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Konrad's cutting weight diet preparations for CWC Junior Heavyweight tournament
Topic Started: Jan 16 2018, 12:29 PM (118 Views)
Konrad Raab
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"The Iceman"
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OOC: These are scenes of Konrad being on a cutting weight diet for the CWC Junior Heavyweight tournament in two weeks time. I've been planning this since August for Konrad to step into this division. By the way you may see stuff about the Trios Tournament talked about, not to confuse anybody, that's in Supreme Championship Wrestling who also got a Trios Tournament coming up. I made some edits because some parts of the RP weren't relevant to the posts I'll do here. Enjoy reading these scenes.

Discussions with Fizz about preparing for the Trios Tournament and the secret tournament. Anaheim, California. Sunday 14th January. (Off camera)

It's ten at night where Konrad and his pregnant wife Fizz had spent the whole day, playing and in Konrad's case, taking his kids out to the playground to run around for four hours as he never really got the chance to be with his kids as often as he'd liked, but at the same time, he'd much prefer working over staying at home, doing nothing as he could never see himself retiring from this sport as of yet as there's no reason for him to do so.

He sits on his bed, thinking about the Trios tournament, but there's something else Konrad's hiding from Fizz and she spotted it when he was staring into space when he looked up at the ceiling, clearly having something on his mind as she places her hand on his face, waving up and down until Konrad blinks.

Fizz Raab: “What's wrong?”

Konrad Raab: “Oh nothing.”

Fizz Raab: “Don't lie, Konrad, I can see it in your face your hiding something from me.”

Konrad Raab: “The only thing I care about right now is you carrying my baby, feeling more and more in love with the fact although it was never meant to happen, I never regret I turned into another man to do what I did to you.”

Fizz Raab: “You was thinking about wrestling, weren't you?”

Konrad Raab: “Ja.”

Fizz Raab: “You told me this morning you were preparing for SCW Trios Tournament, but I got a suspicion you were thinking more than that and Angelica Jones match.”

Konrad Raab: “I was.”

Fizz Raab: “What was it you thought about just a while ago?”

Konrad Raab: “You know how bad I want to see where I go with the Junior Heavyweight division?”

Fizz Raab: “Yes.”

Konrad Raab: “I saw an advertisement on twitter from Championship Wrestling Coalition, stating they are doing a Junior Heavyweight tournament starting from 2nd February until 3rd February and I signed the dotted line to do it. Problem is because I didn't know what the weight restriction was, I weigh fifteen pounds over.”

Fizz Raab: “You need to go on a strict cutting weight diet?”

Konrad Raab: “Ja I do.”

This got Fizz extremely worried as she knew the methods he would take to get there, especially she know how extreme Konrad would get with the weight cutting method approach, more so she saw so many MMA fighters cut weight dangerously and he had two weeks to lose fifteen pounds which isn't going to be easy to do, but at the same time, she knew how much Konrad wanted to achieve his dreams as she says this.

Fizz Raab: “While I know how bad you want to be the Junior Heavyweight champion, this scares me because of the methods you'd take. Like the time I caught you using laxatives to lose weight and that's not the way to do it, nor does overextend your training and not eating.”

Konrad Raab: “But I want to see how I do because I know if I retired today, I doubt it for the rest of my life if I could be successful in the division if I could've been a Junior Heavyweight champion or what if I vary my wrestling moves.”

Fizz Raab: “And I get that, but I'm worried you'll take drastic risks to cut weight, especially in the two-week frame. You're not listening to me, are you?”

Konrad Raab: “I am. Tell me how I cut weight correctly?”

Fizz Raab: “Obviously you're on a vegetarian diet so that makes things easier, but you need to drink a heck a lot of water, more than usual except three days before the tournament itself. Cutting out any starchy, sugar and fruit foods is another thing so basically, you'd only eat a lot of protein and fat especially eating a lot of leafy vegetables and salmon.”

Konrad was listening very hard to his wife, more so he gets notepad and paper to write down everything he's been told to do to ease off the worries Fizz has when Konrad's cutting weight as she waits for him to stop writing before she says more.

Fizz Raab: “If you can, take hot baths, but hot showers can work as well as the more you sweat, the more you lose water. I suggest for you, seeing you're in shape, do gym work four times a week as you need to rest from cardio work you'll do a lot which I suggest to do for half an hour to an hour max, but at the same time, lift some weights as well to not lose as much muscle.”

Konrad nods his head as he listens to Fizz on her advice. Of course, she knew the advice she gave him was only a guideline as she's not a professional, but she certainly knows she'll do something about that when it comes to get Konrad a personal trainer and a dietitian just for this particular cutting weight diet he'll be on. After he's written everything, he gives Fizz a kiss.

Konrad Raab: “Danke”

Fizz Raab: “You're welcome. When are you gonna start this diet?”

Konrad Raab: “Tomorrow.”

