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[s]Equestrian Legends the Original is back![/s] Rumours of my rebirth have been greatly exaggerated.


The current dates for IC play are 1 September 5151 - 30 November 5151


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Table of Contents
  1. Basic Rules
  2. cBox Conduct
  3. Character Creation Rules
  4. Combat Rules
  5. IC Laws

Basic Rules

  1. Literacy. This is a literate Roleplay Forum. That means that we ask YOU, the member, to be literate in your character posts. This means writing out what your character does, and not just using a marker to denote actions. Use of *action*'s outside of OOC areas will result in warnings. If your posts are consistently less than 100 words in length (approximately five lines) we may have words with you as well. This is a problem not only in a general sense, but very specifically because unless you are in a dialogue scene, it limits the amount of information the other players can respond to.
  2. OOC. If you need to make an OOC note in an IC post, make sure that you label it appropriately, by placing it in double brackets [[]], (()), //\\, or by otherwise denoting it as OOC. Just make it obvious to other readers that the OOC text is not and should not be confused with IC text.
  3. Behavior. Keep the profanity to a minimum (if you need to curse, just go and ponify it or something). RACIAL SLURS, SEXISM, ABUSE, BULLYING, ANY OF THIS WILL GET YOU SENT TO THE MOON SO FAST IT'LL MAKE YOUR HEAD SPIN. Remember, we're all bronies. Our motto is 'Love and Tolerance'. Live up to it.
  4. Mature Access. ALL Mature threads belong in the Mature board, located as a subforum of the Everfree. If you can't see the subforum, that's because you don't have access permissions. If you wish to make a Mature thread, contact a mod or admin, and we will give you access to the board. HOWEVER, only those 18 and up are allowed to make a thread in the Mature board. If we find out you're lying to us about your age to get access to the board, TO THE MOON!
  5. Spamming & Trolling. Spamming, trolling, threatening members, attempting to spread viruses or find out confidential information such as user locations and non-public contact information without permission are all bannable offenses. When in doubt, ask yourself "is this going to dramatically anger, burden or frighten someone? Is it illegal? Is it immoral"? If the answer is yes, then don't do it.
  6. Completed Threads. When a thread is finished, please put in the title that it's Complete, so that a mod can move it to the archives.
  7. Retired Threads. If a thread does not recieve any new posts for 3 months, it will be considered abandoned and moved to the archives.
  8. Your SignatureYou are required to put links to each of your character profiles in your signature, so that it's easy at a glance to tell identify your characters.
  9. Images. To prevent the board from stretching, please keep images at or below 500 pixels wide (any height is acceptable). If your image is larger than that, please use a thumbnail and a link to go to it. If you can't make a thumbnail yourself, www.imgur.com will automatically create one in several sizes for you to use when your image is uploaded, and will even provide BBCode with which to post the thumbnail and link.
  10. Post Order. Post order is a system created to ensure that no one player gets excluded from a thread due to real-life time constraints. You can read about it in full detail here, but it boils down to "Let players post in the order in which they arrived in the thread, and allow 24 hours before skipping someone."

cBox Conduct

  1. Linking. We have no content restrictions on what you may link to from the cbox. However, if what you are linking to contains spoilers or adult content, please mention that. Do not post NSFW images as your cbox avatar. 
  2. Avatars.Please avoid animated cbox avatars. Blinking is probably fine, but very flashy, heavily animated images tend to cause problems.
  3. Arguing. If you are asked by an active user, or by any staff member, to stop discussing a topic, you must do so immediately. We have a zero tolerance policy for fighting, and if you continue to fight after being told to stop for any reason, you will receive a 12 hour cbox ban. Some topics already marked as sensitive and likely to get you into trouble very quickly include: debating the difference between entience and sapiece, or which word is the 'right' one; the rules of succession for the Equestrian throne; race relations; the veracity of any religion. 
  4. Abuse of Smileys. Try not to flood the cbox with smiley faces, particularly the animated ones. They can be very distracting when used to excess. However, they are provided for you to use, and you are encouraged to do so. A good rule of thumb is probably four or five per line, maximum. You won't be banned for abusing smileys unless you take it to the point of trolling, but over-saturated posts may be deleted from the cbox. 
  5. IC vs OOC Box Use. We do provide an "IC Box" for "Quick Play" scenes, which are to be treated as Closed, Canon threads while in session. However, if a quick play scene is not in session, please post all "character interactions" in the IC Box, rather than the OOC box. We know this is a confusing concept if you aren't familiar with the system, so this rule is very rarely enforced, but it is considered good manners, and the other cbox users will happily guide you in the process until it becomes natural. 
  6. Spoilers. There is no spoiler tag for the cbox, and so far as we know, no way to create one. Please try to warn for spoilers for that reason. The current 'popular' way to do spoilers in the cbox is to post a line including the word '[spoilers]' and then wait a few moments before posting the actual spoiler information so that those who do not wish to see it may look away.. 

