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The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine; The Fishentine confrontation
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TRIGGER WARNING: Torture, discussion of rape and abuse.

((Editor's note: This takes place directly after To the Rescue, and is the culmination of a plot in which Valentine impersonated Fisher.))

Aidric: [The rebel leader stumbles into the Cafe Richard basement from the back entrance, his footsteps echoing in the dark. The bleeding from his injuries has stopped, though dried blood still sticks here and there. The bruises and blackness were for the most part hidden beneath his coat-- out of sight, out of mind, which was good. There was still a lot to deal with, after all.]

Aidric: [He briefly pauses against the wall, panting, then slams a palm against a light switch.] Ant! We're back!

Ant: *darts downstairs* Oh thank God! *rushes over to them* I was watching the whole thing on TV! Are you okay? Where's Angela? And the kids?

Clara: Here's Angie~ *carrying the other girl in, wincing* Haha, she's heavier than she looks.....I'm gonna bring her upstairs and patch her up a little.

Valentine: [He limps in after Aidric, eyes wide and pale as he cradles his injured arm. He knows something's not right, but he can't get out just yet.] His arm's gone all . . . *gestures vaguely to Aidric*

Aidric: [Completely ignores Fisher's comments] We dropped Noah off at his dorm on the way, he was pretty wiped out from stopping the train. [Here he pauses, frowning.] …Where's James and everybody else?

Ant: That's what I was asking you. *tugs on the coat* Off with it, I want to patch you up....*sighs* I haven't heard anything from them...Did you tell James to blow up the School? Or the Hospital?! Because he did.

Clara: *tugging Angela upstairs*

Valentine: *paling involuntarily* The hospital?

Aidric: Well, I'm sure they're out there somewhere. They'll be fine, James is - *pauses right in the middle of pulling his coat off* He what!? The hospital!?

Aidric: [He stands there gaping, brain apparently unable to decide whether he wants to be absurdly pissed off, shocked or confused] But… but I said a distraction! The hospital isn't a distraction, that's not… WHAT!?

Aidric: *He spins to face Ant again, eyes wide* Was anybody in the school!? Did he get any kids!? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED!?

Ant: *shakes head* No, they sent warnings beforehand and everyone was evacuated...but....in the Hospital..two people that were in the Intense Care wing have passed away....both were on life support. So far, they've set up a temporary hospital in the Gardens but...

Ant: So you had no idea? *a bit relieved but still confused and upset*

Valentine: Wh- Who were they? The two c-casualties?

Aidric: What? No, I wouldn't-- why would I tell him to blow up a hospital!? Or the school!? *he throws his hands up in the air, clearly still in disbelief* I just… I can't… *he begins to pace furiously, bloodied coat swirling at his ankles, pretty much ignoring everyone else in the room for the moment*

Ant: Aidric, calm down. At least let me see your arms! *trying to get his attention* You've got blood -everywhere-!

Clara: *comes back downstairs, looks at Aidric and Ant*...*shakes head, smiles, goes to Fishentine* You okay, kiddo?

Valentine: No . . . I, I had to, she was hurt - and I passed out and then - *shaking*

Aidric: *At Fisher's words, his blue eyes flick to the boy in question. Then, very abruptly, his fist shoots out to grab the boy by the collar and slam him against the wall*

Ant: Aidric, what the hell are you doing?!

Clara: Whoa! *holds up hands* Calm down, boss!

Valentine: A-Aidric?!

Valentine: *apparently terrified* What are you doing?

Aidric: Thanks for the reminder, kiddo, I was pretty close to forgetting. But James can take care of himself for now, this is more important. *His grip tightens on the collar of Fisher's coat, energy sparking in his free hand as he meets Fisher's gaze*

Aidric: You aren't Fisher. *His voice is cold, laced with a growl that's almost animalistic in nature, his eyes blazing. Very similar to the whole situation with Minos really – and altogether like facing down a cannon when it's aimed in your direction.*

Ant:....Aidric....what's going on...? Did you hit your head or something?! Let him go.

Clara: Boss, it's Fisher. Who else could it be?

Valentine: *staring wide-eyed and wriggling a little to get away from Aidric's grasp, but saying nothing*

Aidric: Come on Ant, Clar-- we live in a city full of superpowers. Do you really think it'd be that hard for the Elite to cook up an impostor? *he gives the supposed Fisher a shake, tone becoming a growl again* I don't know who you are, buddy, but you aren't our kid. Why don't you just cut to chase and admit it?

Valentine: Aidric? I swear - I swear I'm me! Who else would I be? Are you okay? D-did they do something to you?