Fizz Raab: “You promise me you'll take Mattheus to AMA Supercross race on Saturday, doing no gym work?”

Konrad Raab: “Ja.”

Fizz has her thumbs up as Konrad obviously needed to have three days off from training, although he still has to drink lots of water and eating a very strict food sources he must stick to in order to drop fifteen pounds in two weeks. It would've been a demanding task if it was a week, but it was in two weeks he had to lose it as Konrad says this.

Konrad Raab: “I still have to wrestle other opponents this week so it's more than enough matches as apart of not only cutting weight but also preparing to be in the Trios tournament since you know how much fun I had with it last year.”

Fizz Raab: “I hope you achieve those things, proving people wrong once again, you can evolve and be a champion who's won a heavyweight, hardcore, and Junior Heavyweight belts.”

Konrad Raab: “Also winning the Trios tournament would be an icing on the cake if I'm selected. Thank you for your great advice, I will take everything you said on board as I've written down everything on the notepad.”

Fizz Raab: “You need to get some sleep as that's another thing you'll need to do is to sleep as that also helps you lose weight too. Love you.”

Konrad Raab: “Love you too.”

Fizz and Konrad kissed each other on the lips as Fizz touches Konrad's body due to most likely seeing it for the last time until Friday as he had to get up to fly to many areas as he did come back from Las Vegas to thank Sin City Wrestling staff for helping Lord Raab and Samuel get their careers kicked off, making them famous as Konrad already falls asleep as Fizz turns the lights off and falls asleep herself.


Day two of weight cutting and talking to Adrenaline Rush about Konrad's weight cutting diet. Memphis, Tennessee. Tuesday 16th February. (Off Camera)

Konrad found a gym nearby where he was camping for the entire time he's cutting weight where he could get time to start his second day of cutting weight so he could make the two zero five mark to compete for the Junior Heavyweight title contenders tournament in Championship Wrestling Coalition in two weeks time. Of course, he started yesterday, doing four hours of gym work with rests and drinking water in between.

It was a very different side of Konrad who followed everything Fizz told him to do on cutting weight in the safest way possible as he wanted so badly to achieve something none of his family could ever do. Konrad was sweating a lot, even dripping from his forehead on the amount of cardio work he's done in the gym.

Of course a trainer seems to be looking on towards what Konrad's doing as it was clear Fizz found a trainer to keep an eye on him to not overdo training he's supposed to do as he's lifting weights to still gain the muscle he had as if he didn't, he'd lose muscle in his body. It was all going well yesterday when he started, but also again today where he's doing everything he can to lose fifteen pounds.

At the same time, it was going for six hours now with Konrad knowing he'd had to stop, but he had no reason to up to that point, until Adrenaline Rush looking for every gym around for Konrad as they were told by Fizz he was camping and most likely find him in the gym as Tyler shouts out while Konrad shouts to breathe each weight he lifts.

Tyler Tucker: “Konrad.”

Konrad looks around and sees Tyler and Craig standing to watch him work out as he stops, being out of breath as he picks up his shirt to lean against the wall, allowing sweat drip down from his forehead as he was completely covered with sweat, even had to take his shirt off during the workout as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “Give me a minute.”

It's crazy to do six hours of gym time as it was clear Konrad had overextended time in the gym, but he did take breaks and drink a lot of water as he turned around and sat down on the bench to drink lots more water as today, he's drinking gallon of water as he dashed to the bathroom to pee. He comes out a few minutes later with a towel and wipes the sweat off his forehead as Craig speaks to him while Konrad eats some nuts.

Craig Thomas: “What are you doing?”

Konrad Raab: “Cutting weight.”

Tyler Tucker: “What?”

Konrad Raab: “You heard me, I'm cutting weight.”

Craig Thomas: “But you're already in great shape.”

Konrad Raab: “It's not good enough.”

Tyler Tucker: “What do you mean?”

It was clear Konrad had to tell them as they likely know where to find him from Fizz as trainer that watched him pat him on the back to be done for the day as he rubs the towel all over his body, feeling hot as he drinks a large jug of water as he shouts a bit, knowing the questions from Tyler and Craig hasn't been forgotten as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “You know I've always wanted to try out the Junior Heavyweight division?”

Craig Thomas: “Yes.”

Konrad Raab: “I signed my name on the dotted line to do the Junior Heavyweight title tournament in CWC on February 2nd, but I'm fifteen pounds over the maximum weight for the tournament. I got two weeks to lose it.”

Tyler Tucker: “Fizz feared this might happen. That's dangerous.”

Konrad Raab: “I've had hour rests and drinking water in between which I only drink from this period of time. I need to do this and nothing's gonna stop me from reaching goals no other Heavyweight has done in wrestling.”

Konrad was thankful to have friends like Adrenaline Rush understand why he was doing this, although they thought he hadn't rested at all during the workouts he's done in the gym today as he eats nuts before eating a protein bar to get food in his system as Craig says this.

