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FORCE Pro Chapter 16: "Chen vs. Light" Results
Topic Started: Sep 14 2017, 06:43 PM (301 Views)
Alexis Terry
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SEPTEMBER 14th, 2017


The pyro blasts inside the HTC Center are almost deafening as the camera pans around the arena on all the fans in attendance who are already on their feet and for the most part showering the ring with boos. The camera finally breaks to the ring and we can now see their reason for the boos as the Force Mid-Atlantic and Pure Champion, Adalynn Duncan, is standing in the center of the ring with a mic in her hand, flanked by her manager, David Sinclair, and her new partner in crime, Michael Kelly. The three of them are dressed rather casually except for Adalynn wearing her two title belts, Pure title around her waist and Mid-Atlantic title draped over her shoulder.

“I have been telling each and every one of you for weeks upon weeks, that what I am doing here in Force is chess, not checkers.” She smirks allowing the fans another moment to shower her with boos. “There is not a move I make that has not been thought out well beforehand. There is not a step I take that where I do not know the exact direction it heads to. Yet, still I am questioned. I am questioned at each and every damn turn. By all of you, by the rest of the wrestlers in the back, and hell even by Alexis Terry herself.” She shakes her head in disgust. “The fact that any of you think I owe you any type of explanation is out of this world mind blowing. I hold not one, but TWO titles, as you can clearly see and you still question?” Her complete demeanor changes as she looks ready to spit fire. “You know what, MK, take this damn thing and let them know the reason why this bullet train to the top keeps on getting faster, since that is what they all want to know now.”

Adalynn stretches her arm out to Michael so that he can take the microphone. Grabbing the microphone, he puts it to his mouth and before he can say a word is showered by boos from the crowd. “You know, for this week I’ve been hearing the SAME. EXACT. THING. ‘You sold out Michael.’ ‘You’re dealing with the devil.’ ‘You’re acting BENEATH yourself.’ and do you want to know what I have to say? I say, I don’t regret a damn thing!” He takes a step back and leans over, chuckling to himself as the boos get louder.Taking time to compose himself, he stands back up straight and continues.”While most of you see what I did as a bad thing or helping the bad guy, I see it as helping a friend. Because while all of you were cheering for the likes of Cassidy or Jade, Addy here was the one putting people out. Addy was the one to put this entire company on her back! For the record, the reason that I’m even standing in this ring and I didn’t ask to be bought out is because of the champ right here. Look at her! The greatest champion in Force! The same people that you idiots cheer are the same ones that were gunning for Adalynn, were in it not just for her title.. Well titles, but because of who she is. A rookie with all of the talent and charisma in the world that says what she wants whenever she wants!? People don’t like that, no no. People want a yes man, a kiss ass and quite frankly that ain’t either one of us. You guys can all make the claim that I’m Adalynn’s ‘follower’, but the fact of the matter is the two of us… we’re better than everyone in the back and it’s not even close.”

Adalynn, Michael and David all stand there for a moment laughing out at all the fans booing them as Addy unstraps her belt from her waist and holds both belts high into the air. However, her celebration is cut short as the music for Alexis Terry cuts the trio off. Alexis is showered with cheers as she holds her hand up and already has a microphone.

“Now, now...let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Better than the rest? Bullet train to the top? It seems like the two of you have been sipping the David Sinclair koolaid pretty hard. Don’t worry, I’ve been there. But as I always say, FORCE has the best locker room in all of the CWC and I demand the best out of my roster each and every week. Now, tonight you two have a tag team match against Carli Davis and Britain Jade. That match is going to tear the roof off this building, I know that but I don’t want you to get too comfortable, Adalynn, because that is not the only match you should be worried about..”

Adalynn looks on from the ring as Alexis smirks. The crowd is hot with anticipation.

“You see, FORCE has partnered up with Gulf Coast Wrestling to present Moment of Glory VI, a showcase of showcases. This event has a storied history and I don’t plan on shitting the bed when it comes to my side of things. Only the biggest matches. Only the best talent. So, Adalynn, at Moment of Glory you will be defending the Mid-Atlantic Championship against someone who has fought and earned their shot by proving they have what it takes...BRITAIN JADE!”

