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I think the same.

For next years cards I hope to create a service like macattax but that actully has cards in stock

same great quick service

protective sleezes
thanks for that flea

protective sleezes
can you please look for the plastic flexible. I now there is some on ebay

protective sleezes
Please pm me if you have any protective sleeves to keep the cards in.

Please pm me asap. It doesn't matter how many u have.

Member/Guest activity totals change
same here

Member/Guest activity totals change
thanks. Hopefully it will work

match attax world championship birmingham
I wonder will they do that with London

match attax world championship birmingham
I'm wondering the same.

Match Attax Binder Error!
your welcome

Match Attax Binder Error!
well spotted

website error
I know that has been there for ages.

Your best tournament rules team.
Some peope don't like to say their teams like me. So I want to know how good your team is by rating your cards brilliant,ok and rubbish

This is how you rate them

brilliant= 82 plus
ok= 77-81
rubbish= 76 and below

Please say and I'll say mine!!

What is your rarest Match Attax card?
torres hth

World Cup cards!
I am the same I don't like them either

Match Attax Extra Breaking News!
Why I ask

Match Attax Extra Breaking News!
I wonder why

Match Attax Stores
ok do you have torres hat trick hero in stock

New match attax store next year
I am one step closer to having a match attax store to sell singal cards for next year. I am looking into it and am very close to having it for next year.

I want to try to make singal match attax cards cheaper for everyone.

If I do create the website would you please buy from me?

Creating a match attax shop