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Ignition Ep 009
Topic Started: Jan 12 2018, 11:42 AM (205 Views)
Sage Morgan
Advanced Member
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Posted Image

Vengeance Pro Wrestling Presents: Ignition

Live from Las Vegas, Nevada: 01/10/18

Posted Image

The scene opens up in the utilities room, where Auburn Cox as cheerful as ever, is browsing
through the props available for her upcoming match.

Auburn Cox: Friends Forever.

She spoke out the shows billed theme for the night.

Auburn Cox: Me and you are hardly friends though. Are we Haidyn? You can't call us enemies? Frenemies? There is no labels or tag to describe our working relationship.

Auburn thought more deeply about it.

Auburn Cox: The reason we find ourself at this stage is because of you sticking your nose into business that you had no belonging sticking it into. The ill fated Blue Stated Title Submission Match which I have spoken over and over again about where you assisted Rafi in Victory, by whacking my brains out with one of these.

She picked up a singapore cane.

Auburn Cox: What has followed in the last few weeks is a one sided domination by Rafi Cruz and associates getting the best out of me, with constant embarrassment after embarrassment.

Auburn sighed.

Auburn Cox: I wondered for a long time if there was hope, or if all was hope last. Until the lovely Sage Morgan, decided to intervene and right a wrong that is long overdue.

A smile grew on Auburn's face.

Auburn Cox: First, my rightful second chance and a rematch against Rafi after the terrible controversy and cloud of doubt that surrounded our first bout. Absolutely delighted.

Auburn held a hand up in jubilation.

Auburn Cox: However before I get to Rafi, I'm going to finish what you started this week, with a Singapore Cane.

She inspected a Singapore Cane once more.

Auburn Cox: These sticks are really sharp, and they certainly give you the ouchies when hit with speed. And I am going to be extremely thrilled when I get to whack the stuffing out of you tonight, over and over again, until you are left with splinters all over.

Singapore Canes are made from wood.

Auburn Cox: After everything that has happened I put my head above parapet a bit more compared to you. I hold myself accountable for the things that went wrong and not just brush it under the carpet, as you have done.

She was willing to reflect while Haidyn Paige Jordan was not.

Auburn Cox: You can't just sit back and let everyone else fall back on their swords. You want to play wrestler but then when it comes to actually wrestling, you cower away from the challenge. You say you fear nothing, but your opinion is going to change when your body is left stinging from these cane strikes. You should have known better because now it's too late.

Time was of the essence.

Auburn Cox: If you sit on the fence constantly, nothing is ever going to get down. You are a strong-willed person. You formed your own opinions as to what your view is of me. You just got it all wrong. So wrong.

Haidyn went about her dislike of Auburn in a dishonorable manner.

Auburn Cox: I would say I'm sorry for what I do to you tonight. But that compassion of mine is reserved for nice people. You are anything but nice, you are a bully, and I don't like bullies. Tonight justice gets survived, I get the first step of my revenge, I beat you, and then I move on Rafi Cruz for next week. We're going to have a good time Haidyn, because I know Rafi sure as hell won't. Toodles Babes.

Carrying a bundle of the Singapore Canes away, Auburn appeared to leave, before

Auburn Cox: OMG! I totally forgot to announce the referee. I will make this quick because I gottarun. Despite Rafi making my life absolute hell, I want a referee who can call it right down themiddle. I want a referee who is going to be impartial but will not be afraid to intervene shouldRafi try any funny business. I believe in a fair fight, even if Rafi doesn't. So my choice of refereeis real simple... I choose... QUEEN... PHOENIX!

After that huge announcement. Auburn left to make her entrance.

Posted Image

Match Number One
Singapore Cane Match

Auburn Cox v Haidyn Jordan

WINNER: Auburn Cox

TYPE: Disqualification



Haidyn and Auburn were standing across the ring from one another when the arena lights went out.
Before Auburn had any chance to react, the lights came back on to show she was gone.
Auburn turned around due to crowd reaction, she turned straight into a superkick from Rafi Cruz who had been waiting behind her.
The match was called in Auburn’s favor as Rafi stood over her, throwing a Cane down across her prone body.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Backstage, we find Trixie getting ready for her match up with Vivi. Tying her boots up before spotting none other than DA #TROLL GUY, Mariano Fernandez, casually walking by.

Trixie: "No, no sock in my bag today, Manny."

She says as she grabs her bag. Given what happened in Canada, with a cheese-ridden sock found in her bag.

Mariano flashes a smile, but raises a hand.

Mariano: “Relax, mang. Relax. Ain’t no funny things gonna happen today. I mean, I come dressed for a special occasion!”

And indeed something is off, as Mariano is not clad in his usual jeans and leather jacket, but in a rather fashionable tuxedo, complete with bow tie.