Craig Thomas: “I'm guessing you're on a strict diet too.”

Konrad Raab: “Yes I am as I'm only eating protein and fat foods at the moment along with just drinking water and coffee in the mornings. I can't eat fruit or any starchy and sugary foods, although I don't eat surgery food anyway, at least I can eat eggs.”

Tyler Tucker: “It's good to see you doing weight cut training and hearing about it."

Konrad nods, knowing he's got a ton of work to do for the Junior Heavyweight title contender's tournament but the team are skeptical that Konrad can lose fifteen pounds in time for the upcoming Junior Heavyweight tournament in two weeks time with their and Fizz's support of him doing so as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “Look how much I'm willing to change my style and my diet on evolving to be a Junior Heavyweight wrestler. I have to do more than other Junior Heavyweights because they've always been small wrestlers, while I haven't.”

Tyler Tucker: “Which you're doing by cutting weight today and yesterday I assume too. However, I do think you should be here for four hours rather than six hours."

Konrad Raab: “This is a start of people seeing the new me very soon along with my preparations for Trios Tournament.”

It seems like in his mind, Junior Heavyweight title tournament can be won by anybody, but can a former heavyweight Wrestler achieve this? His tag team partners from Supreme Championship Wrestling seem to think he can as Craig says this.

Craig Thomas: “I really wish you the best of luck with losing fifteen pounds to reach two hundred and five weight so you'll fight in the Junior Heavyweight tournament you've wanted to do since August.”

Konrad Raab: “Thank you, guys. I fancy hanging out with you guys for a little while. After all, I did my weight loss gym work today and finding something to eat healthy while still sticking to my weight loss diet.”

Tyler Tucker: “Of course we'll support you just as much as Fizz and rest of your friends will. Let's go.”

Konrad Raab: “Need to have a shower first, then we'll hang out.”

Which was obvious with the amount of sweat Konrad poured from his body from intense workout as he goes into the shower room, taking his gym clothes off and goes to the shower where he places the water temperature to hot, following his weight loss diet and goes in to wash his body off, closing his eyes while washing himself. After he done that, he got out and wipes himself with a towel before he puts his normal clothes on and needing the loo once again. He comes out of the shower room and joins with Adrenaline Rush to hang out, having social time with them the entire day before he gets back to the camping site.
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Konrad Raab
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"The Iceman"
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Day three of weight cutting. Memphis, Tennessee. Wednesday 17th February. (Off Camera)

Because Konrad had to wrestle tonight, he had to go to the gym in the morning to cut more weight. He knows how much he has to cut and he's wearing a shirt and shorts, although it's known that Konrad's wearing a black sack under the clothes he's wearing. He's been pushing himself to the extremes, even if he shouldn't because he had two weeks to lose it, but he needed to drink less today, although he's needing the toilet more than expected, although Fizz told him last night he would.

The trainer watches him on with the amount of cardio he's doing to make sure something bad doesn't happen, but he needed to get used to this sort of style of cutting weight. He's on a cutting weight diet because he's fifteen pounds over the limit of being in the CWC Junior Heavyweight title contenders tournament and the division itself because he wants to succeed both as a heavyweight and a junior heavyweight division which is something he's always wanted to do since August.

Of course, he wasn't alone with a trainer as his team in Supreme Championship Wrestling Adrenaline Rush are supporting Konrad's weight loss and they also plan for the first time to come to WWH to watch Konrad wrestle. Since Konrad joined the team, Craig Thomas and Tyler Tucker have never ever seen Konrad wrestle outside of WWH.

However, they are working out themselves, but not the intensity of Konrad's workout as once again, sweat pours out of his body while on the treadmill, even some dropping on the treadmill itself. He knew today and tomorrow we're going to get harder as he limited himself training four times a week. He's only been eating protein and fat foods, being extremely strict and careful what he eats.

He's been training for three hours now without a rest because he couldn't afford to rest when he had the whole afternoon to do so, but the trainer knew at the same time Konrad had to stop, especially the amount of sweat he's losing, being near enough out of breath as the trainer says this.

Trainer: “That's enough training for today. Good job. Now allow that sweat to drip off you before I cover you up with towels.”

Konrad listened, making sure he follows his and Fizz's orders as she was the one who brought the trainer to oversee him to not overdo training as he stops the machine and goes near to the wall again, allowing sweat to drip all over the floor, while Adrenaline Rush team knew Konrad needed a few minutes to get back to how he was.

However unlike yesterday, he needed to be wrapped up with towels on the floor, but before he could, once again for the fifth time today, Konrad needed the toilet to get rid of the water in his body. Once he gets it all out, he goes where the trainer was and takes his shirt and the black sack off and goes on the floor with the trainer covering everything, but his face.

