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FORCE Pro Chapter 18: "New Blood Rising" Results
Topic Started: Oct 19 2017, 10:22 PM (265 Views)
Alexis Terry
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OCTOBER 19th, 2017


“Earlier today” the bottom of the screen says. We see Britain Jade pulling her suitcase behind her as she makes her way towards the entrance of the arena. Some fans are cheering her from afar and she waves towards them. Suddenly, a figure jumps her from the side. It’s Li Chen! Li begins to punch away at her back as Britain manages to throw some knees. The two scuffle until they are on the ground. Officials arrive at the scene but seem unable to pull them apart.

Finally, The Charisma Taylors shows up and is able to separate them. Li screams as she is dragged away. Charisma checks on Britain and asks if she is okay. She says she didn’t need his help. He says he knows but that he doesn’t want anything to happen to her because he earned his Mid-Atlantic Championship match fair and square. She says he should worry about tonight when her team beats his. He chuckles and says that tonight is just the start. “Keep my title warm” he says before leaving.

BOOM BOOM BOOM! The pyro shoots off and we are welcomed to the start of the show.


Jessica shoots for a spinning kick to the gut that Archer grabs, lifting her up and tossing her halfway across the ring. Dane charges full force at Idol with a running big boot, but Jessica rolls out of the way and hits a perfect dropkick to the back of the much larger opponent's head that makes him stumble over to the ropes. Archer turns around just in time to see Idol popping up to her feet and runs at her, hitting her with a shoulder tackle that sends her crashing to the mat. A standing elbow drop attempt by Dane is swiftly avoided by Jessica who kips up to her feet and takes off toward the rope, springboarding off of the middle rope and landing a picture perfect moonsault. Idol hooks the leg to a one count as Archer throws his much smaller opponent off of him. Jessica tries to get back on the offensive with some kicks that Dane just completely disregards whilst standing to his feet, shoving Idol into the corner with all of his might. Charging in with a head full of steam, "Pure Power" nails Jessica with a clothesline in the corner that nearly takes her head off before tossing her toward the center of the ring. Signaling that the end is near, Archer patiently waits for Jessica to climb to her feet before running in with a giant big boot that folds Idol in half. Dane lifts Idol up and effortlessly drops her on her neck with a Jacknife Powerbomb. Hooking the leg, Archer gets the three count.



It doesn't take very long for Mackenzie to lay into Mindy with a flurry of stiff forearms to the collarbone that cock her head back with each solid shot. 'The Thoroughbred' smacks away the last forearm and fights back with a nasty chop to the chest before grabbing onto her for a quick snap suplex that leads to a one count. The two get to their feet, realizing they've reached a stalemate before Roberts shoots for a collar and elbow tie up that Mindy ducks under, grabbing Mackenzie by the waist and tossing her over her head with release German suplex. Lifting Roberts off of the ground, Mindy tries for another snap suplex, but it's stuffed! Mackenzie stuffs another suplex attempt and starts to nail Mindy in the abdomen, releasing her hold of Roberts. A drop toe hold by Mackenzie is almost immediately transitioned into the BITCH CLUTCH (camel clutch)! Mindy quickly finds haven at the bottom ropes, grabbing onto it for dear life and forcing Roberts to release the hold. As the two get up to their feet, it doesn't take long for Mindy to fight back, landing lefts and rights to Mackenzie's midsection before nailing her with a gut kick. Mindy lifts Mackenzie up for her spinning powerbomb lungblower, but somehow Roberts wiggles out of it, landing on her feet before attempting CRUSHCRUSHCRUSH (russian leg sweep) but Mindy avoids certain doom with a solid elbow to the ribs of Mackenzie. Mindy goes for another powerbomb attempt, but Roberts stuffs it, quickly taking her back and sending her back-first with a successful CRUSHCRUSHCRUSH that gets her the three count.



Beer Beer is putting her wrist tape on when Zabrina Masters appears. Zabrina says she is worried that tonight’s match with mess with the friendship they have built. She loved teaming with Beer Beer and she doesn’t want what they have built to be thrown away. Beer Beer stands up and places a hand on her shoulder. She then says that no matter what, when she wins the title tonight she will still see Zabrina as a friend. She then walks away leaving Zabrina with an upset look on her face.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>PRE MATCH WORDS FROM HOPE

Erica Ryan is backstage with Hope Cassidy. She says that Hope is about to face Alexis Mercer one on one and that this is Alexis’ first official match as a member of the roster. “How do you feel with such a big match tonight but knowing that in a few weeks you will have to defend the United States Championship?”