Trixie: "Are you hosting an awards show, Manny? Or is this what you are going to wear for a delicious slice of pineapple pizza? "

Friendly banter exchanged with a wink from the Prime Girl. Mariano twitches at the pineapple pizza reference, giving Trixie a pleading look.


Looking away as in pain, once he faces her back, he goes back to normal.

Mariano: “But no, mang. See Carmen Cambridge made a challenge. She told me “hey mango, let’s tango!” - and well, it takes two to tango, chica. Say, I could use a warm up dance. What do you say?”

He realizes something, however.

Mariano: “And NO, I AIN’T trying to pick you up or do anything weird, I promise.”

Trixie shakes her head with a little laugh.

Trixie: "Of course you're not. I guess I can spare a little time before I go toe to toe with Vivi."

And offers her hand out.

Mariano presses his cell phone screen, and the tango from “Scent of a Woman” begins to play. Mariano takes Trixie’s hand, then pulls her in for an embrace, with his other hand at her waist.

Trixie: "Following your lead, muchacho."

Mariano takes a few steps forward, driving her back, she chuckles at the thought of dancing with Manny but she was doing it. He then spins her half-circle, in tune with the orchestral piece. Another half-circle spin, and Trixie leans back in a smooth motion.

Trixie: "Didn't know you were so smooth and talented in dancing."

Mariano: “Well, uh - thanks for the compliment, mang. This is from my homeland. I danced a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.”

Trixie chuckles but rolls her eyes at the Star Wars reference. He steps forward once again, making Trixie step back, but upon taking another step, he hesitates midway, making her do a quick bounce. As the song’s main beat hits, Mariano extends his arm, sending Trixie in a 360° spin. She gives a small chuckle as he gives her a mischievous grin.

Trixie: "Ooh! Twirling me now?"

She matches his grin with one that bursts into a small laugh. She then clears her throat and tries to keep a straight face. Mariano pulls her close again, and rotates her left, then right as the song ends, both locked in a stylish pose with her leg interlocking around his to have a perfect curve pose into him.

Mariano: “Now THAT was a nice touch, mang. I’m impressed.”

Trixie: "I danced a little myself, sweetie. But, you can let go of my hand now if you're done."

Trixie's hazel eyes glance to her hand on top of his and back as she chuckles. Mariano follows her eyes, then his face goes a shade red.

Mariano: “Oh! Eh, sorry, mang.”

He instantly lets her go.

Mariano: “Nice way to make up for the cheese in your bag I hope.” - He gives her his trademark trollface.

Trixie: "Tango over a smelly sock everytime, Manny. Maybe next time I'll have something to match your festive dress style instead of my ring gear."

Mariano: “Next time we do this, chica, it will be in the ring.”

He holds out his hand. Trixie takes a hold of it and turns it to bring to her lips to kiss his knuckles in a clear role reversal.

Trixie: "Absolutely, Chica."

Mariano narrows his eyes and puts on a mock pouting face.

Mariano: “Trixieeeeeee....”

Grumbling something to himself, he nods.

Mariano: “Anyway, mang - time to give the Gucci Girl a beautiful hand-crafted L. Good luck in your match too!”

Trixie: "Yeah, I need to give Miss Vivi a little lesson in calling me basic blonde. Need my momentum for our match up."

Understandingly, Mariano nods once more.

Mariano: “As do I, chica. We’ll make this a battle worth remembering. BUT NO PINEAPPLE PIZZA.”

Trixie: "If you win, which won't happen. Just like the tango, I have a few surprises and touches in my repertoire."

Both go their separate ways, but Mariano turns his head in her direction, then back again at the camera.

Mariano: “She’s gonna be the death of me, mang.”

Trixie: “Manny can dance… wow.”

Posted Image

Backstage now and Lizzie Jones is stood beside a television. The screen shows recent matches of Keegan Ryan. She pauses the footage when she spots the camera.

Lizzie: Oh hi, didn’t see you there. Just doing some last minute extra research. Why bother, you ask? It’s a 2v1, you say? Well I don’t go into my matches blind, even when I’m facing a mediocre talent in a match that clearly favors me. It’s just bad form.

She nods along with her own statement.

Lizzie: Now I know, I know, Keegan got the jump on me last week. He also ran away and thought he’d done all that without anyone knowing it was him, so...know know. What that tells me is that aside from him being as dumb as a bag of rocks, he’s also scared. He claims to be this dangerous, intimidating dude...but honestly? He just comes across as a pussy. A dirty pussy with a silly fringe. The worst sort of pussy, really.

Taking a few steps back, she sits onto her chair and puts her feet up onto her gym bag.

Lizzie: I’m not worried about Kitty-Cat Keegan. Not at all.

She scoffs before laughing.

Lizzie: Or EMT. Those two don’t have even a single ball between them. And I suppose that EMT might just be thinking to himself that he owes Keegan. He might even be planning to jump into tonight’s match and try to...you know, even that score. He might actually work up the nerve to show some backbone - though I wouldn’t go betting on it.

