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To the Rescue; "I just wanna save you while there's still something left to save"
Topic Started: May 14 2012, 07:26 AM (1,829 Views)
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The train began to move, and the woman could feel her body rolling back from the weight of it. She stumbled for a moment, catching her balance, before returning her attention to her still-bleeding arm.

The bandages were becoming a darker red, ragged as they were, and Angela winced, feeling tension roll through her bones. So this was it then. They were sealed into the train, there was no going back. At least, there seemed no chance to go back.

In that moment, with one Elite gone and her fate seemingly sealed, the woman felt increasingly furious, so much that her fingers at one point stopped releasing in that repetitive tighten-relax gesture. Both hands became tighter fists, thumbs out.

There seemed to be a bang from one of the ends of the train, and she turned for a moment, confused. She was reminded once more that for whatever reason, the Messiah Complex was here.

But it couldn't be for her. She wasn't about to hope so. Gritting her teeth, she turned away from the distraction to focus on the Elite around her.

Angela remembered, as a kid, reading books about fighting. About keeping thumbs on the outside to avoid breaking them. About making sure to keep balance so that the throws knocked you off. About the weak points in the body.

It was with this in mind that she brought both fists up, throwing them at the metal-faced teen's face. At this angle, it was her hope that she threw his neck back and knocked him off balance.

It might not do much, but she wanted the chance to run. And with people distracted by the MC, this might be her only shot.
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Now was a good time to move. Before the Elite leader could react, Noah jumped through the hole Aidric had left in the car during his earlier exit, before useing the bond with his coat to throw himself into the next car with a loud "thump" depositing himself at Aidric's feet.

Stibbins whirled, firing several shots from his pistol at Aidric as their car pulled away, their own car gradually losing speed. Ferdinand on the other hand scowled and stepped to the door of the car, shaking his fist at the MC's leader. "WE'LL MEET AGAIN YOU VAGABOND!" He shouted dramatically. Had he known that Aidric had been improvising, it's likely that he wouldn't have been as impressed with his opponent's plan.

Noah slowly got to his feet, left shoulder a tad sore from the rough landing he had just made.

"So, now what do we do boss?"
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Sven expected for Angela to try and make a move, but expecting an attack and avoiding it were still two very different actions. He did manage to lessen the impact by slamming into her wrist with the back of his arm, but her punch still connected. Having gotten into more than enough fights himself, he still didn't fall back quite like she wanted.

It was a bad day to wear those snake bites of his. The metal backings jammed themselves into his gums, and the familiar copper tang of blood ran over his tongue.

"You want to cause trouble, you worthless bitch?" Sven grabbed the back of her badly cropped hair, but he foolishly left her hands and arms alone. "Then let's cause some fucking trouble."

Oh, Sven knew he shouldn't be rough-housing with the prisoner, but he didn't give it much thought. If there was one thing that put reason out the window, it was someone- especially a woman- taking a swing at his face.
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There was a low yelp at the grab, and Angela's head craned back, neck bared. The yelp was automatic, though the grab barely hurt in comparison to the past Lord-knew-how-long.

For a moment she stared at him, entire body tensing in preparation. Her eyes were narrow, almost feral, face drawn up in a snarl.

And then she spat in the Elite's face.

Her body swung at him again, aiming for his chest and sides, arms swinging frantically. The woman longed to throw him off, just to get him away, this metal-faced punk that she decided in that moment she hated.

"B-Bastard!" Came the sharp word, spat in his direction as she tried to swing from what felt like a pinned position. Angela wanted to kill him, for no reason at all, because she was so angry.

She'd almost completely forgotten about the other Elite, the blonde in the car with them. At the moment, she didn't particularly care.
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Sneaking on top of a train was harder than one would think it is. On one side, the noise of the train hid XIII's presence, but on the other the night wind against her face was freezing. She also had to crawl along the top of the car so her footsteps wouldn't be noticed by the people inside.

Then the booming voices of Aidric and Ferdinand started throwing ham at each other. For a second, XIII thought that those two would have been the best of friends if they weren't in opposite sides. The thought was interrupted when the loud noise of two bodies hitting the floor of the car could be heard outside. The watchdog had a feeling she knew what was coming next.

"...!? Crap..!" The minor expletive escaped her lips as the car she was on shook slightly and started to slow down. Without hesitation, XIII jumped to her feet, running to the edge of the car and leaping onto the car that was still attached to the train. As she jumped before the distance between cars got too great, she managed the land easily. The impact of her body on the metal made a loud noise, but XIII hoped the sound of the trian moving and the commotion inside would desguise her presence still.