Hope says that she knows how dangerous Ashley Marie Chase is but she also knows that Alexis Mercer is no joke. She has been down the last few weeks but tonight she plans on turning things around. Hope then finishes by saying she is going to send a message to Ashley by beating Alexis Mercer fair and square.



Last week, Alexis Mercer viciously attacked Hutch Lanahan as she made a surprise debut on the FORCE Roster. This week she is standing across the ring from CWC United States Champion, Hope Cassidy. Hope looks laser focused and squares up in her corner of the ring. Alexis and Hope wait for the bell as the fans await the signal for the start of the match. It rings three times and we are off as the two meet in the center. Alexis looks to want to ground Hope and she is able too as she is able to out wrestle her early on. Hope breaks loose and takes the match back to her feet. She levels Alexis with some stiff forearm shots but Alexis comes back with a massive running dropkick. She covers but Hope kicks out.

Hope is in control now midway through the match. Hope goes for a DDT but Alexis reverses. Hope counters an attempted cradle piledriver by kneeing her opponent in the head. Hope goes for a brainbuster and it connects. She signals…Hopes Into Dreams! No! Alexis kicks out at two. Hope can’t believe it. Alexis rolls to the floor and Hope runs after her.

Hope is met with a Pele Kick! Alexis grabs Hope and drags her to the ramp area. FOREVER NIGHT ON THE STEEL RAMP! Hope looks hurt. Alexis smirks as the referee continues his count. Alexis rolls into the ring and taunts for Hope to come fight her. Hope holds her chest in pain and begins to crawl but can’t make it. Alexis Mercer wins by count out! 



Alexis Terry is standing in the ring. Zabrina Masters is in the corner to her left. In the corner to her right stood Beer Beer Ayano. Alexis holds up the Super Indy Championship to showcase the brand new championship to FORCE. We get the formal introductions from the ring announcer and then the bell. Alexis steps out of the ring and watches from a chair at ring side. Zabrina extends her hand and Beer Beer Ayano accepts. The two then quickly lock up and the match is underway.

It’s clear that Zabrina is the underdog. Though former partners, Ayano wastes little time taking her former student to task with knees to the chest and quick but hard chops. She backs Zabrina into the corner and delivers a massive knee to the chin followed by a bulldog. She tosses Zabrina back in and then connects with a corner dropkick. She follows it up with a bronco buster and Zabrina is in trouble.

Ayano signals for the end and goes for the Glam-Go-Round, the move Alexis Terry made famous but she adopted. However, Zabrina is able to reverse it into a pinning combo! 1…2…3! 

Alexis Terry looks shocked as do most of the fans. Alexis steps into the ring as Zabrina wheeps in the middle of the ring. Beer Beer looks a bit perplexed with her jaw almost on the floor. Clearly, she caught Ayano by surprise. Alexis hands Zabrina the championship and she celebrates. She walks over to Beer Beer and extends her arms, wanting a hug. Hesitantly, Ayano obliges and pulls her close.


[align=center]GCW, RSR & FORCE PRO PRESENT


The former Force Champion Brooklyn Light is set to take on Michael Kelly in this huge match, and the crowd is ready to these two to lock up and get it started. Kelly immediately tosses Light across the ring and gloats to the crowd about his in ring skill. But Light rushes back towards him and clocks him right in the face with a kick right under the chin. Kelly ends up in the corner but Light catches him there with a knee once again and Kelly staggers to his feet with a desperate attempt at a lariat. Light ducked it and immediately tossed Kelly down with a neckbreaker. 1...2...No! Light hopped to her feet and tried for a buzzsaw kick, but Kelly ducked it at the last possible second and rolled her up. 1...2...No!

The quick pace of the match continued and these two competitors showed no signs of slowing down, but Light continues to take control of this match using her unorthodox offense. Kelly ended up backing into the corner once again as Light charged him, but at the last second Kelly pulled the referee in front of him at the last possible moment. As Light went down to check on him, Kelly started to smile. He reached into his boot and pulled out a set of brass knuckles as the crowd began to boo. Light turned around to investigate and met a hard shot to the face! Kelly stuffed the knucks back into his boot and pulled the referee over to make the count. 1...2...3! He stole the victory!



After the match, Michael Kelly has a microphone. He says that everyone should understand now just how good he is. “I just beat the former FORCE Champion in the middle of the ring”. He looks directly into the camera and continues to talk about how he is going to be the next big thing in FORCE. He mentions that he didn’t need Adalynn Duncan or David Sinclair to win. “They were always just dead weight”. He then says that he could sit around and wait in line for a title match “or he could just cut the line and take what is his”.

“Being FORCE Champion is the biggest honor in this territory but I am worldwide. I am bigger than FORCE and that is why I am issuing the challenge right now. At ON HALLOWED GROUND, I want LEELA WATTS. I WANT A CWC WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH!”

