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Weekend of Trios 2 Night 2 (Results); Preliminary Rounds
Topic Started: Jan 7 2018, 06:46 PM (223 Views)
Chris Callum
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After the opening video package we pan around the Toyota Center here in Houston, Texas. Riley Stevens and Oliver Thibodaux from GCW have the call, and after running down the card tonight they mention The Society's stunning announcement that they will be cashing in their title shots that they earned when the Trios Championships were retired at War on Christmas. Stevens says that the matches have been made official, and we will hear from Josh Kennedy and Dragon Clan tonight regarding their new challengers. These matches are set to take place on Night 4 from New York City, but for now, we have to continue the preliminary rounds to find out who will be the next set of CWC wrestlers that will be thrust into the spotlight. We cut to the back to get this show started.

Backstage in the conference room, we can see Chris Constantine sitting on a steel chair. A table stands in front of him that’s covered with microphones and a glass water pitcher. Chris stares at the reporters and does his best to stay calm and collective as he leans forward and begins the press conference.

CONSTANTINE: “Welcome to night two of the CWC Weekend Of Trios ladies and gentlemen. Night one was entertaining to say the lease but now it’s time to show what the rest of the competition can do. Now a lot of teams have showed up. And allot of words have been said about who the best Trios team is. But you have to understand ladies and gentlemen that allot of these teams aren’t truly teams. They’re a group of individuals that may get along together in the back.....but their main goal is to get those title shots if they win his tournament.

Most of these teams have never worked together in matches before. They don’t know how their partners think or how they work. They hope that their individual skills will get them by. But when it comes to war ladies and gentlemen.....thinking for yourself gets you killed and that’s what most of these teams are going to be doing to themselves. They’re going to bury their team mates and try to be the star of the show.”

Chris’s volume goes up now as he begins to point his right index finger on the table as he does his best to make the next statement important.

CONSTANTINE: “The Dogs Of War though......they’re a team. Mark Storm. Devin Hearst. Jack Tillman. They’ve worked together for years. They know how each other think. They know each other’s strengths and weakness. They’re willing to take that bullet for the good of the team. Their are no individuals in Dogs Of War and because of that state of mind they’ve conquered Japan and became the top stable in both NJFC and Kamikaze Pro. So while all these trios teams say that their the best trio team in the wrestling industry today.....The Dogs Of War are going to show everyone first hand what true trios wrestling looks like.”

Chris is about to get up and walk off but stops himself as he says one last thing.

CONSTANTINE: “Cry Havoc and let slip the Dogs Of War.”

The room erupts with camera flashes and media trying to ask questions. Chris ignores it all as he makes his way to the back to meet up with his clients.

Buchanan/Daniels/Hammerstein vs. The Dogs of War

It’s not a good sign when one team come out to individual entrances and the other comes to the ring as one unit, like the three-headed beast of the underworld. The Dogs of War get jumped from the outset, the team of Buchanan, Daniels and Hammerstein looking to get on top before the Dogs can coexist as an effective unit. It’s a brawl between all six before the Dogs regroup on the outside. Feeling brave, Jacob Hammerstein jumps down from the second rope on all three men! He tosses Tillman back inside but then gets beaten down on the outside by Hearst and Mark Storm. In the ring gets taken down with a powerslam by Eli Buchanan. Tag between Buchanan and Hammerstein, who has seemingly recovered from what happened moments ago.

Tillman gets worked over in a neutral corner by Hammerstein, it all goes downhill for the former PCCW man when he attempts a vertical suplex only for ‘The Ripper’ to counter into a brainbuster onto a knee. Tillman tags Mark Storm and in comes the Legacy roster member. He finds himself on the receiving end of a series of chops from Hammerstein. Cover by Hammerstein and Devin Hearst breaks it up. Daniels in to get him some of Hearst, clotheslining him to the outside. Storm goes out to seek refuse with his teammate only for Daniels to back drop Hammerstein on top of them… this time he gets caught! Daniels literally threw his partner to the wolves.

The Dogs of War lay a beating on Hammerstein, this time they press their advantage in the ring by working him over. Sidewalk slam by Storm, Hearst then drops an elbow across his chest. The only Slaughterhouse Wrestling representative in this tournament drops Hammerstein with a Yakuza Kick and covers for two. Tag to Tillman as its clear that the Dogs of War are working well as a unit. Hearst holds Hammerstein open for Tillman to waffle with a right hand. DDT by Tillman and cover for another two count on Jacob Hammerstein. Jacob manages to escape Tillman’s clutches just for a second and he dives to tag in Robb Daniels. He cleans house with clotheslines.

Daniels with a swinging neckbreaker on Tillman. Tag on both sides, Eli Buchanan and Devin Hearst in. Scratch that, all six are back in. Storm tosses Hammerstein out, then gets thrown over by Daniels. Tillman back drops Robb Daniels up and over to ringside. The Seven-Headed Beast looks for a powerbomb on Buchanan but it’s escaped. Bulldog by Buchanan and cover made but Tillman drops a leg across the back of the head. Hearst rolls over into the cover and he picks up three.


“A View From the Afternoon” blares out and Luna Baby runs out from the back and promptly jumps into the audience. She throws bags and hats around, steals drinks and makes a general nuisance of herself before Chester Roosevelt struts out and directs the somber Royston Popplewell to collect her. People generally part like the red sea when they see the imposing mime coming at them so he is able to get Luna’s attention with ease and she grabs a microphone and walks it over to Chester.

BABY: “Testing testing testing testing testing testing test-”

ROOSEVELT: “Thank you, dear. Go on, you two. Have your fun, then”

Luna Baby screams for joy and she looks around the immediate area in front of the ring. She spots a little boy that looks like he doesn’t want to look at her with her clown makeup. She jumps out at him and scares him then goes on with her rampage while Royston makes sure no one messes with her. Chester enters the ring.

