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Character Castle Residency; An Official EpicWrite Forum text-based roleplaying story!
Topic Started: Oct 20 2014, 02:24 AM (127 Views)
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:ooc: This is an alternate-universe where all the EpicWrite characters, past and future, live together in a massive castle. Within the four walls of this story, the characters don't leave the grounds (at least on scene). This story is mostly about the shenanigans, and hijinks that the characters deal with and impose on each other while living together. I expect many hilarious rivalries to ensue.

Time period will be intentionally ambiguous: A character watching an HDTV in the common room while a guest arrives in a horse-drawn carriage would be considered completely ordinary, as would Jukares DeRahn mentioning starliners and mechs.

In order to post, you'll need to create an account for your character. Multiple character accounts are totally fine, and you can post as multiple characters. Posting will be done in first person, and the story will be written in past-tense. This could easily be written as if it were compiled from conversations between characters over tea, and entries in the character's diaries. :ooc:

PS: Marker Emotes!
:ooc: is intended to be used to represent out-of-character posts or sections of text (much like the action is used at our live events).

The :codered: :codeyellow: and :codegreen: are used if someone is taking unrealistic of unacceptable liberties with your character in a scene, or if they are breaking the boundaries set for the story (they are there for a reason, this is a story about what goes on inside the castle grounds, I fully intend to set up other "Official" stories in the same AU taking the characters to other destinations).

In the event of this happening, you may edit someone's post to add one of the markers within a quote explaining the problem. Use quote=YOUR NAME, so the poster knows who's asking for a correction!

:codered: is a MAJOR infraction on character usage boundaries or story boundaries.
:codeyellow: is a MINOR infraction on either, or to point out a minimal correction that should be done, or a breakage in continuity.
:codegreen: is to confirm edits made to a post have fixed issues that resulted in the addition of a Code Red or Code Yellow.

:bookmark: Can be used to set a placeholder to hold your post spot while you work on a long entry, or if you plan on coming back later to add to the story.
The idea is others can post after you before you actually add a bit to the story, but you won't lose your spot in the lineup.
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I've always enjoyed the early mornings in the castle. I rise early, before the sun is over the horizon, but after the sky has started to blue.

This particular Friday was much like any other, I descended the grand stairs, and took my tea in the great hall before any of the others were awake. I used this hour or two to enjoy the peace and quiet that tends to disintegrate when the younger castle-mates rose from their beds.

The hall was colder then it had been previous mornings, winter was quickly approaching. I rose from my bench, and shuffled over to the massive fireplace, after tossing a few logs on on ignited them with the end of my staff. Hopefully things would warm up quickly.

Behind me and to my right I heard the door to the hall open slightly, someone was up early...
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I pushed the hallway door open slightly, peeking into the great hall. The old man was sitting in front of a softly glowing fire, but he seemed to be alone. I moved the door far enough to allow me to squeeze into the room, dragging a large pulsating sack behind me as quietly as I was able. I only had to make it to the woods, then nature would take care of this little problem on its own.

The "problem" started out as a minor experiment in the effects of inter-dimensional on some of the plant life from the garden. A perfectly harmless rose, to be exact. Everything seemed to be going fine for the first 48 hours. Its leaves were still absorbing UV radiation normally, it maintained its lovely crimson color, the number of its tiny, glowing eyes staring with horror into the void was within standard tolerances.

The problems began when I descended into my lab this morning to check on the experiment. I found that a tiny crack had formed in the glass of the rose's container, and material from our dimension and material from the extra-dimensional portal had mixed around the rose. In its place seemed to be some kind of horrible mutated ball of roots and spikes and terrible, glowing eyes, which were still within standard tolerances, it should be noted.

As I watched the rose pulsating eerily, I noticed that computer scans seemed to indicate it was still growing. I first attempted to incinerate it, but it seemed entirely resistant fire. I discovered the same of electricity, acid, and lava. The outer shell of roots seemed to be infused with energy from the portal, providing a protective coating against damage. As I made this discovery, the rose quite coincidentally also proved that it would not be impeded by either my glass containment unit, nor the containment field I had encased it in, as it shattered both.

So we come to me, dragging an eerily pulsating sack through the great hall. I was only a few steps from the front door when I heard a small cough.
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