Jones stands and folds the chair, smirking.

Lizzie: So fair warning, if by some miracle, EMT - you walking puddle of human shit - you actually do find the nerve to come out and get in my face then I will wrap this damn chair around yours. I will make you bleed until I drain all of the stupid from you and spoiler alert? That might take a while. So do what you do best and hide in the back like the bitch you are. It’ll save us both the effort and it’ll save you the hospital trip. Just a thought.

She nonchalantly shrugs.

Lizzie: And as for the match itself? 2v1, teaming with Larissa? No problem. EMT might have wriggled out of it last week, but that will not happen again this week. And since I never got into the ring last time, I have two weeks worth of beating to do. Poor Keegan.

Her face turns to a mocking ‘sad’ look.

Lizzie: Oh well. Such is life! See you out there!

Posted Image

Match Number Two
Singles Match

Trixie v Mistress Vivi

WINNER: Mistress Vivi

TYPE: Pinfall

MOVE: Hurricane Vivienne (Running swinging DDT)


A very close back and forth match saw both new to Vengeance talents taking it to each other with reckless abandon.
Trixie started the match keeping Vivi on her heels.
Vivi was able to work back until both competitors were down from double clotheslines
Vivi was first to her feet and used that to hit her Hurricane Vivienne for the win.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Sophie Grimes was shown just outside the trainer’s office as the cameras faded in backstage. She gave a nod of her head before she spoke.

Sophie Grimes: Hey there VPW faithful. I’m Sophie Grimes, and in just a moment, I hope to be joined by the Vengeance Pro Gold Rush Champion, Merlot Ayano. I was told that she would be finished in just a moment or t—

The door to the the trainer’s office slowly opened up before she could finish her sentence. Merlot stepped out of the room and gently closed the door behind her. She spotted Sophie and gave her a small head nod.

Merlot Ayano: Konichiwa, Sophie. How doing?

Sophie Grimes: I’m doing well, thank you. Would you mind giving the fans out there a word or two.

Merlot shook her head.

Merlot Ayano: Of course not. Is no problem at all. Ask all questions.

Sophie nodded her head.

Sophie Grimes: Well first off, you just stepped out of Michelle Taylor’s office. Is everything alright?

A small smile came to Merlot’s face as she nodded her head.

Merlot Ayano: Oh hai hai. Everything good. Merlot checking in with Michelle every week before match. Just like to make sure Merlot good and in peak condition. Michelle say everything is fine. And Merlot feeling good today, so all good. Hai.

Sophie Grimes: Wonderful.

There was quick pause.

Sophie Grimes: Merlot, things have not gone your way the past few outings, to say the least. You suffered tag teams losses at Ignition Seven and Eight. Additionally, you and your friends Claire Rogers and Trinity Jones were eliminated in the first round of Weekend of Trios. Given all of that, what kind of mindset are you in going into tonight’s match?

Merlot took a moment to decipher and understand the question before she answered.

Merlot Ayano: Well, will say this first. Professional wrestling is no just job or career to Merlot. No, professional wrestling lifestyle. Professional wrestling is in blood. Is why Merlot train so hard to be good in ring. That said, past couple of weeks have been disappointing. Is honest feeling. Think is okay to say that. Merlot give all she has in each match; and has not been enough in last three matches…

Her voice trailed off for a second or two. Merlot then redirected her thoughts.

Merlot Ayano: Is easy to get discouraged by those matches. And Merlot was for a little bit. However, Sensei Aimi once told Merlot long ago that strength is born in midst of adversity. Instead of pouting, Merlot decided to use matches as motivation. Have used matches to work even harder in gym this week. Merlot’s mindset and goal? Is to walk into match and get things done tonight. Is to continue to show that Merlot is one of best in Vengeance, despite perceptions. Hai.

Sophie nodded her head.

Sophie Grimes: Once again for the fans out there, you face Liam Callaghan, Kyle Kavanagh, and EMT tonight. Is there anything in particular that you wish to say to them?

Merlot Ayano: Hai hai.

There was a quick pause.

Merlot Ayano: Is Merlot’s belief that every match important. Is why Merlot prepare greatly for each. Match is not main event. Match not for Gold Rush Championship. But match is just as important as any. Therefore, Merlot will fight just as hard as ever.

Sophie smiled.

Sophie Grimes: Thank you, Merlot.

Merlot Ayano: Hai. Welcome.

The camera faded out

Posted Image

The cameras cut to somewhere in the back of the arena. The entire space is dark,
but a voice, just above a whisper can be heard.

Kyle Kavanagh: “To those that see…”

A small light flickers to life to in front of the camera to show the viewers that a space that they are in is some kind of long hallway. The dark orange glow does not give off much light, just enough to make out the outline of a single person.

