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Heart to Heart
Topic Started: Dec 12 2017, 10:43 PM (78 Views)
Danni Spencer
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Danni takes a deep breath before stepping forward to press her finger to the doorbell. She looks behind her to see her boyfriend, Deacon, waiting on his bike at the curb. He gives her a reassuring thumbs up before she smiles and turns back to the door. It takes a moment before the door opens, it stops by way of the chain lock and one bright blue eye looks out at her.

“What the fuck do you want?” The woman says.

“Zaylee... I... umm...” Danni stutters over her words, forgetting momentarily why she had looked up and came to Zaylee’s house.

“Ummm... ummm... ummm... What a fucking waste of time...” she mocks the girl before starting to close the door.

“Wait. Okay I just wanted to talk. About you and Kyle.”

Zaylee stops and looks at her again through the crack.

“What about it?”

“Well... I can’t help but notice that you both seem to have an unusual relationship.”

Zaylee scoffs. “We don’t have a relationship. I am not some injured bunny. Go find another project girl scout.”

“Please. Can I just have... five minutes. And if you want to throw me out after that, then you can.”

Zaylee rolls her visible eye and groans. She closes the door and the sound of the chain unlocking is heard. She opens the door. She is dressed in dark pants and a T-shirt that seemed to fit her more like a dress. She dramatically waves a hand.

“Well... come in... you got five minutes.”

Danni smiles and steps over the threshold. Zaylee shuts the door loudly causing the younger girl to jump.

“I can’t help notice that there is some hostility between you and Kyle. And you can deny there is anything going on between you too all you want but I am pretty sure he lives here now.”

“You don’t know that!” Zaylee raises her voice. “You can’t know that. He doesn’t live here.”

Danni smiles and then points behind her to Kyle napping on the couch.

“So Kyle just comes and naps on your couch a lot?”

Zaylee purses her lips but doesn’t respond, only pulls the girl by her arm into the kitchen.

“Listen... I don’t need a therapist. And Kyle and I are... trying things. Okay? It’s complicated and I don’t expect you with your perfect little life to understand anything that either of us has gone through.”

She is whispering though, making sure the guy in the next room doesn’t hear it.

“I don’t want to be your therapist. I want to maybe be... your friend? Or something?”

Zaylee starts laughing. “No one wants to be friends with me Daniella. I am a curse, a blight. Don’t you pay attention? Just like Larissa said. Just like Seth and Becky. When people start to get close to me... I run.”

Danni takes a step forward. “You’re not running now. You bought this house. You have Kyle. What is stopping you from running this time?”

Zaylee is obviously getting distressed about the questions. She gives the girl a shove before moving away from her. “Who says I won’t?”

Danni looks through the doorway, she almost thinks she catches a hint of a smile on the sleeping face of her next opponent. She leans back to Zaylee, smiling more brightly herself.

“No one has to say it. I can just tell. You lov...”

Zaylee holds up a hand, covering Danni’s mouth. “Shut up. Shut your fucking face. I don’t need your help with anything, let alone figuring out my life and shit. Get the hell out of here. You are so full of shit... you know that...”

Danni seems disappointed but she doesn’t let Zaylee’s words discourage her. She nods, walking back toward the front door. Zaylee follows her.

Danni steps outside onto the small porch and goes to step off the steps when Zaylee reaches out to yank her back up.From the curb, Deacon gets off his bike and starts walking toward the women, his mouth a straight, grim line. Danni’s blue eyes go wide and startled.

“Listen to me. Stay the fuck away from me. I don’t knwo what your game is but this psychological shit won’t work on me.”

Danni shakes her head. “I’m being honest Zaylee. I just want to be friends. I really don’t have any ulterior motives coming here. Everyone is so sure that this is an act but it isn’t. YOu, Kyle... most of the people at Vengeance... they are all so used to people being dishonest that they automatically assume everyone is out to get something. I just want to help people. Kyle is so determined to see me fail. You just want to hurt me. All because you don’t know what real happiness is when if you both open your eyes... you’ll see it’s right there in front of you.”

Deacon has made it to the steps. “Everything alright here?”

Danni nods, seeing how Zaylee’s entire expression and body language has changed entirely.

“Yeah. I was just saying goodbye.”

Danni leans into Zaylee, hugging her tightly and whispering something into her ear. The words are not heard by Deacon but they are enough to cause Zaylee to stare after them, even after Danni has climbed onto the back of Deacon’s bike and she’s waved at her.

Zaylee looks back at the house, her hand twitches slightly as she slowly makes her way back inside, closing the door tightly, the chain and the deadbolt sliding audibly into place.
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