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How Did You Find This Forum?
I found it through match attax master

Second Ban
looks like the same person then

Glen Johnson LE is missing from Match Mag.
I got one

is ther enny website i can buy rare match attax cards with out credit card
you can post a check in the post but not money

Love Match Attax, Win Money!
very good idea.

world championship heat at wembly
lol tollyman

ps You wqere tall

world championship heat at wembly
tollyman I saw you holding a case/bag which said football card forums admin tollyman on the side

some information about the tournament
thanks master of match attaxs I am going to pm you with a few more questions

some information about the tournament
I need some info because last year I went to the Belfast chmpionships but there were only like 70 people there so you got to play quite alot.

But on Tuesday I am going to londons. And I think it will be really busy.

So I want to know can you play as much as you want
what the queues are like for getting to play

Match Attax World Championships
well done.

Match Attax World Championships
Unlucky. I hope to do well in the London championshnips on Tuesday

Match Attax World Championships
how did you do at the birmingham championships.

Your best tournament rules team.
good team only I think I have a better one.

Match Attax World Championships
Lol hopefully I will be going there to.

If anyone wants to tell me their team that is ok do it in pm. And I cross my heart I wouldn't tell anyone or use it.

Match Attax World Championships
O tollyman I will be there.

I am from Northern Ireland but I am in London while it is on. So I will be there, at wembley.