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****Welcome to Footballcardsforum, the biggest and best Soccer Trading Card Forum on the Net!! ****
Hi All,

FootballCardsForum is a completely independent forum run to help and keep card collectors informed. We do not endorse and are not associated to any business.

We welcome all members young and old and look forward to reading all your posts.

We do have some basic rules that we ask members to follow:

Forum Etiquette Indiscretions:

•Repeatedly post tipping (posting irrelevant, short or nonsense messages in order to increase post count)
•Hijacking threads
•Repeatedly taking threads off topic
•Failing to treat other members with respect, for example posting using condescending, demeaning, belittling or mildly aggressive language
•Using mild swear words
•Spamming the board outside of the ‘Links to Football cards shops/websites’ section.
•Negligent posting of rumour as fact that could cause minor financial loss to other members

Members that continually make these indiscretions will initially be warned to stop, however if these warnings are not heeded the following actions will be taken:

1st further indiscretion: 24 hour ban (sin bin!)
2nd further indiscretion: 5 days ban
3rd further indiscretion: 2 week ban
4th further indiscretion: 1 month ban
5th further indiscretion: Moderators will decide if indefinite ban is required

The following offenses will be deemed as potentially liable for an outright ban without warning. Each case will be debated by the forum moderators or if serious enough I will do as I feel appropriate without conferring:

•Using racist language
•Defrauding members
•Using unapproved dual login accounts
•Using intimidating or threatening language
•Misleading other members over your identity or age
•Using strong swear words