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West Coast vs. The World; December 16, 2017 - Inglewood, CA
Topic Started: Dec 19 2017, 10:35 PM (177 Views)
O.G. Williams
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The crowd was abuzz for the first Pacific Coast Championship Wrestling Show, and opening the event was owner of PCCW, O.G. Williams, declaring tonight the start of a new era! The new PCCW promises an exciting brand of action, stretching from the Canadian to Mexican borders, and also into Idaho. That ties into tonight's special event, where 7 different PCCW wrestlers and tag teams will take on the best from around CWC, starting...right now!

PCCW Tag Team Champions The Gear Society vs. The Thrillseekers [ACM]

The Tag Champions received a loud welcome from the California fans, while the Thrillseekers actually elicited more than a few boos, showing this was going to be a heavily partisan crowd. Agatha and Gamma seemed to thrive on the energy, finishing The Thrillseekers off in short order with Mechromancy!


Veeka sits backstage impatiently waiting for her match, looking completely bored and unenthused. She doesn't even know who this Carina Eventide from Liberty Pro is, nor does she really care. She's just another body in the ring to be beaten. And this one she only has to pin once. Veeka doesn't understand why she keeps getting put in matches with no name wrestlers trying to prove themselves with her. She knows she's better than this rabble, she's just ready to get this match over with. She gets up and starts moving around to warm up her muscles, she doesn't want to be too relaxed when she faces this whatever her name was again...

PCCW 15 Champion Veeka Manna vs. Carina Eventide [Liberty Pro]

Carina's odd style didn't seem to shake Veeka's normal cockiness, as she was instantly dismissive of the Liberty Pro competitor known as "The Morningstar." That changed once Veeka tried to introduce a few "toys" into the match; namely fluorescent light tubes! They sat harmlessly on the mat for most of the match, but when Carina had the upper hand and went to invoke them, Veeka shoved the referee into Carina's path! As he tried to remove the tubes from the ring, Veeka hit an eye rake, followed by a Canadian Destroyer for the win!


We see Samantha Tolson, sitting in her locker room in advance of her matchup with Voidstar. She's in her gear....the blue set with the gold trim, for those keeping score at home....and she's listening to music on her iPod, oblivious to the camera, singing along...

"I am immune to you, you are immune to me, we are both sick souls with the same disease....I am immune to you, you are immune to me, we are both sick souls with the saaaame diseeeeeaaaase..."

She looks up and sees the camera, grinning sheepishly. She pulls her earbuds from her ears with a tad bit of embarrassment.

"Did you see that?"

The camerman, unseen, must have nodded yes, because Samantha's cheeks turn flushed red quickly.

"Sorry about that...but, you know, looking at this match here in a few moments with Voidstar, those words do kinda hold a certain irony. Our little masked man tried calling me down on Twitter this week, but all he had to talk about was my personal life. A life where, admittedly, I've not always been at my best, a life where I've done things I'm not necessarily proud of having done, a life where, yes, I've made my fair share of mistakes."

"The one thing he couldn't touch?"

"What I do out there in that ring. Oh, Voidy-poo tried really hard to downplay my skill, my determination, and my heart. Bless his little black heart, he tried. But, he failed. He failed because the past two nights, I've taken the best two of the best women in the world have had to offer and stood tall both times. Spent an hour in a fight Thursday night, and forty-five minutes last night. And I'm ready to put in whatever work tonight I have to put in to put him down for a three count or make him tap out."

"In fact, I would go so far as to say that the entire reason Voidstar wears that God-awful mask is because he looks in the mirror without it and sees little more than a career filled with failure. A career filled with few opportunities to be a champion, all caused by his overindulgence in violence."

"Now, don't get me wrong, I'm as much into violence as anyone else here in the building. My more violent side, the monster as I like to call it, has been on display plenty of times. But there is a time for violence, and a time to do the other thing I do as well as anyone else in the world, and that's professional wrestling."

"See, Voidstar, you were maybe right about one thing. We're not so different, you and I. We're not necessarily that similar though, either. You walk out to the ring, and the fans revile you. I walk out, and the fans blow the roof off the building. Why is that?"

"Because they know, deep down, that you and me, Voidstar? We're not even close to the same. Not by a long shot. See, you run around CWC, trying to cause as much damage, chaos, and mayhem as you can...and from the looks of it, that's your only goal. Me? I'm out there hurt, I'm out there half broken, bloody, tired, and those same fans that hate you and curse the ground you walk upon...they know that when my name is on the card, they're going to get absolutely everything from me I've got. They're going to see me put it all on the line, leave it all out in the ring, and do my dead level best to send them home happy."

