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2016-17 Topps Champions League Showcase - CHECKLIST
May 16 2017, 08:05 PM
Is that the complete checklist?
I wonder how less autographs are in there especielly from Real Madrid! It seems they only have tons of Bale's in that set! And no Champions Pedigree from Madrid either! Sure they are have their own subset, but that should not be the reason why they aren't in other subsets too!
I am really confused about that!

Yes, it's the complete checklist. You'll also notice no Cristiano Ronaldo autographs. They were pulled from the collection for some reason. Still trying to find out why.

2016-17 Topps Champions League Showcase - CHECKLIST
Not much happening on this board lately.

I'm not sure how many collectors will be interested but here's a link to this new collection out on 17 May in the U.S.

Includes Arsenal, Celtic, Leicester, Man City and Spurs....

Topps - 2016-17 Topps UEFA Champions League Showcase Soccer (02) - Checklist

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