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CraftBoard Rules
CraftBoard is the home for all Crafters, without any bias! There are some very simple rules, too CraftBoard Communications We will not email you without what we consider good cause, and we will never ask you for personal information! The Personal Message system: This is the best way to send a private message to one other member. Just click on the member's nickname. If you have a new PM this fact will be displayed in brackets next to "Inbox"! You can only have 50 PMs in your storage space so please make sure that you clear it periodically. PMs must not be abused. Please do check your PMs - they could be important! Privacy: It is unwise to send postal addresses, telephone numbers, or other private information in any way other than via PM or email to somebody you really trust! **** Members' email addresses are completely private and may not be used when sending emails to multiple addresses without the member's consent! Even then, you should use the BCC option for such emails so that their email addresses remain private! We realise that we all encounter things which we consider unsuitable for posting here, whether they be humourous or serious, but it is not courteous to send en bloc emails which reveal a host of email addresses, nor is it safe to do so! If a member reports receiving emails of this nature, or any spam/annoyance emails, from another member, the latter will have their privileges curtailed. Persistent abuse of this kind will result in a suspension or even a ban. **** Acceptable Behaviour: It's important that we all remember that no inappropriate behaviour will be allowed! Anybody who commits such will be subject to banning following a maximum of two warnings. This applies right across the board! Inappropriate behaviour includes: trolling (see below), "flaming" (i.e. aggression toward other members in any way), using profile information to "spam" other members, and offensive language (unnecessay expletives reflect worst on the utterer!). We all have to respect each other, and remember that many age groups and personal standards are represented on the forums. Courtesy costs nothing. Mulitple accounts are not allowed. If you create mulitple accounts then you will be removed from the forum completely without any contact. Questions? Finally, if you have any questions on the forum you can either post a new thread or PM myself or one of the Moderators. We'll endeavour to help, I promise! Steve [quote]troll v.,n. To utter a posting on Usenet designed to attract predictable responses or flames. Derives from the phrase "trolling for newbies"; which in turn comes from mainstream "trolling";, a style of fishing in which one trails bait through a likely spot hoping for a bite. The well-constructed troll is a post that induces lots of newbies and flamers to make themselves look even more clueless than they already do, while subtly conveying to the more savvy and experienced that it is in fact a deliberate troll. If you don't fall for the joke, you get to be in on it. (Quote from "Bolter & Chainsword")[/quote] Section between quad-asterisks (****) added 31st. December, 2005, as a clarification of part of the Acceptable Behaviour rules!
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Elements of this Board are Copyright Steve K. Smy, 2011. Members posts and images are Copyright the posting Member!