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FleetOps FAQs

I joined a fleet... now what?
Make sure that you are tied into the fleets chat channel and the Fleet Forums. You can access the fleet chat channel by Right-click on the top of the chat box, this will bring up the Chat Configuration menu. Click the 'Channels' tab and then in the text field add 'Fleet Operations' and then click Join/Create, then select your preferred text color. You can also join the channel by typing in "/channel_join FL.OP.S" without quotes into local chat in game. Then right click the chat tab and make sure Fl.OP.S is checked. You can join the Fleet Forum by creating an account and awaiting admin approval. A valid e-mail address is required. After that, Introduce yourself, start a mission. Join a team and do some PVE or PVP. Ask questions. We are here to help and have fun.

What can I do to help?
The first and foremost helpful thing you can do is be active. Being active in the Fleet will allow you to become a valued member of the community and part of the family.
Also, there are always teamed missions that are being played, so you can volunteer or start a call for a team in chat. The more Fleeties, the better. You can also donate gear, EC, and Fleet marks to the Fleet Bank and Fleet Holdings.

What is the Fleet Bank?
A Fleet Bank is a common pool of resources that the whole fleet has access to. There are various rules to withdrawal and depositing that can be found in the Fleet Rules. However, it should be note that this is a common pool and anything you put in there is community property. You can access the Fleet Bank from anywhere you can access your personal bank.

What are Fleet Holdings?
Fleet Holdings are fleet wide projects that are used to advance our Starbase and unlock new tiers of gear, weapons, ships, and abilities to assist in our missions. You can view these holdings by going to your Fleet Menu (Default 'G') and to the holdings tab. Here, you can donate whatever you have available to an active mission. In return, you are awarded Fleet Credits, which can be used to purchase these gears, weapons, and ships from the Fleet Starbase. Also, the Starbase gets more awesome looking the more we upgrade it.

As of now, we are focusing on the Tactical track of the Starbase.

Where is the Starbase?
The Fleet Starbase is located in the Eta Eridani Sector block, southwest of K-7. You can either fly there on warp power or you may use your transwarp option (standard key “T”) to instantly transwarp there. This counts towards your transwarp cooldown.

What can I do on the Fleet Starbase?
You can do almost any of chores you can do on a standard Starbase. You can do your banking, purchase and equip new ships, and some equipment there. There is also a special Fleet-only store on the Ops level where you can purchase elite fleet gear, weapons, and ships.

What about the Other fleet Holdings?
The Other Fleet holdings are scatter throughout the galaxy based on where our resources and influence is needed. You can either fly directly to the holding in question, or there are shuttles that can transport you there from the Starbase or any other fleet holding. (The shuttle takes a while to unlock, so a brand new fleet holding may not have this feature right away. If you have any questions, just ask in Fl.OP.S Chat.) Each of these holdings have unique and elite Fleet gear for other parts of your ship and personnel.

Short version of each holding:
Sandalphon Embassy:Fleet Embassy, Tau Dewa Sector Block, New Romulus (Either beam in directly from orbit, or enter on the ground at the large building North of the Staging area) [Lvl 50 Required]*
Romulan Science consoles
Romulan Kits
Romulan Bridge Officers
Duty Officer Assignment Slots

Hephaestus' Forge: Fleet Dilithium Mine, Beta Ursae Sector block, southwest of DS9
Fleet Enhanced Engineering Consoles
Fleet Enhanced Warp cores
Dilithium Mining and extra Dilithium refinement

Armisael Spire:Delta Quadrant, Solanae Dyson Sphere, North of the Allied zone.[Lvl 50 required & "Sphere of Influence"]*
Spire Tactical consoles
Spire Kits
Active Duty officer Slots

*You can bypass the level block by taking a shuttle directly there from the Starbase. However, all of the gear you can get there are for lvl 50 captains only.

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