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Pro 11 Gold cards/stickers
Thanks Catherine,

I'll leave them alone I think. Thanks for the advice.

Pro 11 Gold cards/stickers
Pro 11 Gold cards/stickers - I've got the 6 Cardiff City ones. I had to buy them all, my team in the online competition didn't win a game!

Anyway, I'm afraid to try it but am I correct to say that the front is a sticker and can be peeled off the card????

Has anyone done this?

What's underneath?

I might have to buy another gold card and see what happens.


Mundial Magazine World Cup Cards
12 cards in the collection, can be seen here:


My Own Design + Replica Design
They are amazing!!!

Thank you for sharing them with us.

World Cup cards - with Girlfriends on back !
A set of 150 cards issued in Peru, most have pictures of the players girlfriends on the back!!!

More information:


Futera Unique 2014
May 26 2014, 01:50 PM
How would it work on a group break?

I'd take WALES - gotta get that Bellamy card....

Futera Unique 2014
Yes, please....

Futera - All Star League Magnets - set of 25
A new collection from Futera in association with Esso in Hong Kong, Macao and Thailand.



50 joueurs de légende du championnat de France de 1976 a 2008 panini
May 23 2014, 10:07 PM
i hadn't seen this collection and on this site you were the only one to help me

do you know french forums about football stickers??
Sorry, no. Anyone?


50 joueurs de légende du championnat de France de 1976 a 2008 panini
Unfortunately, I don't have a checklist for this collection...


50 joueurs de légende du championnat de France de 1976 a 2008 panini
This album came out in 2008.

Supporter cards
There's one on Australia eBay.

Supporter Card - Australia

You can see it here.


world first from Futera - exclusive first look!

I just saw Craig Bellamy signing his cards - had his Cardiff City top on......


New cards from Futera
May 11 2014, 04:30 AM
Surprisingly,I was told that there is variation of Wayne Rooney,with one card shown the birth year 1985
while another just 85.The first one is misprinted edition.

I have a picture of the 1985 version.

Can anyone supply a photo of the back of the 85 version?



Adrenalyn XL World Cup 2014 Limited Editions
6 known so far...


11 new stickers in Ecuador
May 5 2014, 07:35 AM
that guy is not really good in sticking stickers :D

He didn't stick them, just placed them in position for the photograph.

11 new stickers in Ecuador
11 new stickers in Ecuador... V1 - V11 - including Messi and Neymar in action poses:



Fixtures for May 2014
Newcastle United v Cardiff City 15:00

1-0 from Shola Ameobi

Goin' down, Goin' down, Goin' down,
Goin' down, Goin' down, Goin' do-wn,
Goin' down, Goin' down, Goin' down,
Goin' do-wn, Goin' down,

At least I had the opportunity to collect all the Match Attax cards from UK and around the world for one season.... :crying

new stickers collection 2014

G.T.P.R. School Shop (Serbia) - Svetsko Fudbalsko Prvenstvo 2014 ~ World Soccer Championship 2014 - this checklist is complete


G.T.P.R. School Shop (Serbia) - Svetsko Fudbalsko Tržište (FIFA World Market) - this checklist is not complete