Ant: I get that but Fisher?! How would they manage......*eyes widen*......Fisher....how did you get away from the Elite...when they took you and brought you to the Tartarus...?

Clara: Ant? What are you talking about?

Valentine: I wasn't a threat! Look at me, why would they need to lock me up! *sadly* I'm not good for much of anything to you.

Aidric: *he gives a snort* Shows what you know. Fisher is important. A lot more than you'd think-- but your reactions aren't right. Angie was hurt today, and she needed your help-- which you gave. Sure, I'd love if Fisher could do that-- but he's fighting a pretty major fear right now. He's not ready for that, no matter how much I push him to be.

Ant: Really?....*looks back at "Fisher"*....And her I thought you were acting so distant because you were mad at me...but I suppose only the real Fisher would know how close we are...

Clara: You guys, this is crazy! Look at yourselves! *points* This is Fisher!! It has to be!

Valentine: Y-you - you don't believe him, right Ant?

Ant:........Tell me. The first time we spoke...what did I call Fisher...what did I call -you- when I was patching you up? And don't say you forgot...because when you and Aidric spoke a few weeks later, you still remembered.

Valentine: Please - please, I just, I just passed out and I'm pinned up against the wall and you all hate me now and I don't remember - *shaking*

Clara:........*can only watch helplessly, unsure*

Aidric: We can do this the easy way or the hard way, kiddo. *Here he presses a palm against Fisher's shin* Funny thing about my powers-- I can do blasts that burn stuff and shock, and I can do concussive shields and blasts. The second one does -really- interesting things at close range.

Aidric: *He beams, tone taking on an almost pleasant lilt* Now you see, there's something pretty interesting about this litmus test. See, Lydia's powers actually work slower on him than they do on regular people. Pretty sure he's built up a tolerance to his own blood. You, on the other hand, may actually heal faster.

Aidric: But then again, your blood also worked slower on Angie's head and well, broken bones are a messy process, so I guess it's a bit of a gamble. We'll see. *Here he considers this for a moment, then shrugs* To be honest, I'm not in the best of moods and I don't really care. I'd suggest just answering the nice lady's question so I don't have to break your leg.

Valentine: [His face takes on a calm, reserved expression that looks alien on Fisher's features, and he stops quivering away from Aidric.] I'd almost started to hope that you were more than a psychopath. But no. As far as you know, you could be standing there about to break the leg of the kid who swore he wouldn't betray you. He told me that he couldn't give you up, because everyone cared about you and no one cared about him. Well, he was wrong. I care about him. But you're right. I'm not Fisher. I'm Valentine Svarc. *he glances over to Antoinette and nods in recognition*

Valentine: *talking rapidly, the words rushing out of him like they've been held back for a long time. this is the first time in years that he's spoken without a mask, without any agenda, and it's exhilarating. he has nothing left to lose* So now what? Are you going to torture me just for the hell of it? Or are you going to kill me? Neither one of them will get you anywhere. Because I know something you don't. I know that you will never get away with this, because you are evil. And what they say in the movies, it's true. The bad guys never win. God, you see, is on the side of righteousness. So you can kill me or you can torture me, but you - will - never - WIN!

Valentine: *panting from that*

Aidric: *he blinks in surprise, grip very nearly loosening. His hand full of energy drops, dispersing as he simply listens, eyes wide. Because in a way, it was true. He'd been so very sure this wasn't Fisher, positive about it… but on the off chance it hadn't been, he would have broken the leg of someone who was the closest thing he had to a son*

Aidric: *But then came the next words, the look of wild, crazy abandon and Aidric's grip tightened again, that spark coming to his eyes* Nice sermon. I'm amazed the Big Man didn't give you some nice, divinely inspired scripture to go along with that. *Here he pulls his arm back and slams Val against the wall again* Next time, don't preach out of my own Goddamn kid's mouth.

Valentine: *grunts in pain as he's slammed into the wall* I didn't expect you to understand. You're going to walk through the gates of Hell still not getting it, aren't you?

Aidric: *This time, he punches Val in the face* How about we hear less about righteousness, more about where Fisher is, huh? Oh wait, let me guess, it's the Tartarus, right? Was that all a part of your God's lovely plan of good versus evil? You care about him, that's why you STOLE HIS FUCKING SKIN, right!? *He is full on roaring in Val's face now, face positively livid*

Valentine: *angry now too, hissing furiously* This is MY skin. It doesn't stop being my skin just because it doesn't look the same. Again, I wouldn't expect you to understand, Mr. Manly Man.

