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FORCE Pro Chapter 6: "Space Jam Tribute Show"
Topic Started: Jun 29 2017, 09:26 PM (187 Views)
Alexis Terry
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JUNE 29th, 2017

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It’s pitch black as we fade into Chapter 6. Two spotlights shine brightly down upon the canvas. Standing in one with a microphone is Adam Adonis. Standing in the other is Li Chen. For a moment, the roar of the crowd is thunderous. The fans inside the arena want to see them destroy each other. Finally, Adam raises his microphone and looks Li dead in the eye.

“We’ve made it, Li” he says to start. Her gaze remains still as he continues.

“For weeks, we have beat the hell out of one another and now we are only days away from where it will all end. I want you to know that I’m going to take great pressure in ending your career in FORCE before it ever really began. You started this, Li. The night you cost me my chance at becoming champion is the night you signed off on me ending your career.”

Again, Li remains still but he continues.

“At Gateway To The Graps I’m going to send your ass straight to hell and these people who comes to these shows, buy the tickets, and cheer you will be the ones to help me do it. Tell me, Li, how does it feel knowing that you only have three days left in your FORCE career?”

Finally, emoting one line Li speaks up.

“How does it feel knowing that you only have three days left to live?”

Adam remains silent as the crowd erupts in a roar. We fade to the opening video for FORCE.


As Tori Sparks was making her way to the ring, Ronnie Harris rushed her from behind. He blindsided her with a stiff forearm shot and she crashed to the floor. The referee for the match rushes to the aid of Tori and tries to tell Ronnie to stop but he simply ignores the cries. He picks Tori up by the hair and delivers a big brainbuster to the floor as the fans scream out for the safety of Tori. He rolls her back into the ring and tells the ref to ring the bell. He covers Tori and reluctantly, the referee does and begins to count.



No! Tori kicks out! Ronnie looks shocked but quickly continues his beat down. He picks Tori back up and delivers a big gutwrench powerbomb. Ronnie begins to stomp away at the limps of Tori and even removes his mouthpiece and begins to bite the finger of Tori but the ref quickly gets in the middle of the action. “Knock it off or I’m going to disqualify you!” screams the referee. He smirks and turns his attention back to Tori who is up to one knee. She begins to throw rights and lefts trying to get back into the mat but a big knee to the chest sends her back down and Ronnie goes right back to biting the fingers of Tori and finally, the referee has seen enough and waves his hands for the DQ.

“Ronnie Harris has lost control! And the referee is forced to call for the bell!”

“And he isn’t stopping. And no! Jesus he is laying his hands on the official for the match.”

Ronnie kicks the referee in the stomach and drops him with a huge Richardson Special #2. With Tori down, Ronnie locks in a bully choke! Nobody is around and he continues to choke the life out of Tori un Eavan Maloney rushes to the ring!

Maloney has a chair and rushes off Ronnie before any more damage can be done. Tori is up and the two ladies in the ring stare down Ronnie who smirks as he backs up the ramp. 


Brooklyn Light, the winner of the 2017 Battle Of The Atlantic, is standing with her large trophy next to her. Across from her is Scout Mixon who has the FORCE Championship on her shoulder. Alexis says congrats to Brooklyn for winning the tournament and mentions that she must now turn her attention to Sunday. Scout speaks up and also says congrats to Brooklyn but says the fairytale ends Sunday. Scout says she doesn’t plan on losing the title anytime soon.

Brooklyn smiles. She says that whatever happens happens but she knows she is going to have to work harder than ever if she wants to beat Scout. Alexis hands Brooklyn the contract for the match and she signs it. Scout also autographs the paper and the match is set.


The music of Hope Cassidy hits. She makes her way to the ring and has a microphone. She says she may not have won Battle Of The Atlantic but it’s not all bad news. This Sunday she has a chance to become CWC United States Champion in a triple threat match. “I’m going to do this not just for me but for all of you and for all of FORCE” says Hope. Big pop from the crowd. She continues and says that tonight she has other business and she is going to be on commentary to see who the next challenger for the Mid Atlantic Championship is going to be.


Champion Hope Cassidy is on commentary. Hannah and Isla lock up. Both women have the respect of the fans and the crowd packed into the arena are going back and forth, cheering for both. Early on, it seems like Hannah might be in over her head as Isla is able to out wrestle Hannah with technical skill and prowess. She wrestles Hannah down to the mat and has her in a chin lock with nowhere for Hannah to go. However, thanks to the adulation of the fans, Hannah gets up to one knee and elbows out. Hannah connects with a big hip attack and sends Carter to the mat.

