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Topps Premier Club 2015
Feb 27 2015, 11:45 AM
Feb 26 2015, 01:57 PM
If you think this is over-priced then lets hope companies don't bring out the Super Premium products they bring our for other sports in the US.

I asked the question to Topps earlier on their Facebook page about the printing plates but for some reason it seems to have been removed so i've asked again.

Can you tell me why all the printing plates are blue please with just a sticker on the back saying THIS IS THE ACTUAL "insert colour " PRINTING PLATE USED TO MANUFACTURE THE 2014/2015 TOPPS PREMIER CLUB CARDS. Yet in Premier Gold the plate is the colour it states on the label on the rear. If the sticker says Magenta for example the plate is magenta.

Await their reply with interest.
Had a reply from Topps this morning regarding the plates

The Premier Gold collection is produced by the US and the Premier Club collection is produced by the UK.

Due to this different suppliers have been used to produce the plates used in the printing process and hence the fact that they are different colours in appearance, however the end result is the same as the plates are specifically issued to the colour of ink that they are going to be used with. Therefore the Magenta Plate will only be used with magenta ink regardless of the colour of the plate.

I hope this helps

Kind regards

Thanks Phil.

Can we presume they've been washed clean? I would presume that there would be ink residue if they had been used. I'm still a little sceptical. I've always thought of printing plates as being the actual plates used in the printing process.

I was also surprised to see Premier Club is a completely UK product, nothing to do with the US. Yet we hear about if first from Japan and the USA.

Topps Premier Club 2015
Feb 26 2015, 11:55 AM
Feb 26 2015, 09:10 AM
Think a lot of money is going to be lost for people who bought lots of these boxes - glad I decided to give it a miss
Fully agree.... also noticed no jersey cards! Plates seem much easier to come by than stated odds and quite possibly aren't even genuine production used printing plates. I have a lot of premier gold plates and you can see that they were used. At the price point I am afraid these are a flop. Unless you pull a Ronaldo or #1/11 Bale that sold, you are in for a tough time. 130+ for a box that realistically will have a 15-20 autograph card is pretty rubbish. As a serious man united collector I have almost no interest in buying Falcao, Fellaini and Young autos again for more than 20-25 a piece. Most listed thus far are asking from 50+ for Fellaini, and I expect they will do the same for Falcao and Young... they will be sitting til they are dusty at more than 30 odd I am afraid. Topps need a red card for this release purely on price point. Whilst I live in Australia, I feel this release was put out to fleece the English market and that saddens me as a collector. Roll on Donruss 2015 next month and this premier club will be long forgotten.

I think they brought this forward because they knew it wouldn't compare to the Donruss Soccer collection when that comes out. I think that release frightened them into action.

Topps Premier Club 2015 - some Illustrated checklists
Some illustrated checklists...

Football Cartophilic Info Exchange: Topps - Topps Premier Club 2015 (06) Club Badges

Football Cartophilic Info Exchange: Topps - Topps Premier Club 2015 (07) Superstars

Football Cartophilic Info Exchange: Topps - Topps Premier Club 2015 (08) Future Stars

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Topps Premier Club 2015
Despite being labelled as Black, Cyan, Magenta and Yellow, they all look BLUE!!!!

Topps Premier Club 2015 CHECKLIST
I know Dave has posted the checklist in the other thread, but here's my version of his list, formatted in the style I usually use:

Topps - Topps Premier Club 2015 (05) Checklist

Topps Premier Club 2015
Feb 24 2015, 03:46 PM
Click haven't despatched any until today, so wouldn't expect them anywhere until tomorrow.
These aren't being distributed through the news trade, so won't end up in WH Smiths, McColls or supermarkets. You may find them in some independent toy stores and possibly Smyths or The Entertainer. Both took Prizm, so if that did wel for them, I would expect them to take up these too.

Thanks for letting us know. I'm not surprised, I don't think newsagents would shift many at 3 a packet. I won't waste my time looking for these then.

I see Click is now showing them as 'Sold Out'


Tesco's Pele Tricks with Cards
You can find an illustrated checklist here:

Tesco (Hungary) - Cselezz a Lapokkal (World Cup 2014)


Topps Premier Club 2015
Off out in search of these around my neighbourhood, anyone found any of these yet?

Topps Premier Club 2015
Feb 23 2015, 06:15 PM
Does anyone know what shops will stock these yet?

I'd be surprised if any of my usual sources (W.H. Smith, McColls, Tesco) will stock these, but I'll check them out tomorrow.

Topps Premier Club 2015
Feb 23 2015, 12:32 PM
Release brought forward to tomorrow

but still no checklist....

Topps - Topps Premier Club 2015 (02)

Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2014/2015 - Update edition - notes, pictures
Thanks to edie76, here's a list of 117 of the cards in this seasons Update Edition:

Panini - Adrenalyn XL Champions League 2014-2015 ~ Update Edition (02)

No numbers yet and still a few missing.


Match Attax 14-15 in Indonesia
459 would make it the same as the UK and the version in India. I think the India binder lists all the UK Limited Editions too. That Eden Hazard LE seems different, it doesn't look like a foil card.

Champions League Adrenalyn XL 2014/2015 - Update edition - notes, pictures
Feb 21 2015, 07:23 AM
Panini have sold there rights for the Champions League to TOPPS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope that's not right. Panini have been buying up all sorts of licenses in the United States, perhaps they are turning their attention there - where the BIG money is.

I was hoping Panini would have beaten Topps to the Premier League rights. Anyone know when they are up for grabs again?


Match Attax 14-15 in Indonesia
Good find. Any idea how many cards in the collection? Just one LE?

Panini to issue 2015 Donruss Soccer
Thanks Catherine

Panini to issue 2015 Donruss Soccer
Perhaps we should have a new folder for this set? I wasn't sure where to post this.

Panini to issue 2015 Donruss Soccer
Coming in April - 2015 Donruss Soccer

7 cards shown
Names of 34 autographs so far confirmed...

Panini - 2015 Donruss Soccer


Bundesliga Chrome 2015 - just announced
Due out 3 March. More pictures here:

Topps - Bundesliga Chrome 2015 (02)


Futera - Making of Unique 2015 video
Anyone read one of the comments against this video by a Forum member!!!!

It's the same people having a go at Futera all the time.


13 hours ago

Oh really. So you don't pay players to sign your cards, we're expected to believe you pay top dollar to source match worn shirts then? Futera you are still the worst trading card company in the world, and have a long way to go to fix your poor reputation. Thank goodness Topps and Panini are now giving us high-end football cards to collect.

premier gold 2014-2015?
green6677's Berkgkamp card....

Edit: Dave has sent some better photos...

Posted Image

Posted Image