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Campo De Batalla #8
Topic Started: Jan 12 2018, 02:39 PM (126 Views)
Michael Kelly
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CAMPO DE BATALLA #8: Hello Pegorino, Goodbye Campo De Batalla!! Go Home Show.

WEDNESDAY - January 10, 2018

The brand-new General Manager of ACM, Lara Pegorino, is seen walking backstage. She gives friendly, courteous nods and handshakes to all the crew and personnel she comes across. Her smile is professional, yet pleasant and the way the crew automatically seem to bow their head as she addresses them is a tell-tale sign that she is a woman who commandeers respect.

As she enters the corridor leading up to her GM Office, a tall young blonde girl immediately clings to her. She is known among the ACM faithful as Angelica Vaughn, five foot ten cat lover extraordinaire and scheduled to compete in an important title match later on.
Unbeknownst to the casual viewer however, Angelica and Lara have history; with the latter refusing to hire Angelica early on in her career, it seems like now the rookie has found herself fighting in a Lara-governed roster after all.

Angelica: Lara, hiiiiii!

She says it almost sheepishly. Lara halts, and looks at Angie, who is slightly taller than her.

Lara: Angelica. I was wondering when you’d show up.

Angelica: Thanks! I guess… I just wanted to say that I’m really glad you’re here. I know you didn’t want to hire me early on in my career because you didn’t think I had the ‘IT’ factor and that I was too inexperienced, but…

Lara: You were a danger to yourself, Angelica. What were you thinking, stepping into a wrestling ring without even a minute of training? This is serious business, you could’ve gotten yourself killed and it wasn’t going to happen under my watch!

Angelica shuffles her feet uncomfortably. She knows Lara is right.

Angelica: I know! I know… But I’ve come a long way since, right?

Lara takes a deep breath and then smiles.

Lara: You have. You really have. I can’t deny that.

Angelica: See? I told you I’d make it. Well, I haven’t exactly ‘made it’, but I’m getting there! Which is why I wanted to thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me tonight in my match against Julie. I’ll do my best for the company as I always do and try to come out on top!

Lara: I don’t doubt it. You’ve worked hard, you earned this. Now… go out there, get me ratings and make us all some money, okay? Best of luck!

Angelica: Thanks! I will!

Lara pats Angie on the shoulder and walks past her. Angelica keeps staring at Lara for a while before clenching her hands into a fist and walking off, muttering under her breath.

Angelica: I can do this!


Both Ymir and The Fabulous Furuya stand in the center of the ring and shake hands. Ocampos quickly releases his hold on her hand, smacking it away as she shoots for a tie-up that Furuya swiftly ducks under, mocking her with a spank on the buttocks. Now shooting for his legs, Furuya leapfrogs over her and smacks her on the back, gyrating his hips in a goofy way that seems to anger the young Ymir. A Japanese arm drag by Ymir sends Furuya's side slamming to the canvas. Lifting him up by his silver mohawk, Ymir tosses him over to the corner.

Running with a head full of steam, Ocampos flys in with a forearm but Furuya once again evades the stiff shot. A stiff chop across the chest of Ocampos sees her clutching for dear life before Furuya lays her back for yet another chop. Grabbing his arm before he connects, Ymir whips him around, turning the tables on him as she starts to land clean face and midsection shots that make even the commentators cringe up. Realizing that she might not break after the five count, the official tries to step in and separate the two, giving Furuya enough time to climb atop the middle rope and leap back with a reverse hurricanrana that spikes Ymir's head into the canvas. The fabulous one takes a few steps back before nailing Ocampos in the back of the head with a Grounded corkscrew kick. For reassurance, he drags her toward the center of the ring and begins to climb up to the high rent district, Jumping off the top with the always beautiful FABULOUS FINALE (Phoenix Splash). Furuya hooks the leg to get the three count.

Winners: Furuya via Pinfall

“The Class Act” Issak Otto waits on the streets of Mexico, at a vendor for street tacos. He’s been practicing his Spanish and thinks he can finally reach the people.

Issak Otto: Uno taquito…

Issak paused, though it was clear he would be continuing.

Street Tacos: Si…

Issak Otto: And, uno amigo.

