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YOUR Favorite..Champion.; vs Megan Rydell
Topic Started: Jan 12 2018, 01:24 AM (116 Views)
YOUR Favorite Drug
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The scene came to life, not in the usual bar or even an actually filmed location. Aired via a cellphone camera, held by an unknown person, the Pride Pro Wrestling Television Champion “YOUR Favorite Drug” Xavier Laroux stood with his back against the wrought iron railing surrounding that hotel room balcony. A lit cigarette dangled from between his lips until Xavier reached up to pluck it from its resting place, exhaling wisps of smoke into the night sky. A look of utter satisfaction grew out across Laroux’s face as he began to speak.

“Well, I fucked around and did it again. I went and got quite a few people all asshurt and pissy at me.”

Nonchalant would be putting it lightly when it came to the expression upon the features of Laroux and the shrug of his shoulders.

“Then again, it’s not all that surprisin at all. I mean, Jenni Yang has an actual reason to be pissed bout this. She’s the one I dropped to win this..”

Reaching to the side with his free hand, he snuffed the remainder of that cigarette out in the black ashtray next to him. Grabbing something, he pulled it into the scene, revealing it to be the Pride Pro Wrestling Television Championship. Slinging it over backwards, he allowed it to come down and drape across his shoulder.

“I knew I made the right choice. When I stepped out on that stage and heard the crowd react like they did..they fuckin exploded..I knew I made the right choice. And just when I thought it couldn’t get better than that? I was offered the opportunity of a lifetime. I took it. Do I look like the kinda guy who gives a fuck who I piss off? I knew that it was gonna get that kinda reaction from people in the match. But it’s like I said..the only person with a legit reason to be pissy bout what happened is the Special Guest Referee in this match, Jenni Yang. She’s already said she’s not gonna try’n get her get back in the match..but just in case you have a temporary lapse of sanity, know that if you try to get involved..I will do everythin in my power to make sure you never amount to anythin in this business. When you get even close to somethin worth mentionin, I’ll be there to cut you down and ruin it for you. Understand that, Jen, I’m not the guy to fuck over.”

Despite the usual arrogance and smirks of Laroux, his tone was low, his expression deathly serious.

“Now that I got that outta the way, know who doesn’t have any room to bitch bout what I did? Megan..Rydell. Now, with that in mind..guess who did the most bitchin bout it? It was Megan Rydell. Bitch wasn’t even part of the final two. Megan had been gone outta the match for bout fifteen minutes before I went out and won the PPW Television Championship. My Television Championship. See, I’ve been hearin things left and right since I’ve been up. One of the most funniest things I’ve heard? Megan’s claim bout makin an impact. She went out there and ‘ran down’, not very well I might add, everyone in that Battle Royal. Even went as far as to shittily quote a movie by sayin she gonna ‘become the new Television Champion that not only Pride deserves, but the champion it needs.’”

It was visibly difficult for Xavier not to burst out into laughter. hold out for much longer before finally erupting into a fit of laughter. A couple moments later, he regained his composure before reaching up to wipe a stray tear.

Holy shit, that didn’t work out for you..like..at all, now did it? And you can’t say it was my fault cause y’know..you couldn’t go the distance..you couldn’t get the job done..you failed. Know who didn’t fail? This guy. This guy went out and ran his mouth and actually got the job done. Meg, I said I’m gonna make this into the more desirable championship in Pride and in case you hadn’t noticed, I do what I say Ima do. And at Gold Standard? That mission begins with you. I’ll see ya soon~ ”
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