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Suburban Nights


Regular Forum Rules & Announcements
Contains the all mighty rules and other bits of information vital to survival. Read or Die!
Popular Culture Oct 7 2011, 08:08 AM, By Restless Admin
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Subforums: Feedback, World Index, Storyline
Regular Forum Character Registration Tristan White Oct 10 2011, 11:02 PM, By Tristan White
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Subforums: The Stockpile, Guardian Forces, Accepted Characters
Regular Forum General Discussion
Everything not related to the IC world. Music, sports, literature, fun, whatever.
Body Count May 19 2014, 09:25 AM, By Sara Oakuelar ell-Kassus
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Subforums: Introductions, Link Exchange
Regular Forum Roleplay Discussion
Talk concerning the RP. Here you can plan parties and make sure everyone knows what you're doing.
Rough Plottage Oct 7 2011, 08:32 AM, By Restless Admin
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Subforums: Thread Archive

The Network

Regular Forum E-Mail
The Network of Global Communications established by leading researcher based out of Trabia Garden. Includes Public and Garden domains.
Hiragama's Email Oct 3 2011, 01:39 PM, By Ikunai Hiragama
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Regular Forum The Web
Contains shops, news, and world events.
Volume 005 Nov 13 2009, 02:54 PM, By Lydia Alexander
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Subforums: Public Broadcasting Bulletin, Timber Maniacs, Triple Triad
Regular Forum Bulletin Board
Listings for missions available to the public as well as services offered.
Notice:SeeD Testing (Balamb) Oct 3 2011, 01:51 PM, By Ikunai Hiragama
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Regular Forum The Blog Zone
Public domain contains all personal web pages.
About Blogging Mar 6 2011, 05:27 PM, By Zack
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Balamb Garden

Regular Forum Balamb Garden
Training Day (Open) Oct 4 2011, 09:27 AM, By Ikunai Hiragama
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Subforums: Main Floor, Second Floor, Headmaster's Office

Trabia Garden

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Trabia Garden
No Posts in Forum
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Subforums: Ground Level, Main Floor, West Wing, East Wing, Second Floor, Third Floor, Headmaster's Office

World Map {Independent}

Regular Forum Balamb
The small island town was originally founded by those in pursuit of a rare type of fish called the Balamb Fish. Considered a delicacy, the Balamb Fish attracted fishermen and seafood chefs to the area, and soon a small community began to take root. The town's naturally large harbor was the perfect home base for fleets of fishing vessels, as well as commercial passenger ships and the community grew from there.
New Shipment Nov 1 2009, 04:54 PM, By Rani Juko
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Subforums: The Shops, The Beaches, Train Station, Port, Grasslands, Fire Cavern, Residential Area, Balamb Hotel, The Masamune Bar and Grill
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Fisherman's Horizon
Centered on Horizon Bridge, Fisherman's Horizon is a self contained community that has remained consistently neutral in wolrd conflicts thanks to isolationist and pacifist policies.
No Posts in Forum
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Subforums: Horizon Bridge, Drunkman Alley, Sun Panel, Train Station, Residential Area

World Map {Galbadian Empire}

Regular Forum (No New Posts) D-District Prison
The desert prison is considered a cheap solution to the crisis of storing prisoners. The Desert Prison consists of a 12 level prison based on 50 ft' set of three drills making escape nearly impossible when the prison is not submerged into the ground. It has recently been reported that Galbadia has been holding suspected Sorceress' Knights prisoners within this monolith.
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Regular Forum (No New Posts) Winhill
It is a quaint, pastoral village on the southwest end of the Galbadian continent, west of the town of Timber in the Centra region. Somewhat isolated in comparison to other towns, Winhill is only directly accessible on foot via dirt roads. The village is surrounded by open plains and rolling fields.
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Subforums: The Shop, Bed and Breakfast, Flower Shop, The Mansion, Residential Areas, Tavern
Regular Forum Deling City
The capital city of the Galbadian Empire, Deling is the central hub of all military and political affairs within the nation. It's also a popular cosmopolitan area complete with shopping arcade and a number of other businesses.
Assistant to the Regional Manager II Oct 11 2011, 04:54 AM, By Daisha Fern
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Subforums: Galbadian Military Base, Residential Areas, Train Station, Department Stores, Streets, Deling Hotel, Plains, Tomb of the Unknown King

World Map {Dollet Dukedom}

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Dollet
A small country on the eastern coast of Galbadia continent. It is a remnant of an ancient empire, that lost much territory to Galbadia and currently stands at odds with the military nation, with both countries laying claim to the land between them. Dollet's capital (which shares it's name with the nation) is growing quickly and like Timber has become a key center of media and culture.
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Subforums: The Pub, Dollet Rent-A-Car, Shops, Beach, Residential Areas, Communications Tower
Regular Forum (No New Posts) Durran Harbor
A massive port city, Durran Harbor's constructions was one of the first major endeavors taken by the newly restored Dollet Dukedom. Since its opening, the port has grown exponentially and remains one of the most successful examples of industry and commerce.
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Subforums: Port, Plaza, Streets, Residential Area, Industrial Park

World Map {Timber}

Regular Forum (No New Posts) Timber
A city located south of Dollet in the forest area. It was an independent country before neighboring country Galbadia invaded during the Sorceress War. After its liberation it has continued to grow as a media and transportation hub.
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Subforums: Train Station, Timber Maniacs, Timber Hotel, Shops, Residential Areas, Television Station, Pub

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