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Topic Started: Dec 18 2017, 09:10 PM (129 Views)
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DATE: 12.16.17
LOCATION: Hammerstein Ballroom @ Manhattan, New York

The fluorescent lights have long since dimmed. The crowd once in attendance have long since left the arena. All that stands is a stoic warrior slowly limping down the long stretch of hallway with her palm holding her neck and her back arched forward slightly. Marks covered her skin as she stared intently in front of her with dark hazy eyes with intensity covering every ounce of her being.

She carried the word Coda with her as a name and as she approached the locker room door donning the letters written in script on the front, she let her shoulders relax and her stoic expression soften. She started to feel every ounce of the pain as she continued to limp towards her destination. The cold chill of the chair bending against her back felt like a hammer to her spine. The powerslam made her body quiver as she wiped the dark hair out of her eyes and stared forward, unimpeded and untamed.

The methodical way she walked like a malfunctioning robot ready to be repaired gave way once she stood in front of the door itself. She felt the wood against her palm and the metal doorknob against her long digits. Twisting it open, she abandoned the name Coda and dropped to her knees. Her eyes traveled down as she began to rock back and forth without a word, slapping the back of her head against the wooden door behind her without hesitation but a voice snapped her out of the trance.

"Yuri," Mara whispered as she tore her eyes away from her phone to see her sister on her knees near the door. "Are you okay? Are you hurt?!"

The woman known as Coda went by a different name in the presence of her sister Yuri Moon. It was the name on her birth certificate. Yuri allowed herself to feel the pain and allowed herself to succumb to the whims of her mind that she believed others would not understand.

Yuri did not speak. She tried to open her mouth but the words she was feeling would not exit her mind. Instead, she kept on self-stimulating - rocking back and forth as a way to self-regulate,

Mara quickly jumped from her seat and dropped to one knee in front of her. Mara stayed a fair distance away from her sister as she tried to sense her emotions. With a deep breath and a few quick swipes, Mara handed Yuri her cell phone with a text to speech application open on it. All Yuri needed to do was type what she was feeling and press enter. Like clockwork, Yuri did just so like she's done it a thousand times and as the electronic voice came out of the small cell phone speaker, Mara understood.

"It hurts," Yuri said through the text to speech software, the punctual robotic woman in the application lacking all the tonality and the emotion within its quaint delivery.

"What hurts?" Mara responded, the med school dropout searching up and down her sister's body with her eyes for any obvious wounds. "Your back is a little red but there doesn't seem to be any major damage..."

"It hurts," Yuri's surrogate voice repeated.

"Maybe I'll just give you an ice pack. How's that sound?"

Yuri didn't respond, too occupied with gently rocking back and forth. Mara brought her an ice pack and placed it behind Yuri's back.

Mara checked her sister's ears and noticed one of the earplugs had dislodged itself slightly. Mara got back to her feet and grabbed a small ziplock bag out of her kit. Swiftly, Mara opened it for her in front of Yuri's face. After a moment, Yuri complied and removed her earplugs on her own. She dropped them into the bag and watched wordlessly as Mara closed the bag afterward.

"I know you didn't come out with the victory tonight but you'll get them next time, yeah? You're The Destroyer! You're the stoic warrior! You're--"

"Stop," the voice of the cell phone responded, "I do not deserve such titles. I do not deserve such praise."

The voice stopped. Yuri's eyes glanced at her sister with frustration and intensity emanating out of her without a single vocal word exiting her mouth while a small layer of sadness coated her expression as well.

"I am ashamed," Yuri's text to speech software continued. "I was not pinned, however, I will not allow myself to continue wallowing in mediocrity within Liberty Pro. I will not allow myself to grow complacent with failure. I will not surrender while I still breathe and I will not show weakness."

Mara shook her head back and forth. Yuri climbed back to her feet and looked down at her shorter sister with an intimidating aura about her. The ice pack fell to the floor. She clenched her fist at her side and handed Mara back her phone.

Yuri tried to speak again using her own mouth but the words would not exit her lips. Frustration grew on her lips as she tried harder and harder to open her mouth but the words she wanted to say were lost within her. With softened eyes, she gently glanced down at the floor as she surrendered to her own mind.

"Let's go home, alright? We'll talk about this as soon as you can speak again. Shouldn't be longer than a half hour or so," Mara told Yuri softly with a gentle smile. "The dislodged earplug and all these emotions you've got over the loss must have shut you down. Overstimulation. That's natural. Just remember you can't help it, okay? That's what the doctor said. It's bugging out the speech center of your brain but it's not your fault."

Yuri struggled to fight it. With great effort, Yuri uttered out the words she wanted to say.

"Thank... you."
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