ROOSEVELT: “What a phenomenon Weekend of Trios has become, yeah? We’ve got teams from all of the territories with some new faces from outside the promotion. This truly shows what a phenomenon the CWC has become when it can pull such a number of people together for an event such as this. I mean you’ve got teams comprised solely of Worldwide champions. Some teams are full of lesbians and others filled to the brim with wankers. It is a sight to behold. It is also, undoubtedly, a load of bollocks!”

He pauses as the boos drown him out until a loud yell pierces through the crowd as Luna gets more erratic and Royston throws chairs around. They begin to disrupt whole sections at a time as security tries to restore order.

ROOSEVELT: “I only have one question for these so called teams. Where were you people when we three were the rightful Trios World Champions? Do you know how much we tried to fix the image of those titles after it was tainted with Filth. I had to contact territory after territory and basically beg them for a challenge. I got nothing. Not even in Mexico the supposed home of the TRIOS. Spanish. No. Then I had that little muppet over there try and instigate, with a bit of a bother, some trouble on social media.”

She distracts him while he is pointing at her.

ROOSEVELT: “Oi! Don’t drink that piss, Luna. It’s American. It’s about the only thing they’ve not figured out yet… No do it over his head. Nice one, girl. Anyway! She worked her little clown arse off taunting the world and all we got back were the tears of a sad Society. Hashtag Shite! What happens when we lose those titles? Abolished! We were the only thing holding them up and we are the only reason anyone still gives a damn about this division. So what am I to assume from this tournament? You all fear us. Only thing I can think of. You don’t want to fight us proper so you need to be bribed. If it takes is a bit of money for all you lot to find your courage and come ‘round, then the CWC is in a sorry state. We will fix that. It starts with Kind of Sexy tonight. Then we will go on to win this whole thing, and rub it in all your faces. You all don’t deserve nothing. We are the only proper trios team in this world with some class, work ethic, and the skills to back up our team. Now hear this. Dante Cutler… I hope you pull it off and we meet. If your team helps you pull it through I’m going to pull your head off and leave it in Texas. That’s the real suicide jive. Move out.”

Chester walks back and turns around before getting to the entranceway. Luna and Royston join him looking sinister. They lift up their hands to a chorus of boos before exiting to the back.

3 Ring Barney vs. MAX SEXY

Match three began with Dakota Shane and Luna Baby in the ring. The pair exchanged punches, holds and quick attempts at a pin, but neither managed more than the one count. A tag to Montana Shane allowed the Shane sisters to work Luna over together, with Max distracting the referee. That distraction soon backfired, though, as Royston and Chester flattened the sisters, throwing Dakota out, and leaving Montana downed.

Luna tagged Royston in and stalked Montana, twirling his moustache as he waited. She finally stood and he clobbered her with a hard elbow shot, before delivering a chokeslam that left her down on the canvas. He tried for the pin but Max interrupted it. Royston tagged Chester in and he dragged Montana into their corner. A fortunate raised boot allowed her to avoid Roosevelt's charging attack and she finally made the tag, bringing Max in.

Cavanaugh charged and ducked under Chester's punch. He span back and raked the eyes, drawing the referee's ire. Max shoved the official aside and struck Chester with a hard knee to the gut and then an elbow to the back of the head as he doubled over. Cavanaugh taunted Luna on the outside, grabbing his crotch and grinning at her. She looked beyond disgusted and Royston moved to shield her a little. Cavanaugh shook his head, but his time wasting allowed Chester to recover enough to lay him out with a back suplex. Roosevelt tagged Luna in.

She pressed her boot down onto Max's neck, screaming about his filthy behaviour moments prior. Despite the situation, he seemed to be grinning. The Shane sisters had seen enough and charged into the ring, throwing Luna off and then taking her down with a codebreaker from Dakota into a clothesline from hell by Montana. Luna looked to be in serious trouble and her team mates moved to help, throwing both Shane sisters to the outside. Royston joined them and threw Montana into the ring steps before Dakota leaped at him...and was caught in a bearhug, then slammed into the ring post.

Back in the ring, Max was up and beating Chester down again, before he threw him from the ring. Cavanaugh dropped to his knees, beside Luna, and leaned in close. He seemed to lick along her cheek, before rolling her over in an attempt at his Cuck Killer (Double Underhook Crossface). He grabbed her arms back and almost had her in place when Chester jumped in with an elbow. Max rolled away, holding his head, and took a moment to stand. Royston helped Luna up and she wiped at her cheek, furious.

Max stood, smirking and trying to talk himself out of his current situation. But it was to no avail. Royston distracted the official giving the fuming Luna the chance she needed to kick Max right in the crotch! He fell to his knees, cupping himself, clearly in intense pain. She stepped back and launched into her BMK (bicycle knee strike) which caught her intended mark perfectly. Luna moved to make the pin, with Chester and Royston on shielding her from a potential Shane sisters save. 3 Ring Barney picked up the win and advanced.


Cut to backstage as we see Johnny Amazing, and Michael Hayden standing around waiting for the main event. The room is silent and focused… until Starr starts to speak up. Starr is pacing around in an anxious and excited mood, disrupting Hayden’s focus. As soon as Hayden is about to say something, Starr stops and looks at his partners.

STARR: "I just wanna say, I couldn’t think of a better team to be in this tonight. I couldn’t think of better partners I’d want to have for this. I just wanna say, I look forward to tagging with you guys the rest of the Trios dates. You guys are awesome."

Hayden looks at Johnny and smiles and is at somewhat of a loss for words at Starr’s good hearted honesty.

HAYDEN: "Well uh, thanks Starr. It’s been a great time getting to know you two. Johnny, your name says it all. You are amazing in that ring. And Starr, you’re young, but you’ve got the whole world in front of you. I’ll be cheering you on every step of the way."

STARR: "So what do you wanna do tonight?"

Hayden looks at Johnny again, who just rolls his eyes.

HAYDEN: "That’s it. That’s all you wanted to focus on? Strategy?"

STARR: "Well I mean this is the first time all of us are teaming together. I figured we should get some sort of strategy together."

HAYDEN: "Well I think we’re gonna do fine and-"

Starr interrupts and begins going on a tangent.

