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Bombing the Interview; Price meets Edward about a Job
Topic Started: Sep 30 2012, 02:06 AM (414 Views)
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Warning: Gore- a mans head is blown off

Takes place after Ratting Out

Price: [/Walking down the sidewalk to the market to buy some actual necessities] [/He's carrying his disposable cell on him but he's not exactly expecting any calls]

Ed: *Makes the call*

Price: [/Pauses in the middle of the sidewalk, and takes out the phone looking at the caller ID with a confused expression- maybe a wrong number?] [/Answers] ...'Ello?

Ed: *Sounding quite chipper from the other end* Hullo Monty, long time no see~! You're looking rather healthy aren't you?

Price: [/Wh- oh my f*cking god] How the hell did you get this number Edward? [/Snarls] [/Wait... looking] [/Looks around seeming a bit paranoid] [/Was he watching him now?]

Ed: Now, now~! No need to be so bitey. After all, we have some unfinished business to attend to, don't we?

Price: [/Loves how he didn't answer the question] Ya mean that job? [/Remembers Val] ... [/Groans, pinching the bridge of his nose] 'ight, fine whatever. What the f*ck did you want me to do?

Ed: Ah, first off, why don't we talk face to face? I feel so distant talking to you like this.

Price: I told ya I didn' swing that way... [/Yeah the guy nearly killed him but he just couldn't help it] [/But he isn't exactly eager to agree] 'scuse me if I'm hesitant, but the last time we "talked" ya pumped me full of holes. You realize I can't do -sh*t- for you if I'm -dead-, 'ight?

Ed: Oh come now, let the past be in the past, right? No harm meant, no harm done after all~! Now if y'turn to your right, you should see a nice little alleyway. Why don't you scoot on over in that direction?

Price: [/Obvious to Eden's presence] Oh that's not f*cking creepy... [/Looks over to his right and see's the ally] ... [/Makes his way over]

Ed: Good, good~! Smart as ever I see. Now, there's a door to your left. Inside, promptly now.

Eden: *following from a distance*

Price: [/Makes his way down the alley, eyes shifting] [/Oh... there's the door] Is all this necessary? [/A lot of effort just to tell him his "job"] [/Hand reaches out to the handle and pulls it open]

Ed: Of course~! Wouldn't want anyone to crash on our little party, now would we? *Inside is an old household, wood rotting but obviously lived in not too long ago.* Lock the door behind you and look for the basement. Don't keep me waiting now.

Price: [/Does so] [/Doesn't make any further comments as he is getting disturbed by what was actually happening now] [/He walks around, finding a some stairs and makes his way down] 'ight, now what "Dungeon Master"?

*The stairs lead to an open space, in the center of it all is a wooden chair, and in that chair is a person tied firmly in it. Notable on the person in the chair is a burlap bag wrapped around his head, and a metal collar around his neck. He seems to notice Price's presence and begins struggling as if calling for help.*

Ed: *From the other end of the room, hangs up his phone* Welcome~!

Price: [/Hangs up his phone, very, very disturbed] [/wants to crack another gay joke about Ed having a collared bound man in the room but the situation was far too... serious at the moment] ... [/Stands there speechless for a moment before making a guess of what might be happening] ...Is this... some kinda interrogation?

Ed: Oh no, no, no, nooo. Not at all~! Think of it more... as an initiation. *Two figures in masks grab at Price from behind, throwing and pinning him to the ground.*

Price: [/Really there was no reason why he was caught off guard- he knew -something- like this would happen but the hooded man just distracted him] [/He struggles against the men, desperately trying to thrash them off] What the -f*ck- is this!? [/Yells] You only said there was gonna be a -job-, nothin' bout joining yer lil' club! [/Struggles]

Ed: *Dances over, leaning down so that they could see eye to eye* I did say you were working for us, didn't I? *He pulls out a collar, identical to the man strapped to the chair, and slaps it onto Price's neck* Congrats~! You're now an official member of the Messiah Complex~!

Price: [/About to scream profanities about the collar- then he's thrown into a horrible HORRIBLE state of confusion] ...wai- [/What] [/The... Messiah Complex?] ... [/Don't laugh idiot this is f*cking serious] .../what/!? [/It doesn't matter] Just get this thing off me, ya freak!

Ed: Tsk tsk tsk, no can do, Monty. This little trinket is our little insurance to make sure you follow orders. *He stands, and with a nod signals for the men holding Price to let him go and return to their corners.* Y'see, that little trinket wrapped around your pretty neck? That there's a bomb.