Kyle Kavanagh: “A question that was asked of me has been on my mind. At the end of my life, assuming it lasts long enough for me to become an old, gray, shell of my former self, how would I look back on this time in my life. What is future me going to think of me today? That is really all that matters, right? What we think of ourselves at the end? None of you are going to be there, so what else do I have?”

The figure in front of the camera brings his hand up towards his face. The orange glow from the end of the cigarette lights up his expression for just a moment before it gets lost in the cloud of smoke.

Kyle Kavanagh: “I could give an answer people would expect. I could try to frame it in a way that would make myself feel better about where I am. I could lie. That is what most people would do. That is undoubtedly the polite thing to do. There is a reason that the things we really think about ourselves come from the voice in the back of our heads, and not out of our mouths. What is the point of an answer like that though? Where is the growth? Where is the introspection? Where is the honesty in it? Not just with the rest of the world, but with ourselves.”

The light behind him starts to intensify, giving the hallway more light. Wherever he is, it is not a regular hallway. Pipes run along the walls, and the space to maneuver between them would limit anyone bigger than he was.

Kyle Kavanagh: “So what will I think of where I am now?”

He pauses to let out a chuckle. Something in it seemed more like hesitation. He pushes the truth out past it anyways.

Kyle Kavanagh: “I think it will be bittersweet. A time where I will be able to honestly admit that I am floundering. Am I moving forward? No. Am I actively trying to? Of course not. I wake up each day, and do what I need to do to get to the next one. Is that my potential? Not even close. Is it everything I have to offer? Maybe right now.”

With the light behind him growing, viewers catch the rolling of his eyes.

Kyle Kavanagh: “I should be planning ahead, right? Chasing accomplishments and resume builders. I should be adding title after title and company after company to my name. I should be building a brand and shoving myself down everyone's throats, right? That's how it works.”

He shrugs his shoulders, and pushes the hood of his jacket off of his head. The light behind him is finally at full blast, allowing everyone to make out the ‘ʞk’ logo across the left side of his chest. There is a smile on his face.

Kyle Kavanagh: “But I'm not…”

There is not an ounce of worry in his voice. There is a light laugh that comes out with the words that he does not even attempt to hide, and he makes no apologies for it.

Kyle Kavanagh: “I surround myself with the people that I want to be around today. I do not put any thought into tomorrow. I am working somewhere that I get to have fun. I get to enjoy it. Is it fleeting? Probably. Am I anchored to it? Not even a little. Anything can happen at any time, and not even tomorrow is guaranteed. I will most likely get blindsided, get hurt, go through hell, and be worse off for the future. All of the stories about what makes my life difficult at the end will have their origins right now.”

He pauses, like he is trying to make sure that he had run down his entire list of negatives. Satisfied that he had, he goes to work spinning his way out of it.

Kyle Kavanagh: “I think I will remember it as a time of free fall. A time where I was more focused on living instead of making a life for myself. Where I wake up and ask myself, what is it I want to do today? Where I hear the things that people say, and I open my mouth with the first thought that comes to mind without thinking of the feelings it will hurt or the friendships it will damage. A time where I was the most honest, but far from the best version of myself, but a time where I was searching for exactly who the fuck I was. Where my lines were. What I wanted.”

He builds his confidence back with each words, having already unpacked all of the negatives, the positives came out so much smoother, and he seemed to get lighter as he went.

Kyle Kavanagh: “We are told as kids to live up to our potential for the world. We should want to grow up to make a difference. Even if one person cannot change the world for the better, they can make a dent. We are trained to want to be larger than life. That is why so many people have the exact same delusions of grandeur. They are Kings, Queens and Gods walking around in mortal bodies. They are also all so played out that the only reaction they can elicit is a fucking shrug.”

He demonstrates for those unfamiliar, but it barely slows him down.

Kyle Kavanagh: “I say fuck that. I do not owe the world my potential because the world does not care about me. I do not owe the world. I owe it to myself to be whatever the hell I want without worrying about what anybody else thinks. That is why I will look back at this time as the single time in my life that I had something to offer to all of you. The most important thing that I do in my life will be to answer my question. It just so happens that is the small window of time that you get to peek into.”

He takes a few steps towards the camera, each word coming out faster and faster.

Kyle Kavanagh: “It is me at my most entertaining, and my most free. If I am past your limits, it is because I am defining my own. If I hurt your feelings, do not take it personal because I promise I do not actually care about you.There are no hard feelings. It is all in good fun. People ask how that can be okay with me. Do I just not care how people see me? If that's not obvious by now, there is just no hope for you.”

He shakes his head, disappointed in those that cannot answer the question on their own.

Kyle Kavanagh: “It doesn't matter if you enjoy the things I say or what I go out to the ring to do. You might think I should move on, let shit go, chase other things. The thing is, I don't need you.”

He shrugs his shoulders coming so close to the camera now that only his face is in the frame. Each word slows down as he goes, and becomes quieter.

Kyle Kavanagh: “There is no drive for your recognition, praise, or admiration. You are all just an audience, which means your role is to shut up and watch it happen.”

