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Shyu's Registration; The Hunter
Topic Started: Jun 30 2009, 02:07 PM (271 Views)
Member Avatar
New Adventurer
Character Name: Shyu Thorn
Class: (WoW) Hunter - Beast Master
Race: Night Elf
Size: Medium
Age: (appearence around 20) 73
Alignment: Neutral Good
Height: 6'1" (Young Night Elf that will, from this slowing point, grow taller over the next few hundred years to full height.)
Weight: 173 lbs.
Eyes: (Pupiless)(glowing) Silver, but eyes can glow anywhere between silver to full amber depending on the circumstances.
Hair: Long dark blue hair that spans to her middle back

[Major pets]
Falla - Frostsaber (pet/mount)
Grumpy - Devilsaur (pet)
[Minor pets]
Tickbird - An avian pet that is used for sight and carries a small pouch to hold letters and small items like a carrier pidgeon.
[Guests, any and all other creatures not currently listed.]

Standard Hunter abilities and specialized Beast master abilities.

First Aid (master)
Cooking (high/good)
Skinning (master)
Engineering (master)
Proficient with any weapon used, except she will not use maces or wands.

Speaks: (Alliance) Common, (Night Elf) Darnassian, (Horde) Common, and (Blood Elf) Thalassian.

Bow & arrows
Dagger (offhand) (curved short, thick blade)
Short silver sword (mainhand) (Night Elf decals)
Skinning Knife (Multipurpose)

A beautiful young and bright female Night Elf that looks plain due to her lifestyle as an adventurer. She has two facial markings, one per eye, from her forehead to her the sides of her mouth, they look like bangs of hair if not for them being purple-ish-red in color. Her skin is soft purple, like all Night Elves, and she has a slender and slim body which she keeps covered to defeminize herself.

A nice Night Elf that rarely speaks about of her past due to all she has learned and endured with her share of knowledge, history, and events, some are still present to this day, and some to come. Anything on the surface is easy enough to talk about, but anything a little personal or important about her or the past, she doesn't talk about but can be known, but anything serious to her mind you have to pry it out of her to know, as if telling anything more than the surface things literally pain her or seemingly makes her feel bad from saying something she's not suppose to. Shyu is very shy around people she doesn't know very well, she is still a little shy even if she knows you, unless she has become friends with that someone. She may not appear shy because she talks, but it is how she acts internally with not knowing how to fully deal with the person/group which changes how she thinks and acts toward the person/group, meaning she acts different with each group until she finds a norm or until something sticks as a dominate. But she loves animals and nature as most Night Elves do, and she has gotten used to being in the sun during the day. Almost all Night Elves don't do anything until night due a bit to a decent diminishing of their powers during the day. So Shyu's powers are strong to seem normal during the day. When interacting with others she is mature but sometimes too literal or serious, leading to some misunderstandings or jokes dying once in a long while, but generally content or happy and is friendly, and sometimes affectionate.

History: (The begaining)
She was born in Darnassus, but after the second great war from the Burning Legion, she was in Darnassus in her childhood youth without her parents, so she was taken care of by a kind couple, an intelligent man and his loving wife who raised her with her real name. As she grew she was taught by her foster dad and by others how to fight, due to the recent wars and ones to follow. She wanted to explore the world, and see all it's mysteries while growing up, between what she was taught and with how she felt, she avoided all the flamboyant and flashy garments along with other things, disliking such showy displays and vanity the other Night Elves loved. Her foster dad taught her many things in his wisdom, knowledge and experiences, including knowlege of history and events. He also reveiled what she already suspected, since she felt out of place, that she wasn't their child. He told her that they took her in when others in Darnassus were asked for aid, she was asked for by them because they wanted to help by taking care of this little child who lost everything in the recent second war with the Burning Legion and told her about her real parents. After which, Shyu realized she didn't have any real friends and was usually on her lonesome feeling different from the others, maybe from knowing her past and keeping quiet for whatever reasons. But, he knew she had a real spark of potential in her, he could see it in her eyes when she fought true and hard for something, her eyes would curiously glow from silver to amber, but just as oddly as they showed up, when she stopped her eyes would return to glowing silver again, back to normal. Amber eyes are rare and seen as a sign as destined for greatness, but Shyu's eyes are an abnormality, by her eyes changing color. From telling her all these things, in which he put some thoughts together, he decided to take little Shyu to a hunter, to be the hunter's apprentice. Shyu learned how to become a hunter and gatherer, which she well enough excelled at. After some years with training with animals, helping her people by skinning leather for leather goods, making some leather clothes, and bringing back food, Shyu was getting to be quite the huntress. At some point, Shyu was hunting better than her trainer, and out-doing her teacher's abilities. Since then, Shyu was approved of as a real hunter and she went on her lonesome to go hunt, living off nature itself and knowlegible of fighting and defending herself. When she was considered herself acceptible, she talked with her foster parents, with which the father made a deal with the Moonguard soldiers to train her further in combat. She was a fast learner and got stronger, while still performing her gathering duties. She became an excellent fighter, learning how to outdo the Moonguard in their training of her. With everything she has done she has become a very graceful and agile creature of a fighter. When the Moongaurd considered Shyu as ready, she broke off the activities and duties to go explore beyond her home, and after spending some personal time and having a few last conversations, she gathered a few things and said goodbye to her foster parents she loved so dearly. She took a boat from Darnassus to Auberdine in Darkshore and that's how Shyu started her real journey on and of her own.
Edited by Shyu, Sep 10 2009, 03:29 AM.
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Naki Feralkin
Member Avatar
Well done. Like the one before you though, try to dictate whether you are Lawful Good, Neutral Good, or Chaotic good.
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Ian Borthwick
I agree with Naki. Some level of axial alignment to law, chaos or neutrality is needed. When that is done, character is approved.
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New Adventurer

Going to rewrite a bit of it, better description goes a long way.

History, pets, spark of greatness, and whatever else we can recall ot think to change.
Edited by Shyu, Feb 20 2012, 04:16 PM.
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The Falconer
I decided to make room for an elven race in the new storyline we're cooking up just for you. I'll give you the option to decide on what they are like... if you'd like.
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