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Ketchum's Bigfoot DNA Points To Multi-Species; Primarily Opposum
Topic Started: Jul 1 2013, 10:29 AM (303 Views)
What'a Ham.
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"Alas, I met my geneticist friend this past week and I asked about the Bigfoot DNA. It was, he told me, a mix of opossum and other species. No find of the century."


Sounds like the same kind of Roadkill stuffed in the Dyer-Whitton Bigfoot Body.
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Dreams of turnips and potatoes
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Are you really surprised M? I wrote months and months ago about the DNA Balls and Ketchum and even my views of what will happen with the Sykes study. (I don’t give a rat’s arse who is involved in it.)

It’s nothing more than a three ringed circus the whole affair. (And any or so called named people involved in this; they and you know who I am talking about – still have NADA.)

You know the people who are retired, or can or do have the finances to look on a frequent basis, and have looked, and have looked and found squat.

Dahinhen spent most of his life looking, and not around parks or camp grounds (most footers are fond of these days) but mountains and wilderness and still found nothing. But hell, camp at a park these days, and you will have rocks thrown at you and they come in and blah blah blah blah……

Shit they circled my camp fire…….ate my dog! You know the stories off the net and the old blogtalk radio shows. Most are defunct these days, as they had to spend money to keep the shows going once they changed their business model. I liked that, we now have to pay to be heard or talk smack.

What about Snelgrove Lake with Meldrum…isolated and in the middle of know where, well not exactly.

I heard one comment once which really made me pick up my ears and go, nice! Mike Killan I believe from a radio show interviewing ah hell, what’s his name?......That guy people call the ninja….ah…I’m going to have to look it up. Jaime Avalos that’s the guy, and Mike if I recall from memory went something like “I haven’t ever heard of ANYBODY hiking your distance or like you looking” What does that tell you? It told me what I already knew back then…….even though I thought and still do he was following light weight hikers.

BUT these people still like to blow smoke out of their arse. (Look it’s me I’m credible……) f*k off……..Shut up, do what you have to-do find something worthwhile THEN come forward….Otherwise it’s all a celebrity showdown and personality contest and a huge ego trip.

What does, and I mean does confuse me is the lack of evidence and why? I trust the guys here and what they, well what ever I’m not going into that, but I believe them as they keep it low key what I have been privy to and I honestly appreciate that.

BUT still, why is there no solid evidence? I know people here have exactly the same questions as me…..Something’s not right, we ‘are’ all missing.

Personally I’ve just lost interest and given up and hoping for some revelations here is all. Anywhere else, doesn’t even warrant my time, unless I feel like having a laugh.

And you guys know how I like to laugh and keep Susie smiling? It’s my new mission in life. But damn you can’t as you’re not then viewed as being credible or a credible witness….What the hell does that really mean???????

Somebody who doesn’t like a laugh, or likes to have fun and takes things too serious, doesn’t drink, swear or likes sex, winding people up and isn’t afraid of really hard work and getting their hands dirty, knows what its like to struggle and be without money…I wouldn’t trust in a million years. Then it would still take 6-7 years before I thought mmh!!! Maybe I can but would still be wary.

I’m not having a go at you M or people here in the slightest (as I have the greatest respect for all of you and I really think your talents as a photographer are wasted, you should contact some magazines for wildlife etc and see if you can get your foot in the door) I’m just nearly done with all the crap, bitching, hoaxing, egos et al.

Rant over….I’ve posted something like the above a few times but altered the post. This time? Nah I’m going to let it stand.
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