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Young Man’s Approach
Topic Started: Jan 2 2018, 09:46 AM (121 Views)
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Standout wrestler - Nico Costello - was seen in the men’s dressing room, which brought on some cheers from the audience. Costello happened to be lacing up his boots in preparation for this tag team contest set to take place later in the night. With PCCW 15 Champion - Veeka Manns - being featured in said tag team matchup Nico knew this could be a big opportunity for himself.

Imagine if the super talented upstart from Panama could grab himself a pinfall victory over the 15 Champion. That would surely put the young man in contention for some championship gold.

Suddenly, a voice swept over the men’s dressing room.

“Honey, you look like you’re thinking too much. This match means nothing. There’s nothing for either of us to gain from this match….” The woman let out a gasp. “This territory is wasting our talents.”

Nico shot a glance upwards only to find a woman dressed in all black. Athletic top, Admiral hat, studded jacket, knee pads, and short skirt. It was none other than his tag team partner for the evening - Rhiannon.

“You think it means nothing,” Rhiannon’s statement got a chuckle out of the spirited young man, “I can’t bring myself to think like that.”

He got up, stretching his arms out partly. Knowing the gravity of the match did aid him in his approach, but seeing as his partner seemed less than thrilled to be in the match, no, the federation did bring some worry to his features.

“Nice hat,” he gave a nod to her attire. Letting a bit of a soft smile form on her face, Admiral Rhi pulled the hat off her head before glancing at it. “Thank you, darling..”

She then placed the hat on top of Nico’s head - which didn’t quite fit his head, but that wasn’t the purpose…

“The meaning behind that hat is….I’m a leader, Nico. And truth be told, in this less than impressive pool of wrestlers here in the Pacific Northwest...You strike me as someone who has a future as a leader in the CWC,” Rhi added.

“Don’t you agree, Cooper?” Rhi glanced back to her employee. Ensign Cooper simply nodded “yes, ma’am. He’s interesting.”

Historically, it wasn’t really in Rhiannon’s nature to sing someone’s praises. However, as she began to reach her mid-20s as a veteran she began to appreciate the athletic diamonds the wrestling business produced every so often. Nico was one of those jewels.

“You perform feats in the ring that people like myself. People from 2010, 2011, 12...you get the point. You do things that none of us vets can keep up with.” LeBlanc inched even closer to Nico. To the point where she could place her palms on his chest. “You’re the new age athlete that makes old timers complain on social media about how wrestling is dead. Soft. This. That. But in all actuality...save for people like myself, the LeCavalier sisters and Ashley Tierney...they’re just too lazy to adapt to the new pace you kids bring to the table.”

“So yes, honeybun. This match is a damned waste of time for someone with your abilities! Excuse my language...that isn’t a way for any lady to speak but.... You deserve more than some throw away tag match with nothing on the line. I deserve to LEAD this promotion to prominence.” Rhi brushed her pitch black hair out of her eyes awaiting a response.

“I feel as if you’re offering me something,” Nico said, his eyes narrowing, “I appreciate the compliments--even if I can’t necessarily agree with all of it. I’m still unproven, really.”

Names like Sophia Pike came through his head. People like her are young like he, but they took the wrestling world by the neck and haven’t let go yet. Nico was still finding his place, but it was nice to know that someone was watching. A World Champion like Rhiannon was nobody to sneeze at, and for her to speak good of him was something spectacular--especially in the same sentence of Ashley Tierney. A hint of red lightened his cheeks as he nervously rubbed the back of his head.

“Until then, I can’t say anything about any match being a waste of time. Truthfully, anything can be worth a damn if you give it the thought. If I pin Veeka Manns, then I’d have beaten the 15 Champion personally. She might deny it, but people believe in the validity of a win like that.”

“Still humble. It’s so cute. I suppose laying Veeka out could mean you well,” Rhi said softly as she sighed. “One day you’ll realize the longer you wait for what you deserve the longer it’ll take to come.”

“Maybe it’s not the instant gratification,” Nico explained, “I’m fine with the long game since I’m young and I got a while. Unless I get injured. In that case, there’s nothing that I shouldn’t be grateful for. I came into wrestling, got my name out there a bit, and things got in the way. If that’s not the case, I know that I have to keep working. That’s why matches like this are important; you might have won the world already,” a reference to her world championships.

“But I haven’t. So these matches aren’t small. They’re bigger than I’ll ever be.”

“You know what? For you, cute stuff….I’ll actually try in this match. I’ll show exactly how I’ve adapted to today’s style. But remember.” Rhiannon got even closer than she was before. Borderline breathing on the neck of the man she thought was a future name in the business. Nico could see those cold, dark brown eyes. They were almost lifeless. “If you ever need someone to guide you...maybe look after you. Rhiannon is here.”

Reaching up - Rhiannon removed her hat from Nico’s head. She placed it back on her head before tipping it to the young man. The ex-World Champion took her leave of the locker room. Nico merely shook his head at her, and rubbed his head, feeling where her hat laid for a while.
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