There is a long pause and and the light behind him cuts out.

Kyle Kavanagh: “To those that see…Welcome to the show.”

Posted Image

Match Number Three
Handicap Match

Lizzie Jones & Larissa Jackson v Keegan Ryan

WINNER: Keegan Ryan

TYPE: Disqualification

MOVE: Overkill


The girls teamed up the entire match.
Keegan showed great ring awareness the whole match
Keegan landed several big moves, including Lights Out on Larissa
Lizzie dominated most of the match, keeping a quick pace.
The match was over when Lizzie Jones locked in overkill, Ryan was able to grab the ropes but Jones refused to release the hold, instead locking her legs around his neck and choking him out, calling a DQ for her team.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Ethan Thompson: You thought you saw the last of me, didn’t you? But here I am. Are you disappointed?

He’s sitting inside the locker room, holding his head in his hands, staring at the floor.

Ethan Thompson: You have all the rights to be. The deck was stacked, Jones and Jackson had the perfect opportunity to shut my mouth, once and for all. And they choked on it.

Slowly, he raises his head, still refusing to look at the camera.

Ethan Thompson: I am not denying that Ryan taking out Jones made things easier for me. I would be lying if I told you that I was expecting anything less from him. People are quite manipulable. The right words, whispered to the right ears, can go a long way. Saying this was my plan from the start would be an overstatement of my abilities anyway. It was an hazard. A gamble, to use an expression quite popular here in Las Vegas. And it paid off.

For a brief moment, it looks like his lips curved in a slight smile.

Ethan Thompson: After I leveled the playing field, it was a walk in the park taking out Jackson. That didn’t make it less satisfactory, to be honest. It’s always a nice feeling to shut some mouths. Especially a loud one like hers. I admit I didn’t pay much attention to social media in the past few days. But I think it’s fair to say that she has been surprisingly quiet. Unlike her friend Jones. So annoying, with her tough chick shtick. So quick to spew ill-concealed threats that she knows better than me, she will and could never back up. It was funny though, admittedly.

Extending his hand, he reaches inside his bag, grabbing a bottle of water and taking a short sip.

Ethan Thompson: This week, Jackson and Jones are set to team up again. In a favorable situation, yet again. The patterns repeat. Stand up against the authority, and you’ll get punished with a handicap match. At least Ryan job is not on the line. I guess what you all are asking yourself is if I feel guilty. If I plan to return the favor, helping him the way he helped me. The answer is no.

EMT tosses the bottle back in his bag and closes it, slowly standing back to his feet.

Ethan Thompson: The reason is simple. I never asked him to knock Jones out. I may have suggested it, but it was his choice. I never promised him I would have his back. We’re not brothers in arms. Ultimately, he did what he did to prove a point. To take the spotlight he thinks he deserves. I owe him nothing and, quite frankly, I don’t think he expects me to return the courtesy. Besides, I have my own match to focus on. A fatal four way, against Kavanagh, Ayano and one of the Callaghans. Don’t ask me which one, I can barely keep up with their names. And, honestly, I don’t care.

Shrugging his shoulders, he walks to the door, stopping right before opening it.

Ethan Thompson: Just like I don’t care about this match. Everybody knows that the only reason I’m here is because Sage Morgan wants to safeguard her precious toy. She’s afraid I break her. Just like I broke Bishop two weeks ago. Just like I broke Jackson last week. Jones is next. She’s only trying to delay the inevitable.

Pushing the door open, Ethan walks out of the locker room, unenthusiastic but ready for his match.

Posted Image

In the backstage area we find Melissa Reeves, in full ring attire, ready for her match to come.

Melissa: In just a few minutes I’ll be stepping through that curtain right there…

She points up ahead and the camera pans for a second, spotting a black curtain with an X taped onto it.

Melissa: ...and do battle with Rachel Redding in front of this loud and proud Las Vegas crowd. This isn’t my first match with Rachel. But it will be our first one-on-one.

Reeves swings her arms, last minute preparation.

Melissa: Often I get asked if I feel prepared before a match. My answer is always the same. Yes. Tonight is no different. Rachel is a capable competitor and I look forward to a ‘fair fight’.

She rolls her eyes at that.

Melissa: Either way, I look forward to going out there and giving the fans something to cheer for. Let’s go!

Her music begins to play and her smile grows wide as she heads to the curtain, ending the segment.

Posted Image

Match Number Four
Fatal Four Way

Kyle Kavanagh v Liam Callaghan v EMT v Merlot Ayano

WINNER: Liam Callaghan

TYPE: Pinfall

MOVE: Boston Massacre


EMT seemed uninterested in the match, targeting Liam for the entirety of his time in the ring.
Merlot held strong throughout the match, scoring two near falls.
Liam showed why he was Champion, setting the pace for the match.
EMT and Liam battled back and forth, Liam scored a near fall on EMT before he vacated the ring.
Kyle targeted anyone in his path, scoring a nearfall on Merlot and a very narrow near fall on Liam.
Liam won the match with his Boston Massacre on EMT.
Both Merlot and Kyle tried to break the pin, but only found themselves crashing into one another.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Carmen Cambridge: I've got you boo.