Clara: G-guys...c'mon....settle down...we can talk this out reasonably....

Ant:.......Aidric. *moves closer* This is a matter that needs a woman's touch.

Aidric: *growls* I'm kind of busy here.

Ant: I insist, Aidric. *cold gust blows through the room* Allow me.

Valentine: *his focus shifts to Ant* Antoinette. You can see what's wrong with this, can't you? A hospital destroyed, brutal murders in the Slums, kids fighting for terrorists - all because of him. It's not too late.

Aidric: …*He steps back, setting Val down before pushing him to his knees, keeping the 'boy's' arm behind his back* One wrong move and you're dead.

Aidric: *his gaze shifts to Ant, eyes still narrowed. His eyes are somewhat pleading, however, grip still rough on Val's arm. Ant, he hurt Fisher. Ant, he hurt Fisher. Ant we have to do something WHY WON'T YOU LET ME DO SOMETHING?*

Valentine: *choosing not to question the assumption that he is any sort of threat in a physical fight*

Ant: *smiles*...So....let me get this straight. You left my dear Fisher god knows where....and now you're insisting that YOU are the good guy?....Aidric. Stand him up.

Clara: Ant.....*backing away*.....

Valentine: *is standing up under his own power*

Aidric: …*he steps back*

Ant: *sweet smile at Valentine, rests hand on his shoulder*.....*while keeping that same sweet expression, she quickly brings up a knee to hit him below the belt, then backhands him across the face, aided by her wind, smile has turned into a sneer of disgust*

Valentine: Ah - *his head snaps back under the slap, hitting the wall with a dull thud, and he winces, his hands clenching into fists* - of course. I - left him in the Tartarus. No one has ever broken out or in - present company excepted - it's safe. YOU left him in the middle of a collapsing warehouse full of terrorists and Elite and . . . mercenaries . . .

Ant: Safe? SAFE?! I've -been- to the Tartarus! *rips ribbon off of her wrist to show the barcode* I was younger than Fisher and I was only there for a year for trying to leave the city! And you know what happened?! Giovanni del FUCKING Arcobaleno RAPED ME!

Ant: More than once! Me and Clara were his fucking toys! Not to mention what the other inmates put us through!

Valentine: I know. And I know the Tartarus, and I know the men and women I left in charge. I would never have left Fisher there if I thought there was a chance that Arcobaleno would get at him. I swear to you, he's safe.

Aidric: Bullshit. *Here he lets out a huff, hands twitching at his sides. He's still itching to pretty much blast this guy's face off, but Ant forcing him to sit back had him remembering the tingling sensation running up and down his arms. And if they had to go rescue Fisher… well, he would be needing the energy elsewhere.* Where is Fisher now? Is he still in the Tartarus?

Valentine: Yes.

Ant: ......We're going to make sure of that. You have a way of contacting your fellow Elite, right? *folds arms* How about you just double check.

Valentine: If I had something like that, you two would be in a cell explaining yourselves to Gabriel and I would be accepting a medal right now.

Valentine: Why in God's name would I have that obvious of a giveaway on me?

Ant:.......Search him. Just to be sure.

Valentine: Charming.

Aidric: *flatly* If I end up having to dig a cell phone out of your ass, there is going to be a lot of pain on both sides here. *He's already patting down Val's pockets*

Aidric: In fact, it'd probably just be better if you told me now, because I've already done that once and it's not an experience I ever want to repeat. Ever.

Valentine: *lip curls in disgust, produces Fisher's phone* You'll want to give that back to Fisher afterward.

Aidric: *takes cell phone, beams* Why thank you~! Such a good thing this has been a busy week and you never got to use this, huh? *he flips through the numbers, clicking his tongue* Don't suppose you could tell me the proper number while we're here?

Ant: Clara, hand me one of those distorters. *holds out hand, other hand reaches for phone* Aidric, if you'd be so kind.

Aidric: *he tosses her the phone*

Clara: *tosses her a distorter*

Ant: *catches both* Keep him quiet. *moves to another part of the basement, turns on distorter* Who to call....*glances back* Which number in here should I ring up?

Valentine: Call Gabriel. We both know him. *his lips twist wryly at the ridiculousness of them having mutual friends* His number is 555-325-0869.

Valentine: He'll know

Ant: *dials quickly, holds distorter up to her mouth*

Gabe: *Phone rings* Hmm? *Answers* Lazriel.

Ant: Briel, it's Val. Look, I'm in the middle of a mission and I don't have a lot of time. I need to make sure. That kid we grabbed, Fisher, is he still at the Tartarus?