"You say we're both horrible people?"

"You, indeed, are a horrible person. Me, I'm just a girl with issues she's trying to work through, but I'm honest about it."

"Thing of it is though, when that bell rings, and the lights go down over the crowd, and the spotlight's on just the two of us, all that stuff outside the ring fades away. All of the accusations you've lobbed at me, all the bile you've spat at me all week? Doesn't mean a damn thing."

"Because out there, Voidstar, when it comes to the actual sport of professional wrestling, I'm better than you. Was, am, and always will be above you when it comes to the machinations of this sport. And there's not a single thing you can do to prove me wrong, other than beat me cleanly here tonight."

"Win by nefarious means, you prove my point."

"Lose to me out there tonight, you prove my point."

"So the only out you have is to beat me based on skill, heart, and determination alone. And we both know, Voidstar, when the measure between us is drawn on those grounds....you come up lacking."

"So do your worst."

"Do whatever it is your sick little mind has planned."

"I'm ready for any and all of it. But...I want you to remember two things."

"One, I'll give as good as I get. You bloody me? I'll bloody you right back. You take the low road? I can walk that path as well."

"The other?"

"I've already told you that one, but for the record, I'll repeat it..."

Samantha smirks at the camera.

"...don't be surprised that when the smoke clears, the referee is holding up my hands at the victor as you lie on the canvas, wondering what in the hell went wrong."

"Now sir, if you don't mind, I need to finish getting ready for my match....please see yourself out."

The camera shot fades to black as Samantha sticks her earbuds back in her ears.

Samantha Tolson vs. Voidstar [RSR]

The match between Voidstar and Samantha Tolson started off with Samantha charging him, showing that she wasn’t afraid of the monster of CWC. She hit him with forearm after forearm, pushing him back into the corner. She then drove several knees into Voidstar’s gut. Sam then pulled back her fist to punch Void in the face but he caught it with his hand. He then took his other hand and wrapped it around Samantha’s throat. Voidstar squeezed tightly, choking the life out of Samantha as the referee began to count to five. At the four count, Void let go of Samantha’s throat before he nailed her with (Dark Descent) Spinning Spinebuster. Voidstar pinned Tolson after hitting one of his signature moves, trying to end the match early but Samantha kicked out after two. Voidstar yelled at Samantha, telling her it was a mistake to kick out before he shoved his forearm into her face.

Voidstar got up onto his feet and pulled Samantha to the ropes. He then put her throat down on the rope and then bent down over her before he pulled the rope up into her throat, choking her. The referee counted to four before Voidstar let go and then got up to his feet before getting into the referees face. The referee cowered back in fear as Voidstar glared at him. Void turned around to focus his attention back on Samantha but what he didn’t know is that the former HPW Champion had gotten back up to her feet. She hit Void with a few stiff kicks before she pulled Voidstar down to the ground with a hard snap DDT. Samantha pinned Voidstar but he kicked out after two. Samantha picked Voidstar up and whipped him hard into the corner before she charged and speared him into it.

With Voidstar in the corner still, Samantha hits him with a flurry of moves Nihon e no ōdo (Ode to Japan, which is where Samantha systematically but rapidly breaks her victim down with hard kicks from both legs.) Voidstar is eventually sitting down in the corner and Sam backed up before she charged into the corner and drove her knee straight into Voidstar’s face. She pulled Voidstar out of the corner and pinned him but he kicked out after two. Samantha picked Voidstar and she nailed him with several stiff arm chops but Voidstar soon countered by headbutting Samantha hard in the head. Sam stumbled back in a daze before he took her down with a scoop powerslam. Voidstar then applied the Eternal Misery (Texas Cloverleaf) to Samantha. Samantha yelled out in pain and looked like she was about to tap but she refused.

Pulling herself forward with all of her might, Samantha made it to the ropes and grabbed the bottom one. The referee told Voidstar to let go but he refused, so the referee started to count and just before he got to five, Voidstar let go. He stood up and started to stomp on Samantha’s back over and over again. Voidstar then picked Samantha up and attempted to hit 1. Dark Descent (Spinning Spinebuster) for a second time but Samantha found the energy to counter it into a hurricanrana that threw Voidstar to the outside of the ring. Samantha then climbed up the turnbuckle and leaped off of it, before she nailed Oda a México (flipping off the turnbuckle with a twisting somersault attack) and she took Void down with it. Samantha took a second to get up before she picked Void up and threw him into the ring. She then slid in and pinned him but he kicked out just before three.