He drops the microphone and smirks into the camera.

<span style='font-size:14pt;line-height:100%'>BACKSTAGE...

Carli Davis is backstage walking towards the ring for the six person tag match. She has the FORCE Championship around her waist. Suddenly, she is blindsided. It’s Artemis Kaiser! Artemis hits a big knee and then pushes Carli into a nearby room. She closes the door and then props a chair underneath the door knob! Carli Davis is locked in! Artemis smirks as she walks away.


Heidi and Britain Jade look across the ring at Artemis, Charisma, and Hutch. Artemis looks pleased as Carli Davis has yet to make it to the ring. With the 2 on 3 advantage, Artemis starts the match against Heidi. Artemis toys with her early on as the bell sounds. She tells her to just “get down and get this over with” applying that Heidi lays down for the pin. Heidi, however, slaps the taste out of the mouth of Artemis who then turns violent. She levels Heidi with a Falcon Punch and goes for the pin but Heidi kicks out. Artemis then begins to pick apart Heidi as she locks in a chin lock.

Quick tags in and out now, as Artemis takes the lead for her team. Charisma is in and begins to focus on the arm. He locks in an armbar and Heidi is forced to find a way to break the move, getting a foot on the apron. In comes Hutch who connects with a back suplex and goes for the pin. Heidi kicks out. Artemis barks orders from the apron as her team continues with quick tags in and out. Finally, as Charisma is in, Heidi is able to hit an Enziguri. Back on the offense now, Heidi survives on instincts and connects with multiple clotheslines before leaping and tagging in Britain Jade!

Jade clears house with some running boots and then back body drops Hutch. Artemis is legal and Britain and Artemis square off. Artemis tries for a big DDT but Britain blocks it. She spikes the head of Artemis off the canvas and goes for the pin but Artemis kicks out. Heidi is legal now. Overwatch! She connects with the Springboard Moonsault but Artemis again kicks out at two. Charisma and Britain are fighting on the outside now. Artemis elbows Heidi and then levels her with The First Crusade.

HERE COMES CARLI DAVIS! The crowd explodes as the champion rushes to the ring and slides in. She levels Artemis with a dropkick. Heidi tags her in and then takes Hutch out with a suicide dive through the ropes! 702 to Artemis! 1…2….3!

Heidi, Britain Jade, and Carli Davis celebrate as Artemis books it up the ramp with her contract. She looks on as Carli tells her to bring it on, Artemis’ plan backfiring.



Dane Archer and Mackenzie Roberts stand across from each other. Dane runs his hand through his long hair as he eyes his opponent up and down. Roberts looks focused but is clearly the underdog. Both competitors won their respected matches to get here and with a title shot on the line both plan on bringing their A game. The bell sounds and Dane overpowers Mackenzie early on. He levels her with a big boot and she rolls to the floor. He follows pursuit and delivers some hard strikes to the body around the ring as she tries to escape.

Finally, she is able to gain a bit of momentum. She uses the guard rail to deliver a springboard bulldog, slamming his face into the mat. She rolls in and orders the ref to count him out. She begins to do so but he is able to slide in at 6. Mackenzie quickly locks in the Bitch Clutch, her version of the camel clutch. Dane looks to be in pain but he is able to fight to his feet and toss her off. Using the ropes, he flings his body weight at her and delivers a hard spear! He hooks the leg but she kicks out at two.

Mackenzie fights back to her feet and begins to pound away on the chest of Dane with some body blows. She jumps, hits the knee on the chin, and the move echoes throughout the arena. She goes for CrushCrushCrush but Dane pushes her away and then lifts her up. He has her in a Military Press….RUNNING POWERSLAM! He covers again..1….2…NO!

Mackenzie is showing a ton of heart. Dane signals for the end…He gives the fans the thumbs up and then points down. He has her…Jackknife Powerbomb! No! She rolls through and has him pinned..1….2..No! He kicks out. Bitch Kick! She nails the kick to the side of the head. He drops down to one knee. Shining Wizard from Mackenzie. She coves but he powers out at two!

Mackenzie climbs up to the top. Big Crossbody! Dane catches her though and then tosses her head first onto the top turnbuckle. She stumbles backwards right into the massive jackknife powerbomb! Dane covers..1….2….3!

His hand is raised in victory as his music plays. We get a couple replays from the match and then he is introduced as the winner of the New Blood Rising Tournament. Carli Davis appears on the ramp and holds up the FORCE Championship. Dane points to it and then makes the title belt motion around his waist. We fade to black with Carli staring him down. 

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