Character Creation Rules

  1. Posting. You must post your character profile as a new thread in the In/Out Box forum. If you don't do that, it cannot be properly reviewed by a moderator. If the mod finds anything that needs to be fixed in your profile, they will leave a post telling you what you need to do. Judgement is left up to the mods.
  2. Acceptance. From the time the mod posts telling you to fix your profile and what you need to do, you have 1 week to do so. If you don't within that time, the profile will be deleted (however, you can appeal to the mod for a little more time if you need it due to Real Life issues. Laziness isn't an excuse).
  3. Corrections. If your profile still isn't up to snuff, the mod will post again telling you what you still need to fix. There is a limit of 3 correction posts for the mod before your profile will be scrapped. Note that you get 1 week's time to correct your profile after EACH correction post.
  4. Waivers. The mod can waive the 3 correction post rule if they see that you have promise and are really trying hard.
  5. Romance. You may notice a conspicuous absence of 'romance' or 'sexuality' in the character template. If you choose to include this information for your character, that is your decision, and the staff won't care either way. Be aware that Equestrian Legends accepts players and characters of all persuasions, and while some degree of IC intolerance for playing purposes is fine, any inkling of OOC intolerance will get you sent to the moon.
  6. Exotics. Alright, things are going to be a little complicated here. As a new member you have two options: you may choose to receive a 150 mark bonus for joining and creating a character, OR you may choose to make one exotic character of any species excepting Rares. Rares are listed in the forum shop, but include Dragons, Changelings and Alicorns. After you have either accepted your bits or created that exotic character, you must purchase all subsequent exotic characters from the mall. And please remember: you don't have to make that exotic first. The free exotic slot stays with you until you use it or receive your 150 bit reward.
  7. Canons and OCs. Unfortunately, this game does not allow players to adopt canon characters, such as Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, because they are assumed to be dealing with major political issues elsewhere in the world. In addition, applications for well known background characters, such as Lyra and Bonbon, will be refused because we don't want to start any fights between two players hoping to play the same pony. If the background pony you wish to use has no established fanon personality, and is not well known, we will consider their application, but it will be subject to extra scrutiny. In short, we are a game for Original Characters only.
  8. Signatures. Once your character has been accepted and moved to the Filing Cabinet, you must make a link to the profile and put it in your signature. You need to have one link for every profile. This gives us a quick way of checking on your characters, allows people roleplaying with you to take a quick peek without having to search, and allows us to make sure that you're following all of the rules (ie, using a character when you don't have an accepted profile for it). If you don't know how to put links in your signature, simply use the following code: [url=profileaddress]Charactername[/url]

Combat Rules

  1. When fighting with minions, you may simply write out entire serieses of attacks, including the defeats of various minions.
  2. When fighting other characters never write that your attack landed without first consulting the other player to ensure this is acceptable to them. Write out the attack you want to make, and the effects you would expect it to have, then cut your post at the point of launching the attack so that they other player decides if it lands and how much damage it does.
  3. If a character or player consistently abuses the freedom of this system, please report them to staff member. They will be dealt with by staff. Do not argue with them directly, as this is often a sore spot for many players.
  4. When fighting against major bosses, also called Plot NPCs, special combat systems will be determined on a case by case basis, often dependant upon the use of the dice roll system.
  5. Magical exhaustion is a very real thing that many characters will suffer after no more than three-four combat spells. However, burnout does not necessarily set in until roughly double that number. When burnout sets in, that character cannot fight magcially any longer, though they may still fight physically. The individual limitations for magical exhaustion are also dependant on the individual's magical specialization (using combat spells when you are a scry speciality will exhaust faster), and their personal magical capabilities, as well as the strengths of the attacks. Please just try to use your common sense.

In-Character Laws and Regional Limitations

In character laws should not be confused with OOC rules. For example, in Equestria, it is illegal to perform memory modification outside very specific medical emergencies. However, your character is more than welcome to attempt to do so, as memory modification is not against OOC rules. You, as a player, will not be punished for breaking IC laws. However, your character, if caught by an authority figure, could be punished to the extent that the law allows.

Some notable restrictions include:
  • Mind Manipulation in Equestria
  • Life Creation/Manipulation in all regions
  • Necromantic arts in all regions except Aquiline
  • Interspecies relationships in Neighpon
  • Assault and battery in all regions
It is also worth mentioning that the Badlands, the native country of the Dragons which borders Northern Equestria, is a lawless free for all where there are literally no legal restrictions, not even those listed here.

More rules will be added if we need them, but just use your common sense, people.

'Sent to the moon' means 'banned', just in case that wasn't clear. And yes, we can ban you from the cbox too.
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