, or their contents regarding this subject...The odd DVD but...yeah..
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AKA "Fart Blossom"
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I was just thinking about this the other day. I've got a butt-load of BF books collecting dust. Many were sent to me by Roger Thomas from Wales years ago (I used to correspond with him). I guess I can list them all if someone is interested. I'm just kind of bored with all of it right now....
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Not to be messed with. Seriously.
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I have a handful. I have some on the bookshelf:

Two autographed copies of Year of the Sasquatch by John Green (one first edition, one second)
On the track of Sasquatch by John Green
Bigfoot The Yeti and Sasquatch in Myth and Reality-Napier
Sasquatch, American Great Ape- Bindernagel- autographed
Bigfoot-Sasquatch Evidence- Krantz

Sasquatch-Roland Smith
Bigfoot Mystery-Robert Leiterman- autographed

I know I have a few others laying around but no clue as to which box they are stuffed into lol. Interesting that for as much as I love books, the BF section of my library is rather small. I think mainly because if I knew the author at the time of publishing and didn't agree with their stance, I would only check the book out from the library and not make the purchase to line their wallets. Yah, I am a brat that way lol.

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What'a Ham.
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Honestly I've read many magazine articles as well as books. Not everything I could put my hands on, because after experiencing some of the "STUFF" the first time, I refuse to touch another book by some specific authors ever again! There is a LOT of "BS", but even "BS" makes money under some circumstances. Bigfoot, UFOs, Ghosts all have a fair number of authors peddling "BS" simply because it brings in extra income and the topic is still unproven by mainstream science. In some instances the more ridiculous the the author's claim is, the better it sells, and the more "Wanna B. Famous" characters come out of the woodwork claiming they've experienced the same thing.
Edited by moregon, Nov 3 2011, 08:00 PM.
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Just Curious
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Curiosity Squared
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Interesting that you should post this poll...

Historically, I've read Napier, Green and Dahinden's books.

Recently, I've been taking my daughter to the library regularly. I ended up in the UFO, ghost and bigfoot section. The library only has a very limited selection and very old books at that, so I decided to go ahead and read everything they have.

The first book I read was the Bigfoot Casebook by Janet and Colin Bord. Because this book was published in 1982, it predates the internet era when everyone started having access to online data/reports. I actually found it quite interesting that so many reports indicated someone shot at bigfoot, but only one or two reports of actually killing one.

The other books I've read since are Reinhold Messner's "The Search for the Yeti" which was interesting in its descriptions of Tibet and the language barriers surrounding the Yeti question.

I even stooped to reading a Loren Coleman book because it was the only thing available. Talk about making stuff up as you go along...

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The name says it all.
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I've read a ton, from the great to the horrendous.
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Camo Junkie
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One I've read off and on recently is not directly a BF book, but has a chapter on "living wild men". It's called Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson, and while there is a lot in it that is pretty way out there... the overall position of the book is really interesting, in that it postulates that modern humans have existed for at minimum, several millennium further back then "official" history and science will consider. Anyway, in the book, is actually a concise but fairly good overview of the(at the time of publication), picture of the "living ape man" situation. It mainly references other works(Green, Napier, etal), but it's interesting in the context of it's primary subject. It's a huge book, (I believe over 1000 pages), and really dry in places, but even the main subject, and all of the alleged and documented discoveries over the years that place bones and artifacts well outside of "official" science time lines...is really interesting. There are a lot of stories of how finds that do not fall within the "standard" model of when, and where, things happened...were a minimum, swept under the rug, and at worse, outright hidden and those reporting the finds, facing career ruin.
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Markus Rexon
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I have read every Bigfoot book that I could find at my local library. The best one I've read so far is a book called "Bigfoot Exposed: An Anthropologist Examines America's Enduring Legend". What the author does is, for example, the Patterson-Gimlin video; He won't just look at the video itself, the backstory and the people involved with it. I learned allot more about the Patterson-Gimlin video than at looking at every Bigfoot website about it. The rest of the book covers every other aspect of the whole Bigfoot theory, and gives allot more history and detail to every story, article, idea, and much more to everything Bigfoot related.
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I started with Sasquatch : Legend Meets Science which I bought in January.
Then I read Loren Coleman's book "Bigfoot! The True Story Of Apes In Amercia"
Then I went fot Ivan T Sanderson's Abominable Snowmen! Legend Come To Life
And most recently I read "The Locals" by Thom Powell

I intend to read everything I can on the topic, for and against and all the stuff in between.
It is fascinating and I want to find out as much as I can about the whole topic.

Sanderson's book was very interesting indeed and highlighted the many branches of study to this one subjetc of "unknown hominids".

I'm not so enamoured with Thom Powell's book. I found some of the witness statements interesting but themn there's this whole chapter about potential UFO connetcions which I wasn't keen on.

There is a bit in Coleman's book where he essentially takes part of the responsibility for Bigfoot being associated with UFOs.

It is hard not to like the Legend Meets Science book as it not only suports the notion of the possible existence of such a creature but it does also make it clear that only true scientific evidence can ultimately PROVE it.

I like the balanced nature of that book.

I have a book by Odette Tchernine coming in from the USA this week.

After that, I haven't decided but reading Markus Rexon's post (Dec 20 2013) I might try "Bigfoot Exposed" next.

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