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Regular Forum FCF Exclusive Deals EXPIRED ****Exclusive Futera Unique 2014 p… Feb 20 2015, 06:20 AM, By nicolasharris
0 viewers Topics: 19 Replies: 309
Regular Forum Announcements How do you navigate footballcardsforum - s… Nov 9 2014, 11:18 AM, By rishgoon
0 viewers Topics: 140 Replies: 1,965
Subforums: Futera Box Break Feature, Surveys
Regular Forum Forum Rules - ** Please read before posting ** Sellers Spamming Members May 6 2014, 12:06 PM, By Phild
0 viewers Topics: 3 Replies: 0


Regular Forum FCF Competitions 5th Anniversry competitions winners! Feb 13 2014, 07:43 PM, By Tankerton1
3 viewers Topics: 64 Replies: 1,919
Regular Forum Members Competitions
Create your own competitions for members to enter in here
Mini 'Design A Banner!' Competition Feb 18 2015, 11:54 AM, By cardmonster
5 viewers Topics: 368 Replies: 10,525

Football Cards

Regular Forum Topps
All 'Topps' Football Card Sets in here (Match Attax etc..)
Topps Premier Club 2015 Today, 4:07 PM, By Mobius7379
37 viewers Topics: 3,644 Replies: 39,141
Subforums: Match Attax 14/15, Premier Gold 2014, Topps Premier Club 2015, SPL Match Attax 14/15, Match Attax England 2014, Premier Gold 2013, Match Attax 13/14, SPL Match Attax 12/13, Match Attax 12/13, Championship Match Attax 12/13, Euro 2012 - Match Attax England, Championship Match Attax 11/12, Match Attax 11/12, Authentics, Match Attax 10/11, World Cup 2010 Topps England Cards, Match Attax 09/10, Match Attax Survey, Match Attax 08/09, Match Attax 07/08, Match Attax England 2006, Questions for Topps, Match Attax SPL 13/14
Regular Forum Topps (Non UK) Bundesliga Chrome 2015 - just announced Feb 18 2015, 01:05 PM, By Alan
2 viewers Topics: 219 Replies: 2,255
Subforums: Bundesliga Match Attax 14/15, Bundesliga Chrome 13/14, Bundesliga Match Attax 13/14, Bundesliga Match Attax 12/13, Bundesliga Match Attax 11/12, Bundesliga Match Attax 10/11, Match Attax World Stars, Bundesliga Match Attax 09/10, Bundesliga Match Attax 08/09, MLS
Regular Forum Panini
All 'Panini' Football Card Sets in here (Super Strikes, Adrenalyn XL etc..)
Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2014/2015 - … Yesterday, 4:29 PM, By dany
18 viewers Topics: 704 Replies: 9,430
Subforums: Panini Donruss 2015, Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2014/2015, Prizm World Cup 2014, World Cup (Brazil) Adrenalyn XL, Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2013/2014, Road to World Cup (Brazil) Adrenalyn XL, Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2012/2013, Panini Adrenalyn Euro 2012, Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2011/2012, Liverpool Adrenalyn XL 2011/2012, Adrenalyn XL Manchester Utd, Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2010/2011, Panini Adrenalyn XL World Cup 2010, Panini Champions League 09/10 Cards 'Super Strikes', Adrenalyn XL Manchester Utd 2013
Regular Forum Panini (Non UK)
For all mainland Europe collections
Panini Adrenalyn Xl Liga Bbva 2014-2015 IS… Feb 26 2015, 05:42 PM, By dany
3 viewers Topics: 154 Replies: 1,402
Subforums: Panini Football League, Adrenalyn XL Liga BBVA, Adrenalyn XL Calciatori, Adrenalyn XL Ligue 1, Adrenalyn XL Russia, Adrenalyn XL Poland, Mega Cracks, Premium Sets
Regular Forum Futera Futera - Making of Unique 2015 video Yesterday, 3:06 AM, By rishgoon
6 viewers Topics: 368 Replies: 3,302
Subforums: World Football Unique 2015, FCF Allegiance 2014, World Football Unique 2014, World Football Online (Series 4 - Virtual), World Football Unique 2013, World Football Online (Series 3 - Virtual), World Football Unique (2003 - 2012), World Football Online (Series 1 & Series 2), World Online Game, World Football Foil Pack (2003 - 2007), World Stars (2002), World Cup Greats (1998), Club Collections (Manu, Celtic...)
Regular Forum Upper Deck Brummie's Man Utd Upper Deck Collection. Feb 24 2015, 12:57 PM, By Brummie3
0 viewers Topics: 45 Replies: 379
Subforums: MLS 2011 Upper Deck Soccer, MLS 2010 Upper Deck Soccer
Regular Forum Other Football Cards - Shoot Out - Upper Deck - Topps Footballer etc...
Any other cards that don't have their own category above.
Tesco's Pele Tricks with Cards Feb 24 2015, 01:32 PM, By Alan
0 viewers Topics: 370 Replies: 2,685
Subforums: Identify my cards
Regular Forum Fakes
Post your made up cards here
My Own Design + Replica Design Feb 4 2015, 05:07 PM, By man_utd1979
6 viewers Topics: 2,034 Replies: 23,810