At least she wasn't back at the station, having to deal with Ackerly again...
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Emily watched Angela lash out and rolled her eyes. She stepped forward and her knee shot towards the middle of Angela's back in an attempt to incapacitate her. "Enough of that. Now stop before I slit your throat." Despite the calm tone, one could hear the undercurrent of viciousness. She was not bluffing.
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"Next?" Aidric considered this for a moment. Then he grinned and jerked his head toward the next car. "Isn't it obvious? Let's go!" With those words he turned and rushed to barrel his way through the cars. They were bound to find the Elite eventually, after all.

"We've got a rescue to make!"
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Angela was angry enough to struggle, but it didn't amount to all that much. She got a few hits in, two on his chest and the third in his side, but Sven's grip on her didn't lessen even when she first spat in his face. He was about to backhand her when Emily jammed her knee into the prisoner's back.

He let Angela fall, kicking her for good measure, and glared down at her. She didn't matter to him, not really, but he also didn't feel the need to do any more damage to her. It wasn't worth the effort.

"Fuck this transportation business," Sven muttered, wiping his face with his sleeve. "Should've killed her right after the interrogation."
"This is a sin for which I deserved to be punished."
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Valentine, who had just barely dodged back from the connection between the two cars when it broke, took a moment to gather his breath. "How many of them are there?" he asked, hurrying to keep up with Carter. "Between us and her?"

He was nervous. He'd never intended to wind up doing missions with the terrorists. Already, he was off the tracks and without a plan, and if he died here, his information died with him. If the guards had been anyone else, he might have tried to surrender right there and reveal himself - but not to Emily. He didn't trust her as far as he could throw her.


Outside the train, running along the tracks, was the bloodied and beleaguered Ria Ackerly. Her hair was flowing back behind her in orange waves, and she might have looked quite striking if not for the vicious expression on her face.

She caught up to the disconnected train car, panting, and leapt to catch onto one of the doors. She was inside.

"ELITE!" she called out. "Come out, come out, wherever you are!"
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There was a cringe and a yelp as pain shot through Angela's spine, and she crumpled, curling up with arms over her head, protecting the most important part she could find.

She had to stop, but she didn't want to. She wanted to get out of here.

The kick to the woman's side made her groan, swinging out to kick weakly before finally giving up, face pulled into a pained expression.

"Fuck this transportation business. Should've killed her right after the interrogation."

Angela wasn't one for cursing. She'd been raised right, after all.

But now seemed a very accurate time to hiss crudely, "go fffffuck yourselfff" at the pair over her, the cuffs clinking faintly and the stained bandages rubbing against her face, leaving red in its wake.
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((finished FINALLY in MSN))

Aidric: How many are there? *he's repeating Fishentine's question, then shrugs* Doesn't matter. *slams palm against the door open panel, then goes charging through the train cars, feet pounding against the floor, pausing only every so often to fight VERY HARD to not just bust down doors and waste energy* Angie!? Hey Angie, we're coming to rescue you!

Noah: *mutters under breath* Doesn't even consider there might be traps...*small smile forms* But then, he wouldn't be Aidric if he didn't ignore reason. *charges after Aidric with only a brief glance back to make sure Clara is following*

Clara: *follows along easily, smiling, her bow at the ready, nods to Noah* Hold on, Angie~! Help is on the way~!

Valentine: There wouldn't be traps, not on the train, would there? They might get themselves with traps . . . *lagging a little behind the others*

Angela: [/to be honest she can't really hear the enthusiastic cries of her rescuers, still curled up in pain from the kicks and glaring at the boots of the Elite above her] Nnn. Ffff--[/wants to curse again, trying to get up]

Sven: What? Have something to say? *kneels down, smirks* Go on and tell me... Not like it's gonna help.

Emily: *looks down calmly at Angela, rolls eyes, glances at the door* Forget her. There's company coming. *readies the blade in her sleeve, places several mirrors all over the train car*

Aidric: *He finally makes it to the last car, eyes widening as he catches sight of Sven and Emily through the window. Forget the button. Sparks fly around him, eyes narrowing* ANGIE! *An energy-filled palm slams against the car door, sending it buckling inward to fly through the car. He stands at the opening, still sparking, eyes narrowed as he ignores the numbness stretching up his palm now*

Noah: *facepalms* well...so much for a stealthy approach* Don't move Elite! 'with any hope they'll stand down...but knowing Emily, this is going to be rough...' *double checks his bonds with his friends clothes*

Clara: *pulls up bow, levels it at Sven's head, lowers head so the hood obscures her face more* Give us the girl and we won't have to hurt you.

Valentine: *glancing down, regretting the lack of his pistol* Your hand . . .

Angela: [/is about to mumble a "go to hell" at the teen when the door seems to slam in] [/eyes widen as she just pushes herself to the side, blinking in surprise at Aidric and the others] [/safe to say she didn't expect this] ...W-what's... [/looks between the Elite and the MC in a sort of terror and shock]

Sven: *immediately up and in a defensive stance, glares at 'Clara,' brass knuckles at the ready* Took you fucking long enough. *goes for a swing at Clara, making the metal more dense as he swings*

Emily: *presses hand to one mirror, vanishes, re-appears to Noah's side, thrusts hand toward his face, palm up and blade exposed* Just die.