Carmen laughs as she speaks into her iPhone again.

Carmen Cambridge: Trust...I know you're almost ready, but I'm still holding it down at our restaurant and in the ring.

She pauses.

Carmen Cambridge: Nah, you don't want that rematch from over two years ago. I beat you then and I'll beat you now.

She laughs.

Carmen Cambridge: Whatever boo...Love you. I'll get at you later.

Carmen hangs the phone up and looks at the camera, startled.

Carmen Cambridge: Yall tryna eavesdrop on my convo with Charles 'Dead Eye' James?! It's like that now!?

The fans go crazy at the mention of the name 'Dead Eye'.

Carmen Cambridge: I'm not giving any inside info on when he'll be back, but trust me, it's sooner than you think. What I will share a lil info on is my match tonight with the MANGO himself, Mariano Fernandez. Lemme hit you with the real, Fernandez is dope in the ring, he does his thing, but lemme keep it ALL the way real when I say, he's not me. He's no Gucci Girl, and he definitely isn't the Vengeance Pro Undisputed Champion.

With a smirk, she continues.

Carmen Cambridge: Mariano likes to call himself, Da Troll Guy, right? Well I'ma troll all over him tonight when I hit him with a left, and I hit him with a right...and I ride myself to victory, Kawasaki bike...

She laughs.

Carmen Cambridge: For real though, I know this won't be a walk in the park, but it's the warm up it needs to be for Melissa Reeves and Strike Back. Tonight, my title isn't on the line, but I'mma still fight like it is. Ay Troll Guy, bring your jokes, bring your A-Game, and bring that ridiculous hair of yours, and lets TANGO out there until only one of us can answer that three count. That's always gonna be me though. Bet, boo boo.

Carmen sneers now at the camera as she walks off down the hallway.

Posted Image

Match Number Five
Triple Threat Match

Blair Kivisto v Michael Callaghan v Danni Spencer

WINNER: No Contest




Blair Kivisto suffered a severe knee injury early on in the match, the injury itself was an accident at the hands of Callaghan.
Despite wanting to continue, the medic declared her unfit and the match was called off.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The feed cuts to backstage where Kiana Masters and Camila Abrines are standing before the camera in matching white shirts that simply say “basic” across the chest over their ring gear.

Batting her eyelashes in an obnoxiously cute manner, Kiana is sucking on a blue berry-flavored lollipop while Camila dives in first with a quick, witty opener about their huge tag team match later tonight. She wastes no time to take shots at each of their opponents with a sneer. Her blonde best friend giggles and adds on to say that they’ve been on a roll since their debut and that they’re not looking to slow down yet until they’ve got the tag gold.

Camila agrees as she goes on to emphasize on the fact that till they get there, they’ll take every opportunity to humiliate the current tag champs and everyone else in their way. They both smirk as they next take turns verbally attacking The Pretty Committee, mainly calling them dumb losers.

As the segment comes to a close, Camila takes one last shot at The Pretty Committee and ends with, “You calling us basics? We’re no basics. We’re just BITCHES! Get #Cancelled!” Both throw up the L signs on their foreheads before the scene fades out.
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Match Number Six
Singles Match

Carmen Cambridge v Mariano Fernandez

WINNER: Carmen Cambridge

TYPE: Vallejo Victory Lock

MOVE: Submission


Manny held his own in the match, scoring a couple of near falls.
Carmen showed why she is the champ, setting the pace.
Manny hit Carmen with some strong combinations but couldn’t put the champ away
The competitors had a constant back and forth that thrilled and excited the fans.
Both were cheered consistently and heavily for the whole match, this was clearly fan favorite of the night.
Carmen released the hold immediately on tapping out, they shook hands after.

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Posted Image

Sage Morgan is sitting backstage in her office, when Cass Baumer bursts in. She insists that she is unfit to compete and that she cannot possibly wrestle Kaelan this show. Sage asks for medical proof and Cass explains she didn’t have time to get signed off. Sage reiterated to Cass that unless she can prove she is unfit to compete, the match will go ahead as planned.

Cass doesn’t seem happy at the news and tries to argue with Sage, but quickly realizes she won’t get anywhere so she a little too aggressively tells Sage she will be back with her “stupid” doctors note, before storming out of her office.