Regular Forum Trading Rules & Guidelines
Please ensure you read the rules & guidelines before doing any trading.
Trading Rule & Guidelines - Read before tr… Jan 11 2012, 01:22 AM, By Tollyman
0 viewers Topics: 1 Replies: 0
Regular Forum Trading Area
Please do all your trading in here - all card collections - ONLY ONE THREAD PER MEMBER IN Trading Feedback, Wishlists, Trade Lists, Selling Only SECTIONS, OLDER DUPLICATE THREADS WILL BE DELETED
Feedback for Cardmonster Yesterday, 8:07 PM, By siege27
11 viewers Topics: 7,099 Replies: 31,840
Subforums: Trading Feedback, Wishlists, Trade Lists, Selling Only, Mail Day, Valuations, Evaluate my trade, Under 13 Declaration Area

Buying & Selling

Regular Forum Links to Football cards shops/websites
Links to places to buy or trade Footie Cards - All websites must link back to FCF in return.
champions league 07/08 and 08/09 complete … Feb 23 2015, 11:26 PM, By papagali
3 viewers Topics: 234 Replies: 1,034
Subforums: Ebay Auction Links
Regular Forum Hot Deals
Found a bargain? Share it with everyone - get your order in first though!! :-)
topps premier gold 2014 Jan 25 2015, 09:17 PM, By rcgcecdc
0 viewers Topics: 261 Replies: 1,513
Regular Forum Case Breaks
Private case breaks & FCF shared case breaks
Case Group Break - Topps Premier Gold 2014 Today, 12:14 PM, By Phild
0 viewers Topics: 13 Replies: 235
Subforums: Private Case Break, FCF Shared Case Breaks, Current Breaks, Completed breaks

General Non Football Cards

Regular Forum Other Trading Cards
Posts regarding other non football sets - Club Penguin - Moshi Monsters - Slam Attax - Force Attax etc...
New Top Gear Trading Cards from Topps - Tu… Feb 18 2015, 08:52 PM, By safariman
5 viewers Topics: 207 Replies: 1,256
Regular Forum General Trading Card Discussion
Talk about Card (and sticker) collecting in general that doesn't relate to any particular set. First Set - Favourite Set - When started collecting - that sort of thing....
Car boot sales Yesterday, 8:14 PM, By robjones1973
6 viewers Topics: 377 Replies: 3,043
Regular Forum Football
General Football Chat
Fixtures for February 2015 Feb 11 2015, 05:06 PM, By Tankerton1
10 viewers Topics: 2,316 Replies: 29,772
Regular Forum General Chit Chat
Post anything in here that doesn't go anywhere else!
Fifa 15 Ps3 Wager! Feb 20 2015, 02:22 PM, By palmerme1
0 viewers Topics: 2,134 Replies: 20,069
Subforums: Console & PC Gaming
Regular Forum Introduce yourself Im Back ! Feb 18 2015, 04:54 PM, By MA!CCFC98
3 viewers Topics: 333 Replies: 2,242
Regular Forum Suggestions
Any ideas to improve the board - Post them here
New topic - Panini Football League Jan 23 2015, 02:07 PM, By Tollyman
0 viewers Topics: 230 Replies: 1,658

Futera World Football Online (FWF ONLINE - FCF UK & WORLD Mini Leagues)

Regular Forum Footballcards Forum League and FCF Teams
Create a thread with all the news on your teams, players, results, prizes etc...
FCFF Futera Mini League - registration thr… Today, 11:17 AM, By hakimshinn
5 viewers Topics: 164 Replies: 1,792
Regular Forum Futera World Football FCF League Games
Arrange times to play in our FWF league in this section
League Prizes - Nostalgia and Stuff Dec 31 2014, 07:09 AM, By hakimshinn
1 viewer Topics: 20 Replies: 281


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