Aidric: *His hand flies out to fling up a shield in front of Clara, beaming* You know, it's pretty rude to hit a lady. Though you seem to be pretty good at it.

Noah: *has fought alongside Emily before, still surprised at the speed though of her teleport, only saved by his bond with his jacket as he uses that to jerk away from her, readies to dodge her next attack as he trusts the others to take care of Sven* Gonna have to try harder then that lady.

Clara: *grins* Thanks, boss~! *fires a few arrows toward Sven with vines wound around them, hoping to pin Sven's clothes to a wall without hurting him*

Valentine: *eyes wide with terror, but he steps forward and whips his shank at Sven half-heartedly*

Angela: [/lets out small sounds of fright at the sudden fighting, stumbling back, trying to get away from the crowd] Oh g-god [/she does not want to be caught in the middle of this, but she's still in pain and trying to get to her feet] [/gets a few feet back, watching with wide eyes]

Sven: Rgh! *grits teeth when his blow is block, one of the arrows rips into his shoulder but leaves a scrape, another throws his other arm back, still manages to dodge Fishertine's shank* If she's gonna shoot, I'm gonna fucking hit! *takes BBs out of pocket, sends them in Clara's direction, then swings at Aidric* But there's always you, Carter!

Emily: *rolls when he dodges, lands near another mirror, places hand on it and vanishes, reappears behind him* I've just started. *slams hand toward his shoulder*

Aidric: *he flings up another shield-- it's fairly small, just a quick, solid circle radiating from his upper arm to block the blow. He cracks a grin* Careful Tiger, you're playing with the big boys now~! *He drops his arm as his free hand slams toward Sven's chest, open-palmed and sparking with just enough energy to send Sven flying on contact*

Noah: *flinches as her blade cuts into his jacket and digs a shallow cut into his shoulder* Aidric, take care of Angie. *eyes narrow as he whirls and drops to the floor, planting his hand on the paneling their standing on* 'lets see if I can remove us from the fight, it'll make it easier to save angie at least' *animates floor and sends both he and Emily up through the ceiling, has just enough time to brace, manages to grab onto train car after they rip through*

Clara: *glances back at Noah* Wonderboy, what are you-?! *flinches when he and Emily go through the roof, jaw drops*...*shakes head* Boss, leave this kid to me. You and Lydia tend to Angie, okay? Get her out first. *aims arrow at Sven's head* You move and you die.

Valentine: *switches shank to other hand and steps towards Angie, hands shaking*

Angela: [/stares at the boy, trying again to stumble back--winces faintly as she moves] Nnngh. What're you--[/swallows, finally giving up and staying away from the fight, unable to keep pushing herself back--it's hurting her already burning arm]

Valentine: It's okay, we're here to g-get you out . . .

Sven: *takes Aidric's hit, goes flying back but tries to ground himself as soon as possible, lands near Angela* Quit fucking around! *glances up to see Emily is gone* Dammit... *tries to reach for his bond with the metal surround them, one side snaps inward toward Clara, hoping to at least trip her up before she can shoot*

Emily: Augh!! *knocked out of the train, grabs at the train, manages to get a hold at the end of the car, lifts herself onto the roof, stands unsteadily, yells over the wind* You will regret that! *charges toward him*

Aidric: *he watches Sven slide across the floor, but gives a soft curse at Noah and Clara's comments. Right. He was so tangled up in the excitement he nearly forgot what they were there FOR. He darts past Sven to rush toward Angela* Angie! Are you hurt!? *Okay that was probably a dumb question*

Noah: Wanna bet!? *takes a swing at her, though his heart isn't really in the blow*

Clara: *knocked off balance* Whoa! *fires arrow but it's wildly off-target, hitting a wall on the opposite side, pulls a plant out of her quiver and readies a whip just in case*

Valentine: *in reply to Aidric* She's been in _their_ hands for days . . .

Angela: [/stares wide eyed at Aidric, not replying--she still remembers the last time he was running towards her] Nnn. [/edges back again, her arm hurting more than ever, the bandages on her scars getting more and more red]

Sven: *can't believe he actually managed it, snaps out it when Aidric darts past him, shaking he's so mad* I'm still here, assholes! *goes to hit Aidric in the face, doesn't even care about Angela at the moment, just wants to get in -one- hit*

Emily: *easily dodges hit, slashes at him with blade in her sleeve* Don't treat me so lightly!! *unwavering resolve to kill him*

???: Scared of your own leader? Funny... *Talking about Angie*

XIII: *Breaks in through a window, feet first. Lands on her feet right behind Angela. Grabs her and pulls her to her feet. One arm wrapped around her, binding her arms to her torso, the other holding a gun to her head. Deadpan expression, nods at Aidric* Hey.