Price: [/Gets back up as soon as he's released, grasping at the collar trying to pull it off- but the moment the word "bomb" was heard his hands tore away from the thing as quickly as possible] ...wh...what? [/Actual fear] /What/ did you f*cking say? You can't be serious! [/SH*TSH*TSH*TF*CKINGF*CK]

Ed: Oh, very serious. *He gives an overly serious nod.* Now so long as you follow our rules, you get to keep that pretty little head of yours.

Price: ...There's rules? [/Tries to smirk but -can't-] [/There's a bomb] [/Sh*tsh*sh*t] [/On him] [/No... no what the hell no!] What rules?

Ed: Well, they're real simple, really. In fact, as soon as you finish the job we give you, that little beauty comes right off~!

Price: An how do I know yer just not gonna blow me up after I do yer lil chore dumba**? [/Glares]

Ed: You don't~

Price: ...

Ed: I should also mention, that collar also doubles as a monitor for your heart. If you die it pops. conversely, if you manage to take it off and it doesn't detect your pulse, well, it pops~!

Price: ...Tha.... [/Looks at the hooded guy] ...An' this smuck? [/Feels sick] Just what kinda job is this? Robbin' a wiseman or some sh*t?

Ed: *Ignores the man struggling on the chair and continues* I was about to get to that. *He pulls out a picture, casually holding it out for Price to take.* There's been another rat that's been causing our organization a bit of grief. To be frank, I just don't like this prick and I want you to kill him.

Price: ...So just a hit job? [/Did that really warrant a collar bomb? Even so...] [/Reaches out and takes the picture]

Ed: Not just any hit job~! *Grins* I want you to bring me the body of the Elite, Valentine Svarc.

Price: [/Drops the picture immediately] T- what!? [/Eyes widened] That... that is not a "rat," you idiot! How the hell do ya expect me to be able to kill an Elite?!

Ed: A job is a job, Monty! Just think, you'll finally be able to be of some use to somebody!

Price: [/That... actually hit a sore spot and it shows] ...You really are a dumba** an't ya? First ya demand a job from me- then nearly kill me two seconds after I agree. Now yer putt'n yer chips on a Normal to kill an Elite with body guards? [/Fingers the collar nervously]

Ed: *Shrugs* Say what you will, but I'm not the one with a bomb around his neck, now am I?

Price: ...Ya also realize if I f*ck up, it can easily be traced to you? [/Feeling desperate]

Ed: Oh? I guess I didn't make it clear at first, but if you haven't realized yet, I can just as easily make that collar pop with a push of a button. If I hear something I don't like, welll....

Price: [/He was cornered] ... [/Like a rat] ...I don' have much of a choice do I?

Ed: Y'know, that's what I like about you Monty, you're smart! And it's the smart ones that live~! I'm sure with that brain of yours, you'll get that job done in no time~! Just bring the body here, and I'll punch in that little code needed to get that toy off of you. Everyone lives, and everyone goes home happy~!

Price: ...that...simple huh? [/Stands there rigidly] [/What does he even do now?] [/Honestly if it was him and Val... he would choose himself] [/But... sh*t]

Ed: Oh, by the way, I should mention the bomb has a timer set to go off in a week.

Price: Peachy. [/This just kept getting f*cking worse] [/Looks over at the man] ...Were ya gonna use this poor bastard as an' example or somethin'? [/Gestures at him] I get the idea, I don't' need any more of yer damned theatrics. [/Narrows his eyes]

Ed: Oh right, right. *smacks forehead* Forgot about the poor prick. *He pulls a trigger from his pocket in the shape of a lighter, and pushes the button. The collar around the tied-up man blinks red for several seconds, before suddenly bursting, leaving the man with nothing but a bloody stump where his head used to be. Needless to say, the man was dead.*

Price: ........... [/Don't.... don't f*cking scream] [/Stares in horror at the corpse, taking in the gore and...] ... can... I go now?

Ed: Of course~! No one's keeping ya! We'll be checking in on you in a week.

Price: [/Starts heading to the stairs in a shocked state] [/His pace quickens until he flings himself back out into the alley where he double over himself and throws up behind a dumpster]

Eden: *directly behind him, uncomfortably close* Hello, Lamont. What happened in there?

Price: [/He almost feels the collar tightening around his neck, as if choking him when he hears Eden] [/He turns, terror obviously visible- if she or he said the wrong thing... pop] S-Stay the f*ck away from me! [/He barks at her, tensing over before fleeing as quickly as he can]

Eden: *giving chase*

Price: [/He makes a sharp turn into the Black Market, ducking into the busy crowds trying to lose the woman- he can't go home he can't go back to the cafe- too many questions, too much risk] [/Alone again] [/That was fine] [Just for the week] [/He disappears into another ally, to find a place to hide and collect his thoughts and nerves]

Eden: *activates her earpiece* Valentine, there's a problem.
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