Samantha got up to her feet and stayed relentless as she stomped on him over and over. She then picked Voidstar up and attempted to set him up for Victory Drop Alpha (Trapper Keeper Bomb) but Voidstar countered and flipped her over his head and she landed on the canvas with a thud. Samantha stumbled to her feet and Voidstar drove his knee into her gut before he set her up for Black Abyss (Package Piledriver) and he ended up hitting it. Voidstar pinned Samantha and picked up the three count, getting the win.


“Let me get this out of the way now - Veeka, we’re not done. After what you pulled, I’m sure of two things - you don’t know and don’t care what’s ahead of you. That’s okay.”

Tabitha Tremont steps forward, into better lighting, already prepared for her match ahead against Adam Webb. She throws up a Victory sign, and turns this way and that showing off her pink, gold, and white gear.

“I’m excited about tonight though, all that gloom about Manns aside. I’m facing Adam Webb, he’s up from Mexico, so let’s give him a fine old fashioned Inglewood welcome! I promised him a great match, and well that’s what I intend to deliver on! Think Pink isn’t just a happy hashtag, Adam, in case you were wondering.”

In playful fashion she flips the edges of her braids at the camera and presumably at Adam.

“Just stay focused and this match will be so much fun. I mean, it’s not every day we get to face new people and really, just look at it as a gift. I want to show you around PCCW, and hope you enjoy your stay - and win or lose, I’ll shake your hand after the match.”

She grins brightly.

“Of course I’ve prepared some powerbombs just for you Adam, and I hope you’ll enjoy getting them as much as I’ll enjoy doing them!”

Tabby laughs and then smiles much more warmly than the bright grin.

“I’ll see you out at the ring, Adam.”

She throws the Victory sign again and heads out of the little hallway area.

Tabitha Tremont vs. Adam Webb [ACM]

Tabby wasn't shy about going for her bread and butter, her powerbombs, against Adam. He resisted early on, but as she wore him down, she was eventually able to hit him with several! Late in the match, though, Adam reversed a Tremont powerbomb into a rana over the top rope, sending both wrestlers to the outside! Tabby was first back in the ring, but she was slow to her feet...where Adam was waiting on the apron with a Superman's Cape flying forearm that secured the win, evening the score!


As the camera cuts to the backstage area, the monstrous Ramsay Bodach can be seen observing the proceedings on one of the television sets. He is in his street clothes, denim jeans, thick boots and a Portland Timbers jersey. He cracks the knuckles in his hand, grunting. He is clearly not impressed that he is not booked tonight, the evidence being that the rundown card by his side has been smashed to pieces, and many did question his thoughts on the last broadcast, where he was victorious but did not achieve the fastest time to win the Beat The Clock challenge. He doesn’t utter a word, merely grunting as he watches the action unfold upon the screen, flicking his long locks back at one stage before returning to crack his knuckles.

Into view comes his manager, Bobby B. Barabbas, a slight look of concern on the man dressed in black on black. He stands next to his client, clutching the black velvet bag he has been carrying around for the past few weeks closely to his chest, watching what Ramsay watches intently. There are a few moments of eerie silence, before Bobby looked up to his prized dog, saying “Soon, Ramsay, soon. Soon we will make our move. And at that point, there will be no one who can stop you.” Ramsay smiles as The Pied Piper says this, nodding his head before the camera cuts elsewhere.

“It’s a new day in the CWC.”

Anna Mathews, the Time Lord of one damn t in her name, sits on a production truck. This is clearly being filmed from a cell phone. But when does that matter. The look on her face is a thoughtful one.

“Legit, now. All you have to do is look around to pinpoint the obvious. A new world champion in the battered, often bloodied form of Josh Kennedy. A new United States champion in the often controversial and bigmouthed Cass Baumer. New territories popping up, old ones dying. Some of them, as in the case of Slaughterhouse, are resurrected from the dead. And some being absorbed lock, stock, and barrel. A dying Hollywood Pro fused with an ever thriving Pacific Northwest to become...Pacific Coast Championship Wrestling. Even the new logo suggests the hopes of this being the dawning of something more.”

A look at the new PCCW logo freshly printed overhead.