The crowd erupts. Adalynn laughs in the ring. She lifts the microphone up and arrogantly adjusts both of her title belts. “Jade really? I’ve beaten her before, that’s not a problem Alexis. Is that suppose to scare me?”

Alexis smiled. “Britain is a wonderful talent who is going to give you the match of your career, believe me. But I said this event is huge and I mean it. If one match isn’t enough for you, then I’m happy to announce you will also be defending the Pure Championship!” The crowd again erupts and Adalynn looks a bit annoyed. She raises her microphone with authority. “Two matches? That hardly seems fair but whatever Alexis. Who you going to get huh? Or are you just going to put the boots back on and make a joke of yourself again?”

Before Alexis can say anything, the music of Chloe DuPont begins to play. She walks out and already has a microphone. Alexis looks a bit surprised. In the ring, Adalynn is almost hunched over in laughter as Michael and David both look a bit amused as well. “Really? Alexis, come on. Really?” says Adalynn. “This is the best you got?” she finishes.

Chloe looks unfazed by the insult. She raises the microphone she is holding. “Look, Adalynn you can stand there and be the obnoxious bully all you want but you are scared to face me. I might be new but I won’t back down from anybody. I said I was going to issue a challenge tonight and here I am. I want you at Moment of Glory for the Pure Championship!”.

Alexis looks impressed by the guts of Chloe. “You know, I like your spunk. I think Chloe DuPont gets her Pure Championship match at Moment of Glory!” yells Alexis. Adalynn laughs and tells Chloe that this is on her and that she better be ready for her career to end at Moment of Glory. Before Alexis leaves, however, she looks at Adalynn.

“Oh, just because Chloe is in the match doesn’t mean I didn’t already have someone picked out. Your match is going to be a triple threat and I think, you may know this other person as well.”

The crowd erupts. Adalynn looks confused but she doesn’t see the person slide into the ring from behind her. It’s Hutch Lanahan! Hutch drops Michael Kelly with a Burning Hammer! Adalynn tries to attack but Hutch connects with a Roaring Elbow Adalynn Duncan is out cold. Sinclair is helpless as he watches his prized fighter knocked out. Alexis Terry laughs from the ramp. Finally, Hutch looks at the Pure Championship. He then turns and looks at Chloe. The two share a staredown.


Hope Cassidy kissed the United States Championship and handed it over to the referee as Charisma Taylors readies himself in the corner. The biggest match of his life is in front of him and he seems more focused than ever before. No running his mouth, no taunting or dancing - just Charisma Taylors focused on winning the US Championship. The bell sounds and the match is officially underway. Taylors takes the early momentum, able to get Hope into a side headlock as he applies pressure. However, Hope is quick to counter and is able to send him down with a big shoulder block. Hope tries for a leg drop but Charisma rolls out of the way and is able to get back to his feet. He tries for a kick but Hope ducks, catches him, and drops Charisma with a falcon arrow. She covers but he kicks out.

Charisma rolls to the floor but Hope keeps the pressure up. She follows him out and the two brawl around the ring. Hope drops Charisma with a suplex. She rolls in to break the count and then comes back to continue the assault. She tries for a swinging neckbreaker but Charisma elbows free. He connects with a knee to the temple. He follows it up by running Hope spine first into the apron of the ring. He rolls her back in and covers but Hope kicks out this time. Charisma goes right into a single leg crab and Hope shouts in pain. Her face is one full of agony as she crawls towards the ropes. Inch by inch she draws closer to freeing herself from the hold. She reaches out but Charisma is able to catch her in time and pulls her back towards the center.

Finally, Hope is able to reach out and get a finger on the bottom rope. Charisma is forced to break. He leans in the corner and measures Hope. She stumbles to her feet and turns...GOLDEN SHOWER! Hope ducks and the mist blinds the referee! Hope kicks Charisma in the gut and goes for Hope Into Dreams but he reverses out of it. He is able to hit the Damn Thats Taylors...the lifting DDT plants Hope but there is no referee. The crowd begins to stir as sprinting to the ring is Aleksandr Orlov! Orlov connects with a running single leg drop kick. He picks up Taylors and drops him with a quick Brainbuster for good measure. He rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp as the crowd boos loudly. Hope doesn’t notice what happened and shakes off the cobwebs. Hope sees Charisma about to stir but plants him with a Superkick to the side of the head. She covers and picks up the win!