STARR: "Fine? Oh brother we are better than fine. We are great! We are, in my opinion, the three best SWA had to offer and send up here! Maybe the best ever! No wait... definitely the best ever! We’re all former champions. Former holders of some sort of gold. We’ve got this in the bag! If I could say, “we’ve got this shit on lock, boi”. So what about strategy?"

Hayden laughs and scratches his head.

HAYDEN: "Well-"

Starr again interrupts.

STARR: "Because everything’s gonna be chaotic and that’s gonna benefit the GCW guys immensely. Cosmo Cooper is insanely talented, Leela too. Both of them are pretty chill backstage, but in the ring they’re monsters. Admittedly, I don’t know much about Britain Jade but they seem extremely competent of handling their own. I think that whoever they pick to start the match, we need to immediately counterpick that. Cosmo is a ground guy, then it should be me and I’ll fly right over him! But… they could start Leela and she’s a girl… and I don’t want to hurt her. She’s pretty cool. But hey I don’t wanna be the only person throwing out ideas... You guys?"

Johnny stands silent with a smile on his face, putting on his wrist tape as Hayden rubs his temples and takes a deep breath. He looks back up at Starr.

HAYDEN: "Starr… We’re good…"

Starr makes one big clap in excitement. Showing he’s ready for the match.

STARR: "Exactly! We are good. We are great! AND... We’re Amaziiing! -Starr points and pokes Johnny causing him to smile.- Alright, I’m gonna do my pre match stuff and I’ll see you guys out there!"

Hayden and Johnny watch as Starr leaves the room. Hayden stands with his hands on his hips, smiling at the excited rookie he’s teaming with. Hayden looks at Johnny one last time who’s still getting ready. Hayden rubs his temple one more time after getting an earful from his partner. Johnny speaks up.

AMAZING: "Yeah… I should’ve told ya… He takes some getting used to…"

Johnny and Hayden laugh. Johnny leaves the room to get ready as well. Fade back to the announcers.

The Grapfast Club vs. Wildcard Team 2

Right from the get go it’s evident that the Wildcard Team comprised of Char Kwan from CWL, Savannah Mirage from JCP and Xenia from Revolution Pro aren’t exactly on the same page; as the three bicker about who should start the match for their team. Xenia and Mirage being the two that got closer to fighting over the spot, with Xenia smirking and leaving Mirage to start the match, as when Mirage turned around she came face to face with Blaise Fader. Mirage obviously wanted nothing to do with Fader and tagged Xenia in as quickly as possible. Fader simply shrug as Xenia started to laugh as both wrestlers started to circle around each other. Fader went for a test of strength with Xenia, with neither wrestler having a clear advantage in that category. Yet, Xenia’s judo abilities came into play early on as she managed to down Fader to the mat, where the match actually shifted into Xenia’s favor.

Blaise looked to get away from Xenia’s hold, but every time she tried, Xenia found a way to apply more pressure to the elbow joint, as she had Fader in some sort of Armbar. Xenia then tried to transition into a Triangle Choke, but Fader’s strength came into play as she lifted Xenia up and let her down with a strong Powerbomb that finally freed Fader from the hold Xenia had her in. Blaise started shaking her arm, looking to relieve a bit of the pain as she tagged Brooklyn Light in. Xenia got up and as she prepared to go fight Light, Mirage tagged herself into the match. Pointing at Xenia that she had this. But, Light quickly made Mirage pay for her involvement as, as quickly as Mirage turned herself towards Light she ate a “Future Imperfect” (Rock Bottom) from Brooklyn Light that almost ended the match right then and there. If it wasn’t for Char Kwan getting in and breaking the pin, the Grapfast Club might’ve had a victory with that move. Light smirked a bit, knowing she had full control over the match at this point.

Brooklyn sent Mirage to the corner where the other Grapfast Club members were waiting and tagged Kaz Bonham in. Bonham quickly continued what Light had started by kicking Mirage in the mid-section and applying the “Scrunchies Hold” (Sleeper Hold). Mirage was on the verge of passing out at various points in the hold, but managed to power herself to the corner where she tagged Char Kwan in. Kwan and Bonham went blow for blow as they tried to gain control over the match, only for Bonham to wrestle Kwan to the mat with a DDT. Bonham smelled victory at this point, as she started measuring Kwan up but when she went for “The Dixie Stampede” (Standing Double Foot Stomp), Kwan moved out of the way and sprung herself to her feet to hit Kaz with the “Slice of Asian” (Superkick).

At any other point this move would’ve given Kwan the victory for her team, but she was exhausted from her exchange with Bonham so both wrestlers were trying to get to their corners. Kwan managed to tag Mirage back into the match as Bonham tagged Blaise back into the match for her team. Fade quickly went on the offensive with a Clothesline that turned Mirage inside out. Fader then picked Mirage up and hit her with a Spinebuster that obviously hurt, as Mirage face expression completely changed. But just as soon as Fader was starting to smell victory, Mirage poked her eyes and went to tag Xenia back into the match, but the Iceland native simply jumped down from the apron leaving Mirage to her own.

Mirage’s face expressed fear, as Fader was enraged by the way Mirage tried to escape from her using underhanded tactics and just as Mirage turned around from her failed tag attempt she ate a “Coventry Blitz” (Argentine Powerbomb) for her troubles and that gave the Grapfast Club the victory.


Backstage, EXCELLENCE stands side by side. Neriah Holst is on one end, Syd Yancey is in the middle and Bishop Louis is on the other end. Smokey Mayfield is out in front, with a hand on his chin he searches for the right words. Bishop and Yancey are very stoic, but Neriah keeps changing position of how serious he is looking. One minute he has his arms crossed, the next he mocks Smokey’s position, the next he turns his head sideways. He keeps doing this until Syd roughly nudges him and nearly knocks him over.

MAYFIELD: “What does EXCELLENCE stand for? What does a trio consisting of the three best wrestlers on the planet stand for? It’s a message so simple that everyone out there should understand, but nobody...nobody is truly understands the purpose of EXCELLENCE. Nobody understands that EXCELLENCE isn’t just a name...it’s a lifestyle. That’s what these three possess. Excellence in their field. And that’s very fitting because for the Weekend of Trios? EXCELLENCE will be running THROUGH the field of competitors presented in front of them!”