The man working the taco truck looked at Issak with a confused look on his face.

Street Tacos: Como?

Issak Otto: Uno taquito y uno amigo?

The guy thought about what was exactly being asked of him, before turning to the other worker in the back of the truck. He pointed at Issak and laughed.

Street Taco: Pinche’ gringo

Issak frowned, walking away without his taquito, unsure if he was even ordering correctly. He placed his hands in his pockets, walking up the street.

Issak Otto: As many have seen, my search for friends in 2018 has gone as planned just yet. I made a lot of new friends in 2017 and I am, how you say - stoked on that! So many good people come from CWC, and I’m happy to be involved in a small family of friends.

He smiles brightly for a moment, but it soon disappears.

Issak Otto: Mexico still refuses to join me in friendship, but I know by representing ACM, and doing these people proud, they’ll come to enjoy my friendship! I’m even being given the opportunity of competing in the Jax Barnett Invitational, which makes me so excite! I’m not sure what awaits me after this invitational, but I know I want to make it to the end. This is just a qualifying match, and bottom line, I NEED to make it into this invitational. I NEED to get past this qualifying round. Then I can prove to the people of Mexico that I mean what I say, I’m here to stay, and I’m always down to play!
He pauses, leaning on a nearby car.

Issak Otto: Oh hey! That rhymed!

Without warning, the car moves, running over the taco stand. Issak grimaces, frowning, as the people behind him panic.



The bout starts out at a fast pace, both Andre and El Forastero running circles around the veteran Azul. A low kick by Forastero sees The Lucha Legend stumble a bit before El Viento nails Azul with a flurry of kicks, the two take a second and land a double superkick that sends him flying over the top rope. Andre and El Forastero celebrate for a moment before realizing that they're still staring into the eyes of an opponent. A double forearm to each other's jaw sees neither luchador waver, with both wrestlers leaping up for a respected dropkick that hits nothing but the air.

After a few minutes of trading strikes back and forth, missing the majority of them, El Forastero whips Andre toward the ropes as El Heroe begins reeling up to his feet over on the outside. Instead of rebounding off of the ropes, El Viente decides to tope over the ropes and land on the veteran, Azul. It is right there where he makes a huge mistake that costs him greatly as the much larger Azul grabs ahold of Andre and drops him over on the outside padding with a modified version of TRUENO AZUL (Blue Thunder Bomb). The crowd pops at the great feat of strength displayed by Azul, but before anyone knew it, OUT COMES FORASTERO FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE AND LANDING ATOP THE HEAD OF EL HEROE, the two crashing over on the outside!!

Later on in the match, Azul begins to stand tall as the man in charge, whipping both Andre and El Forastero toward the ropes, the two luchadors attempt some type of handspring maneuver but Azul just catches the both of them in his gigantic arms, Tossing them neck first with his patented German Suplex. Bridging them both, El Heroe gets the three count and then some.

Winners: El Heroe Azul via Pinfall

Posted Image


Wren Sweet, Marty Parker, Claire Rogers and Andi Michaels on one side. Adam Webb, Reventon, Jesse Parker and Ximena Asensio on the other. With regular teams divided and many people having unfinished business with one another, the match is intense and fiery from the very beginning.

Andi and Ximena seem to kick things off. They engage in a lock-up in the middle of the ring and the taller and more powerful Ximena overpowers Andi, forcefully shoving her back into her own corner. There, Claire immediately extends her hand, begging for a tag so she can get in the ring with her usual tag partner. Andi smirks and tags her friend in, who quickly enters through the ropes and charges at Ximena. But the tall Asensio easily sidesteps and grabs Claire from behind, bringing her down with a belly to back suplex. Ximena grabs Claire by the shorts and effortlessly lifts her up with one hand, smoothly transitioning it into a gorilla press that stuns the crowd. She walks over to her own corner and carelessly drops Claire to the mat below. Her team seems to enjoy the show, Reventon especially who is excitedly hopping up and down on the apron. Ximena points at him and he nods. She tags him in and Reventon immediately seeks to go to the air and Ximena provides an assist. She goes to sit on the turnbuckle and Reventon mounts her shoulders, before jumping off and hitting Claire with an impressive splash before going for the cover. After having some trouble hooking Claire’s leg, he gets the pin in.



