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FORCE Pro Chapter 8: "FORCE's Family Vacation"
Topic Started: Jul 13 2017, 09:26 PM (214 Views)
Alexis Terry
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JULY 13th, 2017

Posted Image

The debuting Patrick Carson is in the ring. He has the table set up for the contract signing. Two chairs are on opposite sides. The camera pans the crowd who are on their feet holding their signs in the small venue. We then fade back to him and he has a microphone.

“Welcome everyone to the official contract signing for the Mid-Atlantic Championship match between challenger Isla Carter and champion Hope Cassidy. In two weeks, we will see these two battle it out but before then both competitors will make it official here tonight. Now, how about we get things under way? Introducing first, ISLA CARTER!”

The challengers music plays and she makes her way out to the ring. She is dressed in casual attire and looks determined as ever. The fans give her a nice ovation and she paces the ring like a caged animal waiting for Hope Cassidy.

“And introducing the CWC United States Champion and the FORCE Pro Mid-Atlantic Champion - HOPE CASSIDY!”

A much larger ovation awaits the dual champion as she makes her way out with a championship title over her shoulder. She also is dressed down but has on an official Hope Cassidy t-shirt. Patrick explains again why they are out here and it is Isla Carter who speaks first.

“Hope, I’m not going to sit here and say I don’t respect your because I do. I know how good you are and I know the challenge that awaits me. Everyone in this building thinks I am going to lose. I am the underdog in this fight but I have been an underdog since I arrived in this company.

Nobody is saying you didn’t earn it those championships. I know you did and these people here know you did. But there is no denying that Alexis Terry and FORCE gave you opportunity after opportunity while some of us had to sit on the sidelines waiting for our chance. You were already a champion so why did Alexis hand you the chance to compete for the United States Championship while the roster was full of people ready to bounce at that chance? It comes down to one thing, Hope, and one thing only.

You are a pretty face. You’re marketable. Alexis isn’t dumb. She knows that this business is also a business. She knows that maybe you aren’t the best wrestler in this ring but you can flash that smile and look cute and adorable on a poster to sell a show. If chances were handed out based on talent somebody like me would have had my shot ages ago. But now? Now I do and you can bet a million dollars that I’m going to make the most of it.”

She drops her microphone down on the table and leans over to sign the contract. The crowd responded with a loud mixed reaction but surprisingly, Hope has a smile on her face.

“Like, I totally get what you are saying but hear me out, okay? I know I’m not the biggest. I’m not the baddest in the ring. But, I like, have heart and that is something that a lot of the people in the back do not have. When I compete in a match I give it my all each and every time. And I was given more opportunities because of my looks? That is ridiculous.

I’ve been training my butt off for months to get better. I am in the gym every day. So don’t tell me that I was given all of this because I am easy to slap on a poster.

I know every time I step into a ring to defend one of these titles I have my work cut out for me and our match will be no different. So, I just have one last thing to say..

Good luck and may the best woman win.”

She signs and the two step forward. Hope holds the Mid-Atlantic Championship in the air and Isla’s eyes drift upwards towards it. The scene ends with Hope leaving Isla in the ring.

The bell sounds and the two lock up. Hannah is able to secure a side headlock. She applies pressure and wrenches down on her opponent as Ewan fights out of it. He connects with a nice back suplex and tries for a quick pin but is unable to secure a pin. The two continue to fight back and forth until the lights cut inside the arena.

“What happened to the lights?”


It’s Adalynn Duncan! The crowd erupts in a frenzy. Both Ewan and Hannah look on as she smirks at both of them. Hannah tries to strike first but Adalynn ducks her. NO DOUBT! The rolling elbow connects and down Hannah goes. Ewan tries his luck but is met with the same move - the devastating elbow takes him out. The referee calls for the bell and this match is ruled a no contest.


“Well, well...look who ‘joined the force’...”

Her arrogant words ring through the ring as she says the catchphrase while doing air quotes with her fingers. Her smirk is cemented on her face as the fans are still cheering, excited to see the former Broadway wrestler show up in a FORCE ring.

“Let me make one thing crystal clear. Theo Campbell and Li Chen may be competing later tonight to crown the number one contender for the FORCE Championship but you people are looking at the real number one contender. I have worked my ass off, scratched and clawed to climb the ranks and I am not letting two pretenders take my place atop the mountain.”