“I’m not gonna bullshit you. Team OVERKILL? We haven’t been ourselves since before we started the World Tour. Ninety nine percent of that? It’s my fault. I changed the dynamic without even thinking about it. Then? We tried to carry on as if it never happened. But it did. And it was so awkward to acknowledge that my partner and I rarely talked unless we had to. Do you want to know why I issued the challenge of the World Tour in the first place?”

She spins the phone around so’s everybody can get a good look at her tag team partner, Jacky Rex Daniels. Even as he’s humming some lustless tune and attempting to sew, there seems to be a bit of focus in his eyes and a chip on his shoulder.

“For him. Look at him. He even looks different. I don't think he’ll ever not be the loud, crazy, hyper Jacky we know and love. But now, he doesn't just want to punch people. He wants to suplex them to death. He’s evolving. Not too quickly though. It’s a process.”

The camera comes back around.

“I could go anywhere in the world and draw money, that was never my concern. Jacky...he needed the push. To be honest, I didn't even know what was going to happen to us in Outback. I was afraid that he wouldn't get a fair shot. Figured this way, there might be a better chance. And we dropped the ball.

No more.

Our cards are on the table now. For better or worse, we won't change the past because it’s something to learn from. All we can focus on right now is the future. It’s time to make the team a priority. And yeah, I realise that I’m going to be in a trio with Brien Storm and Danny Hall shortly. But the truth is that's more of me being the third wheel to that fucked up blossoming bromance. I’m just there to fight and maybe get a shot.”

Anna shrugs.

“I admit to being a selfish bitch. I’m no hero. But my intentions are often good. And to be honest, I don't know what’s going to happen after this. After this match, we will need to find a new home because it doesn’t seem like Outback’s waking up any time soon. To anybody who ever bought a Team OVERKILL shirt, I’m so damn sorry. Things had changed and we were reluctant to change with them.

Robb and Ana Hardy. Hard Hearted. I was so pissed off once. You slunts stabbed me in the throat and cost us wins. But I’m not angry anymore because now? You’re in the same boat as us. You mean nothing. All these new faces popping up in your promotion means that your faces become more of a blur. The playing field has evolved to where it’s sink or swim, feast or famine, victory or Valhalla. You have to win just so you can keep treading water. And we WILL win because there’s nothing left to lose.

It’s a new day for the CWC. Welcome to the death and resurrection show.”

With a smirk, she raises a finger gun in towards whoever bothers read--I mean, watching this.


Hard Hearted vs. Team OVERKILL!! [Outback Pro]

This one was heated from the beginning, given the encounters these two teams have had in recent weeks. Hard Hearted tried their rule breaking ways early on, but this time Anna and Jacky had the tactics well scouted! That didn't stop Ana and Robb from taking the advantage, and isolating Jacky Rex Daniels on their side of the ring with double-teams and the occasional illegal swap after distracting the referee and Anna Mathews. Finally, after reversing a double-irish whip into a double cross body block, Daniels made the tag to Anna, who came in like a tiny ball of rage! Cleaning house, she turned the tide on the PCCW duo, leading to Jacky and Anna hitting Robb Hardy with the Splatastrophe: Supernova Victory Edition to finally claim their win over the duo, and put Team PCCW's backs against the wall!

WINNERS: TEAM OVERKILL!! (The World leads, 3-2)

A high-pitched shrillllll hits your eardrums, before the visual goes to static. After a few seconds, RAZE appears in black and white tones, making the background behind him black as night. His eyes stare at, what appears to be absolutley nothing. Another high-pitched shrillll hits your eardrums, before Wade Manson walks into the shot.

Wade Manson: PCCW, it's good to be back. We may not be able to represent the west coast in this little game versus The World, but rest assured that we are VERY close by. Watching, always watching.

Wade takes an apple out of his pocket, and takes a bite. RAZE continues looking at the camera, but Wade stands facing the right.

Wade Manson: War on Christmas was plenty fun, and we came to murder. That didn't happen. We didn't leave with those CWC Tag Team titles, but those chaps are still HERE in PCCW. We'll get our chance to kill - we'll get our chance for blood. To be honest, it's not Dragon heads I want on a spike right now...it's a damn mechanical robot's.

The shot skips, and Wade's apple is replaced by Silence of the Lambs, by Thomas Harris. He flips it open, handing it over to RAZE.