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Match Number Seven

Rafi Cruz v Migeru Takahashi

WINNER: Rafi Cruz

TYPE: Pinfall

MOVE: Anda Perra (superkick)


Takahashi started the match strong and kept the Blue State Champion down for a good amount of time.
Cruz was able to use some underhanded tactics to help him battle back in the match.
The Blue State Champion took to the air a few times in the match, hitting the majority of his high risk attempts.
Takahashi went for his Sweet Serenity but Cruz was able to slip out and hit the Anda Perra for the win.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Liam Callaghan is shown backstage fresh from showering and changing after his match, Abbie Carson asks him for a few words regarding his triumphant return. He tells Abbie it feels great to be back and that the win was exactly how he wanted to kick off his return to his ‘home’ fed.

Abbie comments on how he looks better than ever and she’s sure that doesn’t hurt him any when it comes to the fans. Liam looks a little abashed but laughs it off, eventually agreeing with her that he is looking the best he ever has.

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Match Number Eight
Singles Match

Melissa Reeves v Rachel Redding

WINNER: Rachel Redding

TYPE: Pinfall

MOVE: Category One


Carmen Cambridge joined commentary for the match.
Melissa was clearly distracted by her presence the whole time.
Melissa scored several near falls in the match, even locking in a hold which she broke when Carmen stood up to ‘get a better look’.
Rachel held her own against the champ.
Rachel got a near fall, but Melissa kicked out after two.
Melissa seemed to have the match won, but Carmen stood up at the table and Melissa turned to tell her to sit down, the pair shared a verbal back and forth.
Rachel capitalized on this, hitting Mel with the category one she hooked then rolled Melissa up for a close three count that saw her kick out half a second too late.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The cameras catch up with Melissa Reeves in the backstage area once more. She is sat, alone, with a towel around her neck. From her position, sat leaning on the back of her chair, she looks downward.

Melissa: It’s just more of the same, isn’t it? Once again someone thinks they can stick their nose into my business. If it’s not a sneak attack backstage then it’s some crap during a match.

She sighs and shakes her head.

Melissa: And for what, huh? Rachel beats me, but what does that prove? Nothing. One loss will hardly break me. Fact of the matter is that if you give me Rachel again, and you keep shit like what Carmen did from happening, the result will go the other way. Guaranteed.

She gives her face a quick wipe with the towel.

Melissa: So let me ask you this...is what you did supposed to anger me, Carmen? Do you want me angry? Why, why would you actively look for that? You, a subpar wrestler and a near absent champion, actually looking to enrage me?

Her face falls to a look of disbelief, before her brows furrow and her anger shows.

Melissa: Well congratulations, it worked. The bad news is that you’re exactly who I will be taking it out on when I meet you in the ring.

She shakes her head.

Melissa: You’re going to be the one who suffers my wrath. And when I pry that title from your hands, will anybody be shocked? Will anyone be surprised when Melissa Reeves steamrolls Carmen Cambridge and becomes the Vengeance Champion? I think not. Do you know why? Because I don’t take shortcuts. I don’t need to. I’m strong enough to fight with my own strength, I don’t need to resort to petty screwjobs. You have tricks. You have sneaky little tactics and ways to run away. But me? I have power, technique, precision and a toughness that far outweighs yours. So maybe you won the day today. But when I face you for that title? The day will be mine.

She scoffs, disgusted.

Melissa: Because the truth is that you’re not a champion...

Reeves stands, knocking the chair to the ground, and grabs the camera, leaning in close. She’s almost snarling as she talks.

Melissa: You’re just standing in the way of one.

She pushes the camera back again and heads off in a different direction, cutting the segment.

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Showcase Match
Tag Team Carnage; No DQ

Kiki & Camila v Pretty Committee v FSU Crew v T.E.I.N v Battleborn v The Anker

WINNER: Kiki & Camila

TYPE: Pinfall

MOVE: Krushkrushkrush — Cartwheel jumping high knee (Kiki on Anker)


The match was a battle that spilled from the ring to the arena floor.
FSU Crew and the Pretty Committee ended up battling through the crowd.
Battleborn had a poor showing as former champions
Kiki and Camila looked sharp throughout hitting multiple tag team moves.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Cass is shown backstage in the medics office, where is quietly arguing with head medic, her friend Lyric Night, Cass is trying to plead her case as to why she can’t wrestle, but Lyric gently reminds her that she can’t refuse her competition any more than she can clear someone who isn’t fit.

Cass seems a little upset, but Lyric explains she could lose her job. Cass insists that she isn’t doing anything wrong, she really is hurt and she just wants to be at her best when she faces Tolson. Lyric reaffirms that unless Cass can tell her why she believes she isn’t fit to compete, Lyric will have to clear her for tonight’s main Event.

Cass says she will be back in a little while before she sprints out of the medics office, leaving Night looking confused at her sudden exit.

Posted Image

Main Event
Singles Match

Kaelan Quinn v Dick Stronghold w/ Cass Baumer

WINNER:Kaelan Quinn

TYPE: Pinfall

MOVE: Price Paid


Kaelan made very light work of the local amateur
She remained respectful the entire match, even giving Dick some encouragement.
Despite the questionable scenario, Kaelan still put on a great, albeit quick match.
After the match, Cass stayed on the outside, smirking up at Kaelan.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Kaelan’s music plays after her victory, but Kaelan doesn’t celebrate. Instead she walks over to the side of the ring and beckons to the ring announcer for their microphone. They oblige her and she politely thanks them before heading to the center of the ring and placing the mic up to her lips.