The two members of Adrenaline Rush, Tyler Tucker and Craig Thomas were allowed to come over while Konrad's on the floor and Craig being shocked on how much Konrad risks and he says this.

Craig Thomas: “I could never risk myself to cut that much weight.”

Tyler Tucker: “Nor could I.”

Konrad Raab: “Not a lot of people would say this, but I love the food's I'm eating at the moment.”

Craig Thomas: “I'm sure you won't say that in two weeks time.”

Konrad Raab: “I know this is gonna be hard to lose fifteen pounds in two weeks, but I gotta commit to what I'm doing now to lose it. It's strange being on the floor with towels wrapped around me, but if it's to benefit the weight cut, I'd do it.”

They nod, although like Fizz, they were concerned on Konrad taking things a bit too far, especially what he did today, at the same time, they knew how bad Konrad wants to prove the world wrong that a former heavyweight can step into the Junior Heavyweight division and succeed. Konrad looks at the ceiling as that's all he could do while being on the floor, although he's listening to Craig and Tyler.

Tyler Tucker: "I think you're extremely brave, forcing yourself to lose that much weight. I'd be scared to do something like this."

Craig Thomas: "This reminds us to be a small wrestler first before being heavyweights, although it's not really the case, I'm glad I'm not too heavy for the Junior Heavyweight division and could easily wrestle in the tournament without cutting weight."

Konrad Raab: "Yeah, but at the same time, how many former heavyweights do you know who'd risk themselves cutting weight to be in the Junior Heavyweight division? None and that's what makes me stand out to the rest of the wrestlers."

Tyler Tucker: "That's a good point, along with not many over 40-year-old wrestlers would wrestle in the Junior Heavyweight division either."

Konrad Raab: "Nope, none at all."

The trainer comes over and removes the towels from him as he poured more sweat from his body as he got up with the trainer putting a towel around his head and he and Adrenaline Rush go towards the bench and sit on it. Konrad's being given water and opens a packet of nuts to eat as a snack. He takes a sip of water first before he puts the lid back on and opens the packet and eats some. He also got a protein bar as well.

Craig Thomas: “Seems like you are, but I really want to see the title you won in WWH.”

Tyler Tucker: “Me too.”

Konrad Raab: “Wait for me to rest and letting more sweat pour out of my body first before I show you both the Wildcard title. I don't know how much I weigh and I won't weigh myself until Friday.”

Craig Thomas: “Do you feel you've lost weight so far in the last three days?”

Konrad Raab: “I don't know, but the numerous trips to the bathroom today, I think I have."

Konrad takes more sips of water along with eating another two pieces of nuts before he breaths in relief from drinking water as he thinks a lot about the upcoming tournament, how much of a major risk he's taking to cut so much weight, but he knew it was something he really wanted to do, even if others from other companies thought Konrad was crazy cos of his age to cut weight to be in the division, but nobody could stop him as Craig says this after a minute of silence.

Craig Thomas: “You relaxed yet?”

Konrad Raab: “I'm well rested and better now. Let me get my title, although I need the toilet.”

Tyler Tucker: “Damn, again?”

Konrad Raab: “Yes, that's apart of weight cutting process.”

Konrad obviously didn't need to pee, but needed to go as he goes to the toilet to do his business which didn't take very long as he sighs as if it was an achievement as after he flushed it, he takes his trousers and pants off before going in the hot shower to wash the sweat off his body and washes his hair. After he did, he came out and puts some normal clothes on, before placing gym clothes in the bag as he gets the WWH Wildcard title out of the bag and places it on his shoulder as he comes out of the shower room as he walks up to Craig and Tyler, showing them his belt.

Tyler Tucker: “That's a cool looking belt. Is the Wildcard title like being a hardcore champion?”

Konrad Raab: “It is the hardcore title, but it's just named under Wildcard, that's the only difference. I don't like hardcore matches and I never will, but I need to address the comments I've been getting from a lot of fans, asking me if I'm sticking to the hardcore wrestling style.”

Craig Thomas: “And will you?”

Konrad Raab: “You'll find out tomorrow. Thank you for your support with this, but I gotta go to my tent and drop my gear off. I'll see you guys at the arena later.”

Tyler Tucker: “Of course we'll support you, we're your friends after all. We want you to lose fifteen pounds as so does Craig and I believe you can and will do it if you stick to the diet you're on with eating and exercising right.”

Tyler and Craig seem to be impressed with how bad Konrad wanted to lose the weight and that they also feel Konrad's gonna do a good job with the Wildcard title and the division itself as Konrad grabs his things, along with opening and eating the protein bar while he, Craig and Tyler leave the gym and go their separate ways, while Konrad had a long walk back to the camping site, getting his wrestling gear all prepared, although he's gonna wear a black sack underneath his shirt when he wrestles tonight and tomorrow.

