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FC Bayern München Trading Cards 2012/13

Thanks Avocado, you're brilliant.

FC Bayern München Trading Cards 2012/13

Can anyone supply scans of the CHECKLIST card please.

Panini Italy - Euro 2012 - Event Kick Off CHECKLIST
Mar 24 2013, 09:54 PM
I am still looking for a full checklist and stickers from italian / french Collections,
any help is appreciated :)

Hi paradogs77

You'll find the checklist here:


As far as I am aware the collection in France is the same as the Italian one.


1998 DUNKIN World Cup stickers...

Yes, he's no. 17 in the stickers collection.

You'll find a list of those I know about, here:


Brasil 2014 World Cup Qualifications - New collection group orders!
Thanks for the additional list.

Great news about the album being available from Phild too.

Brasil 2014 World Cup Qualifications - New collection group orders!

I've started to compile a checklist for this set, thanks to SlimShadys photos.

Any help in completing this checklist would be much appreciated.


SlimShady, any chance of buying an empty album from you?


Checklist of UCL adrenalyn 12/13 update edition
Thanks for the checklist

Match Attax Bundesliga extra 12/13
I remember watching the 1965 European Cup Winners Cup Final between West Ham United and TSV 1860 Munchen, and Radenkovic was superb. I wonder if that game is available on DVD.

Superb pictures, thanks for sharing them.