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Tactic Ideas; Tips, Ideas, & Advice
Topic Started: Jan 21 2018, 03:07 PM (58 Views)
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I rode back into this forum and found everyone gone...a cyber ghost town...Hope they return someday. For those of you stumbling upon this for the 1st time, this forum has tons of info & ideas, left behind by former intelligent members... it's just hidden among the dusty threads posted long ago.
During my absence, I was busy raising kids, work, life, etc. I did continue going into certain areas trying to learn more about the weird topic of Bigfoot. Since then, I've had some truly unexplainable experiences...mostly at night... A rock hitting my truck, huge boulders thrown against a cliff below us 11 times in 10 minutes, weird gibberish screamed from a cliff above us, numerous loud & clear tree knocks, fresh broken trees and huge 16 inch tracks found around our camp the next morning, rock clacking, whoops, two different unexplainable videos of eye shine, bushes being shaken with superhuman strength right behind us and then hearing something crash through brush on two feet faster than a horse.... It goes on an on.....
Just a warning, this will start off as "fun"....Then it will become something more. The more you research, the more questions you will be left pondering. Hundreds of credible reports pile up. The mystery will grow. There is something to the whole Bigfoot thing.... After years of research and many unexplainable experiences, not only by myself, but multiple witnesses standing beside me, I am left with more questions than answers.
My advice, if you continue, be balanced.... put this in it's proper place in your life behind the important stuff. With that being said, it is fun, being outside, camping & hiking in remote natural environments. If you are serious about finding out for yourself, then here's some tips that will help you along your journey.
1) Choose the right places. Cross reference areas close to you with previous reports. I found areas with extreme topographic features more productive. They offer places humans can't get a strategic advantage with plenty of escape routes. Rivers, lakes, or swamps mixed with cliffs, & deep areas of wilderness are locations to check out. Rough places where humans visit but don't stay are key. Weird things happen 3 days before and after full moons for some reason. Check out Google or Bing Maps for your areas. Both have free satellite maps that can be useful.
2) Do the right things. Plan an overnight camping trip or a night hike. Don't go in with ideas of getting the drop on them. Save your time. Instead of trying to be stealthy and quiet, go in like normal humans on a camping trip. Be loud, laugh, have good time. They can smell a trap. I suggest you set up in an area that is advantageous to them... Put yourself in "kill zone" so to speak, giving them the high ground with areas to observe you with an easy escape. During the night, do not shine lights into the perimeter, do not stop & point at noises. The more you ignore, the closer they will approach.
3) Be careful. Have a firearm... The likelihood of needing one is very low, however, there are bad people out there, bears, etc. I'm assuming you're a smart human and will take precautions, have the proper gear, etc. IF things start to happen, sit tight, and be calm. I've found that the hours between 12 am-3 am are when things get weird. If you spook 'em, they usually leave. Sometimes an hour before sunlight, there will be a signal (whistle or rock clacking) from one to the others to leave, then it's over. You can carry a video camera and spotlight if things get too crazy. Keep group numbers low...2-3 at the most. Having a female in the group tends to put them at ease, maybe not appearing as a war party with all mature males. I don't know, just speculating.
4) Throw curveballs. Do random and odd things to peek their interest. Different sounds and lighting can distinguish you from other humans they encounter. Music with binary beats can work. They will want to or have to observe you, not sure which. Forget the camera traps. I believe they can detect them and stay clear. Audio recorders are a good idea if you go to sleep. Lots of people warn against leaving food out, I don't, but who knows what will work for you. Your own imagination is the limit.
5) Don't be close minded. In this field, you'll find people who'll claim to be experts. Some people are 100% convinced that Bigfoot is this, and others will be 100% Bigfoot is that... Do lots of reading, but take everyone's viewpoint with a grain of salt, they could be right, wrong, or somewhere in the middle...No one knows at this point. Most researchers have a hard time getting along with other researchers. If you're entrenched in a foxhole, you can't see the battlefield around you.
6) Have fun. This one is simple but important.
I hope this can help...If you have any questions, message me and I'll try to respond. I'll be back here from time to time... I think I'm gonna check out this forum ghost town for any survivors.
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