Val: *spark of hope: Will Gabe notice something's wrong? He knows Val, he knows Ant, is there a chance he'll realize this isn't right? But of course - there wouldn't be time to save Val anyway. Ah well.*

Gabe: Val? *Furrows brow* Is everything alright? What's the kid got to do with this?

Ant: Briel, please, this is important, I don't know how much time I have.

Gabe: Alright, alright Val...he was released a few days ago...he's at home.

Ant:...By home you mean...with his adoptive parents?

Valentine: *paling suddenly* What? What did he say? Antoinette?

Gabe: Why? Does he have any other home? *Skeptical*

Aidric: *he visibly tenses at the mention of Fisher's parents*

Ant:......no, of course not. Thanks, Briel. I need to go. *hangs up suddenly, turns off phone and takes out battery so it can't be traced*.....*tosses phone against a wall, takes off distorter*.....he's with the Crosses.

Valentine: What?!

Valentine: *appears genuinely shocked . . . but you never know with Valentine*

Aidric: *his eyes narrow, hands clenching into fists. He promised Fisher wouldn't have to go back to them, ever. He'd promised he was going to protect him, and now… again he abruptly slams Valentine against the wall, energy sparking in his palm*

Gabe: *Looks at his phone* What strange behavior. *Goes to trace the signal* He turned it off...must've really been pressed for time.

Valentine: G - unh! *hits the wall and turns his head away from Aidric, his eyes glassy*

Ant:......*makes her way over to stand by Aidric's side, eyes cold*.......

Aidric: You… *His words die in his throat, energy sparking for another moment, before he lowers his fist. Regardless of what he did here, it wasn't like it was going to fix this. He takes a deep breath, then lets out a snort* You're not worth it.

Valentine: Don't pretend you have any high ground to lose, Carter.

Aidric: *he looks at Val for another moment* You can say this was right, but I'm not buying it. Then again, you'd say the same to me. *He lets out a harsh, bitter sort of laugh, fist tightening* You're right, I don't have any moral high ground to lose-- but you weren't the one who put Fisher there. There's a few too many people involved to pin point just one of you.

Aidric: I mean, don't get me wrong. I hate you. I want nothing more than to tear you limb from limb right now-- or just leave you to Ant, which would be crueler, believe me. But I've got a better idea. *Again he slams Val against the wall, then leans close, blue eyes boring into pink ones that seemed like an absolute mockery in this situation*

Aidric: We could kill you. But you've got a message to send, and I'd hate to keep you from it. *Here he pressed a hand against Val's shoulder, energy humming in his palm like the charging of a jet engine* You're gonna live, Valentine Svarc. You're going back to your little rat hideyhole in the Citadel, you're gonna go see your psychotic little friend and you can go thank your God for that.

Valentine: *frowning, puzzled*

Aidric: BUT-- *and here he is grinning* You won't remember. You won't remember this past week, you won't remember this cafe. You won't remember Hector, Angie, Louisa, any of them. As far as you will know, Cafe Richard is just a place with great coffee with a decidedly cheap location.

Valentine: *eyes going cold and afraid* No.

Aidric: We've got this friend, see, and he's pretty great with memories. But don't worry, you're not leaving empty-handed. *It is then that he finally lets loose, a shield bursting from his hand and connecting solidly with Val's shoulder. There is an awful, crunching snap as the energy dissipates*

Valentine: *strangled scream of agony* No. Kill me!

Valentine: Stay the hell out of my mind!

Aidric: *Here he lets out a laugh* You're going to forget, Valentine Svarc-- but there is one thing I want you to remember. *He pulls Val closer now, his breath dancing across Valentine's face as his next words come out in a hiss*

Aidric: Stay away from the Messiah Complex. Stay away from my family. If any of you ever, ever get the bright idea to take any of my kids and mess with them, ever again, we will find you. I will find you, and you will wish I'd have just fucking killed you.

Valentine: *coldly* I assure you. If I ever get my hands on you - and I will - you'll feel the same.

Aidric: *He laughs again, pulling back a glowing fist* Maybe if you pray hard enough. *His fist slams into Val's face, hard enough to knock him out*

Valentine: No - ugh! [blackness sparks across his vision, and he's gone]

Aidric: *He lets Valentine drop to the floor in a crumpled heap, then turns to Ant* Shall we?

Ant: *nods, glances to Clara* Call Mark then drop him off in an alley somewhere. *tucks distortion machine in her pocket* Let's go get our boy.
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