Aidric: *He winces as he catches Angela's terrified expression. Oh, right. This was still his fault* A-Angie? Hey... it's me, remember? I'm-- *he's cut off by a pretty damn solid hit to the face. He reels from the blow, clutching at his face* A-ah-- *annnd then XIII shows up, He stands there for a moment, clutching at his face. He then spits at the ground, blood splattering on the floor. He had a comeback, he really did, but he'd already really only had eyes for one person on this train...and she had a gun to her head* ...I'd applaud your entrance, but I'm really not in the mood for games, Balto.*He pauses to spit out a bit more blood, then swipes at his chin* Let her go. She's nobody to you, you know that.

Noah: *steps back to avoid her swing* You're gon- ahh! *stepped back too far, falls and just barely catches himself in time, uses bond with cloths to hold himself to the side of the train* er....think you can keep up bondie?!

Clara: *whirls and readies another arrow, freezes at the sight of XIII*......*nervous chuckle* Hi there.

Valentine: *backing up pale* P-please - he's right, she's not worth anything to you . . .

Angela: [/suddenly--grabbed and stumbles to her feet] Hey--! [/wriggles desperately before the gun is put to her head] [/she freezes, her gut twisting] [/stares at Aidric, somewhat terrified] H-he--[/swallows, shaking faintly]

Sven: *-really- can't believe he managed that, smirks with satisfaction, goes to say something, XIII appears* Hey. Weren't we supposed to be bringing her in there -alive-? *quite honestly doesn't care that it's XIII, answers to Arco first and foremost*

Emily: *sees him fall, narrows eyes, pulls a longer blade out from her clothes and unsheathes it* Hmph. I can keep up just fine. But you're not even trying. *kneels down and slashes at him* So die already.

XIII: *Slowly steps back with Angela held tightly, gun firmly to her head. Small smirk* You're right, she's nothing. But you..? That's different. Tell me, Carter, why do you think we set up this circus? This girl here was nothing but bait, and you came along just like he said you would. And telling you all this doesn't matter, because it doesn't change a thing, does it? You want this girl? Simple.

XIII: Take her place.

Aidric: W-what? *Well...that figures, doesn't it? In a way it made sense. Angela was small fry to them in their minds whether she was actually a part of the MC or not, he knew that. It was a pretty classic line, and in any other situation, he would have almost found it hilarious and wonderfully overdramatic. Except Angela looked scared, impossibly scared, more scared than a regular girl who had just been unlucky enough to work at Cafe Richard had any right to be, and of course that meant it wasn't funny at all.*

Valentine: Y-you let _me_ get captured . . . maybe you s-should just - *cowers away, apparently ashamed* . . . sorry . . .

Noah: *has wind in his ears and can't hear the request, ^^; eyes narrow at Emily's comment* Maybe you're right...I should take this seriously. *gun he had brought along animates and floats up out of Clara's quiver, flying up behind Emily through hole in roof, wobbles as it is hit by the wind, but fires at her legs*

Clara: *looks at Aidric* Boss, you can't seriously be considering...*watches as the gun floats out of her quiver*....Huh. *shakes head* Considering doing this!! They'll lock you up! Or kill you!! But...*looks over at Angela*.....*slumps*.....

Valentine: W-we can't just let her kill her . . .

Angela: [/of course, of /course/ it's never about her, she's not ever important, it figures] [/still hurts, but figures] [/her eyes flicker between the woman holding her and the man in front of her--she's not sure who to be more afraid] P-Please--just--[/swallows back a sob; everything hurts]

Sven: *to Angela* Heh, first Sigma uses you, and then your "friends" don't want you, either. *wants to see her cry, even just a little* Too bad for you.

Emily: *glances back at the gunshots, swears sofly, moves over to the side of the train and swings herself through the already open window that XIII came through, moves over to the window by Noah, opens and readies blade, ignoring all else, just wants to make the annoying guy DIE*

XIII: *Keeps stepping back, expression serious again* Compliments from Master Sigma. Now, are you going to give yourself up or should I really dirty my suit with this girl's blood? You have until the count of 3. *Closer to the car's door* 3...

Aidric: S-shut up! *His eyes are wide, breath coming out in quick bursts. This didn't make any sense, because logic insisted that in the grand scheme of things, Angela didn't matter. Angela was just some random girl and he'd been fighting this war for eight years now, and to throw that away would have been stupid, would have been spitting in the face of dozens of sacrifices. He'd come eight years and lost so many people just watch this city burn, and with that in mind one more sacrifice was just something else to add to the pile. Just one more martyr to add to the list-- nothing else, really.*

Valentine: But . . . but you got her into this situation. G-get her out of here. *still pale and shaking, but his eyes dark red*

Aidric: ...*He spins to look to Valentine for a second. Then he lets out a short, somewhat bitter laugh* You've got a point there, Kiddo. *He had gotten Angela into this whole mess...and this was different from a willing member of the MC, wasn't it? Very different*...Fine. Fine, I'll go with you. Just let her go.

