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CWL: Impacto Total 8
Topic Started: Jan 12 2018, 07:46 AM (199 Views)
Roberto Marcano
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The camera pans around the Arena Pier 10, showing the ruckus crowd gathered for CWL Impacto Total 8. There are signs all over the Arena for the fan favorites as well as some cheeky meme ones. Then the camera goes to Enrique Marrero and Ace Casanova who are in their usual spot on an elevated platform.

Enrique Marrero: Welcome amigos, to another edition of CWL Impacto Total. Tonight we have a great Main Event for you guys as Emilio Vialpando makes his CWL debut against Aria Price from ACM.

Ace Casanova: The War has been raging between ACM and CWL and tonight the two most prominent members of each side collide in what should be a great main event.

Enrique Marrero: But that’s not all as we also have the champion, Alex Chalwell going up against Lacey Turner in what could be a career making match for Turner.

Ace Casanova: That’s right, any win against the champion is always a career turning event. Speaking of the champion, last week we saw his reaction to Jan Van Der Roost, who tonight faces off against Heather King who seems to have a chip on her shoulder.

Enrique Marrero: Speaking of chip on their shoulder we have the former Cartel Members, Alejandro Ruíz and Raúl Cicerón facing off against Jaylen Walker and Camila Jiménez.

Ace Casanova: And in our opening match we have Jesús Reyes teaming up with Reventón to take on the massive beast known as Samedi; and I have word Vanessa Marcano is backstage with Reventón!


The camera cuts backstage to where Reventón is standing alongside Vanessa Marcano. The pair are talking - well, she is - about their plan to have Reventón infiltrate ACM. Alas, the conversation isn't going well.

Vanessa Marcano: Do you think you can do that?

Reventón nods his head and beats his chest, as if to say "SI! REVENTON WRESTLE IN MEXICO!". Vanessa just nods her head, unsure whether or not the little bull man has understood a word she's said. Fortunately for her, Vanessa is saved from the conversation when, from the opposite side of the hallway Jesus Reyes approaches the backstage interviewer, completely ignoring his tag partner.

Jesus Reyes: Hola chica! Wanna ask a few question to the first man who will defeat the monster Samedi? Well, I always got time for you...

Vanessa Marcano: Oh, hi Jesus. I wasn't expecting to see you here, and after what happened last week, definitely not with Reventón.

Jesus Reyes: Reventon?

He looks around, almost as if he was looking for his tag partner for the night. Finally he puts an end to this scene, looking down and pretending to be surprised to see him there.

Jesus Reyes: Here he is!

Reventón nods his head excitedly, beating his chest in a manner that suggests he's looking forward to working with Jesus Reyes in order to defeat the Haitian monster. He looks up towards Vanessa and snorts, hoping that she takes that as a sign that he's content with the match he's been put in this week. For what it's worth, Vanessa smiles back at Reventón, whereas Jesus doesn't even respond directly.

Jesus Reyes: I thought all week about this match, trying to find a strategy to beat the unstoppable Samedi. I mean, I could do easily on my own, but I guess the boss here wants to give our little friend his fifteen minutes of fame...

Vanessa Marcano: Well, working as a team certainly would increase your chances. I'm curious to know how you plan to defeat someone as dominant as Samedi. Many have tried but none was able to last more than five minutes against him.

Jesus smiles, the usual cocky smile. He looks down at Reventon, and then back up at the interviewer.

Jesus Reyes: Well, for the first part of the plan, we will use my friend's speed to wear out Samedi...

Reventón paws the floor with one foot, bellowing loudly as if to indicate that he's ready to fly around that ring like the luchador he knows he can be! Even if the CWL fans haven't truly got to see what the little bull is capable of inside the ring, he did recently get to give the ACM fans a glimpse. Reventón just has to hope that his partner saw that match and can trust him.

Jesus Reyes: I saw what he can do in the ring, and I have faith in his ability. The size disadvantage will actually be the key for us to win the match.

He bends over, patting the little bull's back, encouraging him.

Jesus Reyes: Keep moving, don't let him catch you and aim for the legs. Fly all over that ring, hit the big bastard from every angle... And when you see that he's getting tired...