Like hyping up his troops, Mayfield chops back the chest of Louis who nods and then Holst who flinches back in pain, holding his chest, and muttering “Damn, Smokey” under his breath. Yancey tells Holst to hush and Mayfield continues to speak.

MAYFIELD: “Growing up, life was all about struggles, but now these three stand behind me, no longer do they worry about the struggles of life. EXCELLENCE isn’t meant to be held back anymore. EXCELLENCE isn’t here for a stupid ass ‘Spirit of the CWC’ award. EXCELLENCE is here for just that...EXCELLENCE. Did you know that the CWC didn’t even send their award to Syd via FedEx?! They used the USPS! Not even First Class Mail! But someone like Cosmo Cooper...I bet his awards were hand delivered. While Chris Callum was bowing down to his savior...the four of us were grinding, hustling, and fighting just to GET SOME TIME TO SPEAK!”

The three nod along with every word Smokey is saying, agreeing with every bit of it, and each voicing their approval.

MAYFIELD: “And you know why EXCELLENCE is unlike everyone else in this tournament? When it’s all said and done, when people move on...EXCELLENCE will still be there! We will ALWAYS be here! The three behind me are heading into a bloodbath with some of the greatest wrestlers out there, but they lack the cohesion that EXCELLENCE has. They lack the hunger that EXCELLENCE has. And look...they haven’t even been given the respect of facing actual trio in the first round.”

Disgust is on Smokey’s face at the complete and utter disrespect of facing some hodgepodge team while the rest of EXCELLENCE shake their heads.

MAYFIELD: “But that’s alright...that’s fine. We’re used to being disrespected. Being put down. But that’s why we fight. We’re not worried about the first round. Because EXCELLENCE is here to dominate. Dominate a wildcard team?”

YANCEY: “Bet.”

MAYFIELD: “Dominate some team of tattooed models?”

LOUIS: “Bet.”

MAYFIELD: “Dominate a team of CWC golden children?”

HOLST: “BETTA BET YO DUMB ASS SMOKEY. Gon pop all these gourd heads in ONE go.”

Silence immediately takes over as Louis, Mayfield, and Yancey all look at Holst in unison. Neriah doesn’t waver despite the glares, looking proud of what he said until Syd has to reign him back while Smokey shakes his head and looks back at the camera.

MAYFIELD: “...as I was saying...EXCELLENCE ain’t just here cause we’re ‘best buddies looking for a fun weekend of graps!’ No. EXCELLENCE is here to win the whole damn thing. We don’t care who is on Twitter all day long, chatting up the match, wasting our time with petty trash talk, posting pictures of their ass, and fishing for attention, tweeting out a ‘What’s up?’ with a smiley face emoji...we out here training and more importantly...we out here WINNING! And we stay WINNING! Cause EXCELLENCE is all about QUALITY!”


MAYFIELD: “That’s what y’all are gonna learn...EXCELLENCE is QUALITY. There are a million other folks in this tournament who act the same, think the same, dress the same, or even look the same...but there’s only one trio of EXCELLENCE. And that means...there’s only one winner--”


YANCEY: “Boy, would you shut up?!”

Syd gives Neriah a swift slap to the back of the head. Neriah mumbles “Damn, Syd” and rubs the back of his head while Bishop chuckles. Smokey rolls his eyes and tries to get everyone refocused as he starts speaking again.

MAYFIELD: “EXCELLENCE is the only winners. EXCELLENCE will ALWAYS be winners. We’re winning the Weekend of Trios. We’re gonna remind people that the CWC Tag Team Championships exist, that the Junior Heavyweight Championship exists, that the United States Championship exists, hell, we’ll remind them that the International Championship exists too! And then when one of these three captures the CWC World Championship...you’ll finally have a champion you can look up to.”

Smokey steps out of the way for a moment, allowing the three members of EXCELLENCE to get their shine as the leaders of a new era. Naturally, Neriah hams it up for the camera while Syd rolls her eyes. Smokey cuts back in front of him and tries to control the scene again.

MAYFIELD: “Don’t you worry no more...EXCELLENCE is here. EXCELLENCE will make the CWC excellent. And we’re gonna make this Weekend of Trios a showcase of…”




Syd nearly breaks rank to get in Neriah’s face and he cowers almost instantly. He clears his throat.




Smokey motions for the group to follow him with a nod and they all do. One by one they file out, the backdrop is empty until Neriah comes back and begins posing like he was in the beginning but Yancey quickly comes back on screen and yanks him by the collar of his shirt and drags him off screen.

Eastwick/Jordan/MacLeod vs. The Kelly's

With both teams assembled in the ring, Eastwick elects herself to start the contest and before the Kellys can make a decision it's Sam who charges full speed into Eastwick with closed fists! Eastwick gives as good as she gets until it's just the two battering away at each other in the middle of the ring. Eastwick rakes the eyes and superkicks Sam to the mat! She makes the cover! 1...2...Kick-out! Eastwick is up and nails a double foot stomp to the chest before Sam can even fully sit up! Another cover! 1...2...MK grabs a handful of hair and throws her off! Michael then argues with the referee on his way out of the ring as Eastwick flies past them to knock Britt off the apron in a rage! Michael fights with the referee even more, allowing Eastwick to drag Sam to her team's corner and make a quick tag to Jordan.

Sam is easily lifted up onto Jordan's shoulder and drilled into the canvas with a nasty looking powerslam! MK heads back into the ring with a running knee that clocks Jordan upside the skull! The big man tags out to MacLeod but Sam can't get to his corner for the tag! MacLeod keeps Sam grounded, delivering a series of knees to the crown before locking in a guillotine! Sam is fading and he has nowhere to go! MK and Britt both enter the ring, bringing Eastwick and Jordan back in for chaos to erupt! Jordan aims a big boot at MK's face, but he low bridges him right out of the ring! Britt and Sephora clash but Eastwick goes for a Jackknife powerbomb that gets turned into a hurricanrana from Britt to send Eastwick clear out of the ring! MK and Britt share a glance and they both hit the ropes on opposite sides of the ring before a Double Date with Desti-Knee (MK's Running Single Leg High Knee and Britt's Bicycle Knee) collides with MacLeod's skull!