XIII: Wise choice. On your knees, hands behind your head.

Clara:....*eyes widen*.....Aidric......*wonders what she's going to tell Ant*

Angela: [/she fully expects this, she expects to be left behind] [/she knows how this is going to end because she's not important and she's never been and the Elite reminds her of that with the Sigma comment] [/shudders faintly, a half-sob slipping out] [/swallows the rest down furiously] ....[/but then Aidric is--] w-what? [/small and surprised] [/it doesn't make sense]

Aidric: Fine. *He slowly gets to his knees and does as he's told, eyes seeking out Angela's, locking with her gaze, saying more than words ever could. You are important. Please believe me, Angie, you are so important.*

Noah: GOTCHA! *leaps over the train and through the hole, landing hard on top of Emily and pinning her*

Aidric: *uses the distraction to fling a blast forward, knocking the gun from XIII's hand*

XIII: *The crash shakes the car, making XIII stumble back, she presses the trigger, but the bullet merely scratches the side of Angie's face and flies through a window. Before XIII can't react, a blast takes the gun out of her hand* Agh..! No! *Steps back, reaching in her coat to pull out her second gun* I already won!

Aidric: *leaping to his feet, he charges toward Angela and XIII, energy sparking in his fist* I don't think so!

Clara: *follows Aidric's charge* Angela! Give me your hand! *holds hers out, vines unravel from her arm toward Angie*

Valentine: Don't hurt her - !

Angela: [/gives a screech as the bullet grazes her, breaking the skin faintly, enough to bleed] [/her cuff'd hands reach up to hold the bleeding spot before she reaches out for the vines, trying to reach them] [/grabs them desperately]

Sven: *figured they at least had him well enough to take him out if he tried anything, obviously they don't, sees Clara making a grab for Angela and vice versa* Fuck no! *tries to reach for his bond with the remains of the boxcar, no where -near- as experienced as Noah, walls don't even move at first* Come on! *walls give, but too quickly, metal essentially crumples around the large group like tinfoil, threatening to crush them* Shit shit shit shit! *trying desperately to let go*

Emily: !!! *tackled by Noah, surprised by the walls, completely caught off-guard* Wha-?!

XIII: *Pulls out gun, aims it at Aidric* Tch..! I'll just bring back your head then! *Fires*

Aidric: *he flings up a shield to block the bullet just in time. In reaction to the walls buckling the shield expands practically on reflex, enveloping all of them and pressing back against the walls. The metal creaks and pops around them dangerously as Aidric grits his teeth against the pressure, both arms thrusting outward as if he were actually physically holding it at bay. He cracks open one eye, then glances around and gives a whistle* Wow! That almost crushed all of us like grapes! *the train gives another creak* And is actually still in the process of trying to do so. Well. That's kind of alarming.

Sven: Shut up! *metal tries to tighten, prevented from doing so by Aidric's shield, panic setting in* Just shut the fuck up and let me think for a second!

Clara: *tugs Angela close once the walls start caving in, hugs her close, stroking her hair* Shhh! Shh, hun, I got you! *vines wrap around her protectively, shaking* I've got you.

Emily: *still struggling with Noah, glances over* Sven! I -order- you to calm down!

Aidric: Relax Tiger, it's natural to be nervous. Just take deep, calming breaths. Think yoga. Or yogurt. Or yankee candle. Calming, relaxing, not-crushing-us-like-bugs thoughts.

Angela: [/trembles, finally breaking into breathtaking sobs] [/hyperventilates] D-Don't-- [/don't lie to me, please don't lie]

Sven: *snaps, both because of Emily and Aidric's comments* I said shut the fuck up! *metal finally gives, goes outward instead*

Aidric: *lets his shield drop* Awesome! Great job! *awkward pause*...I guess we can...go back to killing each other now.

Valentine: L-let's get out of here before anything else happens. *avoiding sight of blood*

XIII: ... *Shakes head* Idiots. *Turns around, running towards the engine car* Screw this. I'll pick your carcass from the wreckage.

Aidric: *he watches her go, expression sliding into seriousness again* That's... probably not a good thing... *he looks to Clara and Noah* You've got her, right?