“Orlov just cost Charisma Taylors the United States Championship. This bad blood has just reached a whole new level.”

“Look into the eyes of Charisma Taylors. I wouldn’t want to be Aleksandr Orlov.”

Hope celebrates as Charisma rolls to the floor. He looks upset about what happened and with good reason. From in the crowd, Aleksandr Orlov shows back up and waves to him to rub it in his face even more.


“ORLOV! ORLOV!” screams Charisma Taylors. He is running through the backstage area looking for Aleksandr Orlov. Erica Ryan is standing there and Charisma stops her. He asks if she can send a message to Orlov from his good pale Charisma Taylors. She says she can. He looks directly into the camera. “If you want to be a bitch, then you are going to get treated like one. Me and you, Moment of Glory - PARKING LOT BRAWL!” The crowd cheers loudly. He pushes the camera away and leaves.


Artemis Kaiser and Hutch Lanahan are up next. Both competitors earn large ovations as they make their way to the ring though Artemis is a bit more of a mixed bag. The bell sounds and the match is underway. A quick pace is how we start with Hutch and Artemis sent to the mat hard as HUtch gains control. She fights back though and is able to counter her way free. She connects with a massive forearm shot and Hutch looks out on his feet. He comes back with a stiff forearm shot of his own. They trade forearms until Artemis gains the upperhand when Hutch comes off the ropes and Artemis sends him into the air...CHESTBUSTER!

She goes for the pin but Hutch kicks out. Artemis continues her assault with kicks to the back and ribs of Hutch. It continues until Hutch is able to catch one of the kicks. He pulls her in and rams his knee into her jaw. He follows it up with a spinning back fist. The combo is finished off with a sitout facebuster. He covers but Artemis kicks out this time. Hutch can’t believe the combo didn’t put her out. He picks her up and sets up for the Burning Hammer. She knee’s herself free and comes back with a stiff forearm. Using the ropes, she goes for a clothesline but Hutch ducks. Mafia Kick! He almost takes the head off Artemis. He covers but again, Artemis Kaiser kicks out!

Artemis comes back with a massive Enziguri. Hutch stumbles backwards and she connects with a knee to the temple. Falcon Punch! Falcon Kick! Hutch won’t go down. Artemis - The First Crusade but it misses! Wheelbarrow Suplex by Hutch and he covers..1….2...NO! Artemis again kicks out. Hutch picks her up and goes for Burning Hammer but she counters right into Cure For Insomnia! She picks Hutch up and hits The Second Crusade. She covers and Artemis Kaiser picks up the victory as the referee counts the three!

“Another week, another win for Artemis Kaiser.”

“She’s 3 and 0. Who can defeat The Last Empress?”


Sitting on her desk is Alexis Terry. She is looking into the camera with a smile on her face.

“As I mentioned early in the show, I am all about FORCE stealing the show at Moment of Glory. I want to put on the best matches we possibly can and that as lead me to thinking. How can I up the ante even more? What if we took...six...of the best athletes on the roster and put them in a ladder match? I then ask myself what if the prize was something worth putting it all on the line for? A contract for a FORCE Championship match any place, any time.

Gregg Peake, Theo Campbell, Michael Kelly, Hope Cassidy, Artemis Kaiser, and one of the newest additions to the FORCE Roster….LIZZIE JONES!

The Survival of the Fittest Ladder Match will award the winner a life changing opportunity. May the best competitor win.”.