He goes to the restaurant that has a lot of healthy foods to eat that are full of protein and fats before going to the arena. After the match against Angelica Jones, he goes back to the campsite to once again like in the arena needing the loo which he went fourteen times today before going back in his tent to fall fast asleep straight away.
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Konrad Raab
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Week one of what weight Konrad is. Anaheim, California. Friday 19th January. (Off camera)

Since Konrad started on his weight cut diet, he hadn't checked his weight since the time he started it on Monday as he was more or less focusing on losing it. Before he could, not only the kids were awake at this time of the day, but he isn't home yet. Fizz although three months pregnant in gets the weighing scales out of the bathroom cupboard and places it on the top for now as their kids were still awake.

It was a hard task for Fizz to place them into bed however as they were asking for their daddy as she says this.

Fizz Raab: "You'll see daddy in the morning."

Mattheus Raab: "Of course as he's taking me to AMA Supercross race tomorrow."

That easily made Mattheus wanting to go to bed as he knew his dad did promise to him and Fizz as well, although they got to get there earlier than expected as they were holding them at the box office in case Konrad had an SCW match at Learning from History PPV, that wasn't the case it turned out, although he has to be there on Sunday to know if he's taking part in the Trios tournament this year as the kids get bathed and placed into bed with Fizz reading a bedtime story to the kids before they went to sleep.

Fizz went into the bathroom and puts the weighing scale down on the floor as she waits for him to come home and while she does, she reads a book about autism as she needs to get used to Samuel McPherson a lot more, understanding more about his difficulty. Four hours later, Konrad came home as he opens the door to allow himself in before closing it to see Fizz straight away as they say hello to each other and kiss as Konrad takes a seat for a while to rest for twenty minutes. As they were up, Fizz says this to Konrad.

Fizz Raab: "Ready to be weighed?"

Konrad Raab: "I'm sure am, although I'm taking all of my clothes off."

Fizz nods as it was easier to determine what weight Konrad was at the moment as of course, he wouldn't lose fifteen pounds in one week, that's impossible, but there's a chance of losing five pounds or less in a week, especially how intense Konrad put himself through as both Fizz and Konrad went upstairs straight to the bathroom. Before they could start, Konrad says this.

Konrad Raab: "Give me a minute, need to use the loo quickly."

That had been a major thing for Konrad, using the loo a lot while being on the cutting weight diet. He also took the chance to take his clothes off before he opens the door as he was completely naked and he's very nervous on how much he loses, considering he's never had to weigh himself since August, but he needed to know what he weighs as he steps on the scales for the numbers to reach to the point. When it does, Fizz looks at the scales and says this while Konrad flicks his muscles.

Fizz Raab: "Konrad Raab weighs in at two hundred and fifteen pounds."

There it was, Konrad had officially lost five pounds from his training as he was more than happy the work he did was worth it, it was slow steps admittedly, but still better than nothing and certainly better than losing weight fast as he gets off and goes to the bedroom as he sits and cries for a bit, knowing he can do it and needing to lose ten pounds to reach the goal. Fizz knew it was happy tears Konrad had and she says this.

Fizz Raab: "I'm extremely proud of you. I feared you'd lose weight fast, but five pounds in one week is perfect, especially it wasn't that fast at all."

Konrad Raab: "I want to prove all the heavyweights wrong that I and any heavyweight or former heavyweights can drop pounds to be in the Junior Heavyweight division. I'm getting closer. I'll still do the same things I did this week to lose five more pounds next week and final weight in two weeks time."

Fizz Raab: "I know you will. You're really committed to losing weight as I see it in your eyes how bad your willing to give this tournament a shot and became a Junior Heavyweight champion, doing things nobody as a former heavyweight in the business has ever done."

Konrad Raab: "After all of this, I want to stick to the weight I will be as I'm willing to dedicate myself to be in this division for a very long time, even if I don't win the tournament. So um you wanna do you know what."

Fizz knew exactly what he means as they turn the lights off and do what they had to do before falling asleep four hours later, knowing Konrad can be happy he can lose five pounds a week which was good enough to graduate being closer to reach two hundred and five pound mark to make weight for the Junior Heavyweight tournament.

Of course, he'd have to be weighed twenty-four hours before the tournament itself with CWC staff crew looking over his weight, but he can be happy on the five-pound loss which then Fizz will announce on twitter how much he weighs.
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Konrad Raab
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"The Iceman"
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Week two of what weight Konrad is. Anaheim, California. Monday 29th January. (Off camera)

It was another week as Fizz got up from her bed and leaves the bedroom to get the weight scale ready for Konrad when he wakes up. Fizz knew Konrad had in a way been struggling to drink so much a few days and then drinking less the next few days as he had been having headaches over it. She knew about it from his trainer, but at the same time, Fizz nor his trainer were going to stop him from doing what he had to do because he's far too committed to stop.