A small boo from the crowd but Adalynn keeps focused.

“Brooklyn Light, the worst thing that could have ever happened is me signing with FORCE. Put the glass slippers away, your happy fairytale ending is over.”

She drops the microphone and leaves as the referee checks on both Ewan and Hannah who are still motionless on the mat.



Brooklyn Light is makes her way to the commentary both as she will be out to watch this match. She holds the FORCE Pro Championship in the air as the fans cheer her on.

"Hardcore" by Reignwolf plays as Theo Campbell makes his way to the ring. He looks focused and ready to go as he greets his family who is sitting at ring side for this massive match. His music is drowned out by Li Chen’s who begins her slow walk to the ring. Her demeanor is also one that reads complete focus. Both know how big of a match this is. The bell sounds and the two feel each other out early.

It’s a lock up in the middle of the ring and Li simply out wrestles Theo in the early stage. She has him down on the mat and tries to lock in a version of an ankle lock but Theo is able to escape. We usually don’t see that side from Li and the crowd appreciates it. Theo is back in and this time, he is able to gain the advantage and has Li down. He tries for a cloverleaf but Li is able to escape to the outside. Both competitors are trying to bring something new to the match and the fans are happy.

Li, tried with the games, flings herself over the ropes and lands on top of Theo. She smashes his head on the guardrail and throws him into the steps at ringside. She tries for a suplex on the outside but Theo is able to escape. He comes back with a massive clothesline and it has broke down from a wrestling match into a fight. He rolls her back in and tries for a pinfall but she gets  shoulder up. Back and forth they go, both exchanging momentum until finally, Li connects with a massive Superkick. Imploding 450! She covers but Theo kicks out at two.

Li goes for Thunderbolt but Theo catches her. Death Valley Driver...no! She rolls through and has an inside cradle...1...2..No! Theo kicks out. What a sequence of events. Theo tries for another big clothesline but Li moves and tosses him to the outside. She flies through with a huge suicide dive and both competitors crash into and over the commentary table taking out Brooklyn Light. Li Chen is up first but Brooklyn is back to her feet. The two begin to exchange words.

Meanwhile, Theo has begun to make his way towards the ring….the count is at 8….9...Li Chen now notices what is going on but it is too late! Theo Campbell has won by countout and is the new number one contender!

Theo celebrates while Brooklyn half heartedly laughs. She grabs her title and begins to walk away but Li chases her down. SPIKE DDT INTO A CHOKE ON THE FLOOR!


“I think Li believes that Brooklyn was a distraction and cost her the chance to become number one contender.”

“If you say…”

The referee tries to get Li off and she eventually lets go but not before Brooklyn Light has been choked out on the floor. Li screams at the fans into the camera as we get a reply of the finish of match but more importantly, Brooklyn is checked out by medics.


We cut backstage. Aleksandr Orlov is readying for his match tonight and we hear a knock at the locker room door. Walking into frame is THE Charisma Taylors which draws a big reaction from the crowd. He has a white plastic bag in his hands.

“Check it, I know we didn’t really start out on the best of terms. But, since THE Charisma Taylors is about to lead us to victory out there tonight I decided to go out and get us a little somethin somethin’ for our big win.”

“Is it lessons on how to be a decent tag team partner and stay out of my way?”

“Nah man, TCT did ya one even better.”

He reaches into the bag and pulls out two t-shirts. He hands one off to Orlov and then holds his up. It’s a shirt featuring a massive picture of Charisma Taylor face on it. The back features the text “BEST SINCE DAY ONE”. A noticeably smaller picture of Aleksandr Orlov can be seen at the bottom of the shirt.

“Bruh, I GOT US MERCH! They about to sell like hot cakes once I win us those belts.”

Orlov shakes his head and shoves it back towards Taylors as he leaves, leaving Charisma throwing his arms in the air wondering what he did wrong.


Fade to the office of Alexis Terry. She is shoveling through some paperwork when, stepping into scene, is Jacob Alvarez. An audible laugh can be heard from the crowd. He is holding a bouquet of flowers and is sporting a nifty suit with a bowtie. Alexis closes her eyes, already knowing the “man” is standing there but Jacob loudly clears his throat for attention.