Back and forth the two go exchanging moves and holds. Isla connects with a backstabber and covers but Hannah kicks out. Finally, Hannah is back to her feet and the two battle into the corner. Hannah tries for the superplex but Isla reverses it and sends Hannah down hard to the mat face first. Blood spurts from the nose of Hannah and the referee checks on her but Isla is down to the mat and quickly locks in a Kimura Lock! Hannah has nowhere to go and is forced to tap out. Isla Carter is number one contender for the Mid Atlantic Championship.

“Well, Hannah may be hurt but Isla Carter is able to walk out of the match the new contender for the Mid Atlantic Championship.”

“We hope Hannah is fine and take nothing away, she fought hard but Isla picks up the win. Hope, any thoughts?.”

“I guess I should go say congrats to my opponent, yeah?”

As medics check on Hannah, Hope drops the head set and enters the ring. She holds the Mid Atlantic Championship up in the air with one hand as Isla looks at it with a smile on her face.


We fade into a sign that reads “Beer Beer Ayano Pizza Party”. Weird japanese J-Pop can be heard and members of the FORCE Roster stand around awkwardly, unsure how to take the whole event. In the middle of the room is Beer Beer Ayano who dances a bit sexually along to the music as she holds an entire pizza in her right hand.

Enter Sue York and Christine.

“This...what is all of this? Huh? Did my client Christine get a big welcoming Pizza Party when she signed with FORCE? I think not.”

Beer Beer speaks up with an odd tone and cadence. “Turn that frown upside down! Everyone is welcome. We have pizza, soda, and..”

Christine cuts her off before she can finish. “ENOUGH! I demand this party be shut down or else I’m going to call Alexis Terry and you are really going to be in trouble. My client needs rest after her great showing in Battle Of The Atlantic and she can not sleep with all of this...Japanese dumpster music!”

The eyes of Beer grow wide and the whole party goes quiet. Pizza Pie in hand, she tosses it in the face of both Sue York and Christine.

“I’m going to call you Pizza face” says Beer Beer. She continues to dance as Christine and Sue both look confused as to what the hell just happened.


The Tune Squad is out first, dressed in complete Tune Squad uniforms in all white with the logo on the front and their name on the back. Out next is The Monstars, sporting their own matching uniform but dressed in all black. After some jaw jacking between the two teams, Duff Briggs is starting for his team. It appears that Darth is starting for his team and the bell sounds. The two circle each other and lock up. It’s Darth getting the advantage and he begins to beat down Duff for a good portion of the match with stiff forearms. He drops him with a DDT and covers but Duff kicks out. Darth tosses Duff into the corner and tags in Christoph Meissner who continues the assault.

Christoph hits a beautiful step up enizguri and quickly covers but again, Duff kicks out. Meissner applies a chinlock and wrenches back, screaming for Duff to give up but he rallies back and gets to his feet. Big back drop from Duff and he begins to crawl towards his corner. In comes Eavan and she begins to clear house. She attacks away who is moving with clothesline after clothesline, finally hitting a nice dropkick on Darcy James who crumbles to the mat. Paris is dropped by a back body drop and Eavan is on fire! However, it’s Ewan MacQue who clobbers her in the back and down she goes.

Ewan beats her down with kicks and strikes until he tags out and in comes Paris. Paris tries for a suplex but Eavan lands on her feet and sprints to her corner, quickly tagging in Hutch Lanahan! However, chaos erupts and the match breaks down into chaos. THE Charisma Taylors takes Darth to the floor. Theo is able to take out Darcy James to the floor. Christoph and Briggs tumbles to the outside. Everyone is on the floor and Eavan flies off with a big cross body knocking down the bodies on the floor.

Back in the ring, Paris and Hutch are back up. Paris tries for a superkick but Hutch catches it. He spins her around – BURNING HAMMER! It connects and he covers...1…2…3! The TUNE Squad wins!

“The Tune Squad does it - Hutch is clutch!”

“What a way to end things before we head to St. Louis for Gateway To The Graps.”

In the ring, The Tune Squad celebrates and raise each other hands. However, Theo and Eavan catch each other’s eye and Theo simply shakes his head, knowing he has a battle ahead of him at Gateway To The Graps. The team then continues to celebrate as we fade to black
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