After she gets it all ready, Fizz goes into the bedroom with Konrad being dead asleep still as it was now eight in the morning after sleeping for two extra hours as she shakes him to wake him up as he does as he opens his eyes with Fizz looking at him.

Fizz Raab: “Morning, ready to get weighed?”

Konrad Raab: “I would be, only I need the toilet again.”

He was naked already as he goes to the bathroom and closes the door to do his business before he brushes his teeth and puts deodorant on before opening the door as Fizz comes in with paper of weight he was just to know what he weighed. He then steps on the scales and waits for the numbers to be corrected once again. She nods her head to write down the weight he was now and she says this while Konrad flicks his muscles.

Fizz Raab: “Konrad Raab weighs two hundred and eight pounds.”

Obviously he had lost more than five pounds in the week, but he was very close now to reach his target as he's only got three more pounds to lose in the next three days, including today as it was going to take things slowly to reach the target, although it was quite a drop from last week, then again he couldn't be weighed on Friday cos he had to go to Japan as Konrad gets off and is more than excited about being so close to achieving it as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “I only got three more pounds to lose Fizz. I'm gonna actually do it.”

Fizz Raab: “Yes you will. I'm so happy you're showing so much commitment towards this weight cut. I know it's been very hard for you.”

Konrad Raab: “Especially staying away from pasta, that's been the hardest part, but I think about my dream of being a Junior Heavyweight champion, but that win against Takashi Shinobu on Saturday in Japan certainly helped my motivation more.”

Fizz Raab: “I'm so proud of you, keep it up and I know the matches against Aaron Blackbourne and Oliver Quinn this week are gonna help you so much more to lose that three pound you need to achieve the goal a lot of people thought you wouldn't achieve.”

Konrad Raab: “Yes and I refuse to put it all back on because I'm sick of people saying I'm only known for being a heavyweight wrestler. I've done everything there is in the heavyweight ranks, time to move on. I want to defeat Patricia Payne to be the Junior Heavyweight title contender more than ever.”

Fizz Raab: “I'm glad you do. However, I want you to eat breakfast as I want you to go to the gym and put in just one hour of work. I think that's enough to do so for today.”

That was all they wanted as Konrad goes back to the bedroom to put some regular clothes on as it was quite a hot day which was good, considering his wrestling clothes will dry quicker and he goes down to eat breakfast Fizz provides him with eggs and eats them as he can't get enough of eggs. Of course he doesn't go to the gym right away as you had to allow yourself to let the food go down for two to three hours before he heads off to the gym to work for an hour on his stamina before doing his usual daily routine before the next day of going to Dallas, Texas for the match against Aaron BlackBourne and cutting three more pounds of weight before the CWC Junior Heavyweight title tournament begins on Friday.


Day sixteen of weight cutting. Dallas, Texas. Tuesday 30th January. (Off camera)

It was the last few days before the day of being weighed in Miami, Florida straight after his match against Oliver Quinn and he needed to lose three pounds. He hadn't long got into Dallas Texas, yet that's all he wanted to do was to work out in the gym along with being watched on by John Smith who's been Konrad's temporary trainer throughout the entire time he's accompanied him to every single match he's had, every gym session he's had and keeping track on his diet as well.

John has seen the amount of work Konrad had to do to get where he is now. Of course, he doesn't know what Konrad weighs, but he still sees Konrad wanting to shed more than ever before. It was motivating him to drive himself forward with the idea of a former heavyweight leading himself into a new path.

Konrad knows it's a way for any heavyweight to prove that they can do it if they really commit to it and wanted to promote it a bit more after the tournament was over. He was working extremely hard on each cardio work he's done and lifting up weights to not lose the muscle he has in his body. Of course, the only thing John knows is Konrad doing one hour a day with less to drink each day. He wasn't allowed to drink a lot and knows that would be hard, but worth it at the same time.

Of course, it wasn't the only thing to look forward to, he was also looking forward on taking part in the Trios tournament as well which was shown how happy he was by coming out to the ring at Learning From History PPV to look at the crowd when he was announced to be in it for the second year in the row. While Konrad was lifting weights since he did an hour of cardio work earlier, John talks to him.

John Smith: “How does it feel to be in the Trios tournament?”

Konrad Raab: “Fantastic. It changed my career in another direction last year and I'm hoping to get farther than the first round this year.”

John Smith: “Good to hear. Fifteen more minutes of lifting weights before you call it a day here and we'll continue tomorrow.”

Konrad Raab: “Alright, but I'd like to go in the sauna for ten minutes today.”

Which was great for John to see how committed Konrad was on losing weight as he shouts each time he was lifting the weight. Of course, he's sweating everywhere from the treadmill run he did for an hour, but it was clearly worth it as John was wondering how much Konrad weighed, but at the same time, he knew he had lost a lot, just from how much his body shown how ripped he was on his body, of course, Konrad may not have realised how visible it was shown lately due to how busy he was.