Alexis sighs and looks up.

“I know we have only been together for a couple days but these are for you. I hope you like them.”

She reluctantly takes the flowers and looks at him as she ponders what to say in response.

“I am so happy to be on FORCE with you, my queen.”

“Jacob, I thought I made it pretty clear that this can not happen. This is totally unprofessional.”

“But...but...I said I would take care of Blake Shields for you. I would do anything for you.I will kick his ass for you just give me a chance!”

Alexis places her hand on his but instantly regrets it as Jacob attempts to pull her in closer for a kiss which forces Alexis to step back.

“Jacob, he is dangerous. He took out a referee. As a general manager, I don’t think it is in my best interest to do that. I’m looking out for you.”

Jacob looks deflated by the comments. He turns to leave and it draws a somber reaction from the crowd. He takes a few steps but turns back towards Alexis.

“I am not some cuck! I fight for my woman and I will fight for you. If he beats me, sure still suspend him but if I win then I want us to go on a date, a real date with dinner and then we can go back to my moms. She has a hot tub. Give me the match!”

Alexis places both hands on her hips and nervously laughs.

“Fine, you got your match. Chapter 10, it’s you versus Blake Shields but I am warning you. This is on you, kid.”

He smiles and we fade.


Duff Briggs is already in the ring. Eavan Maloney’s music hits and she makes her way to the ring as she slaps the hands of a number of the fans on the way there. She stops, and even takes a picture with one little girl who was going crazy to see her. She continues through but stops and looks at a familiar face in the crowd. It’s Cookie Mayne.

“Well, as we have seen already tonight, another big singing is at ringside - Cookie Mayne!”

“And she seems focused on scouting some of the competition here tonight.”

Eavan steps in and the bell sounds. Duff is on the offense early, hitting a few stiff forearms and he connects with a big wheel kick. He tries for the quick cover but only gets a one count. He locks in a rear naked choke and Eavan uses her momentum to get out of it by connecting with a few stiff elbows in the chest. She comes back with a snapmare, followed by a big dropkick to the face. A few short-arm clotheslines take down Duff and he seems in a lot of trouble.

One last gasp effort by Duff as he uses the ropes and tries to springboard off with a dropkick but Eavan catches him. She locks in the Eavan Lock and there is nowhere he can go! After a few moments of trying for the ropes, he is forced to tap out.

Eavan celebrates her victory by climbing up top and pointing out in the crowd. However, Cookie Mayne is right there and looks pleased with the competition she had just seen.


None other than Carli Davis is backstage. She is walking towards the camera. Sporting the Spotlight Championship on her shoulder, she has a smile upon her face. She continues down the hall until she stops. It’s Alexis Terry. She extends her hand and Carli shakes it.

“I just wanted to be one of the first people to welcome you back to FORCE, Ms. Davis. You had a great showing last time in the Battle of the Atlantic and I couldn’t be happier that this time you are sticking around. I know what happened with Broadway sucks. It’s never good to see a fellow CWC territory go down like that but people have been asking me all week what was going to happen with the Spotlight Championship..”

Alexis looks down at the title and rubs her chin.

“And honestly? You earned that. I don’t want to see an accomplishment stolen away from you, not under my watch. So, what I think the best move is...you keep that title. Hang it up on your wall or something. It’s a great accomplishment and something you should be proud of. And because you were a champion, I think we can work something out so that you get a future championship match down the line. Now, I don’t when that will be because there is a lot going on right now in FORCE and a lot of players and moving parts but I promise that down the road I will make up for what happened with Broadway…”

Calri is about to speak but is cut off the the sound of clapping. It’s Adam Adonis.

“Oh great...another person undeserving of being on this roster getting a handout from Alexis Terry. Really? Carli Davis…? She is the best you could do? I’m about to go out there and beat Huch Lanahan without even breaking a sweat and you are back here making deals. And...with her.”

He looks disgusted and his tone was sarcastic. Carli turns her attention fully to Adam and shakes her head.

“Last time I checked, I am a former champion and you couldn’t get the job done against Li Chen. If you have a problem with me, say it to my face. I saw your tweets. I saw what you were saying. Seems like you are scared of a little competition being added to the roster.”