Clara: *nods, holding her close*

Noah: STOP! *animated gun turns and floats toward XIII firing a three shots as it slowly drifts forward, unfortunately not as accurately as noah would have liked*

XIII: *Two shots miss, third one hits her on the left shoulder. Stumbles forwards* AGH!! Pests-!! *Gives a half-glare back, raising her left arm, her hand shaky due to the pain, and fires a single shot in the direction she thinks the shot came from before turning back forwards and continue running*

Angela: [/flinches in Clara's arms (though of course she doesn't know it's Clara, not yet) at each of the shots, squirming] [/the fourth shot brings a shockwave of pain through her shoulder] Ahn! [/tries not to scream, biting her tongue to the point of bleeding as the bullet seems to rip through her body] [/crimson begins to spread at the spot] [/after a moment of undiluted shock, her knees give out and she crumples, beginning to cry]

Aidric: *His eyes widen and he spins to face Angela, then immediately bounds to her and Clara, dropping to his knees beside her* Angie!

Noah: *winces when angie cries out, but is used to combat situations, continues to fire a few more shots, turns to inspect where he crashed into Emily earlier* Aidric, we need to get her out of here!

Clara: *gasps at the shots, sinks to the floor with Angie holding her close* No! No no no!! *shaking slightly* Angie...I'm so sorry....I should have taken that shot....I'm sorry....

Valentine: Oh . . . oh god oh god . . . *eyes wide and pale, looks like he's on the verge of passing out, but is actually still pretty calm. he stumbles towards Clara and Angie, fumbling in his pockets* I d-don't . . . *but he pulls out the knife, setting it to his hand as he kneels by Angela, cuts into his hand and presses it to Angela's wound, whimpering in horror as he does so*

Angela: [/shakes in Clara's grasp, her shoulder screaming as red continues to spread] [/her eyes are squeezed shut, and she gives a low cry when pressure is put on the wound] [/oh god, it hurts so much] [/sobs into Clara's shirt, unaware of the chaos around her] nnnnnaaaah-- [/grits her teeth, jaw aching]

Valentine: Sorry, I'm so sorry -

Sven: *still shaking, used up way too much energy on that especially for never even trying to do it before* Hey! What the fuck do you think you're doing?! *tries to reach for Fishertine and jerk him back away from Angela*

Emily: *was out from under Noah as soon as he fired the shots thanks to a Mirror, now standing by the door XIII fled through*......*weighing her options*.......

XIII: *Running towards the engine car, reaches back with her free hand, wincing and groaning as she pulls out the bullet from her shoulder, flicking it aside* Tch..!

Aidric: *His eyes flick to Fisher as he pulls out the knife, then looks back to the wound, gritting his teeth as he watches it slowly begin to knit together. After a moment of this, his eyes go to Fisher again, bright blue meeting pale ones, and for a moment his gaze seems impossibly piercing. Then his attention's on Angela again and he's reaching out to squeeze her uninjured shoulder* You're gonna be okay, Angie, I promise. We're here. Everything's gonna be fine. *he stands and nods at Clara and Noah* You know what to do. *He then turns and rushes after XIII*

Clara: *nods, stroking Angela's hair* Shhh....Shh, hun....you're safe....I won't let them hurt you anymore....I promise.....*eyes flick back up, vines around one of her hands flicks and twitches threateningly at Sven as if to stab him through the chest, growls* Back. Off.

Valentine: . . . oh no . . . b- b- bl . . . *eyes roll back and he slumps down against the floor, still bleeding*

Sven: *smirks, trying to look like he's all right* Or you'll what? Without Carter, none of you can do a damn thing. *points to Fishertine* He's useless, and you're not much better. *hoping Clara will try and attack to give him a chance to grab Angela*

Emily: *lets Aidric go, doesn't try to stop him*......*glances over at Sven*......*looks over at Noah*...Sven. Forget it. *looks toward the front car* They're not important. Our orders were to catch Aidric Carter. He's off to kill himself by fighting XIII. No point in exhausting ourselves for the small fry. *leans back against wall* They're just going to be caught and killed anyway.

XIII: *Stops, the door to the next car is locked.* ... *Shoots the lock, slamming it open, arrives at the engine car. Wastes no time, slamming the machinist against the wall and pointing her gun at his face* Which one of those levers is the accelerator?

Machinist: Ah! T-That one! *Points*

XIII: Much obliged. *Pistol whips the guy into unconsciousness. Looks back, sees Aidric closing in* I'll just have to fetch your carcass from the wreckage. *Pushes the lever, making the train go much faster, keeps pushing until the lever breaks*

Aidric: *He's charging after XIII, closing in. His arms are starting to burn, the pain that follows numbness having reached just past his wrist. Not a good place to be when it came to chasing the Watchdog, but that didn't matter right now. He flings several blasts in quick succession, finally pulling back a fist at the end to charge as he closes the distance between him and XIII, aiming this glowing punch for her head*

Noah: *eyes narrow, hand brushes some of the wrecked part of the cars and the debris comes to life picking itself up and moving into defensive positions* Move through that door and I'll blow your head off. *animated gun jerks to point at sven, who Noah knows can't teleport like Emily*

Emily: Think you can pull that trigger faster than I can slice your throat? *narrows eyes, hand moves to her last blade hidden on her hip*

Valentine: *thinking: no, no, Emily, just GO AFTER HIM*

Sven: *hears Emily's 'order,' glares at Noah* Try it, jackass. *glances at Clara and Angela but still starts to move towards Emily and the door* You think Carter can't handle us? Some leader.

