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The World of Arcadia; They say this city's been dead for years now...
Topic Started: Jul 9 2011, 03:02 PM (2,075 Views)
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They called it Arcadia.

No ones knows how long the city has been around or who named it. The history books keep changing and there's no one around who can remember where it all started, not entirely. Supposedly it all began roughly two hundred years ago, somewhere where humanity began to change. It was due to this that Arcadia was founded, becoming a safe haven for new. Arcardia is the most advanced city of the modern world, where being born with special powers is the norm. Things were in a constant state of flux, a constant struggle between those with powers and those without. Villains rose and heroes came to fight them. Then, fifteen years ago there was a war. There was a war, the villains won, and the city was plunged in darkness.

The city is now ruled with an iron fist by a group called The Wise Men. The Wise Men are reportedly voted on by the people, though no one knows when elections happen and or who all the Wise Men are. Some are public knowledge, others are secret, but all are identified by a Greek Letter, with Omega being the head of state.

The Wise Men have an absurd amount of control over the populace and are vaguely Orwellian in nature, though they put on an air of pragmatic evil so as to appear safe to the people. They control everything, from the curfew at night to most entertainment people are allowed to take in. Any defiance can result in citizens being whisked away in the night by The Elite, the police force which works under the Wise Men. The Wise Men can be seen directing the Elite and taking part in their actions, as the city is under martial law, but The Elite are largely free to do as they please. Those who work under the Wise Men are the closest to "free" that the city has. They protect this city and its citizens... or so they claim.

One of the main areas the Wise Men control is the school, also known as SIN Academy. SIN is an acronym, though no one can remember what it means and the teachers keep giving different names. SIN Academy is mandatory for all children with powers, it is a boarding school that lasts from age eleven until children come of age at eighteen. There children are taught to control their powers and are helped to find the place where they can best serve their city. It is a ruthless school where the cruel and villainous are encouraged. Fights often break out in the halls and those that win rise through the ranks-- the best students are often invited to join The Elite as early as the age of fifteen, joining in missions when they aren't in school.

While the city is largely sleek and metallic, a mixture of modern skyscrapers with futuristic technology and gleaming steel, the slums are another story. Made up of crumbling brick and shanties, the slums are home to those without powers, normals. Normals have been reduced to second class citizens and are often abused by those those with powers. They must be registered and marked by a barcode and an identification number, and it is forbidden for them to purchase anything new or venture into the nicer parts of the city. They are treated as slaves at best and outright criminals, abominations at the worst.

Fortunately, there is some hope in the form of the Messiah Complex. Headed by Aidric Carter, the Messiah Complex is a rebel terrorist group bent on taking down the Wise Men and fixing the city. They spend their days helping normals and often working undercover from inside Sin Academy and as members of The Elite. The MC's base is located beneath Cafe Richard, a bakery located on the outskirts of the nicer part of the city with hidden access to the slums. It's the closest thing the rebels have to home, though many find themselves wandering past the slums to the few trees that dot the outskirts of the city.

Suffice to say, it's a sprawling city with a number of stories to tell. Whether one is playing a villain enjoying his or her reign, a student or a member of the Messiah Complex, life in the city is a dangerous game. Which side will you choose, and most importantly, what will your story be?
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