MK drags Sam to his corner where he's able to make the tag off of him. Michael goes right for a cover on MacLeod but Jordan breaks it up with a stomp to his back! Jordan scoops MK over his shoulder but Michael slips down his back and shoves him forward just as Britt comes off the top rope with a hurricanrana that spikes him into the canvas! MacLeod grabs Britt and tosses her through the ropes to the floor! MK charges with a closed fist and gets caught in a flying armbar! Michael squirms and fights until his legs wrap around the bottom rope and the hold is broken. MacLeod rolls to his feet and encourages MK to come back for more but Eastwick tags herself back in!

Eastwick attacks MK in the ropes and the referee forces her back! MK comes out with a thrust kick! He throws Eastwick with an Exploder suplex and she bounces to her feet, surprising MK with a charging tackle! She yanks him up by the hair and tries for a rolling release suplex but MK catches her with a sharp elbow strike! He snatches her up and nails her with a Desti-Knee (Suplex Lungblower)! He makes the tag to Britt and both he and Sam spring into action! Sam flies across the ring with a tope/spear through the ropes to MacLeod on the apron while MK blindsides Jordan with a No Doubt (Discus Elbow) that sends him off the apron into the barricade! Eastwick is on her feet, holding her back and unaware of Britt stalking her. Eastwick turns and eats a high roundhouse kick (Just for Kicks)! Britt makes the cover! 1...2...3!


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A CWC Valentine's Day from Rome, Italy!

Many wrestlers under the CWC banner find themselves in relationships, and this Valentine's Day it is time to find out who the top couple truly is. At this one night event couples will compete in a beat the clock challenge, and the team which achieves victory the fastest will earn a shot at the CWC World Tag Team Championships!
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The Buddy Squad vs. Vixen Nation

The match started off with Alyssa Drew and Merlot Ayano circling around the ring. Merlot took advantage, taking the ACM star down to the ground with a judo throw. She tried to secure in an armbar, but Drew scurried out of it before heading to her corner for a quick tag. The Gold Rush Champion found herself against Michelle Storm. Storm tried her hardest, but ended up another victim of the champion’s impressive grappling abilities. Ella stuck out her hand, asking for her shot at facing the Gold Rush Champion. Once tagged in, the crowd cheered for the two popular women to get an impromptu match against one another. They were back and forth, with Ella taking Merlot to her limits and vice versa. Merlot tried another takedown, but Ella managed to flip out of it, and hit the ropes. She came back with a hurricanrana, but Merlot stopped her midway into a Boston Crab. Ella got to the ropes, and brought Merlot to the clean break. Merlot got up, but Ella sprung a handstand into a hurricanrana that took the champion down easily.

Trinity Jones got into the match next as Merlot tagged her in. The ACM Champion put out her hand for the tag, and got it to the roar of the crowd. The earlier surprise of Merlot left her rearing to take the match into her hands. She did, but she had to weather a storm of strikes that pushed her back. Yet, she caught one of the kicks that Jones threw out. A Dragon Leg Sweep came quickly, and Jones found herself into a Single Leg Boston Crab right after. Drew reached out her hand and got the tag to Storm, who entered the ring and ran off the ropes. When Drew let go of the hold, Jones got up right into a basement dropkick from Storm. Jones was the target for the majority of their time in the ring.

Jones found the opening she needed when Storm went for her Storm Rising Superman Punch. Jones caught her out of a kick to the gut. She then hit the Dragon’s Lair DDT and got only a two count. She inched and caught the hand of Claire Rogers, who came in to try to clean shop. Storm was still reeling from the prior damage she received. Rogers levels Storm with a clothesline, and then another and then another! Rogers was feeling the hatred from the crowd and was going to head to the top rope, looking to end this one with a legdrop. Before Rogers could get completely set, Storm pulled herself up. Rogers was forced to reevaluate, and decided that she would try for a diving crossbody. She launches herself across the ring… STORM FALL! Michelle Storm hammers Rogers with the bullhammer elbow and falls on top for the pin. The other members of The Buddy Squad pull their opponents off of the apron as the referee makes the count. 1...2...3! Victory is sealed!


Cameras cut to the dressing room area, more specifically to one of the accommadations held for the champions of the CWC if the decor is anything to go by. Comfortable couch, large coffee table laden with beverages and h'orderves and even a well-tended house plant for color! But none of that holds focus for long. The view switches over to the lighted mirrors and the counter beneath them. It lingers just a little too long on the form of Lyra LeVeux-Donavan perched there with one long leg clad in black silk crossed over the other. It turns then to the gleaming gold, two for the price of one, in the form of the CWC World Tag Team Championships. And, at last, it centers on the back of the Irish Dragon himself, Eric Donavan. The fans looking on from within the arena proper cheer at the sight of the Dragon Clan and Lyra, perhaps sensing this smiles one of her most wickedly-sweet smiles in the camera's direction, her pigtails bouncing seemingly with her every move. While the Soul Stealer may look to be in a pleasant mood, Eric seems to be far from that. His head stays lowered as he starts to speak.

DONAVAN: "Timing... is everything."

Pushing up to a standing position and leaning upon his palms as they rest on the table, Eric stares into his own reflection for a moment... into his nearly-black eyes. Then his gaze shifts so that he can stare into the camera through the mirror.

DONAVAN: "It's fair to say that the Dragon Clan's timing was off a bit when we first rolled into Hollywood Pro. New company, new chance to prove ourselves. We handled ourselves pretty well, I think. If you count a string of losses to a pair of trashy street walkers to be 'pretty well'. Not exactly a high point for us, though we had some good go-rounds with people like Finch Maruta, Hammerstein and others. Made some money, made some friends, made some noise."