“Hmm, seems like maybe we should settle this next week? I think we have ourselves a main event.”

Alexis rubs her hands together and leaves the scene as we fade.



Adam Adonis and Hutch Lanahan are set to square off, and the match begins with the two locking up in the middle of the ring. Adonis pivots around and gets Hutch in a waistlock before pushing him chest first into the ropes. Adonis rolls through into a pinning attempt, but it only gets one. Hutch gets to his feet and lands a hard kick to the side of Adonis, followed by a flurry of strikes that send Adonis into the corner looking for cover. Hutch moves back and charges forward with a clothesline attempt, but Adonis floats through the ropes and catches Hutch with a kick to the leg before moving to the top rope. Adonis throws himself through the air and tries to send Hutch down with a hurricanrana, but Hutch catches him in mid-air and deadlifts him into a rotating powerbomb.

The crowd pops as Hutch goes for the cover. 1…2…KICKOUT! Adonis quickly rolls over to the ropes and Hutch tries to keep him in the middle of the ring, but Adonis kicks his way out of danger and moves onto the apron. Hutch charges forward and runs into a shoulder block, followed by a springboard DDT from Adonis. Adonis goes for the cover. 1…2…KICKOUT. He quickly transitions into a headlock, but Hutch tries to pick him up for a back suplex. Adonis rolls through and lands on his feet before pulling Hutch into a full nelson and suplexing him across the ring. He covers. 1…2…KICKOUT! Adonis stick his head up, surprised.

After a few transition sequences Hutch takes control of the match, but he is quickly stopped by Adonis and some really strong elbows. The action spills outside of the ring and Hutch ends up being slammed face first into the ring steps, bloodying his nose, and Adonis seems like he is ready to finish this one off. Hutch is tossed into the ring and Adonis goes for the cover. 1…2…KICKOUT. He tries again for another quick pin. 1…2…KICKOUT. Adonis is frustrated and he pulls Hutch up by the hair and sets him up for his finishing move, “Final Flash”, but Hutch dodges the kick and then bounces off of the ropes – LANAHAN’S LARIAT! It connects! He hooks the leg, 1…2…3! That’s it! Hutch Lanahan gets his hand raised in victory!

“What a match but Hutch comes up victorious.!”

“Adam Adonis might believe he is the only real talent in FORCE but Hutch just showed up otherwise.!”

Hutch has his hand raised and leaves up the ramp. Adam remains in the ring shaking his head. He grabs a microphone and says that this is all Carli Davis’s fault for getting in his head and that she will pay for it next week.

Our scene opens with Sue York and Christine standing in front of a podium in the backstage area. A group of wrestlers are seated in front of her. Names like Paris, Seth Cohen, and even newbie Jacob Alvarez are seated listening closely as she speaks.

“Now, listen closely. My client and I have tried to be civil since we arrived around here in FORCE. We have done things by the book, nice and clean. We are professionals after all and I think Christine is looked at as sort of a...locker room leader here in FORCE.

But things are changing. Now, we have all these supposedly ‘new’ talents arriving left and right in FORCE and what are they doing? They are taking our matches. They are taking our spots on the card. Our title matches. These are things we have had to work for and they are being given away to people like...BEER BEER AYANO.

Did you see what she did? SHE THREW PIZZA IN OUR FACE. She has humiliated me and my client every chance she gets. She berates us on social media. I say enough. I say we stand up and you stand alongside my client and I as we make FORCE wrestling ours again!”

The rally cry seems to fall on deaf ears as most of them get up and leave. Sue can’t believe it and Christine looks unamused. Walking into scene again is Beer Beer Ayano, who is moments away from her match. She looks at the two of them and then at the empty chairs. She is holding two apple pies. Without warning she shoves one in the face of Sue and the other in the face of Christine. The crowd pops loudly.

Sue screams but Beer Beer holds her hand in front of her mouth as she giggles and then skips away without saying a word.


Beer Beer Ayano and Zabrina Monetta stand in one corner. The Dynasty consisting of Christoph Meissner and Ronnie Harris occupy a corner. And though they may not be the most cohesive unit, Charisma Taylors and Aleksandr Orlov have a corner to themselves. All three teams stare up to the rafters as the Tag Team Championships hang high above the ring. Alexis Terry leaves the ring after handing the new titles over. Ladders surround the 20x20 squared circle and there is a big fight feeling in the air.