He looks in Reventon's eyes, waiting for his reply. Reventón just nods in agreement, wanting to know what the rest of the game plan is.

Jesus Reyes: You tag me in and...

Reyes hits the air with a left hook, the same punch he used to knock out Reventon one week ago.

Jesus Reyes: BAM! The left hand of God will take another victim. The plan is perfect, in its simplicity... Got it, amigo?

Reventón beats his chest slowly, snorting as if to say "Reventón is ready for action!", before he runs away as fast as his little legs can carry him.

Vanessa Marcano: Well, it looks like you two are on the same page...somehow.

Jesus nods, following Reventon running down the hallway, unable to hold a laughter.

Jesus Reyes: Yeah... I mean, he's a good kid after all. We didn't start this off on the right foot, and to be honest, I'm not his biggest fan... But tonight, we are a team. Together we will put an end to Samedi undefeated streak. It's only fair that my debut in CWL would be something the fans will be talking about for a long time.

Vanessa Marcano: Well, good luck for your match Jesus.

The former boxer winks at the interviewer, before walking away in the same direction Reventon ran earlier.

Handicap Match
Samedi vs. Reventón & Jesús Reyes

0:01 Reventón doesn’t seem too confident on the partner he has been assigned for this match. Especially when he looks at the other side of the ring, as Samedi has his eyes closed and seems to be elevating some sort of prayer. Nevertheless the heroic little bull rushes towards Samedi who quickly gets out of the way and slams Reventón against the turnbuckle.

2:00 Samedi has been toying around with Reventón as he has been carrying the little bull like it was just a potato sack. In the corner Reyes seems to be cheering on his little partner for the match. Samedi slams Reventón to the mat with a vicious powerslam and starts to laugh. As Reventón pushes himself back to his knees, Samedi goes in and tries to hit the “Maman Brigitte” on Reventón, but the quickness of Reventón comes into play as he reverses the move into a hurricarrana. This is the moment Reventón was waiting as he quickly goes for the tag on Reyes, who JUMPS DOWN AND LEAVES THE RING!

Enrique Marrero: That bastard!? Why would he leave Reventón like that!
Ace Casanova: Would you willingly go into the ring when you know Samedi will likely destroy everything in his path?

5:00 Reventón’s eyes widen as he pleads Reyes to comeback, the crowd boos heavily as Reyes walks up the ramp and warns Reventón to watch his back. Indeed it was a good advice as, as soon as Reventón turns around Samedi lifts him up and hits Reventón with “La Croix” (Kneeling Crucifix Powerbomb). Reventón is completely out for the count, but Samedi isn’t done yet as he hits Reventón with the “Maman Brigitte” (Pop-Up Elevated Sitout Powerbomb) for the win.

Winner: Samedi

Ring Side

After the bell has rung, Samedi walks past Reyes on the ramp, as Reyes lifts his arms signaling he wants nothing to do with Samedi’s walk. Once Samedi is out, Reyes walks into the ring where the referee and some EMT’s are checking on Reventón. He looks at the downed little man and laughs. Then he pushes everyone away from Reventón, throws him to the ropes, sends him in the air and hits him with the “Left Hand of God” (Left hook); that leaves Reventón completely out in the ring. As the referee and EMT’s scream at Reyes for the attack, he leaves drowned in boos from the crowd.


*The beautiful sunny sky of San Juan play off of the pool in the backyard of the Storm residence in San Juan. In the rather large pool, swims a single occupant. That occupant of course is Brien Storm. He does one more lap back and forth in the pool, and then reaches the step. Walking out he is promptly handed a towel by someone. Brien rubs the towel over his head slightly drying his perfect hair, then he walks over to a sun chair with a table next to it to let the sun work its magic. From the table he grabs one of his sunglasses.*

“Nothing like living it up in Puerto Rico.”