Wade Manson: Gear Society, we're still your number one contenders. We still deserve a shot at those belts. You may have gotten the better of us in our first encounter, but now that we've tasted blood here in PCCW, we won't settle for anything less. The Murder City Saints are a just ITCHING for a kill. An itch we couldn't scratch at War on Christmas. The next one will be that much more rewarding.

RAZE brings the book up to his face.

RAZE: When the fox hears the rabbit's scream, he comes a runnin' - but not to help.


Sophia Pike vs. Rachel Redding [VPW]

A rising star from PNW is set to take on an established main eventer from HPW as Sophia Pike and Rachel Redding make their way to the ring. The crowd is on their feet to cheer on the wrestler they support, but the house is divided. When the bell sounds and both competitors make their way to the center of the ring. Pike goes in for a lockup, but Redding instead slaps her across the face, bringing forth a loud set of boos from the crowd. Pike takes a moment to process what happened as Redding extends her arms and proclaims herself as the biggest star in the entire CWC. Pike moves in and tackles Redding before hammering her with closed fist shots that Redding is struggling to move away from. Finally Pike stands and pulls Redding up by the hair and tries for the Sleeper in Seattle, but before she can get the dragon sleeper in tight Redding slips out of it and pulls Pike by the hair for the takedown. She pirouettes with a facewash, her arms outstretched. Pike snags Redding’s leg and takes her down, and she gets Queen Anne’s Revenge locked in before Redding realizes what happened! Redding is in trouble, but she reaches out and rakes the eyes of Pike over and over again. Pike is forced to break the hold. Both competitors get to their feet and the pace of the match quickens. They go back and forth and Redding gets the upperhand after a kick to the gut turns a charging Pike inside out. Redding slaps on a chinlock and continues to talk trash, but Pike powers to her feet and sends Redding down with a sidewalk slam. She hits the ropes and lands on top of Redding with a senton and goes for the cover. 1...2...NO! She pulls Redding up with a headlock, but Redding squeezes out of it and hits Pike with a chop block, followed by a kick to the back of the head for good measure. 1...2...NO! The kick wasn’t enough to keep Pike down. Pike is still in trouble as Redding continues to focus on the knee - stretching it out and then eventually pulling down Pike’s kneepad and slamming it hard into the mat. Redding thinks she has Pike put away, but wants to make sure. She climbs to the second rope looking for Eye of the Storm, but when she jumps to connect with the flipping neckbreaker, Pike pulls the referee in front and Redding takes her down. Pike sees a chance to bend the rules and moves out of the ring to grab a steel chair. She moves back into the ring, but slowly and with a limp. Redding attempts to revive the referee but sees Pike charging in with a chair. She ducks under the shot, switching places with Pike, and then connects with a dropkick that smashes Pike’s face right into her own steel chair! That could be the end, but the referee is still down. Redding picks up the chair and waves it around to the audience, signalling that she is now in control. She lifts Pike up and is looking to neck her on the chair with a sort of guillotine smash. But Pike gauges the eyes once again and Redding is forced to back off. The chair falls to the mat and Pike sees her chance… DDT ONTO THE CHAIR! The referee is beginning to come to so Pike pushes the chair out of the ring. She locks in the fujiwara armbar that she calls Space Needle, and Redding is in a lot of pain. With her free arms and legs she reaches out to the ropes, but they are too far away! Redding is forced to tap out! The bell sounds and Pike keeps the hold locked in until the referee forces her off. Pike looks down at Redding, letting her lay there for a moment before reaching a hand out, pulling her defeated foe up by her good arm. The two competitors, somewhat of kindred spirits, begrudgingly slapped hands before leaving the ring together.


“We said Nico, not Nick.”

Nicholas Gray is sitting backstage, musing on what happened last week, where he showed up to interrupt KONSTANTINE’s threats against PNW-or rather PCCW now-and the wrestling world at large. He actually completely avoids speaking about why he chose to do that, instead focusing on the reaction. Despite being in pain from his match earlier in the night, he still was the one who showed up to stop KONSTANTINE’s threats. Despite being knocked unconscious earlier in the night, he was the one to show up.

And the crowd hated it.

Anyone but him, anyone but him.

Even when the only other option is to let the facepainted embodiment of violence rant and threaten some end of days scenario, they’d rather have that than him. That was the kind of thing he’d wondered about, but that had crystallized the extent of it. He was truly unwanted, on the deepest level. Well, then.

Too bad.

