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Beret Swirl || Pegasus || Male
Topic Started: Apr 11 2012, 01:18 PM (340 Views)
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Beret Swirl

Appearance: Despite all outward appearances, Beret Swirl is male. He is always working hard to keep his tail immaculately styled and doesn't respond well when it gets mussed up. He's also a bit of a tenor which doesn't help his masculinity. He's almost always found with a beret of some kind though the constant detail is a feather pin from his time in the Guard.

Cutie Mark: None

Personality: Beret Swirl is an action star, at least, that's what he says. In truth he's just out for adventure or anything that keeps him occupied. It could be a proper adventure or just a huge party, Beret is always after that next thrill. That said, he does have a mature side to him, albeit very small. He's there when a friend needs help and will never abandon someone close to him.

Despite his annoyance at not being at all masculine, he's overcome it since he was little and found it downright useful at times, mostly to get close to women and score free drinks. He has to be careful though, despite a love of alcohol, he has almost no tolerance whatsoever. He enjoys floating on clouds more than flying and is perfectly content to just lie about in the sun for hours napping. He knows his way around a fist fight and his hot temper tends to land him in hot water more often than not.

Beret is straight, there's little doubt about that, but that doesn't mean he won't play up his feminine side to get a discount or whatever he thinks he can get away with, not to mention a more perverse side that he is not entirely successful in hiding. This has spread even to his affectations and sometimes he'll say things in an overly cute manner. He's still noble in his own way, or possibly just possessive and hypocritical since he will respond violently to anyone he catches taking the same advantages he might. Beret sees nothing wrong with this either because he's "a far nobler sort".

History: Beret grew up in Appleoosa where his family worked the weather. It was an easy enough life, with a few, rare moments of excitement and Beret absolutely hated it. Growing up, there was little to do and, considering his parents were rather wealthy, not much stopping him from doing it. He avoided most of the other children since they had a habit of mocking his feminine appearance and small build. He cut his mane short, trimmed his tail, and fought against any colts that made fun of him. This was the start of his angry and rebellious streak. This lasted awhile and during it he didn't make much in the way of friends. He was still mocked but in secret, though he knew about it. This was also about the time in a stallion's life when mares stop being so annoying and get more desirable. He was not lucky in love and it annoyed him greatly. After a particularly bad day, Beret ran out of town and swore never to return as some teens are wont to do in their youthful foolishness. While out in the wilds he met a wise old buffalo who told him that he shouldn't try changing himself just to fit in with others. After spending some time with the old buffalo, Beret returned to Appleoosa a new stallion.

Beret stopped fighting, usually, and started growing out his mane and tail again. He worked hard to be friendlier to people and just overall more pleasant to be around rather than a ticking time bomb. This worked to an extent. It certainly didn't give him much luck with the mares that he was so interested in. He decided this was because he wasn't interesting enough and they knew him as they grew up more or less together. This was the start of his brilliant plan to join the guard. It was brilliant in some ways but very much the opposite in others. He did not do well in basic training, not because he wasn't athletic, but because he wasn't good at orders. He had potential but he needed to be broken. This job went to a lieutenant-colonel who dealt with this sort of thing quite a bit. Thus did Beret meet LC Values. He learned a lot from Values and calmed down a bit, though he still wouldn't cut his mane or tail again. With some nudging from Values, Beret ended up in the medic corps. When it came time to actually be deployed, he received a special assignment. Beret ended up as the head medical officer among unit 404, this was well rumoured to be the unit that nobody wanted to deal with. Full of ponies that didn't take orders well, that tended to go on the more dangerous missions because they were seen as less important. Beret was a bit upset at this until he discovered that he'd been asked for personally by LC Values.

Beret's time in the 404 was manic to say the least. He was constantly working hard and trying to take care of the members who were always getting hurt on stupid stunts and dangerous missions. Many a 404 woke up to Beret's disapproving face and he ended up as something of a mascot due to his skill as a medic both on the field and off. Many of the soldiers became rather overprotective of him which both outwardly annoyed him and secretly pleased him. It was during his time with the 404 that he was given his feather pin from the pegasus division after he'd kept their squad leader alive after a nasty wound. He promised to always treasure it and he still keeps it pinned to his beret.

After serving his time, Beret wasn't sure what to do. He hated to leave the 404 but he felt a longing for something he wasn't finding there. He'd found friends with the 404 and he'd learned a lot about others, but there was still a lot he didn't know about himself. He left the 404 with some fond memories and set to exploring the world. He had become addicted to thrills and excitement it seemed and was always looking for some of that, but what he truly wanted remained hidden. His lack of a cutie mark continually reminded him of his loss of self when he was younger at a time when so many others got theirs.

Fun Facts:

  • Despite being a medic, Beret prefers to be in the middle of a fight
  • Mumsy and Popsicle didn't plan for children, let alone a colt.
  • They also thought they had a clever name.
  • Mumsy and Popsicle were not great thinkers.
Edited by Basil, Oct 15 2012, 07:45 PM.
Max Deadfall
Beret Swirl

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"Dearest, darlingest Mumsy and Popsicle..."
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That was part of the original plan, yes.
Max Deadfall
Beret Swirl

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