*He says this then grabs a quick drink from a Sheffield IPA from the glass table next to him*

“Blue sky, nice trees, wonderful beaches. This place really is a rich port. This place is so good that it even has some of the best wrestling. Maybe not so much right now considering the guy who’s representing the territory. But it’s true, we do have some of the best wrestling. Hence the jealousy from ACM. Mexico may have blue sky, nice tree, and wonderful beaches, but they don’t have the best wrestling. They did, after nature took its toll here. Most best of the wrestlers here went there. Now they’ve all come back, that didn’t sit well with the Mexicans. You see the wrestling history of Mexico is some of the richest in the world, and they need to try and live up to that, but right now, they’re failing. That’s why I was ousted from the ring. It was by three workers from a jealous company, then to make matters worse they put their puppet as champion. A guy who constantly has to keep telling himself that he’s better than everyone, usually mean he’s not. This case is no different. We have a delusional paper champion who wants to be better than me. There’s a reason he also comes after me, always play down my accomplishment, as well as my skill. This is all funny because I’m the two time World Champion and I’m the guy who survived that whole fucking battle royal. He’s the rookie who hid under the ring like a pussy and begged like a pussy not to get his shit kicked in. That’s your dramatic pause CWL Caribbean Champion. Yeah he actually writes the very facepalm inducing dramatic pause in his tweets. My focus isn’t him though. My focus is getting rid of the ACM workers that screwed me and helped him. Then my focus will be him. See you soon Alex, but when we do you won’t have help.

*The video ends*


Alex Chalwell Can be seen Backstage in his ring gear with the Caribbean Heavyweight Title over his shoulders. Vanessa Marcano spots him and quickly goes towards him for an interview. He looks at her, puts the title in place and lets Vanessa do her job.

Vanessa Marcano: Chalwell, tonight you face Lacey Turner in a non title match. What are your thoughts on that?

Chalwell smirks and looks directly towards Vanessa before grabbing the microphone and looking directly to the camera.

Alex Chalwell: What are my thoughts? Well, as you all know what I think is that Lacey Turner doesn’t deserve to be in this match. It’s quite obvious I’m better than her in every single thing that has to do with wrestling, and I have the prove right here.

Chalwell taps on the title that rests over his shoulder, before he speaks again.

Chalwell: In fact, right now I’m left without a contender for my title. Given that even when I have two guys that would love nothing more than to take on me, they should be more focused on other things that this belt. So, who is it going to be? I know, I’ll let the world know tonight who I think deserves a shot at this title, not because he could be better than me, on the contrary, he’s just better than the rest.

After that Chalwell placed the microphone back in Vanessa’s hands and walked away for his match.

Singles Match
Lacey Turner vs. Alex Chalwell

0:01 Both wrestlers start circling around each other, Turner seems eager to strike first and strike hard. After all, she’s facing the current Caribbean Heavyweight Champion, so in a sense, this match is important to her. Chalwell on the other hand seems careful not to commit to a move early or make any mistakes early, as they lock up in the middle of the ring. It’s obvious from that first exchange that Chalwell has the power advantage as he pushed Turner off of him. Yet, Turner rolled and went at Chalwell with a dropkick that sent the champion against the ropes.

3:00 Turner gained some traction as she continued the attack on Chalwell with a series of body strikes that stunned the champion and the crowd started to get a bit behind Turner. She hit a DDT on Chalwell but only got a one count. As Chalwell got up he smirked and shouted “Mine is better”, in reference to the “Pepperidge Remembers” DDT he performs as a finishing move. Turner on the other hand didn’t give the taunt too much attention as she hit Chalwell with a Running Big Boot that rocked the champion.

Enrique Marrero: Turner is fighting with all she has in this match!
Ace Casanova: She has to, she’s facing the champion after all.

6:00 It seemed like facing the current champion struck something in Turner as she wasn’t pulling any strings. Once she hit a Suplex on Chalwell, she went straight to the top rope looking for a high impact move.

Enrique Marrero: Turner is going to try something new here!

7:00 Indeed it was something new, as she launched herself for a Frog Splash, but the inexperience in doing high flying moves cost her as Chalwell was able to put his knees up and Turner came crashing belly first on his knees. Now with Turner down, Chalwell got time to recover and he started smiling as he hung on the ropes. Once he saw Turner getting up he went straight to her and kicked her in the gut, shouting “This is why I’m better than you!”

10:00 Chalwell was now in complete control of the match as Turner hadn’t found any answer to his offensive after missing on the Frog Splash earlier in the match. Chalwell capitalized on his momentum by grabbing Turner and hooking her leg before hitting the “Mirror Shot” (Perfect Plex) for the three count.