Once fifteen minutes was up, Konrad stopped and got off the machine as he's clearly out of breath, wiping his forehead with a towel and takes off the top workout suit and dries his body with it, of course he wanted to go in the sauna, but clearly needed to feel the air for a bit as he goes to the changing rooms to squeeze out the sweat from the workout suit he's wearing along with needing the loo. Once he's done that, he places the workout suit in the bag and gets out his swim shorts before putting them on. Once he does that, he goes in the sauna and sits there to close his eyes to relax.

John follows Konrad in a few minutes later to make sure Konrad doesn't stay there longer than twenty minutes with most mistakes MMA fighters make was to be in there for more than minutes to shed pounds off. John was curious on what Konrad weighs as he asks him.

John Smith: “How much do you weigh now?”

Konrad Raab: “According to the scales yesterday, I'm two hundred and eight pounds.”

John Smith: “Wow, that's impressive. So you only have three more pounds to lose to get there.”

Konrad Raab: “Yeah, but I'm here also for another reason now. I thought I was gonna come here and show my face along with meeting Sophie James and David Callahan, but now, I have a match against Aaron Blackbourne tomorrow night.”

John Smith: “That's great because it means it might help you lose more weight, of course, you'll easily make the weight before the official weigh-ins on Thursday, but having two matches before the tournament sounds good to me.”

John sees Konrad just relaxing with his eyes closed as it was pretty relaxing for him in the hot sauna it was, although there was a little fear Konrad could pass out, of course, John was in there with Konrad to prevent that from happening, but John consistently checks the time of his watch to not stay in there more than Konrad needed to. Ten minutes later, Konrad opens his eyes and gets out as he decides to sit on the bench for a bit, although John was standing in front of a mirror and asks Konrad something.

John Smith: “Have you looked at how ripped you are lately?”

Konrad Raab: “No.”

John Smith: “I think you'll like the look of your body now. Check it out.”

Konrad didn't really have time to after wrestling nearly all week in the UK and Japan on top of dealing with Fizz at home as well with her suicidal attempts, but he stands up and goes to look in the mirror, being in shock on what he sees.

Konrad Raab: “You weren't wrong.”

John Smith: “It shows just how much work you've put in and that's the result of it. Of course, I saw it, but it's clear as day now. You like what you see?”

Konrad Raab: “Yeah I do. Makes me look good. No wonder why Fizz was touching me all over Monday night. I had no idea I looked this ripped.”

John Smith: “That's because you've been eating the right foods and doing the right training for the last two weeks. It's not easy for people who were fifteen pounds over be in the Junior Heavyweight division to shed that much weight in two weeks.”

Of course it wasn't for Konrad who especially being diabetic was twice as hard as he had to drink quite a lot of water, but obviously couldn't go over the top drinking it. While he had been so focused on the weight cut, he still hadn't gotten around on knowing more about his opponent Aaron Blackbourne and he knew he needed to, but John says this.

John Smith: “Great job on training today, go and get some rest buddy.”

Konrad Raab: “I need to know more about Aaron Blackbourne more than him wanting to be creative and being an artist. I'm gonna focus on him now and win the match or at least trying to.”

John nods his head as he clearly didn't need to go over the top with training, although it was questioned if Konrad did too much at times over the last week, but at the same time with playing soccer again for LA Galaxy reserves team and wrestling against Kenna Roy and Takashi Shinobu certainly helped a lot of things regarding Konrad's cutting weight diet along with eating what he's allowed to eat which didn't phase him. In fact, he loves to eat healthy foods as he feels a lot happier and stress-free than usual.

He picks up his gear from the changing room and places it in the bag before he heads up to his hotel room, having a rest and a break from gym work before going on the laptop to watch some of his matches and his videos of him talking about his previous matches and opponents he's come across. Two hours later, he goes in the shower and puts on some regular clothes before he goes on youtube and does a live stream about his opponent. Once he's done that, he turns the laptop and lights off before he gets into his bed and heads straight off to sleep.
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Day seventeen of weight cutting. Dallas, Texas. Wednesday 31st January. (Off camera)

It was the last day for Konrad to cut weight for the upcoming CWC Junior Heavyweight tournament and there are signs of Konrad really working out for the weight cut as he already done a lot of weight training today, but he's on the cycling machine after doing half an hour's work on the treadmill and it didn't seem Konrad was going to stop at any point, although he had a match tonight.

Konrad could waste as many hours in the gym as he liked, despite meeting his friend later in the afternoon after training to discuss on how his friend is from a concussion and telling his friend details of his wife trying to commit suicide as she's finding it extremely hard to cope with the pregnancy.

Konrad was struggling too, but he was struggling with the fact he wasn't allowed to drink too much water that's starting to really drag him down a lot, while still pushing himself on the cycling machine he's on just to cut the last three pounds he needed to reach the goal of weighing at two hundred and five pounds.

