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The Job; Price has to kill Valentine or Edward will kill him.
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((Takes place after Bombing the Interview.))

Valentine: [busy at his desk, in the middle of the second computer failure of the week. His office is small and nondescript; the only thing to differentiate it from his subordinate's offices is the number of filing cabinets lining the walls.]

Price:[/The bar was one thing... this was another altogether][/So deep into the city] [/With the intent to murder Mr. Svarc][/The woman from before makes sure he was allowed up to the office- because as far as anyone knew he was a informant] [/It was nerve-wracking][/He wondered how they didn't look at his collar or check him out- was he that trusted?][/He enters, hesitantly, shutting the door.]

Valentine: [looks up, smiling] Lamont! You're the last person I expected to see walking into my office today. I've been looking all over for you. Where have you been?

Price: [/His expression stiffens at the sight of the smile] ... [/His mind whirled with answers he could give the man] [/But nothing suitable came to mind] [/Nothing at all] [/He walks up to the man with heavy steps as he reaches into his coat pocket, heart racing] [/His fingers grasp the hilt of the gun as he pulls it out quickly and points it at Val]

Valentine: [he realizes something's wrong, but not before the gun is out and pointing at him] . . . Price? [his voice is filled with confusion and maybe hurt, even as his hand slowly reaches for his desk drawer, out of Price's sight] Price, what are you doing? Put the gun down, please. I can help you. Put the gun down, and we can talk.

Price: Keep yer hands up. [/His voice is rushed, and it shook with the panic he carried the past few days] [/It shook with his hand, and he tries to steady it with his other hand] [/He should just shoot now before he loses his nerve] [/But how can he shoot him like this...] [/He couldn't even kill Maitho and he actually deserved it] ...Remember... that job? [/He chokes out weakly] This is it.

Valentine: [raises his hands slowly] I can help you. Ed is small fish. He can't do anything to you if you'll just let me help you. [sounding confident and unafraid]

Price: [/A pained laugh] Ya really think I'd do somethin' like this if you could get me out?! [/He shakes his head, finger still on the trigger] Look at me Mr. Svarc. Look at 'ow he collared like'a f*cking animal... [/Grits his teeth] [/Scared] I don't want to kill you. But don't want to die more.

Valentine: [his eyes flick to the collar] Trust me, Lamont. You know the kind of power the Elite has, probably you've been afraid of it all your life. Let us help you now. Trust me.

Price: If I don' shoot you, I lose my head Mr. Svarc! [/He snaps out] [/Just shoot shoot, just /pull the trigger/] Yes! I've been afraid my entire f*cking life! Afraid of people like you! People in the slums! Everything that moves and I'm tired! [/His eyes locked onto Valentine] Above all I'm... I'm afraid to die. [/He steadies his hand as tightens his finger on the trigger]

Valentine: [quietly] So am I, Lamont. Put down the gun and I swear I can help you. [eyes flick to the collar] There are demolitions experts here, miraculous healers, people who can move faster than whatever trigger Edward has. We can help you.

*The collar makes a beep, and the lights a foreboding orange*

Valentine: [fear creeping into his voice] Please Lamont. Your life is in my hands. If I die, you will too, and if we die then there will be no one to stop him.

Price: [/His breath catches, hearing that beep] [/Terror is clear on his face] [/He pulls the trigger, he finally pulls it but the shot wasn't anywhere close to the target- maybe he was shaking worse then he thought or maybe his subconscious forced his aim] [/He missed and when he did he drops the pistol with a clatter, almost hyperventilating] No no no nononono! [His hands fly to the collar]

Valentine: Lamont! [he leaps to his feet and steps towards Price, and then stops and slams the intercom on his desk] Tony! Get in here, NOW! Lamont, it's going to be okay, in just a moment, I can help -

*The collar turns red, the blips faster and and louder*

Tony: [opens the door, eyes wide]

Valentine: It's a bomb, Tony, ­ hurry -

Price: [/Nonononono!] [/He feels his entire body shaking] [/he didn't want to die] [/He didn't] [/But he was] [/He shuts his eyes]

*The bomb makes one final and long beeeeep, before suddenly going silent. Nothing more.*

Tony: Sir? It's dead. There's no bomb.

Price: ... [/...what?] [/Confusion, terror] B-But....but... [/He falls to his knees, unable to breath, fingers clutching at the collar] ....... [/...was he fooled? But...why?]

Valentine: [staring down at Price] . . . [ . . . well] Tony, get the collar of, if you please.

Tony: [after a couple seconds, the collar unlocks and falls to the ground]

Price: ............it was... a dud? [/Unsure] [/Unsure of everything] [/He stares at the collar on the ground like it was a snake baring it's teeth] [/Shakes his head, bewildered] That... that makes no sense! [/What about the stranger whose head was blown clean off? The trigger? The...] It...makes no /sense/! [/Made a fool of] [/Nearly made a killer] [/Rage starts to replace the confusion]

Valentine: [relieved grin] I'm just glad you're a lousy shot. [he picks up the gun and shoves it in one of his desk drawers] You look like a man in need of a drink.
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