Andi rushes in and breaks up the pin, while both Wren and Marty scold her for not getting the upper hand. As Claire comes to her senses, she flips them both off and turns around; but is immediately met with Reventon who rams his head into her stomach. Reventon wants to charge again, but this time Claire manages to reverse it into an armdrag. She immediately drags Reventon over to her corner and tags herself out… by slapping Marty across the face! The Parker Bro seems furious but as they bicker, it gives Reventon time to recover and retreat to his own corner, where he tags in Adam Webb. As Marty goes into the ring, Adam immediately wants to go for a Superman’s Cape, but Marty rolls through, dodging it. Adam is met with some knife chops as Marty works him over and is driven into the hostile corner. Wren immediately takes her tag rope and wraps it around Adam’s throat, not having forgotten last week’s offense at her address. The referee goes in for the count and it’s not until Andi forces Wren to release that she does so. Wren seems none too pleased, but when Claire backs Andi up, she has no choice but to let the issue go… for now.

In the ring, Marty has the clear upper hand over Adam now, He pushes Adam into the ropes and nails him with a superkick that sends him down to the mat. Claire shouts at him to go for the cover, but all that does is distract Marty, allowing Adam to roll him up with an inside cradle!



Marty kicks out. He gets up straight away, but is none too pleased. He walks over to his own corner and gets in Claire’s face, asking him what that was about! Andi tries to calm her friend down, who seems ready to thump Marty, but once again the distractin allows Adam to recover and get back to his own corner, tagging in Jesse Parker! Andi sees it and immediately tags herself in. She hops onto the top rope, springboarding off of it and hits Jesse with a beautiful tornado DDT that rocks the ring. She immediately goes for the cover!



Ximena comes in and breaks up the pin. As the referee tries to push her out of the ring, Wren Sweet slips inside and hits Jesse with a vicious kick to the face. Claire applauds her for it, but Marty doesn’t seem too pleased. He shoves Claire, who shoves him right back while Wren keeps kicking away at Jesse and Andi looks on, not knowing if she should join in or not.

Eventually, the shoving contest between Claire and Marty devolves into a fistfight and it spills to the outside. As the referee turns around, he sees Wren and Andi assaulting Jesse. Reventon and Adam Webb don’t stand for it and they both enter the ring, to fight them off. Ximena has no choice but to follow and it doesn’t take long before there’s a three on three slugfest in the middle of the ring, all resemblance of a properly officiated match out of the window.
Ximena hits Jesse with a Burning Hammer.
Andi hits Ximena with a Fighter Down.
Adam Webb hits Andi with The Punch Line.
Wren Sweet hits Adam Webb with an elevated jawbreaker.
It’s only Wren and Reventon now. She hits him with a low enzuiguiri, and she alone stands tall in the middle of the ring. With Claire and Marty still brawling on the outside, the referee has seen enough and throws the match, declaring it a no contest for all involved after failing to maintain order.

Winners: No Contest

A small video package begins playing on the small screen as the crowd is going bananas. Just then the Canadian flag appears on the screen as a voice comes through the speakers.

Voice: Buckle your seat belts. Prepare your mind. For the Strongest Man in Canada is coming to Mexico. The trophies are getting shined up and the train is coming.

The voice cuts out as a picture of Ike Travers appears with coming soon written underneath.

Posted Image


The match starts with Tokugawa missing the lock up and Issak's punch is a fakeout to slap Tokugawa on the wrists, inaudible saying something referring to his imprisonment. Tokugawa replies with an icy stare that Issak responds with a staring contest between the two, winning it and celebrates to be clotheslined from behind by Tokugawa. Ryu follows up by pulling Otto up and sends him into the ring post, bringing a smile to his face.

He debuts an STF within the ring ropes for a near five count before clotheslining Otto out of the ring. Otto turns the table by outrunning the Japanese star around half of the ring before turning around and legmares Tokugawa into a single legged boston crab.

