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Interesting Conversation Today; I had an interesting conversation with a Native American today
Topic Started: Nov 14 2014, 10:45 PM (558 Views)
Just Curious
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Curiosity Squared
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Today, I was talking to a Native American person I know. She was telling about her mother's health and living arrangements. Her mother lives in South Dakota out in the country. She has dementia and was having hallucinations. The woman I was talking to said it was very scary. Eventually, she told me of the hallucinations. Her mother reported things like seeing a foul smelling man in her bedroom looking at her. She could hear things crawling around in the basement, which is just a crawl space. She saw a woman with long hair standing over her bed. She saw bugs crawling all over the ceiling in the bedroom. She sees things looking in the bedroom window.

She then went on to tell me that when this first started happening, she did research on dementia and apparently hallucinations like this are common just as the person is going to sleep or waking up. She said maybe that was all it was, but she couldn't understand her mother smelling something if it was just a dream or hallucination.

I just casually say, well, I know some of the officers from the Pine Ridge police say that people report seeing - I don't know what you call them, Sasquatch, bigfoot...

She then said, her people do sweats and many Native Americans think in doing so, they bring across entities who then seek out the sick and elderly to latch onto to be carried somewhere else when the sick or elderly person dies.

This made me wonder how common are witness reports from persons in some stage of dementia?

The other thing it made me wonder about is something related to spirituality, but I'll keep that off the public forum because it borders on the forbidden religion topic.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share my conversation fwiw.

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1st Nations are more acceptable of bigfoot as a tangible animal as well as a spirit, they're definitely more open minded. Having waaaaaayyyyy more time on this continent as well as what I mentioned previously about acceptance. Dementia definitely should not be ruled out on sightings reports. I think that when a supposed sighting is being investigated the person being investigated should be asked if they believe in fairies or other mythos creatures, it might help.
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Very interesting, JC! Scary for the poor person with dementia...... :blink:

My mother had Alzheimer's (she passed away 3 years ago) and now my mother in law has it. It's sad seeing the same slow loss of function happen again to another person so close to us. Neither of them ever mentioned anything like your friend's mother experienced. They lose the ability to process the world around them and their short term memory is shot, which is why they repeat so much.

My dad has vascular dementia, he makes up false memories involving people he sees on tv and long deceased friends and relatives. But he still knows who I am and asks about my kids, etc. He fully believes these stories and when I tell him this person or that person is long dead he just laughs at me. I think a lot of these things are made up when he's dreaming while asleep but could also be in those sleep stages where he's dropping off or just waking up. The dementia is located in that part of the brain where a healthy person would know it was a dream and not reality. This part is damaged in him. The mind is a strange, mysterious thing and very hard to figure out!

Your story makes me think of abduction stories by aliens too. People seeing someone standing in their room and because of little grey men being so fixated in our culture, their minds make up the story that they must be aliens and that they were abducted. Has anyone seen the X-Files episode "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"? Watch it and you'll know what I'm talking about. ;)

Sorry for the rambling......
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