XIII: *Sees Aidric charging at her, raises her gun, but one of the blasts hits her hand, making the gun fly out of her grasp. Moves her arms in front of her body to block the upcoming blasts, being pushed back against the control panel. As Aidric closes in for a punch, she steps forwards, throwing her own punch at his face even as his hits hers* Kh-!! *Is tossed back against the panel* Tch... *Spits a little blood, the damage on her face starting to heal. Sneers at him.* It's over, Carter. You could have ended this the easy way, but your foolishness will cost your and your friends' lives. That beat up brat back there is just going a bit early...

Aidric: *The blow from XIII sends him stumbling back to connect with the wall. He spits out more blood as well, though his eyes are positively -burning-* Beat up brat? *He gives a low growl, energy sparking in his right hand, coiling, gathering within his palm* I'm sorry, were you referring to one of my friends? You're gonna -wish- you could die, dog. *With that he thrusts his arm forward, letting loose a beam of bright white aimed for XIII's chest*

Noah: *eyes never leave Emily and Sven, animated wreckage has move itself close to angie and Clara, close enough to almost touch them, with a few pieces surrounding Noah close as well, sneers* The real question is, can you move fast enough to save your friend before a nice little slug paints the wall with his grey matter? *hammer of gun cocks and it moves closer, just out of Sven or Emily's reach but easily within point blank firing range* Even if I fire...do I have enough control to stop the bullet before it kills him?' *gaze still never wavers*

Clara: *hugs Angela closer, trying not to move her, flinches when she feels the train increase in speed* W-whoa!! *glances out window*...Uh...guys? Is it just me or...are we moving faster than we were before?

Sven: *drops tough-guy act, isn't scared but definitely isn't ready to die just yet, to Pennington* Don't worry about me, Pennington. Just keep going.

Emily:......*moves to make a step for the door*....*doesn't want Sven to die but doesn't want to disappoint Arco again*......*glances out the window due to Clara speaking up*...Wait...this isn't right...there's no reason we should be going this fact...except...*eyes widen*...That magnificent bitch.

XIII: *Small smirks* I'm shaking in my-*Is hit by the beam, pulls arms to block again, but it does little and most of it hits her on the chest* Aaaaagh...!!! *An expression of pain mixed with anger, dives out of the way of the beam, her suit pretty much ruined, though her burnt skin quickly begins to heal* You think you can stop me!? *Grabs his shoulders, pulling him down as she knees him in the gut* You can throw whatever you want, you'll never stop me!

Aidric: *he drops to his knees with a grunt, clutching at his stomach. -She's strong-. He tries to uncurl to let loose a blast, but he misses and hits the bottom of the control panel instead*

Noah: *eyes dart to the window as well, as everyone seems to be surprised, even the Elite, eyes widen as he realizes what is going on* Oh frick...*turns back to Emily and Sven* Do you know what will happen if this train keeps accelerating?! It'll break free from the track! The Gardens are up ahead! It would kill hundreds of people! *gun backs off from sven and hammer is slowly lowered, even turned away every so slightly* We won't survive either, your boss is gonna kill you along with us!

Clara: *hugs the injured and probably unconscious Angela close* We need to stop it before it hurts anyone!!

Sven: And how the fuck are we supposed to do that?! I don't know if you noticed, but I sure as hell am not gonna be able to do shit!

Emily: *shrugs* Acceptable Losses. *looks to Sven* C'mon. Carter will die on impact and the problem will be solved. *walks past the MC toward the back of the train* We'll simply go to the last car and unhinge it. It will roll to a stop and we'll be fine. Then we can blame thw whole thing on the MC. Problem solved.

XIII: Hmph... *Standing over Aidric, straightens her suit* This will hurt like crap for me, so at least take comfort in being able to die quickly. *Kicks him on the face* Don't worry, we're going to search for your other terrorist friends. They'll be joining you soon.