Returning to the ring, Otto picks apart the leg with dropkicks and chop blocks along with leg stretches but gets one of his elbow drops to the knee reversed into a rear naked choke. Issak frees himself from the body scissors and back rolls out of it to twirl his moustache for the crowd for his classy escape. Tokugawa grabs Issak in a headlock before plucking a couple of the moustache hairs and feeds them to Otto himself before a ripcord discus elbow for a near fall. After spitting out the hair, Tokugawa lands an enziguri to knock Otto into the ropes before an Alabama slam for another two count.

Tokugawa's temper flares up as he verbally talks down to the official in Japanese. Otto comes into a comeback with a lucha inspired counter to the piledriver: back body drop into a neck snap and then back rolls to stand at Tokugawa's feet for an inverted boston crab.

Tokugawa crawls with his power to the ring ropes, nearly, as Issak gives a loud "NOPE" and scurries him back to the center of the ring and then transitions quickly and seemlessly into the Class Action. The bridging crossface harder for Tokugawa to move with thanks to Issak's strong legs and relunctantly taps out as the nose is wrenched upwards to start a trickle of blood coming out.

Winner: Issak Otto via Pinfall

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Ignition 05


The two teams are assembled in the ring and there's little debate over who is going to start. Cortez steps up to the plate and Dios del Mal meets the big man with his size advantage over him. Cortez doesn't back down from the larger opponent and throws closed fists at the masked beast's face! Mal is rocked but he shoves Cortez back into the ropes, scooping him up on the rebound. Cortez slips down his back and tosses the Beast with a German suplex! Mal is quickly on his feet, startling Cortez! Mal runs through Cortez with a monstrous clothesline and tosses him into his team's corner, tagging in Lucia Guerrera. Guerrera stomps away at Cortez in the corner and lights him up with chops. She tries to whip him out of the corner but Cortez isn't going anywhere. Mal clocks him upside the head and Guerrera is able to drag him into a drop toe hold. She hits the ropes and a dropkick upside the head for a two-count.

Guerrera heads to the top and flies with a diving hurricanara but Cortez catches her and drops her with a sit-out powerbomb! 1...2...Kick-out! Cortez makes a quick tag to Adolfo "The Truth" Santana. Santana comes in and ducks a clothesline from Guerrera, runs her chest-first into the ropes, and yanks her back into a cradle! 1...2...Kick-out! Guerrera grabs Santana in a front facelock and finds herself launched over with a Northern Lights Suplex! 1...2...Kick-out! Guerrera rushes to tag in Mal and he catches a running crossbody from Santana before slamming him into the canvas! Mal makes the cover! 1...2...Cortez breaks it up! Guerrera comes back into the ring and Cortez side-steps her, tossing her right back out! Mal attacks Cortez from behind but Santana attacks him from behind! Truth and Cortez overwhelm Mal, shooting him off the ropes and into Truth and Consequences (Flapjack into Codebreaker)! Santana has the cover on Mal! 1...2...3!

Winner: Truth & Cortez via Pinfall

Before the next match kicks off, the crowd are addressed by Lara Pegorino. She walks out to the ring and takes center stage. She’s holding a black velvet bag under her arm and a microphone in another. When the crowd are done cheering, she smiles and starts talking.

Lara: When I was asked to become the General Manager of Alianza Campeonato Mexicano, I considered it to be a great honor. Working under the CWC banner is a dream true for me, even if my in-ring days are behind us. This enormous roster is incredibly talented from top to bottom and I would consider it a shame that in such a large pool, recognition would only come to a very select few. While being a champion is and should always be a privilege reserved for the very best a company has to offer, the raw plethora of talent at ACM has made it clear that there is a shortage of titles on hand.

The crowd whistle, starting to realize what is happening.

Lara: Mexican wrestling has always been the gold standard around the world. It has been the cradle of some of the greatest highfliers and technical wrestlers in history. The colorful, eye-catching style and fashion of lucha libre have conquered hearts around the globe, well and truly crossing not just borders, but entire continents. It is therefore my privilege to announce to all of you…

She reaches into the bag and retrieves a title belt under rapturous applause. She has to raise her voice to make herself heard.

Lara: THE ACM INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPIONSHIP! The holder of this title will be the embodiment of Mexican wrestling, a representative of everything that ACM stands for, and will carry this message and these values over to the outside world… across the continents and all over the globe.