The bell rings and instantly Makelah and Harris hit the center of the ring and are trading lefts and rights. The crowd is already hype as the two are violently throwing hands. Harris appears to get the upper hand as Karari is the first to take a step back, but only to reach back into her arsenal for a devastating superwoman punch that drops Harris to the mat. Makelah controls the pace of the match for the next bit keeping Ronnie as close to the mat as she can with a array of elbow drops, knee drops and kicks and stomps. Makelah from there attempts to drag Harris towards her corner but is met with a stiff kick right to the knee cap dropping her to the mat. Harris manages to quickly crawl to his corner and tag in Meissner as Karari also makes it to her corner and tags in Molaroni.Meissner charges Molaroni but hits nothing but air with a clothesline attempt as Molaroni ducks under. Christopher turns around quick and is met with a standing dropkick from Molaroni that sends him reeling into the ropes. Ricky doesn't waste a second as he is quickly back on Meissner with an Irish whip only for it to be reversed sending Ricky to the far ropes and back to be met with a shoulder block right to the midsection. From here Meissner controls Molaroni dragging him into his own corner where he quickly tags back in Harris and both members of the Dynasty lay the boots to Ricky. Karari tries to stop the double team but is met by the ref who forces her back to her side as Harris and Meissner yank Molaroni to his feet and whip him to the far ropes. Molaroni hits the ropes but somehow ducks a double clothesline attempt from the Dynasty getting hit with a blind tag from Mekelah in the process. Harris and Meissner are around quick but get floor by Molaroni with a running double clothesline of his own. Rari is in the ring and baseball slide kicks Meissner out of the way before yanking Harris to his feet. She nails Harris with a kick to the gut doubling him over as Ricky hooks him into a double underhook and plants him into the mat with a DDT (Dragon Flame) Mekelah turns over Harris and hooks the leg for the 1...2...3!!!

“What a match but it looks like Death’s Dragons are being joined by the Tag Team Champions..”

The music for Beer Beer Ayano and Zabrina Masters begins to play as Death’s Dragons regroup in the ring..


As Death’s Dragons stand in the ring, Beer Beer Ayano and Zabrina Masters enter. They both have microphones and the Tag Team Championship belts are around both of their waist. Beer Beer speaks first and says she is going to keep it simple. She knows they want a fair shot at the title belts and they can offer that to them. “At Moment of Glory, we extend to you a match - two on two with the best team being called Champions”. Zabrina Masters steps up and says she respects them and hopes they accept their challenge. The two Dragon members look at each other. “Blasian” extend their hands and Death’s Dragons shake them. The math is set!


Carli and Britain, Team “Girl’s Just Wanna Have Food” playfully duel in a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to figure out who will start. It appears Carli will and Jade takes her spot in the corner. Carli stretches in the ring as the trio of David Sinclair, Michael Kelly, and Adalynn Duncan figure out who will start for their team. After little discussion, Adalynn orders Michael to start and he does. Instead of taking her spot in the corner, she heads for the announcers table and it appears Adalynn will also be commentating for this match. Jade and Davis look upset, especially Jade hoping she would be getting her hands on her opponent at Moment of Glory.

The bell sounds and Michael Kelly exchanges holds early on, quickening the pace as Carli is out wrestled early. She, however, finds her pace and is able to connect with some dropkicks that send Kelly to the floor. Sinclair orders him back in the ring and he does. He, however, stumbles right into a fireman's carry...Carli tries for 702 but he lands on his feet. He pushes Carli into the referee but she is able to stop herself. She turns and Michael pokes the eye. He drops Carli with a big thrust kick.

“Don’t you think you should be helping your teammate?”

“What kind of question is that? You have the greatest FORCE wrestler of all time at the commentary table and you ask that?”

“Does it look like Michael needs my help? It’s called a game plan, Patrick. I am saving my energy for Moment of Glory. Maybe I am just smarter than the rest of the locker room?”

Michael works over Carli with multiple kick variations. He locks in a dragon sleeper. Carli is in trouble but Britain Jade cheers on from apron. The crowd begins to get behind Carli and she is able to fight back from move and get to her feet. She connects with a kick of her own and Michael is forced to break the hold. She reaches for the tag but Michael has her foot...ENZIGURI! Tag! In comes Britain Jade! Jade is a house of fire. She drops Michael with two dropkicks in a row. She spears him almost out of his wrestling boots. Michael tries for fight back but Britain counters a clothesline and hooks him. Tilt-a-Whirl Wheelbarrow Facebuster!


Sliding into the ring, Adalynn drops Britain Jade with the Mid-Atlantic Championship! The referee calls for the DQ but the damage is done. She begins to beat down Jade with stomps, Michael Kelly joins her. Carli Davis is back in and is able to run them off but Adalynn looks pleased. The trio walk up the ramp having won the battle, though they may have lost the match.