LEVEUX-DONAVAN: "Made a name for ourselves. We proudly carried the flag for HPW and would have continued doing so. Except that the company's time... ran out."

Eric smirks a little as Lyra leans forward, gripping the corners of the counter with a somewhat-extreme expression on her smooth features.

DONAVAN: "Somewhere in-between our entrance and exit from HPW, CWC Worldwide happened. A little miscommunication and an untimely departure led to an opening for a match to decide who would wear these."

He gestures to the tag titles, passing one of them to Lyra and picking up the other, draping it over his shoulder as he turns around to face the camera directly. He dusts off the gold, shining well against the backdrop of a gray three-piece Armani.

DONAVAN: "Timing... is everything. We saw an opportunity and tossed our names in the hat. One flight to Vancouver and a brutal war versus the Plague later and these lovely titles became ours."

LEVEUX-DONAVAN: "And for the past six months we have held and defended them with pride and ferocity befitting the name Donavan."

DONAVAN: "Thing is, Hollywood Pro closed, leaving us without a home. The top tag team in the CWC without a company to call their own. But from the ashes rose a beautiful, flaming phoenix in the form of Pacific Coast Wrestling!"

He speaks with great drama, spreading his arms wide and throwing his head back, his voice echoing in the room. As he does, Lyra barely stifles a giggle and retorts.

LEVEUX-DONAVAN: "Which flushed faster than the Browns' superbowl chances before we could have more than a single match with them!"

Lowering his arms and making a good show of appearing despondent, Eric swiftly shakes off the funny and gets serious.

DONAVAN: "Long enough to put down the Murder City Saints in defense of these titles. But that doesn't change the fact that, once again, we are without a company to call our on. It's a travesty is what it is. But if anyone thinks that's going to stop us from defending these titles and keeping the CWC up high as one of the top companies in wrestling... then they don't know us."

Lyra nods in agreement.

DONAVAN: "We got word the other day, in fact, that a certain duo wants to step up and face the flame. Seth Lawless and Becky Balfour-Lawless. And, as most challengers are wont to do, they got right up in our Twitter avatars about it just after the fact. Talk about not wasting time. But despite the back-and-forth sniping, I enjoyed their candor. They're cocky but they have the skill to back it up, loss in the Trios tournament be damned. So, based on that and the already-stated fact that we'll face anyone, anywhere, any time for these straps? You two get your title match."

LEVEUX-DONAVAN: "But we're not going to be your redemption story, kids. We aren't going to be your steppingstone to greatness. We're going to be an example of how far you have left to walk before you can call yourselves the best. For upwards of six months we've held these belts with pride and we aren't done yet."

DONAVAN: "Good luck to you, of course, but this ain't The Hobbit. You ain't Bard and I ain't Smaug. You have your one shot but it's one in a million. Arrows fly wide and arrows miss but a dragon's fire does not. Everything burns."

The scene fades out on the champions holding their gold proudly.

EXCELLENCE vs. Wildcard Team 1

Wildcard Team 1 are made up of Andre Holmes, Fable and Oliver Brown. EXCELLENCE consist of Bishop Lewis, Neriah Holst and Syd Yancey. All six represent different CWC affiliates, so this should be an eclectic mix. While Excellence signed up for the tournament together, the Wildcard Team were thrown together at the behest of CWC management, so their efforts must include attempting to balance the budget and leaving their egos at the door, something Wildcard Team 2 failed to do earlier tonight.

Bishop Lewis is looking to make a name for himself, he starts against Andre Holmes and pounds away on him in a corner before hitting an impressive overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Andre responds with a Gutwrench Suplex of his own. Andre nails Neriah Holst, knocking him down off the apron before Lewis clotheslines him down and tags in Syd Yancey. Yancey gets her licks in including an enziguri before looking for a dropkick. Andre holds onto the ropes to block, meaning Yancey finds nothing but canvas. Leg drop across Yancey’s throat by Andre Holmes. Andre tags in Oliver Brown of REBELLION, they work together to stomp away on Syd Yancey.

Quick tag to Fable by Oliver Brown. Fable looks for an irish whip, Yancey reverses it but Fable slides under her and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Cover for two by Fable. Charge by Fable sees him backdropped over the ropes but he holds onto the ropes and lands on the apron. Fable blocks an attack by Lewis Bishop before burying his shoulder into Yancey. Sunset flip over the ropes earn Fable another two count. Yancey draws Andre and Oliver Brown in, allowing Neriah Holst to hit a scoop slam on the arena floor on Fable.

Back inside Fable gets dropped across Yancey’s outstretched knee for a makeshift gutbuster with the help of Bishop Lewis. The Wildcard Team are not faring too well as Yancey gets a two count on Fable. Both collide on crossbody attempts. Both crawl to their corners and Yancey tags in Holst while Fable makes the hot tag to Oliver Brown. Brown tees off on Holst, hitting a discus punch and then catches Lewis coming in with a clothesline. Andre Holmes comes in and drops Holst with a right hand, he follows up with a short-arm clothesline. Andre takes Holst down by the legs while Brown hops to the middle rope for an elbow drop. Brown whips Yancey into a corner and connects with an Airplane Spin. Yancey rolls out to the floor but Oliver Brown hits a baseball slide to send her into the barricade.

In the ring, Oliver Brown sets Holst up for a DDT but Lewis comes in and breaks it up with a superkick. Fable tags himself back in and takes it to both opponents but Holst and Lewis get the advantage. Both whip Fable looking for a double clothesline but Fable ducks it before Holmes pulls Lewis out to the floor. That leaves just Fable and Neriah Holst. Fable looks for a flying thrust kick from the top rope… Holst moves out of the way! Tomfoolery by Holst and he picks up the win for his team to advance.


In the back we find Cosmo Cooper and Leela Watts dressed and ready for action sitting in Chris Callum’s office. They’re clearly agitated that they have to be here so soon before the main event, but Callum is pacing around and they seem to feel the need to indulge him.