At the same time in the long run scheme of things, it was going to be worth it as he can't deny how much he enjoys eating a limited diet, despite missing to eat pasta a lot, but he's taking the weight cutting diet so seriously, some have said Konrad's taking it far too seriously, but it was the dedication he had on losing weight to be a Junior Heavyweight wrestler.

He even knows a lot of people have been against the whole idea of Konrad cutting weight because men at his age shouldn't be risking their health by cutting weight, but to him, it doesn't matter what age you are, he knew it was the right decision as he knew in the long run, he'd regret not trying the Junior Heavyweight division.

His temporary trainer John Smith has always been standing by to make sure Konrad doesn't overdo training which he's almost done a few times without realizing it. Konrad was pushing himself quite fast, although it got John worried on Konrad pushing way too hard as since John worries Konrad would pass out, he says this.

John Smith: “You need to take a break.”

Konrad Raab: “There's no room for breaks when I've got to be weighed tomorrow, I'm not stopping for anybody or anything.”

John Smith: “There is when you're at risk of passing out. You need to stop right now as it's dangerous if you continue, especially with the sweatsuit your wearing. You'd commit suicide if you don't stop.”

When he said that obviously, Konrad got quite down about the commit suicide quote as he stops cycling and goes to lain against the wall, placing his head on his arm to let it drip so much from his face as he felt good about cutting so much weight along with how ripped he is with his body. Not bodybuilders type look, but more of an MMA fighter ripped body.

He then decides to go in the sauna for ten minutes to relax as once again, John comes in and sit next to Konrad who obviously was closing his eyes, thinking a lot over the past few days how much it was worth for him to cut so much weight that nobody thought he'd do in the last two weeks and it was now coming to an end as John asks him a question.

John Smith: “Will you stick to this weight after all of this cutting weight is done?”

Konrad Raab: “Yes one hundred percent as this isn't a one-off thing, it's permanent, going forward as I said to you, I've done everything in the heavyweight division and there's nothing for me to achieve or do in the division.”

John Smith: “Always good to change as I feel if you always stay the same, nothing can be improved and you told me something the other day, at least if you don't succeed, you've tried it. That's a very hard effort to make the two hundred and five-pound weight, but I think you've reached it now.”

Konrad Raab: “Me too, but I don't want to know until tomorrow.”

Konrad stays to relax in silence for a bit as he wanted to focus on cutting weight and having a match focus with his opponents in the next two days, being a busy man he was, but it was apart of his job and enjoys it a lot, even it's partly to get away from home drama he's having with his wife, but he gets out of sauna before he overheats himself. John decides to place Konrad on the floor, putting towels on him on the floor, lying on his stomach and John speaks to Konrad.

John Smith: “I got to say after you've cut nearly fifteen pounds of weight, you've gotten a lot faster and even going longer than you did. That's cos the cardio is benefiting you to be faster in the ring.”

Konrad Raab: “Well obviously, but I'm more willing to use cruiserweight moves because I want to succeed in the sport, being the first person to make the tradition from being a heavyweight to a junior heavyweight wrestler to win both belts in divisions. You see a lot of champions doing it the other way around, but not the route I'm taking.”

John Smith: “It's certainly a different approach than what I'm used to with the wrestling business.”

He gets up from the floor as he takes at least the top part of his sweat suit off and goes to the changing rooms to squeeze all the sweat off from his top as he then takes his trousers off and squeezes the sweat off them as well which leads all the sweat Konrad squeezed every twenty-five seconds down the drain. After he's done that, he uses the toilet quickly, even though he hadn't drank much water today, but it was the amount he drank over the weekend that caused him to make a lot of trips to the loo.

He then went into the shower which he raises the water temperature to hot as he needed to cut down as much weight as he could, even though he thinks he's lost the three pounds he had, but it was good to lose a little more that he wouldn't put so much on after he gets weighed. He got out of the shower and changes into his regular clothes before he comes out to look in the mirror to lift his top up a bit of how ripped he was. He puts the top down as he says this.

Konrad Raab: “I know my opponent for the tournament Patricia Payne has said a lot of stuff about me and being undefeated in the tournament, but there's no chance in hell I'm gonna be losing the match, especially the amount of hard work I've done to get to be nearly at the weight of a Junior Heavyweight and I will stay at this weight for the seeable future, I want to be the Junior Heavyweight title contender and be the Junior Heavyweight champion.”

John Smith: “That's good to hear, but I'll leave you for now and you'll go and meet your friend up for the meal and I'll see you at the arena tonight.”

Food was the only thing Konrad was allowed to consume as he didn't want to put any weight on as he leaves the gym, putting in another full day's work in the gym with only tomorrow to do some gym work to lost a bit more pounds before getting weighed either in the afternoon or night so he could enter in the Breakout Junior Heavyweight tournament to meet his friend at a restaurant to get something to eat for lunch.
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