Brooklyn Light is walking towards the ring, ready for her death match. Li Chen is also shown walking towards the ring. Both competitors look ready. We then cut to the backstage area where Erica Ryan is with Carli Davis. “Though we just saw what happened out there, you have to now switch your focus to Moment of Glory. In minutes, you will find out who you are going to be wrestling. What are your thoughts?” asks Erica. Carli shrugs her shoulders. “My thoughts are the same as they have always been. I don’t really care who I face. I just know that whoever it is, they have a fight awaiting them at Moment of Glory.”


Brooklyn Light kisses the championship before handing it over. Li Chen is ready to attack as soon as the bell sounds. The ring has been fitted suitable for a Deathmatch. A Bed of barbed wire sits on the outside. The ropes have been outfitted with hundreds upon hundreds of light tubes. Nails. Thumbtacks. It’s a psychos playpen and Li Chen looks completely at home. The bell sounds and we are off. The two exchange right hands. This isn’t going to be much of a wrestling match and they know that. Typical wrestling gear has been thrown to the side of jeans and tshirts. Brooklyn is able to tackle Li to the ground and attempts to push the face of Li into a bed of nails but Li elbows out of it. She hits another stiff elbow and she is back to her feet. She dropkicks Brooklyn and she almost tumbles into the bed of thumbtacks. Li grabs one of the light tubes from the ropes and smashes it over the head of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is down to one knee. Li has two more now and like marching symbols, smashes them together as Brooklyn’s head is helplessly in between. Li covers but Brooklyn kicks out. Li rolls to the outside and brings the barbed wire bed into the ring. Brooklyn is bleeding now and Li tries for suplex her into it but Brooklyn counters. She connects with a Superkick and Li almost tumbles into the barbed wire. Brooklyn backs up a bit and then spears Li right into the wire that cuts both of them. Brooklyn is able to get free but Li is stuck in the wire and the referee has to pull her free. Brooklyn has lights now and swings one, and another as both of them turn to dust over the head of Li Chen.

Brooklyn covers but Li kicks out. “This is awesome!” chants fill the arena. Brooklyn hits a few stiff kicks to the side of Li’s head, and it seems to be only pissing Li off more. She lets out a few screams before unleashing a fury of right hands on Brooklyn. Li has Brooklyn and tosses her right into a row of lights that are tied to the ring ropes! Nearly a dozen lights break and the crowd is going crazy. Li drags Brooklyn over to the barbed wired and piledrives her right into the nasty wire! Li is completely unleashed and the crowd is going crazy. She covers but Brooklyn kicks out at the last second. Li sets the bed of nails up in the corner. Dragging Brooklyn by the hair, Li sets her up for a suplex but Brooklyn counters and pushes Li back first right into the nails.

Brooklyn then connects with Future Imperfect into the thumb tacks! She covers..1...2...NO! Li Chen kicks out at the last second! Brooklyn light can’t believe it. She rolls to the floor and heads underneath the ring. Before the camera catches it, the crowd is going absolutely insane. Finally, in clear view, Brooklyn Light has a Weed Wacker! She rolls back into the ring and turns it on. She catches Li right in the stomach! Blood splatters. She catches her on the back! Li Chen is in pain but stands right back up. Out of nowhere, Li Chen throws a fireball right in the face of Brooklyn! BRAINBUSTER ONTO THE THUMB TACKS! She heads upstairs...IMPLODING 450 SPLASH! 1...2...NO! BROOKLYN KICKS OUT!

Li drags her by the hair and goes for Thunderbolt but Brooklyn pushes her away. Li rushes back but Brooklyn moves and sends her head first into the light tubes! DRAGON SUPLEX BY BROOKLYN! LI Chen lands head first into the barbed wire! Brooklyn takes two of the light tubes and heads up to the top rope. She places them by her knees. HOPE RIDES ALONE With LIGHT TUBES! Brooklyn covers..1….2...3! Brooklyn Light retains!


Out of Character Notes -
Next week, there will not be a FORCE Pro show. This will be the first time I have ever taken a week off since starting FORCE but I believe it is best for the fed as a whole since the following week will be our joint show with Gulf Coast. I hope you all understand. I may or may not do a small preview show that would basically run down the card and have interviews but it depends on if I feel like I could handle that then turn around and write quality results for the supershow. Hope you enjoyed this week and get ready for MOG. It’s going to be great!
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