CALLUM: “I just want to make it clear again… this is the first time since the CWC titles have been a thing that GCW doesn’t have one on their roster. It just… makes us look so pathetic, you know? We’ve been the standard bearer for this Coalition...”

Leela cuts him off politely.

WATTS: “Chris, calm down. We will get you a title.”

COOPER: “It doesn’t really matter though. Title or not, people know GCW is the place to be. Male, female, and overall wrestler of the year. Why are you stressing?”

Callum turns to Cosmo, his eyes bugging.

CALLUM: “Titles are everything, Cosmo.”

A silence fills the room. Callum begins to chew on his nails as Cosmo and Leela exchange a glance.

CALLUM: “It’s bad enough that my two greatest chances to win this thing could face off in the next round. You three and The Dogs of War. Whoever made this bracket clearly has it out for our company.”

Cosmo’s phone buzzes, irritating Callum even more.

COOPER: “That’s Jade. She wants to know where we are. Should I tell her that our boss is having a breakdown?”

WATTS: “Tell her it’s a pep talk… the Callum way.”

COOPER: “She’ll never understand.”


Watts and Cooper turn to him with a loud sigh.

CALLUM: “Ashley Marie Chase did her job last night! She pulled off the biggest upset of the show! She represented our brand with pride.”

Leela stands, placing her hands on Callum’s cheeks like a mother would to a child throwing a tantrum. She spoke calmly.

WATTS: “We’ll deliver. We won’t let you down Callum. I promise.”

Cosmo lets out a grunt as he stands from the couch.

COOPER: “If not, there’s always Date Night. Let’s bounce Leela.”

They begin to exit. It’s quick because Callum is chasing them down.


The door slams in Callum’s face. He moves back to his desk and collapses into the chair. We linger on the shot for a moment until fading back to the ring.

Houston/Tommy/Thunder vs. Jansen/Reeves/Reid

The six competitors are in the ring sizing each other up with the men laughing and looking down at the women. Caleb Houston is the only one dead serious as he talks trash to Molly Reid. The ref tries to get in between the groups. Caleb and Tommy run for their corner when the bell rings leaving Redd Thunder to rush at the women. He drops Melissa Reeves and Molly Reid. Aurora Jensen bounces off his giant gut and hits the turnbuckle hard. He dashes over and crushes her with his almost 400lb frame. He picks her up by the arm, then lifts her into a body slam position. She limply tries to elbow him, but he throws her to the side as he roars with laughter. He motions for Molly and Melissa to come into the ring as they check on Aurora. They look at each other and nod. Melissa climbs in as Molly goes off to the side of the ring. Melissa Reeves ducks a swing from Redd and swarms him with a mix of punches and kicks all over his body. He takes them, then starts to block with his massive arms as she begins to have some effect on him.

Finally Reeves hits him with a dropkick but he grabs her legs. As he has his hands low clutching onto Melissa, Molly Reeves blasts him in the face with a springboard knee. Blood spurts from a broken nose as they wait for him to fall. Melissa goes over to him to take out his legs but Redd lifts her up on his shoulders. Molly, in an act of desperation tries to bowl him over with a body splash. He grabs her in his arms. He roars out , drowning out the gasps from the audience, then hits a samoan slam on Melissa Reeves while throwing Molly Reid back over the both of them.

Molly rolls all the way out of the ring in agony, and he approaches a hurt Melissa when Aurora Jansen jumps at him out of nowhere. She manages to scramble up the giant’s body to wrap her legs around his neck and lock in the Extreme Vice Phenomenon! She tightens the modified gogoplata, and Redd Thunder finally goes down to a knee. The ref checks on him as Aurora is still technically the legal member of her team. Redd appears to go limp. As the referee is about to touch him he pops up and lifts Aurora up on his shoulders in an amazing showing of strength. Then he runs to the ropes where Caleb slaps him on the shoulder before he tumbles over the top rope with Aurora. Aurora manages to hold on and Melissa comes to with Molly. They stalk Caleb and Tommy and what follows is pure pandemonium. Caleb and American Tommy proceed to try and keep an exhausted full team of opponents at bay and they scramble, but finally succeed when Tommy hits all three with his patented Yoyo Toss Salad Hip Toss. The women get up one after another and they continue to his annoyance.

Caleb Houston almost wins the match when he hits his Cuck Rush sleeper suplex on Molly but Melissa saves her. Tommy immediately jumps on Melissa from the top rope and motions for Caleb to try again. He plays with Melissa’s face so he is distracted when Aurora Jansen kicks him off her. Molly reverses Caleb’s set-up into That’s Your Face! She goes for a pin but Redd Thunder lifts her up by her trunks. His face is mangles and red on the outside and inside. He looks hellish but the women take quick action to take him down. Melissa hits her Facial Deconstructor, and Redd stumbles over to Aurora who uses the corner ropes to drop him with her Ghostly Kiss DDT. Finally, they hold Tommy and Caleb off as Molly climbs the turnbuckle and obliterates Redd with Air Molly and gets the pin.


The camera shot opens on the blurry silhouette of a man pacing up and down the hallways backstage in the Toyota Center.

???: "Focus."

The man says, prompting the obscured image becomes more defined, revealing that it's Josh Kennedy speaking. The CWC World Championship is proudly displayed on his shoulder as he finally stops moving.

KENNEDY: "I've been kinda quiet since my first title defense, but believe me, I've still got plenty more to say. I've just been trying to make sure I find my roots first, things have been moving pretty damn quick lately, it's important to make sure I'm holding my focus. With a little time to take stock of everything, I've planted my feet firmly at the top. I've proved it with my performances, I've backed up everything I've claimed. Shit, I've gone and surpassed it. And I'm just getting started."

KENNEDY: "Seems Warren Corbett wants a go next. I had my eyes on Dante Cutler, but I wasn't ignorant of the curveball coming my way. I knew The Society had their title shots from their Trios Championship win. Damn shame about those belts, really. Everyone remembers our win on the first Weekend of Trios. We overcame those odds in spite of everything thrown at us. That was the moment that cemented us, our defining victory, the thing that made us a collective recognised across the world, instead of some weirdo deathmatch wrestlers lurking in the dark corners of Chicago. And just look at me now..."