Winner: Alex Chalwell


Jan Van der Roost is in front of a monitor, as he appears to have been closely watching Alex Chalwell’s match. He smiles as Chalwell raises the title in ring and walks away from the monitor.


Location - Wolverhampton, England

A camera is turned on in a seemingly familiar dark room, as loud footsteps can be clearly heard, with an unknown individual seemingly pacing around the room in a circle.

"This is all... madness."

They come to a stop, and walk back to over to the camera that was turned on only a minute ago, pulling out a chair and sitting down in front of the camera. The individual can now be identified as Gareth Williams, a man who spoke to the CWL crowd only three weeks ago, prophesying Oliver Quinn's victory in the Caribbean Heavyweight Championship, a prophecy that didn't come true. Williams wears fairly casual clothes, with that of a plain white t-shirt, along with what appears to be a pair of faded black slacks. He rubs his hands through his hair, and looks up towards the camera.

"Madness. An emotion that has the potential to drive someone over the edge, it can push them further, but it makes them vulnerable. That's what I'm feeling right now in terms of what has happened in CWL, I didn't expect this to happen... but the phoney known as Alex Chalwell, defeated Oliver two weeks ago thanks to the scum from ACM. This frustrated my friend, and he wanted to make them pay for their actions, Oliver did not want to go after Chalwell any more. He... and so do... I... respect Alex for surviving what Oliver did to him in that match. However, keep the title that little bit closer to you, because you could lose it at any point. Prove yourself to us Chalwell, because Oliver has told me that this 'thing' between you two isn't over. He respects you more than I do, and he wants to defeat a WORTHY champion. At the moment, you aren't that champion but you could well become that champion, I can only wish you good luck."

Gareth shuffles around in his seat, and wipes some sweat protruding from his forehead, seemingly having worked out earlier in his special gym place. He doesn't appear worried, but a little giddy, and begins to speak once again.

"For now, we don't want anything with Alex Chalwell, but as I mentioned earlier after he builds himself up, Oliver will just decimate him. Destroying every bit of momentum and every single limb in his body, I warn you Alex, but now we get on to the reason you survived. Aria Price, Claire Rogers, Ximena Asensio..."

"You've angered the wrong person. You've angered a beast, and a warrior, and especially because of last week. Nobody beats Oliver Quinn to a bloody pulp, and expects the favour to not be returned to them! If you didn't catch last week, we gained an extra soldier in our war. Emilio Vialpando saved not only Oliver, but the other man fighting with CWL, a certain Brien Storm. For both of you, you haven't earned mine or Oliver's trust, but you've earned our respect and Oliver is definitely willing to fight alongside both of you. I thank especially you Emilio, but this friendship won't last long for both of you, Oliver wants to defend the home he calls CWL and after that, it's every man for himself again. My main warning goes out to the three invaders though, because whilst you did put up a fight, and defeated both Storm and Quinn, this sense of victory won't last forever. It's 3 on 3, and we're going to get revenge for the sins you have committed against us, and our company."

Just then, Gareth smiles, and someone from behind grabs the camera and looks down upon it. It's Oliver Quinn, his long black hair glistening from the sweat, and he's breathing heavily with a slight smirk on his face.

"This is your last warning."

"Don't you dare test me again, because I'm going to hurt all of you."

"And NONE of you are going to get up."

Oliver doesn't throw the camera to the ground, but turns it off, as the show continues.

Posted Image
Johannesburg City Pro

Singles Match
Jan Van Der Roost vs. Heather King

0:01 Heather King wasted no time going after Van Der Roost. She seems pissed for some odd reason, probably because of the way she lost in her debut match, because of the way she keeps pounding on the veteran Van Der Roost. She then Irish Whipped the Fixer towards the other side of the ring and waited before hitting him with a clothesline that downed the Netherlands native. Heather then started taunting the crowd, who boos her to no end.

Enrique Marrero: King here with a mean streak.
Ace Casanova: That’s what she has to maintain if she wants to beat a wrestler like Van Der Roost.

