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Misprint Bellerin.
That would be great, thanks. My e-mail address: alanjenkins1899@gmail.com


Misprint Bellerin.
Wouldn't mind featuring the card on my blog if you can scan the front and back of the card.


Match Attax 2017-18 - Legends of Football - Steven Gerrard
It's possible the seller was there or worked there. I can image cards lying round on tables when everyone's gone home. On the few occasions I've been a corporate guest at games at Cardiff City Stadium, I'd always go around picking up unwanted programmes and team sheets after the game.

Match Attax 2017-18 - Legends of Football - Steven Gerrard
With that sort of event I wonder how many would have been dumped. I should think that many people who attaended wouldn't care less about a Match Attax card.

MOTD October special with Paul Pogba silver LE
Oct 11 2017, 05:19 PM
Was just going off the link that Alan posted -Match Attax 17/18 - Limited Editions and where to find them

Yes, the Topps graphic certainly shows the Pogba Silver LE as being available with MotD October Special.

Match Attax 2017-18 - Legends of Football - Steven Gerrard
Probably a one-off card...

Topps - Match Attax 2017/2018 (094) - Legends of Football - Steven Gerrard


Looking for scans of Rooney and Luiz LE code cards
I'm looking for scans of the Wayne Rooney and David Luiz Limited Edition Match Attax Live code cards.

I'd be glad to hear from anyone who can help.

These are the only two cards not shown in the illustrated checklists on my blog.

The checklists for the Match Attax, Bundesliga Match Attax and Champions League Match Attax collection include links to illustrated checklists of all the different sections of all the collections.


match attax 2017/18 wants and trades
Hi Steve,

I've got four - 26, 75, 189 and 305.

I don't want anything for them, just PM me your address. I'll either get them in the post tomorrow or Friday.