Kaelan Quinn: “Nah. Nah. Nah. Nah. Cut the music. Please. NOW.”

The music abruptly comes to an end. She shakes her head in the ring and looks down at the mat before rolling her eyes and looking back up.

Kaelan Quinn: “Now for weeks I have tried to show patience. I have tried to let things go. Hell I have tried my hardest not to let the CWC United States Champion Cass Baumer bother me. I mean I could have burned her house and her life to ashes after she threw pepper into my face. I could have destroyed her when she spread lies and rumors about me and my lad on her fake news Baumer Reports. No. I didn’t. Instead I’ve been focusing on being the best competitor I can be.”

Kaelan pauses for a moment. She’s clearly frustrated.

Kaelan Quinn: “Now. I haven’t demanded anything from anyone. I’ve always shown up and done what’s asked of me, yeah? I wrestle who the card tells me to wrestle, and win or lose I take the outcome for what it is. So now Cass Baumer went from nearly blinding me, to completely ducking me altogether. Replaced my opponent with a local star, who deserves all the recognition in the world, but wasn’t on my level. As I said I’ll face whoever I’m told to wrestle. It was an honor to face one of Las Vegas’ own, and you probably gave me a better match than Cass Baumer would have anyways.”

Kaelan chuckled to herself and then waved her hands in the air waving it all off before continuing to speak.

Kaelan Quinn: “So good. I showed up. I did my thing. I won. Now I want my hands on Cass. I beat her replacement and thus I feel after I was nearly blinded, and I beat whoever was sent out here in Cass place. It’s like I beat Cass, right? So if I just pinned the equivalent if not better than the CWC United States Champion, wouldn’t it make logical sense that I’ve more than earned my right to be added to Cass Baumer vs Sam Tolson next show for the CWC United States Championship. What do you say guys, does that sound about right?”

The fans cheer loudly and Kaelan grins and nods her head in agreement with them before trying to calm the crowd.

Kaelan Quinn: “Well. I was going to ask Sage Morgan about this anyways. So no better time than the present. Sage would you please come out here. I’m not making any demands. I’m asking. I’m also not demanding I be added to the match, but I am asking you very nicely. I’ve been a good lass for you. Come on. You know you want to agree to this. Imagine it now. Me doing what Cass Baumer was unable to do. Keep the Vengeance Pro Hardcore Championship, AND hold the CWC United States Champion. I know you’re tired of a coward representing this whole brand Sage. I’ve proven I’m not a coward. I have proven I will face every challenger and I will do it with more integrity than Cass has in her entire being. So what do you say?”

Just then Sage Morgan’s music hits and she walks out onto the stage with the mic in hand. The fans cheer and Kaelan smiles walking over towards the ropes facing the entrance ramp. She leans on them waiting for the music to die and for Sage to put the mic to her lips to speak.

Sage Morgan: “Kaelan. I’ve got a lot of things to do tonight. So I’m going to make this short and sweet. You’re asking that in light of recent events you want to be added to Cass Baumer’s next title defense against Sam Tolson? You’ve made great points in your argument as to why you should be, and honestly I don’t have any care for trying to poke holes in it. So Kaelan? Consider yourself added to the match. Don’t let Vengeance Pro down!”

Kaelan grins from ear to ear as she nods her head. She puts the mic up to her lips and says a simple “Thank You” to Sage as Sage nods her head and heads backstage. Kaelan’s theme hitting throughout the arena once again as she grabs her Vengeance Pro Hardcore Championship and jumps in excitement, celebrating her victories here tonight as the cameras go elsewhere.

Posted Image

Cass who disappeared backstage after the match is moving through the halls, she seems to be in a hurry, looking for Sage Morgan who just confirmed that Kaelan will now be competing for the US Championship alongside Cass and Tolson. As she comes around the corner, she all but runs into a huge hulking figure.

She steps back nervously, before laughing slightly as she sees it’s the same masked figure who helped her out last week, she lets out a dramatic sigh and laughs again.

Cass Baumer: Oh it’s you, for a minute I was worried-

Before she can finish her sentence, she is slammed face first into the wall, the masked man has a handful of her hair and bounces her head off the wall a couple more times before throwing her to the floor, he slams his boot down against her throat and pins her there, pulling off his mask he reveals…


Cass’ eyes go wide as Gabe pulls his foot back and leans down, yanking her head back hard he bounces it off the floor as his lips press close to her ear, whispering to her something only she can hear. Cass looks terrified as he looms over her, her wide eyes and paled complexion the last thing we see as the scene fades out to the Vengeance Pro logo.

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