The bell tolls three times and the match begins. Instantly, pairings square off and the teams separate. Christoph Meissner attacks Zabrina. Beer Beer goes after Ronnie. Aleksandr and Charisma look at each other and realize they are alone. They both hop out of the ring and each grab a ladder. They slide in and quickly begin to climb, each hoping to one up the other and show off but The Dynasty are right their to stop them. Down they go and the match continues. Beer Beer, feeling comfortable in the ladder environment, crashes a ladder into the chest of Christoph and then drops it down across his back. Zabrina sets the other ladder up in the corner and tries to suplex Ronnie into it but can’t, until Taylors is right there. He grabs a hold of the other side and Ronnie goes back first into the ladder - an unusual pairing but the job is done.

Charisma Taylors and Aleksandr Orlov meet Zabrina and Beer Beer in the middle. They exchange right hands and the unlikely team of Orlov and Taylors get the better of the new FORCE signings. Orlov hits an enziguri and Zabrina is down. Charisma is able to toss Beer Beer into the ladder. He tries for a running splash but she moves and he smacks the ladder hard. Orlov tries for a running knee but Beer Beer moves and hits a drop toe hold onto the second ladder and Orlov is bleeding from the mouth.

Beer Beer quickly grabs a third ladder and slides it in. She begins to climb but both Christoph and Ronnie are there. They each climb a side and Ronnie is on the same rung as Beer Beer. He hooks her arms - DRAGON SUPLEX FROM THE LADDER! She lands head first and seems out. Christoph remains but Zabrina is there. She quickly climbs the other side and the two fight atop the ladder both reaching for the belts. Charisma is up and has the ladder. Using his strength, he physically moves the ladder leaving the two swinging high above the ring. Christoph uses his feet and tries to kick away Zabrina and she does the same. Finally, Zabrina let's go and she crashes to the mat. Orlov uses the ladder that was set in the corner and climbs up. MISSILE DROPKICK! He hits Christoph square in the chest and both men land hard on the mat.

Charisma is the only man left standing. He looks around but most of the ladders look in bad shape. He rolls to the outside and looks under the ring but he doesn’t pull out a ladder, he pulls out a table as the fans go insane. He sets it up and then goes right back to looking for a useable ladder. No wanting to waste anymore time, he rolls back in and uses the ladder Orlov jumped from. He sets it up in the middle of the ring and begins a slow climb. Beer Beer is right there. Ronnie Harris is starting to move also.

Zabrina and Ronnie trade right hands. Ronnie tries for a suplex but she connects with a knee to the head. She sets up a dangled ladder in between the ropes and climbs up top as it lays sideways between the top and middle rope. Ronnie climbs up. Zabrina tries to DDT him on top of the ladder but she doesn’t have the strength. Ronnie elbows out of it. PACKAGE PILEDRIVER onto the ladder! Ronnie rolls to the outside in pain. Zabrina is checked on by a referee.

Beer Beer and Charisma Taylors fight underneath the belts. Christoph is stirring and sets up a ladder next to them. Orlov is moving and climbs up the other side of Christoph’s ladder. Ronnie has the leg of Orlov and he can’t climb. Christoph uses his foot to push the ladder with Beer Beer and Charisma on it and they fall far to the outside and right through the table that was set up. Christoph reaches up and is able to unhook the belts. THE DYNASTY WIN!

“Zach, what did we just see? That was basically a car wreck but Christoph and Ronnie are the brand new Tag Team Champions.”

Orlov sits in the corner not believing what just happened as Ronnie and Christoph exit up the ramp the titles in hand. Beer Beer looks hurt and Zabrina is also down. As The Dynasty celebrate on the ramp both Against All Gods and Death’s Dragons emerge by the entrance way. Both teams stare down the carnage.

“And here comes two new teams on the roster, Death’s Dragons and Against All Gods. This just proves that the tag division is growing here in FORCE. This is the place for tag team wrestling in the CWC!”

The show ends with the new champions hugging the belts close to their chest as the new challengers and the division as a whole look on.
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