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Destine Enormity
People who need to post today (9/2):
No One!
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Forum Rules
1.This forum is for ROLE-PLAYING and ONLY role-playing! All posts other than in the general section MUST be done in-character. Absolutely no out-of-character conversations within the RP itself

2. IC and OOC are NOT the same thing! This should be perfectly clear. Don't let IC happenings affect your OOC personality.

3. Don't flame. Don't post a big post bashing someone's writing, or anything like that - they will be taken down immediately and you will be warned.

4. If someone gives you pointers on your writing to help you improve or gives you constructive criticism, don't bite off their head. They're trying to help.

5. No Godmoding. In a fight, your character(s) will get hurt - they aren't invincible. In addition, your attack cannot automatically hit; that is the other character's creator's decision.

6. Don't be an attention-whore. Let someone else have the spotlight once and awhile.

7. Don't ignore other people's characters either. If a new person posts an introduction without interjecting with anyone and your character is free, go on and start things!

8. NO WANGST. Wangst is basically what happens when you make a character over-angst. There are times when that type of thing is acceptable, but your character has to slowly get better, and it has to be believable angst.

9. DO NOT SPAM! This board is NOT for chatting, it's for role-playing.

10. I've said it before, but I cannot stress this enough: We are a literate role-playing board. Proper grammar and spelling and good description is a must. If you can't spell very well, please type your post first in a program that has spellcheck, like Microsoft Word (Or this forum!). Use spellcheck, then copy and paste your post into the posting area. This makes things a lot easier on everyone, as then we avoid hard to read posts and thus avoid much confusion.

11. You may write only write in third-person on the forum.

12. You may post MSN conversations by writing up a summary of them in the area where they took place.

13. You may only have up to 4 characters. A character application must be filled out for each one and be accepted by an administrator or moderator. Please note: only original, human characters are allowed.

14. Multiple threads are allowed, but keep track of what you have open. Threads that are inactive for over a month will be closed.

15. Have fun! Role-playing is supposed to be something enjoyable, but don't take it TOO seriously. It's just a game, so relax and enjoy it!

In other words:


Have OOC conversations in the story
Get IC (In-character)and OOC (Out-of-character) mixed up
Have more than 3 characters
Spam useless crap


Post Regularly
Have human-only characters
Be patient with others
Pay attention to other characters
Use spelling and grammar check (Be warned, there are grammar nazis on this forum)
Write in third-person only
Post meaningful MSN conversations via a summary
Keep up with multiple threads
Destine Enormity