4:00 King has focused her attack on the neck, upper back portion of Van Der Roost’s body; surely looking to soften the area for her “Latina Battle Cry” move. As she does, The Fixer looks to be in more and more pain with each move. Heather can feel victory is within her grasps, as she circles around her opponent like a vicious animal circles around it’s prey. Van Der Roost on the other hand looks to get up slowly. As he makes it to his knees, Heather moves in, but gets a punch right in the gutter for her troubles.

6:00 Van der Roost has made it back to his feet and it’s laying it on King as the match progresses. He’s showing the veteran skills that make him so dangerous to begin with. As King tries a frenetic Clothesline out of desperation, Van der Roost ducks and hits her with a Superkick that knocks the wind out of the Latina performer.

Enrique Marrero: That looked like it had to hurt!
Ace Casanova: No shit, Kike… no shit.

8:00 Van der Roost grabbed Heather and put her in position as he hit the “Dutch Death Spike” (Flip Piledriver) for the victory.

Winner: Jan Van Der Roost

On the Ramp

As Van der Roost celebrates his victory, on top of the ramp appears the CWL Caribbean Heavyweight Champion himself, Alex Chalwell. He looks directly at Van der Roost and raises the title and smirks. He then shouts… “I’m still better than you!”


Vanessa is standing in line for the soda machine. She is digging into her pockets for spare change but keeps coming up empty. She looks to one side with a frantic look on her face.

Vanessa: oh dear. I have no money.

She starts looking around while tapping on the shoulder of the man in front of her.

Vanessa: Excuse me, do you have any change?

She asks kindly as the man let’s out a nasty grunt. Vanessa continues to pat herself when a small hand drops a few quarters. Vanessa smiles as she looks to see Char Kwan standing next to her.

Vanessa: Thank you.

The purple haired lady giggled as she playfully turns her hand down.

Char Kwan: Don’t mention it. I am happy to get rid of some change.

Vanessa nods.

Vanessa: How are you liking CWL?

Char shrugs her shoulders.

Char Kwan: I’m liking it but I feel as if I could be doing better. Last week, I proved that I can hang with the best. Now I just have to put together a few wins.

Vanessa nods.

Vanessa: What could be your biggest problem?

Char thinks.

Char Kwan: My biggest problem is that I’m not as confident on my own. I have to work on it. Don’t worry though, I still plan on being here for the long haul.

Vanessa smiles as she reaches the machine. She places the coins into the machine.

Vanessa: Are you getting somethi.....

Vanessa turns her head and notices Char had left. Vanessa chuckles before looking over the choices.

Posted Image
Ignition #006: Gold Standard

Tag-Team Match
Jaylen Walker & Camila Jiménez vs. Alejandro Ruíz & Raúl Cicerón

0:01 It’s obvious from the bell ring that Cicerón and Ruíz have a massive chip on their shoulders as they both went right after Jiménez and Walker to start the match. The brawl that ensued made it hard for the referee to separate the four wrestlers as the crowd pleaded for him to just “Let them fight!”

Ace Casanova: I’m with the crowd in this one! Let them fight!

3:00 After a long brawl, the referee was able to restore some sort of order as Walker and Cicerón were the only two wrestlers left inside the ring. But the brawling didn’t stop as both traded hard hitting blows for a while, before Cicerón was finally able to overcome Walker’s offensive. Just as he did, the mysterious man that has been overlooking every Cicerón and Ruíz match so far appeared once more on top of the ramp. This time it didn’t seem to bother Cicerón as he continued his assault on Walker with a knee right to the mid-section.

5:00 Cicerón finally made the tag to Ruíz who looked to continue the attack on Walker by Irish Whipping him and looking for a Clothesline, but Walker ducked and seemed to have slipped a bit, but was able to recover and hit Ruíz with a Pelé Kick right to the top of the dome. This gave Walker the opening to tag Jiménez into the match.

8:00 After Walker tagged Jiménez into the match the momentum completely shifted as neither Ruíz or Cicerón were able to mount anything against the duo of Jiménez and Walker. Their chemistry inside the ring seemed too much for the hard hitting duo. The quickness displayed by both Walker and Jiménez showed Ruíz and Cicerón’s weaknesses as the match moved into its final moments.

10:00 Cicerón tried to mount some sort of offense right at the end, but it wasn’t enough as Walker hit him with the “Red Hooked” (Unpadded Elbow Smash with theatrics) and as Cicerón tumbled to the mat, Jiménez hit him with the “Espina en tu Lado” (Phoenix 630) for the victory.

