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West Brom appoint Alan Irvine as Head Coach
Dec 29 2014, 11:41 PM
6 months too late but Irvine has gone. Just need the coaching staff to follow and freshen the place up.
Fingers crossed that the same thing happens at Cardiff, but I doubt it.

premier gold 2014-2015?
Dec 29 2014, 06:36 PM
Dec 29 2014, 06:24 PM
can anyone explain me why theres some kind of weird Didier Drogba autograph on topps cards? his autograph on memorabilia pieces and prizm cards looks waaaaaaay different
Seems to be a simple case of Drogba just changing his autograph, there are pictures of him signing the cards I believe, so they are authentic. Some people don't like to accept the fact that auto's change and it's why a lot are called fake but it does happen for auto's to change/be rushed etc, in a recent topps american football product one player used 2 completely different auto's when signing his cards, you would never guess they were from the same person.
Having to sign small sticky labels might also influence how someone signs his signature (I can't sign the narrow strips on the back of credit cards in the same way I do my regular signature).

WCCF 2013-14 - Checklist and images
I'm glad it's helpful.

Swedish Kickerz (previoisly known as Boing) WITH LIST
PM sent

premier gold 2014-2015?
Topps have started releasing the blank-backed 1/1 cards on eBay.com. More info...

Topps - Premier Gold 2014 (16) Blank-backed 1/1

Happy Xmas
Nadolig Llawen
Blwyddyn Newydd Dda

He's still got a long way to go...

Official CL Adrenalyn XL 14/15 Limited Editions thread
I've got to say "Well Done" to Adrenalyn XL for keeping on top of the Master list on a regular basis. :worship

premier gold 2014-2015?
Frank Lampard - I've seen two Crowning Achievements autographed cards but still no ordinary autograph card.... strange!!

Peter Crouch is another that seems to be hard to find.

Panini (Italy) - Calciatori 2014-15 sticker collection - CHECKLIST
Panini (Italy) - Calciatori 2014-15 sticker collection - CHECKLIST

Issued today - Friday, 19 December, 2014

Panini (Italy) - Calciatori 2014-2015 (02)


premier gold 2014-2015?
I'd guess at Frank Lampard and Peter Crouch autographs being Short Prints as I haven't seen any appear yet.

premier gold 2014-2015?
Someone is selling Bergkamp redemption cards for the Crowning Achievements subset!!!

premier gold 2014-2015?
Dec 17 2014, 02:30 PM
Posted Image

have some of these jersey been signed? similar to the young cards from last year ,which some was signed or is it just dirt on the shirt?
The signed ones are different. Check out my checklist with links to posts about each of the subsets...

Topps - Premier Gold 2014 (13) Checklist


Topps Premier Gold 2014/15 - CHECKLIST
Thanks to Aya's post in another thread, I've now updated the checklist with all the pack ratios.


Topps - Premier Gold 2014 (13) Checklist


Topps Premier Gold 2014/15 - CHECKLIST
Thanks Aya

Topps Premier Gold 2014/15 - CHECKLIST
Thank you. I expect the official list will be out tomorrow, but at least it shouldn't take me long to update my checklist.


Topps Premier Gold 2014/15 - CHECKLIST
The checklist for the base cards (nos. 1-150) now complete.

Also complete is the sub-sets for Captains, New Signings and Future Stars.

All the sub-sets have links to illustrated checklists of all known cards.

Premier Autographs.... 26 listed so far
Football Fibers Relics.... 25 listed so far
Premier Jumbo Autographed Relics.... 14 listed so far
Crowning Achievement Die-Cut Autographs.... 10 listed so far

Topps - Premier Gold 2014 (13) Checklist


premier gold 2014-2015?
The Bergkamp card is redemption only, for all versions, so there's a chance that they won't even exist.

It's a fairly common event in the US that redemption cards don't get made!!


premier gold 2014-2015?
Dec 14 2014, 02:00 PM
Have premier league club jersey cards and autograph? Have seen only autos and no parallels
...some autographed jersey cards:

Topps - Premier Gold 2014 (09) Autographed Relics

premier gold 2014-2015?

... and a complete set of 20 Future Stars...

Topps - Premier Gold 2014 (12) Future Stars