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004: An Uncanny Timebomb
Topic Started: Jan 10 2018, 10:23 AM (68 Views)
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“Oh shit!” That was Rin’s reaction as her eyes scanned the poster for First Impact. Her shouts received a huff, a sigh, and a side-eye from a mildly sleeping Buster. He’d had a long day of eating. “Sorry Buster,” see said in a cutish voice. That as suffice for him as he shut his eyes and resumed sleeping. He would have barked at me had I done it; but he loved Rin, so she got a pass.

Naturally, she was the more excitable of our duo. But seeing my name attached to the words “championship?” Well, it really seemed ratchet her up a notch. There was a particular sparkle in her eyes.

“Did you know about this match? That it was going to happen?”

“Not at all,” I said as I found that sweet spot in the couch and placed my feet on the coffee table. I happened to glance over at Rin. That icy look in her eyes—she thought I’d been withholding information from her.

I wasn’t, truthfully. Fighting. Training. Rin and Buster. Eating. Sleeping. Those were the fundamental things that I kept a day to day track of; and hell, sometimes eating and sleeping didn’t even make the list. This shot at the JCP Impulse Championship came as a pleasant surprise to me, just as it did to Rin. However, I’m well aware that my relaxed demeanor is what threw her off and made her suspicious.

“You better not be lying to me!” Her shout was followed by a light punch to the arm.

I turned my head and looked her in her eyes. “Rin, I’m not lying. I didn’t know about the match until it was announced, just as you.”

Little known fact, I’m a horrible liar. So if there would have been any insincerity in my voice or any shadiness in my eyes, Rin would picked up on it automatically. Most people would actually, it’s why I try to only speak honestly. Her eyes softened after hearing my words; she knew I’d been telling her the truth.

“Alright, alright.”

Afterwards, she pulled my legs off of the coffee table and instead placed them in her lap. Elbows and feet on the table were taboo in her house growing up, so seeing my feet propped up must have bothered her.

“This shit is going to be epic,” she stated. “You are going to murder this dude, right?” The thought of me beating up Will Nielson spurred up laughter in her spirit. It was a sexy and frightening concoction. “And just think—this time next week you’ll be one of the faces of JCP!”

“You and that optimism of yours,” I responded in a joking manner. “Will I have a championship belt by this next week. Yeah, that’s the plan. Will I be one of the faces of JCP?”

There was a pause. A long pause. I didn’t intend for there to be one, but there was. I suppose my brain skipped a few beats.

“Rin, no matter what I accomplish in Johannesburg, I’ll likely never be a face of JCP.” Those were harsh words; I knew they were. They just happened to be what I felt in my heart. “I’m different. A different fighter and person than most owners would look for in building a company around. I don’t show up to the arena in a fancy skirt or dress sharply. I don’t shake hands or kiss babies. I’m not stunning or sexy or anything like that.

“I’m an ass kicker.” I shrugged my shoulders. “A rage filled, scornful ass kicker. That’s what I am, and what I’ll continue to be.”

Rin shook her head.

“Always the pessimist,” Rin said.

The Pessimist and the Optimist. Someone should write a play about the two of us.

“True enough, traditionally you probably wouldn’t fit the mold on what a wrestling promotion would build around.” Her index finger rose up. “But, you’ve also got to remember that your employers are, well…” She paused to think. “Let’s say less than traditional.”

“Crazy?” I asked jokingly.

Wild. Let’s use wild instead,” she responded. “But the fact of the matter is, the Valentine family isn’t traditional. Neither is JCP for that matter. And because of that, I think you can still be one of the faces of the company.” She nodded her head. “Let’s not forget that the Valentines went out of their way to hire you specifically. They knew that you were a rage filled, scornful ass kicker—and they hired you for it.”

Her logic and reasoning was pretty spot on. The Valentines did hire me. They hired me fully knowing my character and what I was about. Had that been a hindrance, they probably would have never made the initial call. I couldn’t argue with any of what Rin said.

“You know what, you’re right.”

She flashed a smile. “Oh, I know. I’m always right, that’s why you love me.”

It was best not to argue with that either. “Mhm,” I responded. My response elicited another playful punch.

“We need to start your match prep soon.”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Hmm. How do you even prepare for a ladder match?”

Good question. I gave her an answer that had once been given to me.

“I must prepare my body for punishment, and I must prepare my mind for war. I’ll need to intensify my training and meditation.”

“Okay,” Rin said. “We’ll get your started in the morning.”
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