Winners: Jaylen Walker and Camila Jiménez


After Walker and Jiménez had walked away from the ring. The man that was watching the match looked to walk to the backstage area, until Cicerón and Ruíz asked for a mic.

Cicerón: “Look, homie. Who the fuck think you are? You’ve been standin’ there watchin’ our matches like some sort of scout or some shit. We ain’t standin’ up for that, ya hear me? We want to know who the fuck you are right now.”

The man walked down the ramp and straight up got in their faces, before grabbing the mic and smiling at the duo. He looked at them and spoke.

???: “My name, is Marcos Vega. I know my name doesn’t ring any bells, but I assure you, asere, that I’m your best shot at redemption. You either follow me, or watch your careers crumble, your choice.”

After saying that, Vega let the mic drop to the floor and left the ring. Cicerón and Ruíz looked at each others, considering their options and their recent string of defeats and then run up the aisle to meet up with Vega who smirked and the three of them walked to the backstage.

Posted Image
OWF Unit 2

Main Event
Emilio Vialpando vs. Aria Price

0:01 Aria Price and Emilio Vialpando look at each other before the match has even started. They know the match ahead isn’t an easy one by any means, as both competitors have held gold in the past. They begin circling around each other and lock up right in the middle of the ring. They start testing each other out until Vialpando gets the upper hand locking Price up with a headlock. Yet, Price quickly shows why she’s a standout performer in ACM by way of getting rid of the hold and sending Vialpando straight towards the ropes where he rebounds and is met with a Clothesline by Price who extends her arms as Emilio rolls to a corner.

5:00 Price and Vialpando haven’t given each other much of a space, because as soon as one had the upper hand the other reversed, such was the case when Price looked to hit Vialpando with a Titl-A-Whirl Headscissors Takedown, but Vialpando reversed it mid move by launching Price towards the mat. Then Vialpando hit Price with the a Zig Zag but only got a two count.

Enrique Marrero: Both Vialpando and Price are throwing everything they got at each other, and the crowd is loving it.
Ace Casanova: That’s what happens when you pit two world class competitors against each other.

8:00 Vialpando looked to throw Price towards the ropes, but Price reversed and met Vialpando with a Dropkick that sent him to the outside. Price didn’t waste any time as she launched herself over the top rope towards Vialpando with a Tope con Hilo that made the crowd stand up. Price once again extends her arms, but this time she doesn’t take as much time before sending Vialpando back into the ring.

10:00 As Price went back into the ring, Vialpando received her with a Step Up Enzuiguiri that rocked the ACM wrestler and gave Vialpando enough of an opening to hit her with a Lionsault. Once again Vialpando looked for a cover, but got a two count out of the move. Realizing the match is not one where anything could go to waste, Vialpando got Price up and looked to hit her with the “Viper Strike” (Sit Down Brainbuster), but Price managed to squeeze out of the move and hit Vialpando with a Neckbreaker. The move gave Price enough of a space to hit Vialpando with the “Price is Right” (450 Splash) but Vialpando got his shoulders up right before the referee’s hand touched the mat for the three count.

15:00 Price couldn’t believe it when the referee informed her the match wasn’t over, and she started an onslaught on Vialpando, who managed to duck under a right hook from Price and take her down with a Spinebuster. But right before he could do anything else, Claire Rogers and Ximena Asensio appeared from the crowd!

Enrique Marrero: And here they come!
Ace Casanova: I knew they had to be close, I just knew it!

17:00 Vialpando started asking Rogers and Asensio to get in the ring and so they jump on opposite aprons. Meanwhile Price is getting up and as she does, Vialpando turns around and starts hitting Price with a series of punches. Rogers and Asensio enter the ring and start attacking Vialpando, but as soon as they do Oliver Quinn and Brien Storm hit the ring and an all out brawl ensues. Neither side is letting the other get an advantage, but finally the CWL trio manages to fend off Aria Price, Claire Rogers and Ximena Asensio to stay alone in the middle of the ring.

No Contest

The show closes up with the sight of Vialpando, Storm and Quinn challenging Price, Rogers and Asensio to step back in the ring.
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