Aidric: Guh! *He reels back, clutching at a broken nose. Then he glances up at XIII and abruptly flashes a grin, though not a terribly nice one. A hand reaches out to grab her tie, then begins to glow, the energy crawling up his entire arm* You know, you always know -exactly- what to say to get me going. *He tugs her downward so they're nose to nose* Good doggie. Now -fetch-! *With that he slams his energy-filled palm forward, the force sending her flying out the window*

XIII: Gh-! *Is tugged down by her tie, eyes wide, surprised expression* What are you- *One hand manages to grab his shoulder right before she is blasted on the chest once again, flies back, her tie getting ripped off while her hand rips a piece of his coat off as well. Her back hits the window and breaks through it* Aaaaaargh!!!! *As the train is currently crossing a high bridge the cuts through the city, XIII flies out and begins to fall several meters towards the streets below* ASSHOOOOOOoooooo-!!!

Aidric: *he stands there watching, hair and coat billowing in the wind from the window* That was bad. *he shrugs and turns to go back to the previous cars* I -really- need better lines for this...fetch, seriously? Ugh.

Noah: out of my way! *keeps defense screens up around Clara and Angie, but shoves past Emily and Sven* Aidric! we need to stop the train....*looks down then up, tossing doubt out the window as best he can* I...I think I could stop it. If I can get ahead of it.

Clara: You two can't just -leave-!! What about all of those innocent people!!! You're just going to let them -die-?!

Sven: *following close behind Emily, eyes cold* They're gonna die anyway.

Emily: *opens door* Have fun dying. *leads Sven to the last car, stops by the connector, to Sven* Once you get across, smash it.

Aidric: *watches them go*...Well, can't say I'm -surprised-. *He looks to Noah, then beams through the blood still leaking all over his face and claps him on the shoulder* You know, I was just about to say it would be a GREAT idea if you stopped the train. I'm glad we're on the same page! Just don't use your head-- that would probably be pretty dumb. Do you want a lift?

Clara:.....*hugs Angela close, looks over at the panicking "Fisher"*....Be careful, okay? If we die, Ant is gonna kill us. *small smile at Aidric, terrified*

Sven: I can manage that.

Emily: Then do it. *glances up at the train* There's no way they'll stop it in time.

Sven: Fine. *touches the connector, makes it brittle, stands back up and slams on it with his heel, making it fall away, successfully separates them from the rest of the train*

Aidric: *Grins at Clara, then turns to blast a hole into the ceiling. He then reaches out to grab Noah's upper arm, which is already covered in debris* Be careful, Grasshopper. I'm gonna need you around. *With that he flings Noah through the hole in the roof*

Noah: surprised at how fast he's going, lands on the tracks a good ways ahead of the train and uses the animation in his leg armor and "shoes" to rocket ahead even further before quickly coming to a stop on a more empty section of the plaza less than a minute before the main strip, takes deep breath as train bares down on him* Okay...I can do this. I can do this. I can do THIS. *voice growing louder as the train looms, holds out hands and concentrates with everything he has, train car hits his hands and the bond he has in it already reacts with the new bond, train car shoves him back 30 feet and then holds in place. The rest of the train cars plow into the lead engine, save the one protected by Aidric car parts and several hundred tons find themselves airborn accompanied by the sound of ending steal loud enough to drown out even Noah's thoughts, metal and fire fly over and around him landing behind and to either side with terrific force and in an instant it's all over. He slump, throat begins to hurt from the scream he didn't remember doing, slumps to his knees, eyes wide*

Aidric: *he stands in the middle of the car, expression one of intense concentration. As the last of the crashes die away, he lets the shield dissipate, stumbling on his feet* Whooo, that was close! You guys all right?

Clara: *nods* Y-yeah!! *was holding "Fisher" and Angie close to her with a set of vines which were rooted to the car as well* We're good! *checks on Angela* Still breathing....

Aidric: Good. *He scrubs at his nose and grimaces-- though this may be because he's also having trouble moving his arms.* All right, come on. We've got who we came for... now let's go make sure Wonderboy is okay. *With those words he heads outside, stumbling a bit on the now diagonal floor. He does have to blast a hole through the wall to get out, but after doing so he clambers to the top. He then cups his hands around his mouth and calls* Hey, Wonderboy! How's your head!?

Noah: *trembling, tries to get to feet, finally stands after about three tries* I...I-I'm still here. *wobbles but manages to step out from in front of the train, stepping around a rut that had been dug by one of the other passenger cars benches* S-still here I think. *swallows, throat still very sore*

Clara: *follows, vines tug "Fisher" along, carrying Angela* Good....*looks around* We should get out of here. Now. *smiles at Noah* And I am so, so proud of you, little bro~

Noah:....*trembles, weak smile* Ant....is gonna kill us*

Aidric: *He stumbles through the wreckage, though with all the mess he's ALMOST managing to make it look like this was his intention. Upon finally reaching Noah, he beams and claps the boy on the shoulder, then slings Noah's arm over him so as to help him stay upright* Good job, kiddo. Let's go home. *He glances back at 'Fisher', gaze darkening for a moment, but then he looks to Angela and grins* All of us.
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