They did not want him there, they’d rather see the pariah cast out. But he wasn’t there for them, or their opinions. He wasn’t trying to be their hero. And he’d rather not go out there and be reminded every week of the hatred he had earned, that he deserved. But there was no other option for him. He wanted to change how he was remembered, to make a legacy worth having. But to do that he had to perform. Whether it was here or elsewhere, he’d get the same reaction. And he’d already staked his claim to being here, even as it expanded, even as he knew that meant the day would come where he’d be expected to step out to a ring in San Diego and absorb all that. He was...unexcited about that, to say the least.

But that was the impasse. They wanted him gone, but could do nothing about it. He wanted to change his legacy, but it meant being reminded of what he’d done every single week. A miserable deadlock. Or, as he put it...

“Looks like we’re stuck with each other.”

Unless, of course, KONSTANTINE beat him within an inch of his life, and for one moment became the facepainted, violent hero they never knew they wanted.

If only they were that lucky, right?

PCCW Champion Liam Callaghan vs. Nikolas Thoreau [RSR]

The match between Liam Callaghan and Nikolas Thoreau started off with a bang as the two met in the ring and traded back and forth blows. The larger Callaghan gained the lead before he whipped Nikolas into the corner. Liam charged him before he leaped up and hit Nik with a flying clothesline. Liam followed t up with a running bulldog before he pinned Nik. The count went to two before Thoreau kicked out. Callaghan picked Nik up and he went for a suplex but Thoreau countered as he landed behind Liam. Liam turned around and Nikolas nailed him with The Silver Bullet (superkick), one of his signature maneuvers. Nikolas pinned Liam and the PCCW Champion kicked out just before the three count. The former CWC Tag Champ picked Liam up and hit him with a snap DDT. He went for another pin but Liam kicked out after two again.

Nikolas decided to hit the top rope as he climbed the turnbuckle. He then leaped off of it and went for Moonlight Drive (Swanton Bomb) but Liam picked his knees up and drove them straight into Nikolas’ back. Nik stumbled to his feet, holding his back in pain before Liam grabbed him and nailed him with Celtic Breaker (Irish Curse Backbreaker). Liam pinned Nikolas but Nikolas got his foot on the bottom rope before the three count and it breaked the count. Liam picked Nik up and went for Beantown Plunge (Muscular Bomb - Half nelson lifted and dropped into a wheelbarrow driver) but Nik countered it and turned it into a rollup of his own. He pinned Liam down for the count of two before he kicked out. The two competitors got up to their feet and fought back and forth before Nikolas shoved Liam off and hit him with an enziguri.

Liam dropped down to the canvas and Nikolas pinned him but Liam kicked out after one. Nikolas climbed up the top ropes and waited for Liam to get up and when he did, Nik leaped off and took Callaghan out with a flying hurricanrana. Nikolas picked Liam up again and he nailed him with Cardiac Unrest (Fireman’s Carry Double Knee Gutbuster). The fans were going wild as Nikolas nailed his finishing move and pinned Liam. The referee slid down to his knees and started to make the count but just before the referee could count to three, Liam got his shoulder up and the fans started to cheer, ‘This is awesome’, over and over. Nikolas looked around while on his knees, completely in disbelief. Nikolas decided to stay on top of things as he quickly put Liam in the Natural Lock (Heel Hook).

Liam yelled out in pain as Nikolas applied a great deal of pressure in the hold. The referee asked Liam if he was ready to give up but Liam shook his head. Liam began to drag himself towards the ropes, refusing to give up as Nikolas continued to apply more pressure. The PCCW Champion showed how much will he had as he reached forward with his long arms and grabbed the ropes, thus breaking the hold. Nikolas broke up the hold and he stayed on Liam, picking him up and going for One Hit Wonder (Running Power Slam) but Liam slid off of Nikolas’ back. Nikolas turned around he was met by multiple European uppercuts from Liam. As Nikolas stumbled around, Liam grabbed him and lifted him up before he nailed him with Boston Massacre (cross legged michinoku driver) and pinning Nikolas. Liam picked up the three count and the victory after a hard fought battle.


The PCCW roster (those in attendance, at least) hit the ring with the end of the match, some lifting their champion in celebration, while others simply stood back with polite applause. Some of the opposing team (The Thrillseekers, Adam Webb, Team OVERKILL!!) joined the PCCW roster in the ring, congratulating the winning side. In the aisle, with Thoreau passing by the pair, stood Callaghan's next contender, Sophia Pike, and her opponent from earlier, Rachel Redding, watching the proceedings as the show ended.
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