Lara drapes the title over her own shoulder. Not as a self-coronation, obviously, but for convenience’s sake.

Lara: Expect more news on this title soon. As for now, enjoy the rest of the show!


Julie and Angelica were in the ring ready to start the match and as the bell rang, Julie got the early advantage with a series of kicks to the body of Angelica. It didn’t take long though for Angelica to fire back after catching a kick by Julie and delivering a dragon screw legwhip. Angelica would begin working on the head and neck area of her opponent locking in a Rear naked choke that caused Julie to scramble to the ropes to force a break. Angelica would look to hit a bicycle kick, but Julie had it scouted and quickly caught Angelica with a schoolboy for a two count. After the kickout, Julie would continue to try different pinning combinations from an Okana roll, to a victory roll, and ending with a backslide all resulting in a two count. Julie would then look for a Death Valley Driver, but Angelica countered out of it and into a DDT before locking in an STF. Julie at one point looked about ready to tap from the hold, but eventually managed to make it to the bottom rope. As soon as Angelica released the hold, Julie rolled to the outside. When Angelica went to press the advantage she had, at the top of the ramp, Voidstar showed up and Angelica couldn’t help but to turn and look at her longtime nemesis. Voidstar begins walking down the ramp as Angelica screams at him. This distraction gives Julie enough time to get back into the ring and hit Angelica with the Total Eclipse and the three count for the win.

Winner: Julie Carter via Pinfall (AND STILL)

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OWF Unit 1: Brand New Hostilities


At the start of the match, Alfie and Dayna are in the ring with their partners standing on the apron yelling for the two in the ring to get things started. Alfie and Dayna look at one another and then the action begins. Dayna gets the upper hand with a waist lock into a takedown before she hits the ropes and delivers a running dropkick to Alfie. The two continue to battle with Dayna looking strong as goes for a Tilt-A-Whirl DDT, Alfie throws her off and delivers a German suplex. He continues his assault locking in a crossface chicken wing that causes Damien to come in and break up the submission attempt. The two begin to exchange punches once they are back to their feet and then, they both hit the ropes and deliver stereo crossbody blocks to each other. The two competitors crawl towards their corner and both make the tag. Damien and Bethany both come into the ring much to the delight of the crowd. The two look at each other for a few minutes before Damien rolls out of the ring, picks Dayna up off the floor and puts her onto the ring apron before sliding in and reaching over the top rope and tagging Dayna back into the match and stepping out while rolling her back into the middle of the ring for Bethany. Bethany picks Dayna up and delivers the Bethany Driver and covers her for the three count.

Winner: Alfie Craddock & Bethany Driver via Pinfall

A scene opens of the newly acquired talent from California, Stephen J.Eversol with a giant grin on his face as he sits in his dining room with a bottle of tequila and a plate full of carne asada tacos in front of him.

“See? I'm all ready for Mexico.”

For those not familiar with Eversol this is kind of his gimmick, an arrogant and alcoholic asshole that borders and sometimes crosses into being downright offensive.

“I've never been much of a tequila person but people love this shit down there.”

Stephen opens up the bottle and pours himself a shot. He holds the glass up to the camera and takes the shot.

“Well, shit. That's not half bad.”

Stephen looks at the bottle impressed. I suppose he's impressed with how fast he's feeling the alcohol coursing through his veins.

“Fuck it. I'm having another.”

He pours another shot for himself, once again holds up the glass and downs it. Stephen shakes his head the same way most people do when taking a shot of liquor.

“God damn. That's pretty good. No wonder people love this shit.”

Eversol chuckles as he looks at the bottle approvingly.

“Oh shit? Where was I? Oh, that's right! I'm ready to head to Mexico. I mean I wish I could go now and not have to wait anymore. But it's all good. I suppose it leaves me more time to drink some good ass tequila and go to town on some tacos. I mean, who doesn't love a nice, hot taco?”

Stephen winks, subtly but visibly as everyone knows what it is he means.

“But I digress, I mean I'm just happy to be headed to a place that sought me out and knows what I bring to the table. They know I'm the fuckin’ franchise and the one they can put all of their money behind. I mean, it's no secret why I'm being saved for that big show on the 24th.”