Josh observes with a self-deprecating smirk, holding his arms out to illustrate his point.

KENNEDY: "But I figured since the replacement title shots were being implemented, it stood to reason that at least one of The Society would start gunning for me. I mean, who wouldn't in their position? Figured they'd come after us for the Trios titles too. Before, well... Everyone remembers what happened by now. Our history isn't that distant. But for all The Society want to claim they stand for the downtrodden, the misfits, the outcasts, truth is nobody could touch the Parade for that. I still maintain that, because as splintered as we are now, we're not done. Our names are still talked about all over the planet. Our logo's still sold on merch stands at every show. Because we did it all on our own. Because unlike The Society, we don't bitch and moan when something doesn't go our way. We don't have to hammer a hollow philosophy home over and over again for people to get what we're about. I never had to ask anyone under our flag to reduce themselves to my lackeys when they could be so much better. We were our own revolution, and that speaks for itself, the echoes of what we've achieved can still be heard."

KENNEDY: "And then I went and did it again on my own. I didn't just survive the gauntlet, I fucking won it, and the world set on fire talking about me. It seems after that moment, everyone kinda knew what I was going to go on to do next. Everyone but me, at least. And I don't say that in the lame-ass 'just happy to be here' kinda way. I mean it genuinely, because frankly, it's stupid to pretend I have some kind of crystal ball to see the future. I hoped. I was determined. I was zeroed in, and I worked myself to an early grave in the pursuit of proving I was made of what it takes to be a world champion. But that doesn't guarantee you anything when it comes down to it. You can have everything that you need on paper and still come up short, or you can have nothing people expect from you and still succeed. Nothing's set in stone. All championship reigns are made to be ended eventually. But I'm not going to let it end here, not after how far I've had to come for this."

Josh removes the CWC World Championship from his shoulder and holds it in his hands, taking a good long look at his prize, staring into the faceplate before displaying it in much the same way for the camera.

KENNEDY: "Make no mistake Warren, I don't have anything against you, but you're putting yourself as another obstacle in my way. And the only thing to do with obstacles is to remove them. I've seen what you can do. I know you can go. I know you got a sharp mind, I know you don't play fair. That's fine, my soul's not spotless, but I know how you operate. I know what to expect. So, let's see if you're really as ready as you think for this. Let's see how much you think you know about what I'm capable of. I'm not here to stand still with this World Championship and a target on my back. I'm here to raise the bar, push forwards, and surpass my own limits. Keep your eyes on me, see what I really can do.

Amazing/Hayden/Starr vs. SLAYcation

Bringing the first two nights of the Weekend of Trios tournament to a conclusion is a contest between three of the most recognizable faces from the upstart Sentinel Wrestling Alliance, Johnny Amazing, Michael Hayden and STARR and three of the longest tenured and most celebrated superstars in CWC to date, Britain Jade, Leela Watts and Cosmo Cooper. Things start out quickly with the team from sentinel showing off their chemistry, having worked together in recent weeks and as the match begins they seem to catch SLAYcation a bit off guard. Starr takes quick advantage of Cosmo as the other members of each team retreat to their respective corners, trapping Cosmo in enemy territory by backing him into the corner. Quick chops to the chest are unleashed as Cosmo winces at the assault. Starr follows it up with a quick front dropkick to Cosmo's chest before tagging Johnny amazing in. The two combine to pull Cosmo back up to his feet and then slam him back down with a double suplex.

Isolating Cosmo from his corner, Johnny sets to work by waiting until Cosmo gets back to his hands and knees. Measuring distance and timing for a brief moment, Johnny springboards off the ropes and slams Cosmo down to the mat with a springboard leg drop to the back of his head. The pace begins to quicken as Johnny tags Michael Hayden into the match, continuing to keep Cosmo separated from his teammates in Britain and Leela, both who are beginning to show signs of concern while extending their hands out as far as they can to implore Cosmo to get to one of them. A gut buster undoes Cooper fully but when Michael Hayden goes to drag him back up by his long hair, Cosmo finally retaliates with an enziguri kick to the temple of Hayden. Both men hit the canvas and the match which had been going at rapid fire pace when the Sentinel crew was in control suddenly came to a dead halt.

Yet the fans implored both men as they began to crawl toward their respective corner and both seem to get that last, final burst of energy at the same moment as they dive to tag their partners back into the match. Leela takes the tag from Cosmo, Johnny Amazing takes the tag from Michael Hayden and both are into the match in a flash as Cosmo and Hayden roll out of the ring. Leela ducks under a right hand from Johnny and turns around, catching him with a massive uppercut of her own. Amazing stumbles backward but doesn't look to tag Starr in, instead turning back and charging after Leela who sidesteps him and lets him fun straight into the turnbuckle pads. As he slams into them and wobbles back away, Leela latches onto him and executes a perfect double knee backbreaker before getting up and tagging Britain into the match.

Elevating herself quickly to the top rope as Leela steps out of the ring, Britain waits for Johnny to stand and dives off the rope with a flying cross body, colliding with Johnny Amazing and taking him down but Johnny rolls through! He rolls through and wraps her up into a small package. The referee slides in and Leela notices to late. She doesn't start to step through the ropes in nearly enough time as the referee's hand falls once and twice. Desperately Leela throws herself at the two but before the referee's hand can fall a third time Britain kicks out. As the two SLAYcation members stand at the same time the referee orders Leela back to her corner, not seeing Johnny Amazing dive across the ring to tag Starr into the match. When the referee turns back he sees Starr trying to enter and shouts at him to get back in his corner, much to the dismay of the Sentinel crew. At the same time Britain latches onto Johnny Amazing as he tries to get back to his feet. Everything that happens next happens in rapid succession. Jade nails a tilt-a-whirl wheelbarrow face buster and quickly hooks the leg as Cosmo and Leela fly in through the ropes and across the ring, cutting off the attempt of team sentinel to break up the pinfall and the referee's hand slaps the mat three times bringing an end to a hotly contested main event.



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