Stephen flashes a cheese-eating grin to the camera.

“I know it's a shame I can't step into the ring this week and grace all of the Mexican chicas with my presence. But only one more week, ladies. In the meantime I'll be enjoying eating your hot, creamy tacos. Mmmm. They look so good.”

Stephen picks up a taco from the plate and takes a bite. He closes his eyes and savors it, shaking his head as he seems enjoy it.

“Alright, now get the hell out of here. A man likes to enjoying eating tacos in privacy.”

Stephen motions for the camera man to leave as he takes another bite, savoring it in the same over the top way before the scene fades to black.

MAIN EVENT: Champions vs Contenders

The bell sounds and AP steps forward demanding that Alyssa start for her team. Harley checks with Alyssa and the ACM Champion has no problem showing just why she is the face of ACM. They lock up and AP locks in a rough headlock on the champ. Alyssa buries elbows into AP's ribs and shoves her into the ropes only to eat a shoulder block that knocks Drew off her feet. AP hits the ropes again. Drew nips up to her feet and catches AP with a dropkick! Drew makes the cover and AP is off her shoulders before two! The former champion scores with a closed fist. AP hits No Love Loss (double knee backbreaker into bridging crossface)! Drew squirms around, catching AP with a cradle! 1...2...Kick-out! AP sends Alyssa into the corner and follows after. Drew catches herself and turns right into AP and the two crack heads!
AP stumbles into her corner where Arlo tags himself in. The Azteca hopeful jumps into the ring just as Harley reaches in to tag off Drew. Arlo rushes Harley on the apron and the champ ducks under the top rope to drive his shoulder into Arlo's midsection! Harley slingshots over the ropes onto Arlo's shoulders with a hurricanrana! He immediately goes for his Tornado DDT off the ropes but Arlo throws him off! Harley lands on wobbling legs and V-Trigger knee from Arlo lays him out! Arlo covers! 1...2...Kick-out! Arlo nails Harley with kicks and whips him into the corner but Harley reverses! Arlo jumps onto the middle turnbuckle, turns and jumps off with a blockbuster! Another cover! 1...2...Kick-out! Arlo goes for his rope assisted piledriver but Harley fights out of it! KICK STAND (Pele Kick)! Harley has the cover! 1...2...AP throws Harley off!
Drew comes into the ring and the referee is quick to cut her off! AP halts her exit and catches Harley with the Price Check (Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick)! She throws Arlo onto Harley and exits the ring. Drew pushes past the referee and races across the ring to dropkick AP off the apron! 1...2...Drew breaks up the pin attempt Arlo didn't even realize he was doing! Drew gets back on the apron and Harley crawls his way towards her only for Arlo to grab him by the foot. Harley fights up and throws an enzuigiri but Arlo ducks! Harley lands on his foot and Arlo drops his foot, buries a knee into his spine and Reverse Spike Ranas him into the canvas! Harley is barely to his feet when he gets SUPERKICKED! Arlo collapses and Harley flies back into the turnbuckle where Drew conveniently can make the tag!
The ACM Champion is back in the ring, but AP is up and pissed! She dives into the ring and goes right after Drew with a spear! The two women brawl with closed fists all while the referee tries to tear them apart! AP rakes Drew's eyes and a one-woman flapjack drops her face-first into the canvas! AP heads to the top rope and flies with the Price is Right (450 Splash) only for Drew to roll aside! Drew soars over AP with a flipping cutter that flattens the former champion! Arlo flies with a crossbody that takes a surprised Drew down for 1...2...Kick-out! Drew looks for a double chicken wing but Arlo runs her throat-first into the ropes at the same time Harley throws a kick from the apron that cracks Arlo in the face! Both legal participants are out of it but Arlo stumbles right into Drew who catches him with a Tiger Suplex! She falls into the cover! 1...2...3!

Winner: Harley Torres & Alyssa Drew

Aria realizes her frustration has just caused the challengers their match, so she heads to Arlo who is clutching at his neck and quickly helps him out of the ring. Both Harley and Alyssa have a handshake and raise their titles up high, sharing a quick embrace before climbing up the middle ropes and celebrating their victory. AP and Rosabel watch on, shaking their heads as the show fades to black.

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